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How To Introduce New Dog Food

What To Do During The First Few Weeks

Puppy Care : How to Introduce a New Puppy to an Existing Dog

Try to keep your routine as normal as possible. When its mealtime, feed the resident dog just like usual. Feed your new dog in a different room, so theres no stress over food. Keep up your regular walking and playtime schedule, making sure both dogs get plenty of love and attention.

Keep the dogs interactions closely supervised for the first two weeks, until both dogs are fully accustomed to each other. Avoid leaving the dogs alone together until youre sure theyre comfortable with each other. Reinforce positive behavior with lots of treats and pets CESAR® SOFTIES treats are a great training tool!

Watch closely for situations that could lead to conflict, such as fighting over toys or becoming overly excited. Be on the lookout for signs either dog is anxious or uncomfortable, such as growling, snapping, showing teeth, back-hunching, long stares and raised fur. If your dog displays these signs, be ready to distract or separate the dogs to avoid conflict and continue monitoring their interactions. Over time, your dogs should learn to tolerate each other, or even become best buddies. If you still run into issues, a professional dog trainer or animal behaviorist may be able to help.

Its always exciting to welcome a new pet into your family. Following these steps can help ease the transition for your new pup and resident dog.

And, finally, congratulations on your growing family!

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How To Introduce Your New Dog To The Neighbors

This article was co-authored by Beverly Ulbrich. Beverly Ulbrich is a Dog Behaviorist and Trainer and the Founder of The Pooch Coach, a private dog training business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Certified CGC Evaluator by the American Kennel Club and has served on the Board of Directors for the American Humane Association and Rocket Dog Rescue. She has been voted the best private dog trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area 4 times by SF Chronicle and by Bay Woof, and she has won 4 “Top Dog Blog” awards. She has also been featured on TV as a dog behavior expert. Beverly has over 18 years of dog behavior training experience and specializes in dog aggression and anxiety training. She has a Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University and a BS from Rutgers University. This article has been viewed 4,886 times.

When you get a new dog you will want to introduce it to a wide variety of people, including your neighbors. Depending on your specific dog, this could be a quick and easy process or one that requires a lot of preparation and care. If you are nervous about introducing your new dog to your neighbor, make sure to prepare your dog and your neighbor for the interaction and keep control of the dog while the introduction is happening.

How To Change Your Dog’s Food

You might want to change your dogs food to a new brand or type, either for preference or because you have been advised to do so for a medical reason.

Its always best to change the food gradually, over a couple of weeks. This may seem like a long time, but its best to be patient to avoid any problems.

Never change their food suddenly unless you are advised to do so by your vet. This is because sudden changes to diet can cause a tummy upset or even diarrhoea, and for some pets it may make them less likely to eat the food offered to them.

Day 1-3: Introduce a small amount of the new food separately

  • Give your dog their regular meal as normal. On a separate plate or bowl, put down a small teaspoonful of their new food.
  • Keep them on separate plates or bowls and dont mix the foods together yet. This is to introduce them to the new food slowly.
  • Theyll probably sniff it, and may even eat it .

Day 4-10: Increase the amount of new food and decrease the amount of old food

Day 10-14: Gradually phase out the old food completely

  • Once your pet is consistently eating the mix of new food alongside the old for at least a week, start phasing out the old food
  • Again, if they dont want to eat it at any point, then you may need to decrease the amount of new food for another few days.

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Two Weeks Before Your Due Date:

Unless you’ve scheduled a cesarean section or induction, the delivery date is anyone’s guess, so have your dog’s ducks in a row. Divide his food into individual servings, jot down pertinent phone numbers for the sitter, and keep the leash in a visible place. This way, if you have to head to the hospital suddenly, your pooch’s caregiver can find everything in a flash.

As the days dwindle, you’ll no doubt be dealing with a thousand emotions , and your pet, picking up on those feelings, may act out. Take a leisurely stroll if you’re up for it, or cuddle with him on the couch. The TLC will calm your canine and help you feel more relaxed and ready for the impending life shake-up too.

Introducing A New Dog To Your Home

Learn How To Choose The Right Food For Your Dog And ...

After you introduce your new dog to your resident pet, you can introduce your new dog to your home.

Instead of bringing both dogs inside right away, you should have a helper take your resident dog for a stroll. Then give your new dog a chance to check out his new living space alone.

Keep an eye on your new dog as he investigates. When hes checked everything out, bring him to an open area of your home, away from the front door. Cramped spaces can lead to jockeying for position and accidental scuffles.

Once again, pick up any dog toys, treats, beds, prized possessions, or food that could create tension between the dogs. Then you can have your helper bring your resident dog inside.

