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How Much Food Should I Be Feeding My Puppy

Feeding Guide: How Much Dry Food Should I Feed My Puppy

Nutrition 101: How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Your puppy should eat between 4-6 meals a day because their stomachs are small. Their tiny stomachs get full quicker, but they need to go potty frequently. The amount of dry food they need also depends on how much they grow.

So, when can your puppy start eating dry food?

Your pup should still be nursing between 4 – 8 weeks old before introducing any other type of food. The change shouldn’t be too sudden .

What about a puppy between 6 – 9 Months old?

Let’s look at a puppy 6 weeks old and weighs 5lbs. You’d typically feed them 1 cup a day and divide that across the day.

Pointers For Feeding German Shepherds

Improper feeding practices can lead to serious health problems for German shepherds. Most of the time, these problems linger throughout the dogs lifetime.

You should remember this before doing something reckless, such as altering your German shepherd puppys feeding amount.

An owner is responsible for taking into consideration the age and weight of a German shepherd before feeding them. So here are some tips that can be applied according to your dogs age and weight.

When feeding a german shepherd puppy that is four to six months old, you must give them two meals a day that comprises around eight ounces and five ounces.

When feeding a German shepherd puppy that is between seven and twelve months old, the meal amounts should be increased to ten ounces for each meal. This amount should be split into three smaller meals.

When feeding an adult or fully grown German shepherd, you should give them an amount that is equivalent to two and a half times the puppys daily calories.

This is regardless of whether they are active or not. Yep, German shepherds can gain weight regardless of whether they exercise or not. If you think your dog is gaining too much weight, you can split their daily calories into four or five smaller meals.

Some people prefer using dry dog food, while others would choose canned dog food. Whatever you choose for your German shepherd is usually okay, but canned food tends to contain more moisture than dry food .

Here are some tips for measuring their food:

What To Feed A Puppy

As well as knowing how much to feed a puppy, you also need to know what you want to feed your puppy.

The most popular options are: dry kibble, wet food, or raw diets. We will take a look at the pros and cons of these options in a moment.

But first, lets find out why a specific puppy food is so important. Why cant puppies eat the same food as adult dogs?

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How Much Should I Feed Puppies

Feeding puppies is quickly changing as they grow. Up to 8 weeks, puppies should only rely on their mothers milk. Afterward, you can start introducing specially-formulated food for puppies to them. Some puppies take a bit longer to accommodate the new food so make you eat enough in this essential growth stage.

Why Is It Important To Know The Exact Serving Size

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? Your Dogs Complete Nutrition Guide ...

Some parents believe that the dogs weight is the onlycriterion to estimate a suitable amount of homemade dog food. They think thateverythings fine if the canine is not losing or gaining weight. Unfortunately,thats NOT the right thing to do because an unbalanced diet can have serioushealth hazards.

For example, if a pup is consuming too many calories, he/shecan develop diabetes and several other health issues. Similarly, overfeedingcan cause Vitamin Toxicity. In this condition, useful vitamins, like Vitamin Aand Vitamin D, start to harm the body .

On the other hand, if the canine is not getting a sufficientamount of essential nutrients, he/she can face malnutrition. The most commonsymptoms of such dogs would be weakness and lethargy. If this issue is notresolved quickly, nutrient deficiency can lead to organ failure and even death.

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How Often To Feed A Puppy

So now that you know how much to feed your puppy, you might be wondering, How many times a day should a puppy eat? Setting a routine for your puppys feeding schedule is critical so he can learn when to expect his food.

  • 4-12 Weeks: Young puppies need three or more feedings per day to adequately meet their nutritional needs. So, according to the feeding guide that comes with their food or the chart above, divide that by three or more and give the food to them throughout the day.
  • 3-12 Months: As your puppy gets older, you can reduce the number of feedings to twice daily. Their energy level should reduce thus, they dont need as much food throughout the day.
  • 12+ Months: Most adult dogs eat two meals per day. Youll want to divide their food requirement by two.

Is Puppy Food Different To Adult Dog Food

While puppy food should have many of the same ingredients as adult dog food, puppy meals tend to have higher concentrations of essential nutrients. This is because puppies have different requirements to older dogs just as human babies have different diets to adult humans. Puppies have a lot of growing and developing to do and building these tissues requires lots of protein, calcium and numerous other nutrients, as well as lot of energy.

