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How Much Does Nom Nom Dog Food Cost

Ollie Vs Pet Plate Vs Nom Nom: Comparing Fresh Dog Food Subscriptions

Nom Nom Dog Food Review: Honest Taste Test
  • Ollie vs Pet Plate vs Nom Nom
  • Unless you obsess over your dogs health, youve probably never heard of dog food subscription services Ollie, Pet Plate, and Nom Nom . These relatively new services ship pre-proportioned canine meals made from fresh, healthy ingredients directly to your door. Two thumbs up for never having to leave the house again to buy kibble, but do these startups really offer canine cuisine thats so far superior to options at the local pet store? That depends entirely on your pup, and what you consider healthy.

    In this article we review Ollie vs Pet Plate vs Nom Nom and reveal how they compare to regular dog food. We also investigate whether the potential health benefits and convenience justify the price. If youre already familiar with the space, skip right ahead to our comparison chart.

    Nom Nom Dog Food Review

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    Nom Noms meals are made with restaurant-quality ingredients, no artificial preservatives or fillers and portions are optimized to provide your dog with the ideal balance for his age, weight, activity level, breed, as well as any known health issues.

    The meals are cooked weekly in the companys kitchen, individually portioned, and arrive fresh, at your door and ready to serve. With so many new direct to consumer fresh dog foods brands we wanted to know if Nom Nom is worth the cost.

    Nom Nom Dog Food Subscription Review

    Nom Nom dog food contains the necessary nutrients and vitamins to keep your companion fit and energized.

    As we mentioned, pet owners are showing increasing interest in fresh and natural foods to feed their pets. Before preparing a meal for your pets, its highly recommended that you ensure their nutritional needs are met and they avoid dangerous foods.

    An article published in the American Veterinary Medical Association Journal showed that homemade diets are associated with more health problems than commercial food diets.

    Nom Nom ensures each recipe is created in accordance with nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. All of the ingredients are sustainably sourced and grown in the USA.

    So, what kind of protein does your doggo gravitate towards? The Dog Food Subscription has four different meals to choose from including Beef Mash, Chicken Chow, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare:

  • Nom Nom Beef Mash contains beef, potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, and fish oil as the core ingredients. There are also an addednutritional factors of vitamin E supplements, vitamin B1, and vitamin B12, to ensure your dog gets the most out of his or her meals.
  • The Chicken Chow meal is naturally the best option for poultry-loving pups, containing the necessary vitamins to keep your dog in shape. The Nom Nom dog food ingredients include diced chicken, sweet potato chunks, yellow squash, spinach, and fish oil.
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    Nom Nom Dog Food Summary:

    • Nom Nom Dog Food is a pet food brand that makes human-grade fresh pet food for cats and dogs with added nutritional factors. All of its meals are prepared immediately before the food delivery with sustainably sourced USA ingredients.
    • Nom Nom offers one-time dog food purchases in addition to long-term subscription delivery services. Every meal is already pre-portioned, so you do not have to measure it.
    • Initially called Nom Nom Now, the brand changed its name through rebranding. Today, it has a large following on Instagram and has been featured in popular media such as BuzzFeed, People Magazine, Business Insider, and NBC News.
    • Nom Nom Dog Food offers four basic recipes Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare, modified based on the dogs size, breed, and activity level.

    Our Own Personal Experience With Nom Nom

    Nom Nom Dog Food Review (Hands On): Is It Worth the Price?

    We tried Nom Nom for ourselves and can confidently report that it was well-loved and devoured. After only 4 days of transitioning to Nom Noms food, there is no doubt that she will ever look the same way at kibble again.

    In this video, take a look at our experience of our first couple of days with Nom Noms meals how we transitioned from her usual kibble to the full servings of Nom Nom, Kodhis reactions, and more.

    Kodhis only been on the fully fresh Nom Nom diet for about two weeks, but I have already started seeing differences. Like I said, meal time is literally the most exciting time of the day for her, but now shes astonished that she, too, gets food from the fridge. She spins to and from the fridge in excitement and searches for the spoon to lick after Im done preparing.

    One of the best parts is that one pack equals one meal, so I dont need to worry about messy scooping or storage, as is the case with some competitors.

    Besides the immediate meal time, Ive noticed that shes been shedding less despite the weather being hotter , her poops are more regular and much smaller than were used to , and her breath is immensely improved.

    I truly had no idea of the health benefits that wed experience. I went into it skeptical, hoping that her stomach issues would be fixed and her poops would be more regular. Weve been floored with the results. Were so excited to continue our journey with Nom Nom and have recommended it to all of our dog friends.

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    Is Nom Nom Now Human Grade

    Now is the time to nom nom Fresh Dog Food is intended to be of human-grade quality for your pet. It is available in a variety of flavors. This guarantees that your dog receives the nutrition and health that he or she needs and deserves. Each and every bag of their dog food has a range of ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious. 5

    Nom Nom Dog Food Review Should You Feed Nom Nom To Your Dog

    So, after reading our Nom Nom review, you are probably asking yourself, is this food worth it?