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A Guide To Changing Your Dogs Food: How To Transition To Wet Or Dry Foods


When it comes to our pups, we want to make them happy just like they do for us, but sometimes health or other restrictions get in the way. When these situations occur, it usually means a change in food. No matter the reason for this change, here are a few ways to make the shift easier on you and dog.

Take Food Away If Its Not Eaten

Dont leave food down if the dog doesnt eat it. If left, uneaten food becomes a normal part of their environment and a signal from you that its OK not to eat food that is given. Putting away leftovers lets your dog understand that uneaten food is taken away, and all food should be eaten at mealtimes when given.

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Transitioning From Wet To Dry Dog Food

  • When shifting from wet to dry food, similar tips apply. Make it a slow transition by gradually mixing in the new food while removing the old to avoid any digestive upsets. However, the shift to dry food can be a bit tricky depending on your furry friends tastes. If your dog dislikes dry food, there are a few tricks of the trade to help get you both on the same page.
  • Add some water to your dogs dry food bowl to help soften the kibble

Top Best Answers To The Question How To Introduce Food To Dog After Diarrhea

How to safely introduce a new diet to your dog – Expert Nutrition Tips | S4 | Ep3 | Pooches at Play

My dog has diarrhea, What should I do?

  • Fast your dog for 24 hours
  • Bring a fecal sample to your veterinarian to check for intestinal parasites.
  • After the 24 hour fast, begin feeding a combination of boiled white meat chicken and boiled long grain white rice.
  • Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How to introduce food to dog after diarrhea?» often ask the followingquestions:

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    How Do You Introduce A Puppy Harness

    Training Puppies to Accept a Collar or Harness

  • Let him smell the collar or harness, and give him a treat.
  • Put it on his neck or back.
  • Repeat the process, lengthening the time it is on his neck/back to about 10 seconds.
  • Then fasten the collar/harness and give him treats.
  • Leave the collar or harness on him.
  • If Dogs Can Taste Why Will They Eat Anything From Prime Steak To Garbage

    The answer has to do with smell. Although a dogs ability to taste is roughly a fraction of a humans ability, their sense of smell is up to one million times stronger. Smell and taste are very closely related, and dogs can actually taste foods through their sense of smell with a special organ along the dogs palate. Dogs also have taste buds in the back of their throat, so they can actually taste that food they seem to inhale without chewing.

    Dogs can differentiate between meat and non-meat foods without smell, however they cant tell the difference between chicken, beef, fish, or pork without smell. It certainly highlights that if something smells good, its going to taste good to a dog. This is also why dogs are more interested in foods that smell stronger, such as canned foods versus dry kibble. Canned foods are often much more aromatic, and therefore, much more enticing.

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    Tips For Introducing Your Dog To A New Dog Food

    Are you planning on switching your dogs diet any time soon? From different stages of life to changes in lifestyle, there are plenty of reasons why you may be planning to introduce your dog to a new good dog food brand, type, or diet.

    However, when it comes to getting your dog to transition to a new food, it can often feel like it easier said than done. Dogs and many other types of pets are creatures of habit and routine. Small changes dont come easy to your loyal companion. So if you are planning to change up your dogs diet, there are a few ways you can make the transition a whole lot easier.

    But What If There Are Negative Reactions

    Introducing Dogs &  Babies

    The most common problems associated with switching your pets food are gastrointestinal in nature. If at any time during the food transition your pet develops soft stool, vomits, or refuses to eat, go back one day in your transition schedule and try again. If the problems persist, go back to the old food for one week.

    If your pet eats the old food for one week without any problems, you can begin transitioning to the new formula againbut go slower: Start with 1/8 cup of the new food, and 7/8 cup of the old food, and so on. It can be especially difficult to get cats to switch foods. They may only like dry or canned food .

    If you continue to have problems switching your dog or cat to the new food, it could be that your pet is sensitive to something in the formula and you should give youre a vet a call to see how you should proceed.

    Take care to ensure that your pet is eating throughout the transition. While you of course dont want to see your fur baby go hungry, cats especially can end up with liver damage if they go without eating for more than a couple days.

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    Monitor Your Puppys Response

    After youve made the switch to brand-new puppy food, around six to eight weeks in, do an extra monitor on your puppys health.

    Ensure your puppy is developing:

    • a healthy body weight
    • luscious hair
    • normal stool both in consistency and frequency

    If your puppy is lacking in any of these areas, contact your local vet and look for either alternative food options or healthy puppy supplements.

    Find A Neutral Spot To Make Introductions

    If possible, find a neutral, outdoor, fully fenced spacean area that neither dog has claimed through frequent visits or walks. The space should be quiet with no other dogs or people, like the backyard of a friend who doesnt have pets or a park during off hours when no one is there.

    Unfortunately, this isnt always possible, so the next best option is an outdoor space with enough room for the dogs to roam on-leash as they get to know one another. If outdoor space isnt available, opt for a large garage or basement.

