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How To Make Own Raw Dog Food

Food & Health In Dogs: Why Feed Raw To Dogs

Easy, Basic, DIY – How to Make Your Own Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

The convenience of kibble and the belief that commercial dog food is a good option is what makes so many people choose it.

Unfortunately, food dog allergies arise from commercial dog food. The culprit? Kibble ingredients such as protein sources, high levels of animal fat, preservatives, meat by-products , food coloring, grains, and fillers are responsible for more cases of allergies and several other health problems in dogs.

Dog food-related allergies tend to manifest as dry, itchy, red skin leaving resulting in your dog biting, scratching, and chewing at their skin and paws excessively.

Kibble is extremely processed regardless of the ingredient claims . All the ingredients are cooked. This destroys some of the nutritional value of the food. Whats even more alarming is that a study from the University of Helsinki found that processed dog food such as kibble can cause oxidative stress and lead to an unbalance between free radicals and antioxidants a dogs body, thus increasing their risk of dog cancers.

Another harmful by-product of processed pet food is Acrylamide. This chemical is created during this process and is known to increase the risk of several types of cancer in animals and people8.

Nearly 60% of dogs who eat kibble are overweight or obese, says The Farmers Dog9. Sadly high-starch carbohydrates like high-glycemic, genetically engineered corn, wheat, rice, or potato make up most kibble, further contributing to the dog obesity pandemic.

Staying Objective On Raw Feeding

There’s a lot of talk about raw feeding and how this diet is based on the way ancestors of dogs survived in the wild.

Contrary to veterinarians’ opposition to raw feeding, recent studies found a number of benefits this diet provides to dogs. But it’s important not to romanticize raw dog food diets.

With all the advantages, like any other type of food, raw feeding still has its their negatives.

It’s no secret that it takes more time to make homemade meals, whether it’s raw food or cooked recipes.

They can also be more costly, especially if shopping for fresh meat at your local butcher’s shop.

Finally, because we’re dealing with raw meat, bacterial contamination is a big concern if it’s not done correctly.

For the uninitiated, raw feeding is exactly what it sounds like: a diet that consists of uncooked and unprocessed ingredients. Because the foods are raw and haven’t been tampered with, that means they are natural and wholesome, containing no byproducts, artificial preservatives or food colors, and no filler.

Ingredients in raw dog food recipes most commonly include meat of different type and eggs.

Other recipes will also include seeds, nuts, grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, beans, dried fruits and some other foods.

Before you delve into trying these best raw dog food recipes for your pet, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of preparing raw dog food meals.

There are many recipes out there, but not all of them are safe or appropriate for all dogs.

Complete Raw Dog Food Recipe Guide

If youre interested in putting your dog on a raw food diet, making your own dog food is one option to get started.

But before you begin, its important to understand all the components of a healthy raw diet. Doing so will allow you to feed your dog a complete meal with all the necessary nutrients, and avoid feeding anything that could be harmful or toxic.

Since 2010, Raw Bistro has been dedicated to creating nutritious raw dog food products, and wed like to pass on some of that knowledge in this guide.

In the article below, we address some important information about a dogs dietary needs and raw dog food recipe examples:

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Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipe #:


This is for a 100-pound Kuvasz dog. He gets this twice per day:

  • 1/4 C. plain yogurt
  • 1/4 -1/2 C. chopped or ground veggies
  • A skinned chicken leg quarter with bone
  • 3 ounces of chicken livers

If the chicken quarter does not have a lot of bone, sometimes Biggies owners will add a calcium tablet.

With Raw Food Diets Increasing In Popularity We Take A Look At The Health Benefits For Your Pup

Want to make your own dog food but not sure how? Don

Raw dog food manufacturers claim that the benefits of raw dog food outweigh the cost-effectiveness of traditional kibble, even the most high-quality. The switch to raw dog food may seem strange since pet food has long centered around dry foods. However, many dog owners are seriously considering the benefits, especially if their pup is having health problems.

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Typically A Barf Raw Diets For Dogs Follow This Formula:

Broccoli, celery, squash, pumpkin, spinach, leafy greens, and carrots. Fruit such as apples, cranberries, and blueberries. Fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, and oregano. Fruit provide antioxidants while vegetables have carotenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants, and many other phytochemicals that are beneficial to immune function and health dogs.

Percentages can vary depending on your dogs individual needs. For instance, if Fido is sensitive to organs, a 2% liver will provide essential vitamin A, minerals, and other minerals.

You can add some dairy, such as cottage cheese, plain yogurt and/or raw eggs for more protein sources.

Note: It is critical that you use high-quality grade meat.

Dr. Dobias recommends rotating the type of meat every four days to avoid monotony. Dogs can be fed multiple types of meat and various fruits and vegetables on the same day. Dogs would not be eating one type of protein if they were in nature, he explains. They would be eating a variety.