    We think so! If you have a dog who needs a customized diet due to health concerns , are a picky eater, hate shopping, hate making homemade dog food for your dog, or you want to provide them with a better, healthier, and fresher option, Nom Nom is a great option.

    While a subscription may be a little more than you would spend on traditional kibble, the health benefits and convenience outweigh the extra cost. Keeping your dog healthy should be a priority, and proper nutrition is where it all starts. Plus, a better diet means fewer health problems down the road.

    Always be sure to consult your vet before switching to Nom Nom. And remember to transition between foods gradually to help prevent stomach upset.

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    Is $3000 Too Much For A Dog

    The price of a well-bred purebred puppy with an exceptional pedigree from a very excellent breeder is not prohibitively expensive when the puppy shows promise as a working, competition, sport, show, or breeding dog, and this is exactly what you are looking for. Never, ever purchase a puppy from a pet shop.

    Is Nom Nom Vet Approved

    Nom Nom Cat Food – Is It Worth The Cost?

    Prepare ahead of time for unexpected vet bills by finding the pawfect pet insurance. Nom Nom is a pet food manufacturer that provides fresh, ready-to-eat meals for dogs and cats. Its recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and delivered to your door based on your pup’s feeding schedule.

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    Nom Nom Dog Food Reviews: Bottom Line

    Nom Nom fresh dog food is healthy, made with high-quality ingredients, and food that you can feel good about feeding to your best friend.

    The love the pre-portioned packages as they make feeding fresh dog food hassle-free.

    We also love that you can try out the half-portions added to your pets normal food, which will give you the benefits of this healthy food at a fraction of the price. This is a great option as it makes Nom Nom a more viable meal service for those of us with very large dogs and limited budgets. Best of all, your dog or cat will love it!

    And while our Daisy loved her Nom Nom, fresh food is more expensive than kibble and needs to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, taking up valuable space.

    We recommend Nom Nom for dog parents looking for a fresh, all-natural alternative to store-bought kibble, food that is better for their pets no matter their age or breed, and food that will help with loose stool. Save 50% + Free Shipping > >


    Looking for more Dog Food delivery services? Check out our Pet Meals Directory > >

    How Does Nom Nom Dog Food Work

    Before you start with your Nom Nom subscription, you need to create a profile for your pet. This can be done through their website, where you will be asked to fill in information about your pooch.

    The very first question that you will be asked is if you have a dog or cat. If you have more pets, you can take turns creating profiles for all of them.

    After choosing your pet, you will be asked some basic questions, including your dogs name, sex, and breed. Following this, you will be asked questions that will help personalize the dog food.

    They offer a list of the ideal weight and sex for every breed in their database. With the help of this list, you can specify your pets food and calorie intake.

    To make things even more detailed, Nom Nom asks about your dogs body condition. The options are explained carefully and are easy to pick, depending on your pets state.

    Nom Nom also asks if your dog has any particular food allergies or health conditions. You can also mention if your pooch is a picky eater and will be recommended foods accordingly.

    Irrespective of their recommendations, you can still choose any formula that you want. They also have other products that you can choose from during checkouts, such as treats. Following this, you will be asked for your shipping address and your billing information.

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    Features Of Nom Nom Fresh Food For Dogs: Whats All The Bark About

    Nom Nom Fresh Food for Dogs is one of the best dog food delivery services today. They offer a custom-made, nutritional nom nom diet for dogs that is completely based on your dogs health and any concerns you may have about their diet. Nom Nom food is made from the best fresh human-grade ingredients packed with vitamins and nutrients and is cooked in small batches. The dog food that is delivered to your door is based on the recommendations of Nom Noms veterinary specialists and your input because Nom Nom knows that you know your dog best!

    Their service delivers 56 packets of food to your door monthly for free and it is packaged in such a way that the dog food can be kept fresh for a longer period. Nom Nom is also extremely dedicated to the nutritional well-being of your dog if you share certain nutritional needs of your dog with customer service, Nom Nom makes sure that the food reflects those needs as well as other needs that correlate to breed and size.

    Faqs: Ollie Fresh Dog Food

    Blue Apron For Dogs? These 6 Fresh Pet Food Services Make it Easier to ...

    Is Ollie a good dog food?

    Yes, many fur parents find that Ollie is a good dog food thats made from top-quality ingredients that are beneficial to their dogs health. And most importantly, many have reported that their dogs get really excited about the food!

    Has Ollie dog food been recalled?

    So far, Ollie dog food has not been recalled by the FDA or American Veterinary Medical Association.

    Is Ollie dog food vet approved?

    Yes. Ollie works with veterinary nutritionists to formulate their dog food recipes to ensure that your pet is getting complete and balanced meals in each food packet.

