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How To Get Your Dog To Stop Begging For Food

The Many Faces Of Begging

Teach Your Dog to Stop Begging

What do common dog begging behaviors look and sound like? So glad you asked! Below, well break down a few of the most common doggo begging behaviors.

  • Staring Those huge puppy eyes and flat ears are the universal dog body language for Please?!
  • Whining This can be a small, occasional sound or a piercing, persistent one.
  • Drooling Pavlov was right, dogs drool when they think food time could happen at any moment.
  • Pawing Touching you with her paw wherever she can reach you.
  • Nudging Touching or pushing at you with her nose.
  • Licking This can quickly turn into a mini-bath for you, especially if your dog just doesnt want to stop doing it.
  • Panting If panting suddenly starts to happen at meal time, this behavior is probably caused by nerves or excitement, and not because your dog is too warm.
  • Barking Demand barking is intended to get your attention, and it usually works. It is often rewarded by at least a glance from nearby people.
  • Placing her head on your lap or foot Another way to grab your attention, this behavior is often followed by pushing or leaning on you heavily if initially ignored.
  • Offering trained behaviors without being cued Dogs who do this know that performing trained behaviors are worth a reward, so dogs may offer to do tricks they know when they want a reward.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Begging

You know the lookthose puppy dog eyes staring up at you longingly as you eat your dinner, silently begging and pleading with you to drop something off your plate. And chances are, you’ve probably ‘accidentally’ let a few scraps from your meals fall on the floor.

As with many behavioral issues, pet parents can be part of the problem! But even if you’ve never reinforced this habit, your pup might still beg: Food is the monetary system of animals and sometimes we forget that dogs are animals,” says Scott Sheaffer, CDBC, CPDT-KA, a dog behavior specialist and founder of USA Dog Behavior. “Even though theyre domesticated theyre still food motivated.”

While this can be a helpful training tool, it can present problems: when your pup knows they have a chance of getting food, theyre going to wait for it. Its called random reinforcement, so even if you feed your dog food from the table once every two weeks, the dog looks at the time they have to wait as the price they have to pay for the treat, Sheaffer explains. Its like people that love to play slot machines, theyll sit at the machine for weeks for that big win.

Do Not Reward Your Dog

As explained above, rewarding will only encourage your canine to repeat this behavior, as he/she already knows that this model works. We know how difficult could be for most owners to refuse to feed their beloved friend, when he/she looks at them with big watery begging eyes, expecting treats. You may also think that it is even cruel to not give your dog what he/she wants. Your dog is the cutest thing in the world and he/she is a family member, not just a pet, right? We want you to remember, that animals tend to use manipulative behavior techniques in order to get what they want. So, do not play along! Of course, you need to pay attention to the quality and the quantity of food that your canine eats daily in order to ensure him/her the most important ingredients.

In order to show your doggy that begging will not lead to the desired result, you can just ignore him/her.

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Never Allow Your Dog To Be Under The Table While You Eat

If your pup is under the table when you eat, she will begin to associate your mealtimes with begging. That means your dog will continue to beg for food if you dont share scraps during your meals.

The best solution is not to allow him under the table while you eat. It can be done by either clearing all dishes and food away from the table or making sure your dog is completely out of the room.

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Begging

Dogs : How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food
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Begging is a common behavior problem faced by dog owners. While teaching a dog to beg on cue is a cute trick, it can be frustrating to have your dog hounding you for food every time you take out a snack or sit down to a meal. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stop your dog from begging.

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Don’t Forget About Exercise And Toys

If you have wondered how to stop your dog from begging and redirect all this energy to something better, physical activity should be a part of your daily routine! Even though it won’t solve a begging problem immediately, giving your pup plenty of exercise every day will ensure that she gets more than enough stimulation to satiate her physical needs.

Another step you can take is to make sure that your dog has some toys or puzzles. It gives an outlet for his desire to gnaw on something and keeps him from asking you for food when you sit down for a meal. Toys also work as an excellent distraction for pups, so you should certainly try using them.

Train Your Dog To Go To Their Spot

To get your dog to stop begging, you can teach them to go to a designated spot and hang out there while you’re eating. When your dog gets into your business and wont leave you alone, just tell them to go to their spot.


