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How Much Does Fresh Dog Food Cost

Avoiding Common Health Problems

How much does a Raw Food Diet COST?

Food is fuel for the body and provides the proper building blocks to keep the body functioning correctly. Proper food also helps to avoid health problems down the road. Sickness and health conditions can be avoided if you feed your dog properly. Here are some of the most common health problems that dogs face due to poor nutrition:

  • Obesity from eating too much food or foods high in fat can lead to arthritis, high blood pressure, and possibly cancer.
  • Pancreatitis – Too much fat in your dogs diet can cause the pancreas to become inflamed and the digestive enzymes will begin to break down fat and proteins in the other organs.
  • An imbalanced diet can cause heart disease. Sodium is a common factor for this problem.
  • Diarrhea – This could be due to the type of fiber and fat that are in your current dog food.

Again, those are just my priorities, but that means I must factor the value of serving my dog a food that meets those requirements when I look at how much any dog food costs. If you, like me, believe that eating healthy in the short run saves you from health issues in the long run, this makes the price comparison a little less definitive as to which dog food is the best price.

Buy The Best Dog Food You Can But Dont Stress If Its Not Top Shelf

Bottom line? Buy the best dog food you can afford, but dont think a high price point guarantees a quality product.

The industrys history doesnt uphold an easy one-to-one correlation of dollars to quality, which is a bummer on one hand, but a blessing on the other. Pet food may present a confusing and fraught decision, but you dont have to spend a ton to feel like youre feeding your best friend well!

Of course, keep an eye on your dog and be open to reevaluation. His nutritional needs may change as he ages, according to Wynn.

This part shouldnt be too hard, since hanging out with your pet is the whole point!

Just pay close attention to his coat, eating habits and level of playfulness, and dont forget to keep up with those annual vet checkups, which offer a great opportunity to ask your food-related questions.

One thing we can say for certain? You probably do want to keep your dogs nose out of the garbage if only to spare yourself the cleanup.

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How Much Does Dog Food Cost

According to this report, the total first-year cost of owning a dog is $1,270 and for a cat it’s $1,070.

As you can see, having a pet can cost you over $1,000 in the first year, and well over $500 each additional year.

Depending on the food you buy and sudden medical expenses, the costs could be much higher.

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The Farmers Dog Recalls

To the best of our knowledge and research , products created by The Farmers Dog have never been recalled making them a recall-free dog food brand.

This lack of recalls is a positive trait and shows that to date, The Farmers dog has taken the safety and quality of its production process seriously.

However, many in the industry consider fresh food, such as those produced by The Farmers Dog, to garner a higher risk of contamination or other health risks.

This increased risk is as fresh food must be cooled appropriately to avoid it going bad and bacteria taking hold. However, traditional dry kibble has far fewer restrictions and can be stored at room temperature.

As a consequence of the above, we encourage you to be vigilant of any future recalls of The Farmers Dog or any other fresh dog food products to ensure your dog remains healthy and safe.

What Did Our Test Dog Think

How Much Should I Feed my dog?

Our test dog Archie has been testing fresh foods for some time and he generally loves it. That being said, he wasnt a fan of some of FreshPets products.

We used the Grain-Free Beef and Pumpkin Recipe stew as a meal topper and he seemed to like it well enough, though it wasnt particularly appetizing by human standards.

The FreshPet Select Roasted Meals chicken recipe was much more well-received. It had a strong chicken aroma with visible pieces of chicken as well as preformed nuggets. Archie gobbled the food up with no problems.

Though FreshPets roasted meals and stews went over well, we cant say the same for the Vital Grain-Free Multi-Protein Recipe roll.

According to the feeding recommendations, you should cut the roll into slices then chop the slice into smaller pieces.

The roll looked like a sausage with pieces of carrot and unidentifiable white substance scattered throughout, but it didnt look very appetizing. Archie didnt think so either.

He sniffed the food and sampled it but then looked at me as if he was asking whether he really had to eat it.

Overall, I didnt have a problem with the FreshPet stews and roasted meals, but I cant say I recommend the rolls.

The recommended feeding amount was also concerning. FreshPet recommends about 1 pound of food per day for a dog of Archies size thats half of the 2-pound roll. C

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How Much Is Raw Dog Food 2021

Dog food is one of the largest annual expenses of dog ownership. While raw food is touted for its health benefits, it typically costs more than the cost of kibble. Feeding a 10 kg dog with raw food costs anywhere from 80p per day up to £1.20, depending on the type of meat. We’ve researched the UK frozen, complete raw food market and calculated the average cost of a raw dog foot diet based on different types of meat and sizes of dog.

Best Dry Food: Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango

Use SPRUCE50 to take 50% off your first Spot & Tango order. Afterward, the subscription will revert to full price for the next scheduled delivery. Try their Yam Yum and Chicken Munchies Snacks, as these single-ingredient snacks are to be delivered with each Fresh or UnKibble shipment and switch at any time.