Always consult with your vet before changing your dogs diet. Its advised to consult with a veterinary nutritionist to create vet-approved raw dog recipes. Making balanced raw dog food recipes can be a tedious process.

For more advice on BARF diet nutrition and benefits check out Give Your Dog a Bone by Ian Billinghurst. This book is considered the Bible of healthy raw dog nutrition.

A Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipe

More and more dog owners are choosing to make grain-free or raw diets. Most vets, on the other hand, recommend premium commercial foods. Neither group is likely to change. I think its time vets put aside their beliefs to help dog owners get these homemade diets safely balanced.

If you prefer, . Or . However, I hope you can stay for an explanation first. This vet-approved raw diet should be better than most, but its different, and Id like to explain why

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Follow Current Trends To Launch A Profitable Operation

The American Pet Products Association says that pet owners spent over $72 billion on their animals in 2018. That includes $30.32 billion for pet food. General Mills also paid $8 billion for premium pet food maker Blue Buffalo that same year.

A study by 360 Market forecasts the pet food market will grow by 3.1% by 2024. Nielsens consumer report for 2016 showed that pet food buyers are less concerned with price and more concerned with quality. A Packaged Facts analysis from that same year showed that natural pet foods made up a quarter of industry sales.

Getting the picture? There’s a lot of money in keeping our furry friends well-fed and healthy.

Raw Dog Food Delivery Service

Make Your Own Healthy RAW Dog Food

If you are a dog owner with a busy lifestyle and dont have much time to cook for your pet but wish your pup could enjoy the benefits of eating raw food, a raw dog food delivery service is for you.

BARF World is one of our favorite options and the best BARF diet recipes for dogs available in the market.

This raw dog food company is the pioneer of raw diets for dogs. They deliver Biologically Appropriate Raw Food straight to your door. Their formula is a balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables, organs, and bone. Plus, its supplemented with 4 other key ingredients.

BARF World states their food has helped generations of dogs become free of allergies, itchy skin and coats, digestive problems, obesity, and weight problems, among other issues.

All of their ingredients are USDA sourced, and their formulas are developed with the input of a veterinary nutritionist to meet the nutritional guidelines for dog food.

The best part of feeding BARF World is that you never have to worry about balancing ingredients, portion sizing,grinding, chopping, measuring, mixing, potential pathogens in raw ingredients, and all the risks and hassles involved in cooking raw dog food on your own.

In our experience, its a huge time-saver, and you can spend time on more important things like walks or training. We think its worth the cost after you add up the prices of all the ingredients youll need to cook a recipe and the convenience of it.

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At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Devastating News That Our 11 Year Old Dogs Blood Work Showed That He Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Honestly, I was a basket case, how on earth did we miss this? He seemed like he was just dealing with some symptoms of getting older frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking. It definitely didnt feel like life threatening symptoms. As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too!

Making Your Own Dog Food

Check Out The Best Selling Raw Dog Food

Of course, there was lots of advice about feeding dogs long before there was commercial dog food. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of it was similar to what we know about feeding dogs today. For example, some owners were advised to give their dogs liver and heart from deer, along with milk, cheese, and bread . Beloved pets usually ate better than yard dogs.

Today we have come full circle and many owners like the idea of making their dogs meals instead of feeding them a commercial diet. There are a number of benefits of making your dogs food.

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Friends And Family Who Are Skeptical Of Raw Dog Food

This is just a small annoyance, but there are people who are obviously opposed to Ace eating raw food. I have to just brush their opinions aside and worry about myself.

I wanted to mention this because its something you will likely come across if you switch your dog to a raw diet.

I dont waste time trying to explain the diet to certain friends and family members. I know whats best for my dog. They can feed their dogs what they want.

How To Make Your Own Healthy Natural Dog Food

Easy Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipe (Fast and Healthy ...

The Dog Food Dilemma Our Search for a Better Dog Food

Please note: I am not a veterinarian or a nutritionist and am not qualified to give advice regarding your pets medical or nutritional needs. Thank you for understanding!

When we adopted our dog, Brewster, a German Shepard mix , he sneezed often and shed like crazy. Being a firm believer that the food you eat affects you for better or worse, I started with dog food as a potential cause of these problems.

I began researching what ingredients to look for in rating quality dry dog food. My criteria became this: Meat must be the first ingredient if it said corn anywhere in the ingredients, especially near the top, I ran the other direction. I knew corn was not only a cheap GMO filler in dog food but the most likely ingredient to cause allergies and stomach issues. I tried a few different brands that contained higher quality ingredients and were supposedly hypoallergenic, but Brewster continued to sneeze and shed hair like Linus blanket in Peanuts sheds dirt.

I didnt try every brand. There still might be one out there that works but an $80. a month dog food bill was out of the question.

