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How Good Is Diamond Dog Food

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Diamond Naturals dog kibble review

The problem I have with food comes in all the form of all the ingredients that follow this by-product meal on the list. Every carbohydrate in this food is cheap filler: corn and wheat flour. Neither of these ingredients gives your dog good nutrition.

There are some good ingredients in the food, such as chicken fat and chelated minerals, but they cannot balance out the large amounts of cheap ingredients in this food. I would rate this as an average product.

Faqs Regarding General Dog Nutrition

  • What is the best vet recommended dog food? ;The truth is, there is no real consensus among vets on which food is the best. This is because all dogs are different and unique. There is no one catch-all formula that would be perfect for any dog. We would, therefore, recommend searching for a well-regarded food that is high in protein and fat, and that your dog likes the taste of!
  • What foods should dogs avoid? ;There are more foods that dogs should avoid than could ever be listed here. Some common human foods that are poisonous to dogs are chocolate, caffeine, onions, garlic, and sweetcorn. Check with a;veterinary;website before you feed your dog anything that isn’t marketed as canine food.
  • Is Grain Free Dog Food Really Better? ;Dogs have been found to have trouble digesting grains and therefore grain-free foods can help aid digestion. A grain-free diet for your dog will also mean that you are likely buying formulas with higher levels of vegetables, fiber, and proteins. This will help the development of your dog’s coat and skin, as well as provide your dog with more energy. A grain-free diet has however recently been linked to a small increase in canine heart disease.
  • What dog foods are causing heart problems? ;The FDA has recently begun to investigate how grain-free canine formulas might increase the risk of canine heart disease. It’s still too early to come to any major conclusions, but we will keep an eye out on this story as it develops.

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food

The closest thing to a natural protein in Pedigree is chicken by-product meal. This ingredient isn’t great and can come from unwanted leftovers from a variety of sources.

Ground whole corn and corn gluten meal are also used. A variety of synthetic colors are also utilized, making this formula an unhealthy choice all around.

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Review Of Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Dog Formula

Ingredients in Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Dog Formula

Lamb meal, ground rice, cracked pearled barley, millet,chicken fat , egg product, rice bran, dried plain beet pulp, flaxseed, natural flavor, fish meal, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride , vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid.

Diamond states that they dont use wheat, corn, or soy in their foods, and you wont find those ingredients in this lamb meal and rice dog food. In addition, their meats are hormone and antibiotic-free and they use natural preservatives. Fish meal is found in this food but Diamond says they dont use any fish meal preserved with ethoxyquin. That gives you an idea of the kind of ingredients you will find in Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice.

Why Buyers Love It

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy, 40 Lb

If you choose one of Diamond Naturals Dog Food formulas for your pup, you can expect to experience several benefits. This is what owners usually report as the brands strong points:

  • Ingredients used in these formulas come from reliable vendors and are tested for quality
  • Most products are savory and pets eat them gladly
  • Uses real animal protein

More great dog food brands you can find in our 10 Best Dog Food list.

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Blue Diamond Dog Food Review

I would love to give this food a higher rating because of the Blue Diamond Dog Food ingredients, but the issue with many dogs getting sick and Blue Diamond Dog Food recall history makes me hesitant to recommend it without a warning.

I recommend this food, but only if you are willing to regularly check the FDA website for recalls on this food. Read the recall section below for more information.

Muenster Natural Adult Dog Food

This dog food formula is natural, but that doesn’t mean that its necessarily good. The main protein source is chicken meal rather than wholesome chicken.

There’s also ground corn, wheat, corn gluten meal, brown rice, and grain sorghum. It also contains sugary beet pulp and citric acid. In all, the formula can cause weight gain, digestive issues, and more.

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What Dogs Is Diamond Naturals For Or Suited To

  • Puppies Multiple puppy blends are available for a variety of breed size.
  • Adults Adult-friendly blends are offered in multiple formulations.
  • Seniors A senior-specific blend is offered, though if your dog doesnt care for the flavor, there are no other options.
  • Large Breeds Special blends just for you big guys!
  • Small Breeds The little guys werent left out, either.
  • Active/Working Dogs Theres a specific option;for dogs with maximum energy.

Is Diamond Dog Food Expensive

Diamond Naturals Dog Food and Dog Treats | Chewy

The Diamond brand of dog food is a little more expensive than the average kibble but still quite affordable. Prices vary from one recipe to another, but the cost for a 25- of 30-pound bag of Chicken Soup dry dog food is about $38 to $65. You can purchase 13-ounce cans of Chicken Soup for the Soul wet dog food in cases of 12 for $16 to $30 which gives you an average price of around $2.00 per can.