    Put away anything that might cause a scufflelike dog toys, bones, beds, and even empty food bowls. Consider everything, including objects that dont seem to interest your dog. An old bone might suddenly become valuable again if your new dog takes an interest in it.

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    Special Considerations And Additional Tips

    Pregnancy: Pregnant or nursing dogs need energy-dense foods with increased calcium content so be sure to transition them during this special time to puppy food.

    During pregnancy or nursing, large breed dogs should be switched to regular puppy food, not a large breed puppy food.

    Health Reasons: If your veterinarian has recommended therapeutic dog food for a specific health condition, please be sure to discuss transitioning to the new dog food in detail. There could be some special considerations and suggestions as far as the transition schedule to ensure success.

    Transitioning Between Dry and Wet: Whether your dog is getting older and needs a softer food or youre just looking to provide a different texture and taste, transitioning between dry and wet dog food should follow a similar transition schedule of mixing in the old with the new.

    If you decide you just want to use canned dog food as a topper to their normal dry food, be sure to check with your vet on the proper amounts, so as to not go over his daily caloric intake requirements.

    For whatever reason you need to update your dogs food, switching food while mixing in some of the old food is the best way to ensure your switch is a successful one. Remember that whenever youre making a decision about your pets health, you should consult your veterinarian and adhere to the recommended feeding guides on your pet foods packaging.

    Signs That Your Dog Might Need To Change Diet

    How to Introduce a NEW DOG to Your Other Pets
    • A dull, flat coat may be an indication that your dog isn’t getting the right nutrients from their diet.
    • Loose stools and digestive upset can be a sign of food intolerance or the result of a lower quality food.
    • Low energy levels.
    • Overweight or obese dogs may require a new diet, rather than simply reducing their existing diet, to ensure they continue to receive the proper complete and balanced nutrition they need while safely and slowly working to reduce their weight for healthy weight loss.

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    Introduce The Dogs On Neutral Territory

    Its usually best not to let the dogs meet on the resident dogs turf. So dont introduce them in your house or your yard.

    The dog may feel territorial and that the pup is encroaching on his space.

    So where should you meet? At a friends house or yard, a park , or a similar place that the dog doesnt believe is his turf.

    The rescue I adopted Millie from required that my current dogs meet with her prior to the adoption. They met one at a time at the rescues facility and all went well.

    Dont Worry About A Missed Meal

    If your dog is especially finicky about their food, you may find them picking out the old food and leaving any new food you may have tried to mix in. In some cases, you may even find your dog picking out the new and leaving the old. No matter what the case, a dog can miss one or two meals or eat less of a meal without consequence.

    However, if your dog does end up missing quite a few meals, you may want to consider switching over to a different dog food. The missed meals could mean that there is something wrong with the new food that is causing your dog to be extra hesitant. Additionally, it wouldnt be a bad idea to contact your vet to ensure your dog is healthy.

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    Do Not Leave The Puppy And The Dog Alone Together

    Even if they really seem to get along, dont be tempted to leave them alone together. Things can escalate quickly if something goes wrong

    After theyve been together for many months and alls going well, you can test them by briefly leaving the room and returning. Eventually add time when alls going well.

    Stress Or Relaxation Level

    A 7

    Dogs only have 1,700 taste buds and how they perceive taste can change at the time of stress. It can be caused by norepinephrine levels which can be released under stress and make things seem unpalatable. This is often why dogs who love liver treats dont eat them at the vets, when theyre feeling stressed or anxious.

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    Why You May Want To Transition Your Pet To A New Food

    Just like you may have to make some adjustments to your own diet to keep yourself at your healthiest, you may similarly have to change your pets diet to keep them in tip-top shape.

    Has your picky eater suddenly decided that they dont like their kibble? Has your kitten grown up into an adult feline? Consult your vetthey may recommend that its time to transition your pet to a new food. In addition to an unexpected dislike of their old food or transitioning into a new life stage, other reasons why your veterinarian may recommend changing your dog or cats food can include:

    • Your pets current food causes gastrointestinal upset, like gas or diarrhea
    • Your pet is overweight and needs a weight-loss food
    • Your pet has allergies that may be alleviated through a specialized diet
    • Theyre suffering from aliments like dull haircoat or poor energy that can be alleviated through additional nutrients in their diet
    • Your pet has been diagnosed with a health condition that requires a specific diet to help treat
    • Its otherwise been determined that their nutritional needs arent being

    You may also find yourself considering a diet change-up if you want to purchase a food made and sourced in the United States, or be forced to find a new food if your pets old grub has been recalled or discounted. Just be sure to keep your vet in the loop: You should always consult them before making changes to your pets diet.

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