I left a few in the fridge and put the remainder of the packages in the freezer and defrosted a few days worth at a time when needed. Right before serving, I stirred in a raw egg which raised the protein level a little higher and gave Brewsters coat extra shine.

A few notes on feeding grain to dogs:

Jennys Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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How To Make Raw Food Bowls

If you prefer to make your own raw dog food, then you want to make sure you have all of the ingredients that your dog needs for healthy skin, gut, and bones. In addition, raw foods optimize the antioxidants that your pup gets making the food healthier.

Unlike humans, dogs can have raw meat to eat and eat both organ and muscle meat. They also enjoy meaty bones every now and then. The AKC says that your dog should probably not eat raw eggs since they are some bacterial risks, but many people do use that option. Eggs have many health benefits for your pup, like fatty acids, iron, protein, and a whole host of vitamins.

You also need to make sure they are getting enough phosphorus and calcium in their diet to ensure they stay healthy. You can also consult a veterinary nutritionist to ensure your pup is getting the right proportions of meat, organs, fruits, and vegetables.

Homemade Recipes For Raw Dog Food

Its time to get cooking! Here is a list of our favorite balance, vet-approved and complete homemade raw dog food recipes.

As a bonus, we added a recipe for a special treat that is tasty and packed with impressive health benefits. This recipe can do a lot for your canines health and wellness. It has our favorite secret ingredient, dog CBD oil.

For even more BARF diet recipes for dogs and cooking options, this raw dog food cookbook can come in handy to have at your disposal. Or better yet, you can have an entire dog raw diet menu at your disposal thanks to the brands we recommend on our Raw Dog Food Guide.

Note: Please consult with your pets veterinarian & use personal judgment when applying this information to your dogs diet. The recipes below do not include serving size because portion sizes will vary depending on breed, weight, activity level, age, and health of your dog.

CBD Infused Treat | Ground Beef Raw Mix | Raw Boneless Turkey |Organ Patties | Chicken & Greens

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Here Is What I Noticed After Switching Ace To A Homemade Raw Diet:

Ear infections

Ace used to get about two ear infections a year so not enough where I was overly concerned about food allergies or environmental allergies. Since being on a raw diet hes had one ear infection in about six years.

Itchy skin/dandruff

Ace seems to scratch a lot less and lick his paws less when on a raw diet.


I dont expect to notice a difference in Aces teeth, but many others report their dogs oral health improved dramatically after switching to raw.


There is a LOT less shedding.

Less poop!

I know this is more information than you want to hear, but Aces poop is tiny and hard just what I like to see!


My dog definitely has less energy every year, and while others report a raw diet seems to give their dogs more energy, that has never been noticeable with my low-energy guy. Hes just low energy all the time!

Learn more about raw feeding with my ebook10 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes.

Is Raw Dog Food Good For Dogs

Meat Grinder, Thunderbird, Make Your Own Raw Dog Food

There are quite a few health benefits to feeding your dog a raw food diet. These include:

  • Leaner, more muscular build nearly 60% of dogs are overweight or obese based on body condition scoring, which leads to a number of related conditions
  • Skin and coat improvements
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Less odor
  • Vibrant, calm energy

The environmental impact is another compelling benefit: feeding raw lowers our ecological footprint. A raw diet is more fully utilized by dogs and cats bodies, which equates to smaller stools and cleaner litter boxes. A raw diet also uses animal parts like organ meats which can help reduce waste.

In short: whats good for our pets is also good for our environment. Its truly a win-win. For more information, check out our full guide on a raw diet for dogs.

My No. 1 choice for optimal nutrition for dogs and cats is a nutritionally balanced, fresh homemade diet .

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Blood Tests Dont Lieand Hoochs Numbers Shifted Drastically In Just The First 6 Weeks We Made These Diet And Lifestyle Changes

He noticeably had more energy, was suffering less from inflammation, was shedding less with a more luxurious coat, and for the first time EVER he had zero bloating! NO GAS for the first time in his entire life! The best news though, was that those stage 4 kidney disease blood levels he had at his yearly checkup had climbed back up to to midrange stage 1 kidney disease blood levels! The extra time and energy invested in making his food and the other small changes we made to his lifestyle have given us more quality time with our beloved Hooch which is more than we could have ever hoped for!

If youve made our Easy Homemade Dog Food for your pup I would be so grateful if you would rate the recipe and let me know what you think in the comments below! I just love hearing from you and your reviews and comments really help others that visit This Mess is Ours. Want to be a part of our online community outside of the blog? Its easy!! All you have to do is follow @THISMESSISOURS on , , , , or to see cooking demos, and peeks into our day to day life.

  • Prep Time:30

790 grams cooked organic brown rice

700 grams ground lean beef, cooked through, fat drained

4 hard boiled eggs, peeled and diced small

207 grams carrots, shredded or thinly sliced

14 grams minced curly parsley

22 grams of olive or safflower oil

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