To do this youll need to designate a bed or spot in a room where they can go. This can be a place for them to play with their toys or chew on bones. Start by teaching “stay.” Once they understand this command, teach them to “go to their spot” and show them where they need to be.

When they go to their spot, reward them with treats and praise. Teach this trick before you start practicing near food. Make sure they understand your command without associating it with begging at the table. Once they start to beg, you can redirect their attention and send them to their spot.

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Give Your Dog His Or Her Own Place

When youre about to sit down for a meal, train your dog to go to his or her own place designate a comfortable cushion, or use their dog bed. An initial step you can take is to tether them to the spot and give them something to keep their attention, so they learn to enjoy staying there.

Once your dog gets used to it, you will be able to keep them there without a tether.

Train them with a specific command such as place or bed, and make it an automatic association with meal times.

Tough Love To Stop Dog Begging

Stop Your Dog Begging For Food | Keep Dogs Calm Around Food (5 TIPS)

If your dog is a beggar, chances are that youve contributed to this behavior. If youve ever given your dog a piece of food off your own plate, why wouldnt he expect for it to happen again?

However absentminded it might be on your part, this reinforces this pesky behavior. K9 Magazine advises that the best thing to do is ignore the begging completely.

Quite simply: Pay no attention to your dog when youre at the table. Reacting will only further encourage his attempts, no matter if your tone is positive or negative.

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How To Stop Your Dog Begging

Ignore your dog even if its easier said than done, its important to ignore your dog or puppy begging. Since begging is an attention-seeking display, you might feel sympathetic to your pets display of feigned vulnerability, and as a result, you give your begging dog what they want to make them feel happy. If this is the case, you simply need to remember that your pet is well-fed and well-cared for and doesnt need extra food.

Alternatively, your dogs behaviour may be so effective that giving in is the easiest solution. You need to remember that the more often you give in, the more you will be unwittingly giving rise to this behaviour. Taking a long-term approach might be more frustrating early on, but will pay dividends once your dog learns that begging doesnt work anymore.

Change Your Dogs Diet

If you notice that your pup isnt finishing meals while coming over to you during dinner and begging for food, its probably time for a change in your dogs diet. Older dogs may need a canned dog food like Purina® Pro Plan® FOCUS Adult 7+ beef & rice entrée morsels in gravy wet dog food to keep their taste buds satisfied and ensure that they stay healthy.

You can also choose a food based on your dogs size like Purina® Pro Plan® FOCUS Adult small breed turkey entrée wet dog food for petite pups or Purina® Pro Plan® FOCUS Adult large breed chicken & rice entrée chunks in gravy wet dog food for big pups. And, remember to always follow the feeding recommendations on the label to ensure your pup is getting enough food each day so your pooch wont beg for table scraps.

After a change in diet, if your dog is still ignoring the food dish completely, consult with your vet because an illness might be at play.

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Set A Feeding Routine

If your begging dog knows exactly when and where he or she will be fed every day, your pet is less likely to beg. You will condition your dog to know exactly when they can eat and when they cant.

Dog begging is a very common occurrence and its easy to encourage the behaviour without knowing it. Luckily, if you commit to removing begging from your household by teaching your dog over the long term that its not acceptable behaviour then you should see success.

Next, find out more about setting up your puppy with healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime, with out puppy feeding guide.

Learn To Ignore Your Dog During Mealtime

How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

Most dogs tend to be persistent in begging when they find that you give them attention during meal times. Even when you resort to yelling or scolding your dog, they may stay put as long as you give them attention.

So the best thing to do is to ignore your dog completely during meal time. Pretend like you dont even notice their presence at all, and once youre consistent, theyll get the message and move along.

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Polite Puppies: Teaching Your Pup To Be Courteous & Well

Polite Dinner Manners

In order to achieve polite puppy dinner behaviour, you first have to define it. For example, I consider it polite in my household if my four dogs lie quietly at our feet while we eat. If they don’t beg, bark, whine or otherwise nudge us for treats, they get an occasional treat from our dinner.

You may, on the other hand, prefer to teach Sparky to lie on a dog bed on the other side of the room during meals. A tether’s your ideal management tool for this. Help your puppy acclimatize to being on the tether outside of mealtime so you won’t have to constantly interrupt your meals to train. This shouldn’t take more than one or two practice sessions. Meanwhile, use a crate or baby gate to confine your pup so you can have relaxed, puppy-free meals.