Feeding a puppy adult dog food means you will need to feed them more often to ensure they get the nutrients they need, or risk stunting their development. One interesting example to illustrate this is that smaller dogs, including puppies, have a higher surface-to-volume ratio than larger dogs, which means that, relative to the amount of body heat they can create, smaller dogs have a larger area through which to lose heat. It is for this reason that puppies dont only need to eat and exercise more to keep their body temperature at normal levels, but why many tend to love a nice heated dog bed.

Equally, feeding an adult dog puppy food can also be dangerous, as it can lead to an overload of nutrients which can lead to problems later in life. For example, large dogs are already prone to skeletal issues, which the extra calcium in puppy food can exacerbate.

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Puppy Food Calculator + Vet

Are you looking for a Puppy Food Calculator? By now you know that puppies can only receive enough nutrition from the right dog food and the right amount. Overindulging causes weight problems and inactivity, while under-eating or eating the wrong food causes malnutrition.

But how much and when do you need to feed your puppy?

This post provides Dog Food Advice, an interactive puppy food calculator, and a puppy feeding chart by weight age.

Let’s find out how much food to give a puppy.

When Should I Switch From Puppy Food To Adult Food

How much food to feed your puppy? | Veterinary Approved

Knowing when to start the switch from puppy food to adult dog food depends on your puppys breed. Roughly, toy, small and medium dog breeds mature between six to 12 months, while large breeds, who have much more growing to do, mature at 12 to 18 months, although some can take longer. For advice on your puppys specific breed, check their food packaging, or consult a vet.

If your dog liked the food you had been feeding them as a puppy, it is a good idea to stick to the same flavours when transitioning to adult dog food. Start slowly by feeding your dog 90% of their usual puppy food with 10% of the new adult food mixed in. Then, once you are sure your dog is eating their food without any problems, you can gradually increase the ratio of adult food to puppy food over the course of a week or two.

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Using Food In Training

The best way to use food when training your puppy is to take food from their daily allowance. If your puppy is eating kibble, this will be easy!

If you are raw feeding your dog, you can look into finding some bitesize, frozen meat pieces. Although, you wont be able to just carry these around with you all the time in your pocket!

Dont panic if your dog has barely any, or even no food when it comes to your scheduled mealtime.

Your puppy will still be getting all the food he needs each day, as long as training food comes from his daily allowance.

Training will be spread out through the day anyway, so as long as you arent getting through the food so quickly that your pup is becoming sick, you will be okay.

How To Wean Puppies

As for a 5-week-old puppy feeding schedule, this is around when most people will start to wean their puppies.

  • For what to feed puppies who are weaning, use a commercially made, balanced food. Kibble should be softened with water or broth to a soupy texture, or you can add a little extra water to wet puppy food.
  • To get the puppies interested, dip your finger into the mush and then let them lick it. Puppies quickly learn to lap up the food.
  • Make sure each pup is getting their fair share. Separate dog bowls given under supervision is ideal.
  • While feeding puppies your weaning mix, there is no standard set of directions for how much a puppy should eat. Continue to weigh your puppies daily. You want pups that are growing but not overweight.
  • If the puppies are still nursing a bit, figure on offering them three or four meals a day as a puppy feeding schedule. Toy and small breed pups may need some extra snacks, as they are susceptible to hypoglycemia .
  • Nutritional weaning is complete when the puppies are eating only puppy food and no longer nursing at all. When litters and moms are kept together, pups are usually eating only puppy food at around 8 weeks of age.

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Feeding Your Labrador Puppy: How Much Diet Charts And The Best Food

We have lots of information here on feeding your Labrador puppy. Well talk about the four main different ways to feed a puppy. Well help you decide how much to feed a Lab puppy, how often to feed them, and help you choose the right diet for your puppy.

We will show you the best puppy foods, whether dry, wet, or raw, and well look at food safety, together with schedules, quantities and even a handy puppy diet chart. Finally, well include some reviews of the various brands, and will help you cope with the all-important transition to adult food.

How Often Should You Feed An Active Dog

How often should I feed my puppy?

Dogs that are athletes or highly active typically need a lot of calories. As with giant breeds, you dont want to risk overfeeding at one single meal.

Athletic dogs sometimes need to be fed up to four times a day. In order to prevent the chance of bloat or other gastrointestinal issues, do not feed your athlete dog within two to three hours of activity.

Remember how important it is to measure your dogs food and feed them based on their best weight and body condition so that they have a long and healthy life.

If your dog needs to lose some weight, check out “8 Easy Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight” for tips on canine weight loss plus ways to avoid a “hangry” pup as you cut back calories!

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When To Feed A Puppy

Structure is an important element in your pups education, so setting a solid puppy routine right from the start creates a strong foundation for you to build on together. When it comes to feeding, developing a puppy daily schedule routine is simple, consistency is key.