While many dog food subscription boxes put an emphasis on frozen meals, Spot & Tango’s “UnKibble” provides the benefits of fresh food in an easy-to-serve, dry form. Make no mistakethe service’s fresh meals are excellent, with choices like turkey and red quinoa or lamb and brown rice. But the option of ordering specialized dry food is what truly sets it apart.

Like its fresh meals, Spot & Tango’s dry food is made with human-grade ingredients and is free of artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives. You can customize the dry foods in your plan, and all items are appropriate for both puppies and adult dogs.

Spot & Tango’s “UnKibble” plans start at around $7 per week, and fresh meal plans start at about $15 per week. Costs vary based on your dog’s age, weight, and other factors. The service offers free two-day shipping within the contiguous U.S., and it’s easy to modify, pause, or cancel your subscription.

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The Farmers Dog Nutrition

Please note, the above chart is based on The Farmers Dog Guaranteed Analysis. This nutritional breakdown is an estimate, and the actual values are likely to include a slightly higher proportion of protein and fat and a somewhat lower proportion of carbohydrates.

As you can see above, The Farmers Dogs dog food recipes provide a satisfactory balance of the three core nutrients for dogs. The proportion of protein and fat is significantly above average when compared to other dog food recipes, while the proportion of carbohydrates is considerably below average.

Moreover, the bulk of the protein and fat found in The Farmers Dog recipes is from animal-based sources, which are preferred to plant-based alternatives.

This nutritional profile provided by The Farmers Dog is perfect for dogs of all activity levels, including those that are more active. This suitability is reinforced by the fact that The Farmers Dog ensures that your dogs portion size is tightly controlled.

This portion control is crucial to many dogs to ensure they avoid overeating and then suffering from associated health problems such as obesity.

To see the nutritional profile of each of The Farmers Dogs recipes, follow their , and you progress to the Your Plan page where you can see each recipes Guaranteed Analysis and a Dry Matter Typical Analysis.

See below for an example of this .

How Long Does Freshpet Last Before It Goes Bad

The Cost of RAW Feed vs Kibble Feed my Dogs

Freshpet products have a sell by date on them just like meat products youll find for humans. Once opened, Freshpet products should be used within a certain number of days and kept refrigerated. The number of days depends on specific products.For example, rolls last ~7 days whereas single-serve cups only 2 days. You should be able to find this information on the packaging.

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The Real Cost Of Homemade Dog Foodhow I Personally Budget

The figured that I share in this guide on the real cost of homemade dog food are based on the recipes that I make for our Labrador, Saddie. She weighs 70-pounds, is 4-years old and is an active dog.

When you’re considering the cost for your pet, keep in mind their age, weight and activity level. Puppies and young adult dogs will eat more than seniors. Likewise, larger breeds eat more than smaller pups. And, if your dog is active, he’ll need more calories than a lazier dog of the same age and size.

As I mentioned, this is just a guide to get you started on budgeting for homemade dog food.

I start with the protein source, because that’s always the biggest part of the expense. I budget about $0.75 per serving for cheaper sources, like chicken and beef. If you choose to use a more expensive protein, like venison or bison, your cost could be upwards of $1.50 per serving.

For a 1 cup serving of vegetables or fruit, I estimate about $0.50. As with protein, more common produce that is in season will be your cheapest option. Apples, bananas, carrots and green beans are usually fairly inexpensive all year round.

I estimate about $0.25 per serving for carbohydrates. This works well for common carbohydrate sources including rice, oats and pasta. If you’re using a more expensive source like quinoa or barley, you’ll have to increase this part of your budget.

Is The Farmers Dog Worth It

Yes. The Farmers Dog is worth the cost, in our opinion. You get personalized meal plans formulated by veterinary nutritionists to give your dog the ingredients they really need. The recipes are made from real food in human-grade kitchens before the food is frozen and delivered to your door.

Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all solution, The Farmers Dog gives your pet customized nutrition.

The Farmers Dog cost varies. You might spend $3 a day for a small dog or about $8 for an energetic Lab mix. Every animal is unique, and this high-quality dog foods ingredients and pricing reflect your pets distinctive needs.

I love seeing comments like these from Facebook:

Try out The Farmers Dog. Your dog will feel the difference and youll see it.

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Ollie Vs The Farmers Dog Price Comparison

The following examples are based on a full plan option. Prices vary, depending on age, breed, weight, activity level, body type, recipes and shipping frequency. These are estimated ranges only and the actual cost may be higher or lower than these ranges depending on your dogs individual needs.

The Farmers Dog does clarify that their smallest mixing plan starts around $2/day.

Is Expensive Dog Food Worth The Money

How Much Does Nom Nom Cat Food Cost?

As Penny Hoarders, we want to spend as little on dog food as possible, without compromising safety or quality. After all, living well is the whole point of being frugal, and that goes for our four-legged companions, too.

So how low can you go while still resting assured youre doing all you can to help Shadow thrive?

Theres no one easy answer, said Dr. Susan Wynn of BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

Just like people, dogs are genetically distinct individuals, so what works for one might not work for another.