When Sparky has learned to accept tethering, set up his tether in the dining room away from the table, a distance that’s comfortable for you and at least far enough so the dog won’t be tripped over as the family moves around the table. Prepare a treat-dispensing toy or other interactive toy to keep him happy while you eat.

Occasionally, when your pup is relaxed and quiet, calmly praise him, and walk over to feed him a treat. In short order you can fade out the treats and Sparky will be content to share meals with you at a respectable distance. Eventually, the polite dinner habit will be so well-ingrained, you won’t even need the tether.

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How to wean your puppy off training treats

Reward Your Dog For Good Behavior

When dogs are well-behaved and dont beg for food, thats the time to treat them. A great option is Purina® Beyond® natural dog biscuits treats with salmon and oats that tempt your pups taste buds with healthy and yummy ingredients.

McGrath cautions against giving your dog a treat from the table, as that will just encourage begging. Instead, get up and give your pup a treat when she is sitting away from the table and not begging. Or, you can use a remote-controlled treating device to save you from having to get up multiple times to reward good behavior, McGrath says.

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How Your Dogs Behavior Is Built

To get a clear picture of how begging inappropriately for food can develop, lets start from the beginning. We know that food can be an excellent reinforcer for a dog. Delivering food as a reward immediately following a behavior is likely to produce more of that behavior.

When you are sitting at the table to eat your meal, if your dog nudges your elbow, stares you down, barks, whines, licks his lips, or paws your leg, and immediately gets access to something yummy, he learns that this is an effective strategy to get food, and a beggar is born.

The same principle applies to dogs who hang around the kitchen while meals are being prepared and who are occasionally rewarded with tidbits of food. Their access to food in the kitchen might be intentional like when the household chef shares a few ingredients with the dog who expertly offers a sad face or it might be the result of simply acting fast enough to swoop in and gobble up food that is accidentally dropped to the floor from the counter. Regardless of how or why the dog has access to food, the bottom line is that the kitchen area has become very attractive to him, and is now a location where he is likely to hang out in the presence of food.

Its the fact that there was a reinforcement that creates and maintains this behavior understanding this is key to figuring out how to prevent it from developing in the first place, and how to change it if it already exists.

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How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Begging?

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2. Create a spot near the family for the dogs to eat. Have an area just for the dogs where the children are not allowed to go and bother them eating. Set up their bowls, maybe some placements under the bowls in case of spills. I have tried over and over again to separate the dogs from one another but they end up on top of each other regardless. Chance eats about 3/4 of his bowl and then lays down to wait for Bella to finish eating and then polishes off all the food. I guess they have it all worked out amongst themselves. The important thing is that nobody is going over to them while eating and the kids arent sticking their fingers in the food and disrupting dinnertime. Let the dogs relax in their own space.

4. Never, ever, ever feed the dogs from your plate. Even if everyone is done eating and you want them to take the last bite as a treat. I know you love them but they do not need it. It is not their food. Dont allow them to think it is their food. You have them covered already with a quality food, Nutrish DISH.

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Spicy Honey Grilled Chicken Wing Recipe

Fur babies are fed with 5 Tips to Allow Your Dogs to be Part of the Family During Dinnertime and Nutrish DISH. Now, for the humans! We made a Spicy Honey Grilled Chicken Wing Recipe that is a great mix of sweet and spicy. Paired with iced tea and celery. A really simple, quick and affordable dinner that is fantastic with this beautiful spring weather.

Aaron and me had our marital dispute for the week was how to properly prepare chicken wings. Notice the photo above with the circle around the portion of the chicken in question. I always trim these parts off before cooking and my husband does not. He won this argument round since he was the one doing the grilling. Plus, he hasnt won an argument in awhile so I had to give him a win. Cut that part of or not. Tastes awesome either way.

When grilling chicken wings, add the dry seasonings before cooking and then toss with all the wet ingredients after cooking. I sprinkled some garlic powder, pepper and cayenne to prep. Toss the chicken wings on the grill for 10-12 minutes each side on a medium heat. As the wings cook, prepare your sauce with honey, butter, sriracha, hot sauce and cider vinegar. When the wings come off the grill give them a toss in a large bowl with some sauce added and serve. Serve with celery and iced tea. Oh yeah, bring napkins to the table. Will need napkins.

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