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How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog Chart

How Much To Feed A Large Breed Puppy

The Lazy Raw Feeder’s Raw Dog Food Calculator

Closely monitor calorie intake. The effects of too much calcium and too many calories are most pronounced in large breed dogs, so it’s critical to feed large breed puppies appropriate food.

Do not feed according to any chart exclusively. Even within a breed, metabolism and energy needs may vary by up to 30 percent, and you’ll likely need to adjust feeding portions accordingly,” says Shmalberg.

When Can A Puppy Eat Adult Dog Food

When to shift your pup over to adult dog food will depend partly on their size and growth rate. Many toy- and small-breed dogs and mixed breeds reach their full size by 10 to 12 months of age. While a very active small dog may benefit from an extra snack during the day, they can start the change to an adult diet. Large- and giant-breed dogs may not reach full growth until 18 months or older.

Consult your veterinarian for guidance about switching to adult dog food.

Experts Disagree On Puppy Feeding

One problem for puppy owners is that even the experts disagree on what is the best food for puppies. People often feel very strongly that one way of feeding is better than another, and you can always find evidence to support your view.

You will find veterinarians on YouTube pronouncing that BARF is the only way to keep a dog healthy. Other veterinarians and nutritionists argue that kibble is the only way you should feed your puppy, warning of dire consequences if you attempt to go natural.

To make things even more complicated, dog breeders also tend to be divided into those that feed a natural raw diet and those that feed kibble. Take a look online you will find plenty of claims for the benefits of one method over the other.

The truth is that there is no good quality evidence showing that kibble is better for the long term health of your dog, or that raw feeding is better. There are risks and benefits to both, and the main thing is to ensure that your dog has good quality food to eat. So, well now take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of the different puppy foods.

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Puppy Chow Large Breed Dog Food

Puppy Chow Formula Dry Food provides complete nutrition for large breeds including Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.

Every bowl of Puppy Chow Dry food contains all the essential nutrients needed by your puppy. It is specifically formulated for puppies who are less than one year old. Contains DHA, calcium, minerals, and vitamins.


  • The protein content helps in the growth of lean muscle.
  • The calcium ensures the healthy growth of strong bones and teeth.
  • Supports the immune system of your puppy.


  • Some puppies may not like the flavor.

How Long Do Puppies Eat Puppy Food

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? Your Dogs Complete ...

Dont overlook the importance of planning and allowing for a transitional process when changing dog food. Imagine eating the same meals every day. Then, suddenly, you switch to something completely different. Youll probably experience a tummy ache or other gastrointestinal problems.

The same thing goes for your puppy. Remember that its a process that should take a minimum of six days, and sometimes longer . Heres a video that highlights the transition process so you know how to properly change your puppys food.

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Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Table Food

Feeding your Golden Retriever table food is not the best practice but can be done in moderation. Some table foods are healthy for them such as blueberries and plain yogurt.

Just be aware that feeding them too much table food can throw their entire diet out of whack. They may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals like they do from their dog food.

How Many Oz Of Food Should A Dog Eat

For adult dogs, we recommend dividing the daily food requirement into two meals per day, usually fed morning and evening. How does this translate into amounts? A ten pound dog at 2% will eat about 3 ¼ ounces of food a day: (10 pounds x 16 ounces per pound = 160 ounces.

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Choosing Best Brand Of Puppy Food

A good brand of dog food is one that will provide all your puppys nutrients and keep him healthy without costing you a small mortgage each week.

Its important to give your little one food specifically designed for puppies, because they have different nutritional needs and their small teeth cannot handle large, hard dog biscuits. Dont feed puppies the kibble sold for adult dogs.

When feeding your Labrador puppy, the right product will be for medium/large breed puppies. Check the pack carefully and look at the dietary charts. Ideally, you want the optimal protein content and the lowest amount of additives.

Part of this always comes down to the cost, because the healthiest foods are usually the most expensive and may not be affordable for some families.

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food Recipe Calculator

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food is specifically tailored to Golden Retrievers. It contains nutritious ingredients that target healthy skin and coat, cardiac function, and ideal weight. This is another top choice of our staff veterinarians.

Below is a feeding chart for Royal Canin Golden Retriever adult dog food.

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Feeding Chart

5- 6 5/8 Cups Per Day
88 lbs. 5 ¼ 6 7/8 Cups Per Day

If you are looking for a dog food that gets down to the precise amounts, then Royal Canin is for you. They are extremely specific on the weight of your Golden Retriever and the number of cups per day.