When selecting food for your dog, Wynn recommends checking the label for a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials , which informs pet owners about the intended use for the food.

If the label contains the phrase complete and balanced nutrition and is appropriate for your dogs life stage, then its probably a reasonable first choice, no matter what the price, Wynn said.

She also mentioned that, in general, higher-quality and more expensive foods tend to be higher in essential fatty acids and other nutrients.

But even well-known, premium brands have had safety recalls.

Kelly Smith, a former intern here at The Penny Hoarder, was feeding her dog Wrigley a highly regarded brand when he became seriously ill. Her vet suggested his food might actually be at least partly to blame hefty price tag notwithstanding.

If you do a little digging, its not that surprising, unfortunately.

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The Farmers Dog Fresh Dog Food Menu

The companys fresh food or meals or recipes contain the following:

  • Fresh, clean USDA proteins that are mixed with simple farm produce and then balanced with minerals and vitamins
  • Each recipe is formulated by a board-certified vet nutritionist according to the standards set by AAFCO
  • Human-grade processes and ingredients are used.

The information you provide when ordering is analyzed to determine which meals to recommend. Based on your pets profile that you created with The Farmers Dog, the meals are pre-made and then pre-portioned to ensure they feature the correct calorie levels.

Raw Dog Food Diet: Concerns Overblown

Supporters of raw dog food diets are quick to point out that commercially processed pet foods can contain harmful bacteria, as can raw meat offered for human consumption.

The whole concern about bad bacteria is overblown, Knueven says. When people are feeding a raw diet they know its not sterile, and theyre more careful about washing their hands. Feeding a raw meat diet is no different than cooking chicken for the family … you have to clean up the counter and your knife.


The FDA guidance document also suggested that manufacturers address typical nutrition problems in a raw-meat diet, including making sure it contained enough calcium and phosphorous, important for bone health. Raw-meat diets high in liver also may supply too much vitamin A, which can lead to vitamin A toxicity if fed for an extended period.

Even veterinarians like Knueven who support raw dog food diets say that theyre not appropriate for all dogs. Because the diets are typically high in protein, they arent appropriate for dogs with late-stage kidney or severe liver failure.

He recommends that dogs with pancreatitis or other digestive issues start with a cooked, homemade diet and clear up problems before switching to raw. Dogs with cancer, on chemotherapy, or dogs with other immunosuppressive diseases also should not eat raw food. And puppies arent good candidates, either.

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Dogs First Loves Paleo Ridge Raw

Despite being a vegetarian and animal welfare advocate, Im first and foremost a canine nutritionist. This animal needs fresh meat and bone. This is why I use Paleo Ridge raw dog food, UKs favourite raw dog food. Its the most ethical raw dog food company I can find all outdoor-reared or wild meat mixes and largely organic. Even their packaging is biodegradable. All for little more than their competitors.

I now participate in the new Online & Local scheme it enables you to buy your Paleo from me at no added cost to you, helping me to keep researching and writing. Win win. Thanks for your support!

Spot & Tango Simple Dog Food Backed By Science

Homemade 101: How Much Does Homemade Dog Food Cost?

Image via Spot & Tango.

Cost: Subscriptions start at around $1 per day depending on your dogs size and nutritional needs.

The Dog Food: Fresh, human-grade dog food made from wholesome ingredients in small batches.

How It Works: When you shop with Spot & Tango, youll complete an in-depth quiz about your dog . The service uses your responses to match you with the best Spot & Tagno recipes for your pooch.

Factors include your pets weight, activity level, breed, and age. All of Spot & Tangos foods use 12 simple ingredients with nothing artificial, and their website goes into detail about the science behind each ingredient choice. Soft foods are available, but the company also offers kibble-like recipes that might make for an easier transition.

COUPON: Use code MSA50 to save 50% off your first box.

Learn more on our Spot & Tango reviews page.

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What Type Of Food Is Best For Your Dog

Veterinarians knowledge of canine nutrition has come a long way in the past few decades. Thirty years ago, experts believed that dogs were carnivores. They now understand that dogs are omnivores.

Still, many dog food manufacturers use sneaky tricks to lead consumers to believe theyre buying balanced and nutritious products for their pets. Some proteins are not easily digestible. For example, corn, a primary ingredient in many conventional dog foods, is one of the least digestible proteins, according to PetMD. Corn is much less digestible than muscle meats, organ meats and egg whites.

Many raw materials that are unfit for human consumption can be legally added to dog food. To add carbohydrates, some manufacturers use cheap grains, which deliver energy but not many other vitamins and minerals.

Plus, most dog foods that you find on grocery store shelves are formulated to meet the average dogs minimum nutritional requirements. Your dogs health and metabolism might be very different from those of the typical canine.

All of this might make you wonder if youre better off cooking fresh dog food from scratch. Theres a convenience factor involved in feeding your pet, though. Many people would balk at the idea of spending time cooking separate meals for their dogs. Fortunately, there is a happy medium.

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