When should I feed my puppy?

The ideal time to feed your puppy is between 7 am and 5 pm. Feeding the last meal by 5 pm allows them enough time to digest and eliminate before bedtime, reducing the risk of nighttime accidents.

Using the chart above, calculate the number of meals your pup requires daily and distribute them evenly between 7 am 5 pm. Stick to the same feeding times each day, this will help reinforce the routine.

I Have Heard Of Milk Fever What Exactly Is It

Eclampsia, or milk fever, is a depletion of calcium from the mother due to heavy milk production. It generally occurs when the puppies are three to five weeks old and most often to mothers with large litters. The mother typically has muscle spasms resulting in rigid legs, spastic movements, and heavy panting. This condition can be fatal in 30-60 minutes, so a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

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How Much Water To Give A German Shepherd

A German Shepherd should have about two to three cups of fresh water daily. However, this amount will vary depending on the size, age, and activity level of your dog.

Puppies and young dogs, for example, generally need more water than adult German Shepherds. And working dogs or those who exercise frequently may require even more.

Unlike the German shepherd puppy feeding chart, you wont have to spend your time on this task. This is because they can easily hydrate themselves if given free access to water.

However, you still need to remember some things. For example, take note that your dog will need to drink 6 ounces of water per day for every 3.5 kilograms of weight.

So if your German shepherd weighs around 35 kilograms, hell need to drink an average of 60 ounces of water every day.

Depending on the temperature and activeness, this amount can increase. If thats the case, finding out the perfect amount of water needed will be difficult. Thats why you need to rely on the most noticeable sign of dehydration, panting.

Lastly, make sure you take extra care in providing water access to your German shepherd. The most preferable way is to fill a bowl with a moderate amount of water, not too much.

The feeding amount, frequency, length, and water requirements can always be changed. Thats why I recommend seeing your vet regularly to discuss important matters, such as how much to feed a German shepherd puppy.

If you have no time to visit your vet, the following topic may help you.

How Much Dry Food To Feed A German Shepherd

How Much To Feed A Puppy & How Often Should Puppies Eat

The amount of dry food you should feed your German Shepherd will depend on several factors, including their age, weight, and activity level.

  • Puppies: Feed 2-3 times the recommended amount on the food label.
  • Adult dogs: Feed 1-2 times the recommended amount on the food label.
  • Active dogs: Feed 2-3 times the recommended amount on the food label.
  • Senior dogs: Feed 1-2 times the recommended amount on the food label.

The main factor in determining how much dry food to put in the bowl is your German Shepherds body condition.

You should be able to easily feel all of its ribs, and you shouldnt be able to see its waist. If the dog is obviously overweight or underweight, adjust accordingly.

If you can feel most of the ribs without squeezing your fingers in between them try 1 cup per day. This is a decent starting point for a growing large breed puppy that needs the extra calories to grow big and strong.

If you cant feel most of the ribs without squeezing your fingers in between them try 2 cups per day.

This is a good amount for an adult German Shepherd at its ideal weight, which also eats pretty fast so it doesnt have time to eat too much.

If you can feel most of the ribs AND see its waist try 3 cups per day. This is perfect for an adult German Shepherd which needs extra calories due to being very active. With this amount, it will be able to maintain its weight, but not gain any extra fat.

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Dry Vs Wet Puppy Food

Although dry kibble is a popular choice, its not the only option. As you walk the dog food aisles, you may see both dry and wet puppy foods.

This can make it harder to decide what to feed your puppy. Fortunately, as long as both the wet and dry formulas are complete and balanced for growing puppies, you can feed either one to your pup with confidence.

You and your puppy may have a preference when it comes to dry versus wet. Feeding a combination of the two is also an option.

According to Purina Nutritionist, Allison Millican, PhD, If youre feeding your puppy a combination of wet and dry food, it is extremely important to ensure the total caloric value does not fall short or exceed their daily energy requirement. Use the calories reported on the package to understand how much wet food will replace the dry and vice versa. This allows you to calculate the amount of each product needed to meet your puppys nutritional requirements.

For example, Millican explains, one thirteen-ounce can of wet puppy food may contain four hundred and seventy-five kilocalories and replace approximately one cup of a dry puppy formula with a similar value of kilocalories per cup. In this scenario, you could substitute a thirteen-ounce can of wet food for one cup of the daily dry food recommendation.

The brand websites and your veterinarian are great resources and can help you develop a feeding plan specifically for your puppys needs.

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