The range of amount of food can be explained by your dogs activity level for that day. If your Goldens activity is high, you should feed them the higher amount for the day. If their activity for the day is lower, go with the lower amount.

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Is Homemade Food Best For My Golden Retriever

If your homemade foods are rich in the vitamins and minerals that a dog needs, then it might be best for your Golden Retriever. It takes a lot more time to find recipes and make sure it has all the nutritional value of a store-bought dog food.

If you are willing to research recipes , then go for it! It is always best to consult your veterinarian before going to any new diet and they can provide you with valuable information also.

Feeding Guidelines By Weight

German shepherds can be of different weight ranges. Thats why the feeding plan of your dog can be complicated. Fortunately, theres a calculation for the feeding amount of German shepherds according to weight.

  • Inactive German Shepherds: For every 1 kilogram your dog weighs, theyll need 40 calories a day.An average weighted German shepherd will then need 1400 calories per day. This only applies to German shepherds that do not exercise or are inactive.
  • Active German Shepherds: In the case of active German shepherds that exercise regularly, every 1 kilogram equals 55 calories per day.So an average weighted German shepherd will require 1925 calories per day to be able to function properly.

Take note, however, that this calculation may be affected if the German shepherd has a health disorder concerned with metabolism or digestion.

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Can I Feed My Dog Table Scraps

If our diet is bad, often our dogs is too. Dont believe me?

A study by K9 Magazine showed that 98% of dog owners had fed their pets with scraps from their own tables at one time or another.

Dogs can eat table scraps, of course, but its a simple formula to calculate that if our own diet is not healthy and were sharing that with our dogs then our bad food = dogs sharing in our own poor diet!

But therein lies another problem with many of the foods that we eat, unsuitable for dog consumption.

Many people are finding good results in preparing their own dog food using only those ingredients that will enhance the health of the dog but dont discount the range of high quality diets that are available in prepared form. Dont for a second assume theyre all bad because nothing could be further from the truth.

Good quality dog nutrition is available in the form of commercially prepared foods, canned dog food, raw dog food and even tailor-made dog food. The quality isnt the main issue here if youre asking yourself how much should I feed my dog, but over feeding will have a detrimental effect on your dog in multiple ways. It can and most likely will lead to them having a shorter lifespan.

What Should I Feed My Puppy

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Start your puppy out on the right paw with a variety of top-quality foods to not only support his or her growth and development but also to build a strong immune system. We recommend feeding your puppy a premium quality dry kibble like “I and love and you” Naked Essentials Puppy Formula. Complete with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes, our food ensures your puppys body has everything it needs for proper digestion, cell function and growth. This will keep your puppys health at its peak, possibly reducing your veterinarian visits and costs in the long run.

Dry Food, Wet Food Or Both?

While dry kibble is the most popular and economical choice for your pup, its not the only food selection. Wet food, which usually comes in cans or pouches, is typically the most expensive option, though your pup will probably find it tastier than dry food. However, many dog owners stick with dry food not just for its low cost but also its positive effects on oral health. The friction thats produced when your pup eats kibble helps keep his gums and teeth healthy.

Did you just adopt a puppy? That’s so cool! Let’s celebrate with 40% off our ! Use this code at checkout: PUPPY40

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How To Bottle Feed Puppies

Whenever possible, puppies should be nursed and raised by their mothers. There are times, however, when bottle feeding puppies becomes necessary . But bottle feeding the wrong thing, the wrong way, the wrong amount or on the wrong schedule can lead to illness or even death. Here is how to bottle feed puppies:

It is usually not necessary to determine exactly how much puppies are eating as long as they gain weight daily and dont act hungry until just before the next feeding is due. Commercially available milk replacers provide puppy feeding charts or guidelines for what a typical puppy might eat over the course of a dayfor example, 2 teaspoons per 4 ounces bodyweight. Follow these closely, as puppies who drink too much at one feeding can develop diarrhea, and if you have any questions or concerns, talk to your veterinarian.

Your Best Puppy And Dog Food Options

Remember, having a dog who has his dietary needs met will be happier and healthier as a result. Not eating enough can lead to malnutrition, and overeating makes your pup obese .

Are you looking for more dog food articles? Weve got plenty of resources on various dog diets and nutrition, including our recommended foods for any age, diet type, and health concern, the best dog food delivery services for puppies and adult dogs, and homemade dog food recipes.

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How Much To Feed A Labrador Puppy

People often tell me how much their puppy weighs, and ask how much food they should give him. In fact, one of the most common questions we hear is how much should I feed my Labrador puppy?