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    Nom Noms Transition Plan

    Adjusting to a new food can be a big change for dogs, particularly on their stomachs. For that reason, Nom Nom automatically starts you off with a 7-day transition plan.

    During this time youre given 50% of your dogs meals which you can mix with their current food to help their bodies get used to it. Afterwards you can continue with full meal portions.

    Is Fresh Dog Food Worth It

    To evaluate whether or not fresh food is the way to go, I turned to the data. One study tested six commercial dog foods made with restaurant-grade meats and vegetables and found that fresh foods significantly improved digestion when compared with more processed alternatives.

    The study was the first of its kind and supports most dog owners intuitions that less-processed foods are indeed easier on their pets digestive tracts.

    Scientists have also shown that fresh, minimally processed dog foods help create smaller bowel movements and can sustain a dog with a lower quantity of food at each feeding. Without a bunch of filler, your dog can eat less, poop less, and be happier.

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    Our Nom Nom Customer Service

    Nom Nom customer service is on point. Every time we contacted them regarding their service, we received a timely response.

    We also tested Nom Noms customer service by having a few of our dog owner friends inquire about Nom Noms service through email, phone, and chat to gauge their responsiveness and attentiveness. Overall, our pet parents were more than satisfied with the attention.

    As a customer, you get free access to pet nutritionists that can answer your concerns or questions.

    What Is Nom Nom

    Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food : Detailed Review ,Unboxing And Taste Test. #NomNOm

    Nom Nom was founded in 2015 by a family hoping to improve their own dogs diet and help her compromised immune system. After seeing the miraculous difference in her health that fresh food made, Nom Nom was born.

    Today, Nom Nom has supplied over 40 million fresh meals to pets across the country while still intensely valuing the integrity of ingredients.

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    Pros And Cons Of Nom Nom

    Here are some points you should consider when youre thinking about making the switch to Nom Nom:

    • Its a very healthy option. Nom Nom uses top ingredients and careful cooking procedures for all their pet food. Plus, their recipes are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.
    • Pre-portioned. There is no prep work or any sort of measuring required. All food is sent to your door in pre-portioned bags. You just open them and pour them into your pets bowl.
    • May help some health problems. Fresh dog food has been touted to help with specific health problems, such as sensitive stomachs and dry skin. The research is out on whether or not there is a real benefit, but some pet parents are willing to try almost anything.
    • Customizable. You can choose the formulas you want and pick a full portion or half portion. Plus, the website automatically formulates it to your pets specific metrics.
    • May be a good option for picky dogs. Many picky dogs love this food ! My picky eater loved it for a day or two. However, he grew tired of it after a few days and began refusing to eat it. Once I gave him his old food, he ate it right up. And that spelled the end of our journey with Nom Nom.

    Further Prices To Anticipate

    If you happen to order Nom Nom meals, you dont have to fret about many extra prices. Nom Nom subscriptions include free transport, so that you dont have to fret about extra prices through transport, nonetheless, there are extra prices to contemplate. Nom Nom additionally doesnt change subscription price if you happen to change meals recipes. They help you select two recipes in each order and every recipe will price the identical.

    Along with fundamental meals prices, Nom Nom additionally provides probiotic add-ons. There are two totally different add-ons accessible for canines. Full Spectrum Probiotics are focused in direction of wholesome canines with no digestive points, whereas GI-Focused Probiotics are made to assist canines with delicate stomachs get by. Each are available 30-day provides and price $40. They are often added on month-to-month or as a one-time buy.

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    Nom Nom Dog Food Reviews

    Our Daisy is an 8 1/2-year-old female St. Berdoodle that is at an ideal weight of 100lbs and has been on a higher-end kibble her whole life. For our Nom Nom reviews, we selected Pork Potluck for Daisy. There was no real reason for this selection other than the ingredients looked good.

    In addition to the dog meals, we also ordered beef and chicken jerky treats, both 2 oz. and cost $13 .

    This isnt your average pet jerky filled with a little meat and a lot of filler. This beef jerky is made with 1 ingredient, 100% USDA-certified top sirloin beef. The chicken jerky is made with restaurant-grade 100% USDA-certified chicken breast. Nom Nom never adds preservatives, additives, or anything else to their treats.

    WARNING: Your furry friends will want to help you unpack! Save 50% + Free Shipping > >

    When your order arrives, open and unpack the box.

    TIP: You should put a weeks worth of meals in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. Be mindful of the difference between the transition food and regular portioned food as the transition packs contain half as much food as the full portions.

    We move meals from the freezer to the fridge 1-2 days before we need them to give them a chance to thaw. If you forget, no worries, just put the frozen packs in warm water to thaw before serving. Save 50% + Free Shipping > >

    How do I know? Every mealtime she would eat her Nom Nom first and then eat her kibble. Shes a smart girl.

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