I have put up a puppy diet guide, below, to give you an idea of what quantities you should be feeding. Most food brands give you a Lab puppy feeding chart.

However, knowing how much to feed a Labrador puppy is sometimes a matter of keeping an eye on her. If she look too fat, you might be overfeeding her.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog Chart

How much should I feed my dog? || Monkoodog

The following chart should help you to determine how much you should feed your dog daily. Even as you go through the chart, you should keep in mind that the number of times you feed and the correct size of the food depend on the breed, size, type of food, activity levels, metabolic rate, and age. Many of the dog food labels come with a feeding guide, so it is essential to compare the following chart with what shows on the brand of food products you buy.

Daily feeding chart for 24 hours

Dog Type

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Purina One Smartblend Dry Dog Food

Help your Berner puppy grow up to be strong and big with Purina SmartBlend Dry food. This dog food is specifically made for large breed puppies including Berners and has zero fillers and wholesome ingredients.

With chicken as the first ingredient, this dry food also has digestible ingredients such as rice and a blend of antioxidants such as zinc, vitamin A and E, and selenium.

This puppy dry food has added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to give your Berner 100% balanced and complete nutrition.


  • Supports healthy growth of muscles.
  • Supports healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Helps in vision and brain development.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.


  • Some customers have reported that their batches were bad.

Then Use The Package As A Guide

Many commercial dog foods include a chart of basic feeding guidelines right on the packaging. This is a great place to start, but keep in mind the factors mentioned above and adjust as needed.

For example, AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice formula offers the following daily feeding guidelines, based on the size and weight of the adult dog:

  • 310 lbs: 1/3 to 1 cup
  • 1020 lbs: 1 to 1-1/2 cups
  • 2050 lbs: 1-1/2 to 3 cups
  • 5075 lbs: 3 to 4 cups
  • 75100 lbs: 4 to 5 cups
  • 100+ lbs: 5-1/2 cups plus 1/3 cup for each additional 10 lbs over 100 lbs

This chart provides you with a solid starting point, which you can increase or reduce as needed. If your dog seems to be gaining too much weight on the suggested amount, reduce it in small increments and experiment until you find the ideal amount.

Its good to note that dog food formulas vary in terms of their nutrient density, which affects the amount you need to feed. Keep this in mind whenever you switch formulas, as the amount you feed may change. 2

Also good to note: Dogs in certain life stages, such as pregnancy or lactation, may require more calories than usual, so keep that in mind and check with your veterinarian if you have any questions.

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Health Problems From Overfeeding Dogs

There are an increasing number of dogs suffering from this disease and in most cases this could have been avoided through the correct nutrition and monitoring the amount of food the dog has been eating.

Having a dog with diabetes will necessitate the injection of insulin or in some cases taking of pills to assist in the maintenance of the correct sugar levels in their blood.

Obviously this involves additional expense and inconvenience and there is also a danger that should the insulin level be incorrect your pet could die. All of this from simply giving them too much food? You bet!

How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Puppy

How much should I feed my dog

Golden Retriever puppies should eat three to four times a day until they are six months old at scheduled intervals. They require more calories and frequency at this young age. It is not best to feed them extra food as they could become overweight. They should be lanky with long legs at this stage in life.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is packed with quality protein derived from real chicken needed for strong and healthy muscles.

This formula contains essential ingredients like taurine that boosts a puppys cognitive and eye health.

This nutritious formula also has fatty acids for a healthy coat as well as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to ensure excellent growth and development. The formula contains no grains, corn, wheat, soy, or meat by-products.

The manufacturer makes use of LifeSource Bits, which is a targeted blend of antioxidants, vitamins and, minerals to ensure a healthy immune system.

German Shepherd Feeding Chart

So youve got yourself a German shepherd, and you think you can take care of them just fine without any knowledge. However, this will be your undoing. Youll realize that you cant get by without studying German shepherds.

  • German Shepherd Puppies vs. Adults Guidelines
  • German shepherds are similar to humans in the sense that they need to eat consistently. And just like us, they, too, have specific feeding amounts and nutrient requirements. You cant just make them eat whatever you lay your eyes on. However, as their owner, you cant always rely on your keen observation.

    They can be a bit dishonest sometimes. They may even hide their hunger. Thats why you wont figure out their needs by simply observing. Thats why you need to have clear standards, especially on how you feed them. Overeating can cause sugar levels to spike. The opposite can cause malnutrition.

    Either way, this German shepherd feeding chart will be a helpful asset when taking care of these dogs.

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