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Kal Kan Complete Adult Food For Dogs

Touted as a complete and balanced dog food diet, the Kal Kan Complete Adult Food For Dogs is advertised to contain all the protein necessary to provide dogs with enough stamina and energy.

While it does make good on its promise, we cant help but check the label to see if it really is as good as it sounds. And thats where it went downhill.;

The first ingredient in this recipe is ground yellow corn. Now a dish that doesnt start with meat is already low-quality in our opinion , but the corn is supported by many more carb ingredients in the food.;

Aside from corn, there is one more corn product , two grain products , and one legume ingredient. Three of them are in the first five of the ingredients list.;

Now lets move on to the meats. Theyre both unspecified. Meat and bone meal does not refer to which animal contributed to the meal.

Its a vague term that could mean either one type of animal meat was used or a lot. If your pet is particularly sensitive to some types of animal protein, then it becomes even more worrying. You dont know what youre feeding your pup.

Another thing is the use of the term chicken by-product meal. When meat is simply stated as chicken then it refers to the chickens muscle meat.

Throw in the word by-product and that becomes open to interpretation. Anything leftover from processing meat is considered a byproduct. So you can get meat and organs, but you could also be getting entrails, feathers, and more.;

Recall Info: None yet.;

Is Diamond A Good Food For Older Dogs

Diamond recipes that contain ample amounts of protein and below-average fat and calorie content can be safe for seniors. But they must meet AAFCO nutrient guidelines for adult maintenance. Diamond Naturals Senior Formula can be a healthy option for older pets. View The Advisors best senior dog foods here.

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Blackwood 1000 Dog Food

Blackwood 1000 dog food has an ingredients list thats full of items that deliver no health benefits to dogs and can even be harmful to their health.

It also contains a lot of;ingredients that are comprised of GMOs. Since many studies suggest that GMOs are not safe for human consumption, its certainly not a good idea to fill your dog with such foods daily.

Merrick Brand Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food (Review 2020 ...

The ingredients that make Merrick a great choice include deboned duck, deboned chicken, turkey meal, salmon meal which is a source of omega 3 fatty acids, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, potato protein and lamb meal.

Merrick dog food also uses duck fat and chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols, blueberries, apples, salmon oil, organic alfalfa, natural flavor and salt.

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Diamond Dog Food Analysis Of Ingredients

Im going to analyze one of the foods from Diamond Dog Foods that is not from their more advanced Diamond Naturals Line. Instead, Ill look at the cheaper, more classic food, Diamond Premium Adult Formula Dry Dog Food.

  • Crude Protein 26%
  • Crude Fat 18%
  • Crude Fiber 3%

The main source of protein in this food is chicken by-product meal. While this is a mid-to-low ingredient because it is the product of everything left after the good parts of the chicken have been used, its not that bad. Its actually very concentrated and is a great source of amino acids. So, while its not a premium ingredient, its not horrible, either.

In March 2013 A Small Recall Of Diamond Naturals Cat Food Took Place Due To Potentially Low Levels Of Thiamine

Diamond PRO89 dog food review What the marketing says. Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dog. In general we not not recommend feeding any pet foods. Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review Based on its ingredients alone Diamond Naturals Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product. Diamond Naturals Dog Food Reviews. Ad Download Dog Food Industry Reports on 180 countries with Report Linker. Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete is a dog food that Scout has no problem recommending for any highly active dog. Priding themselves on quality ingredients at an affordable price this is a recommended brand by almost all reviewers especially for dog owners on a budget. Ad Download Dog Food Industry Reports on 180 countries with Report Linker. Diamond PRO89 dog food products. According to our records none of the 36 Diamond dog foods contain artificial food dyes.

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Diamond Naturals Dry Food

The premier line called, simply, Diamond Naturals uses higher quality ingredients and reduced fillers compared to the Diamond line. Most have a closer to average amount of fat and protein but the higher quality ingredients mean the sources of these macronutrients are more digestible. This line costs more than the Diamond line but is still relatively affordable as far as natural dog foods go.

  • All Life Stages Chicken & Rice
  • Extreme Athlete Chicken & Rice
  • Large Breed Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Light Adult Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Senior Chicken, Egg, & Oatmeal
  • Small Breed Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Small Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice
  • Skin & Coat Salmon & Potato
  • Lamb Dinner Canned Food

Pro Pac Performance Puppy

Diamond Pet Food recall

This recipe is designed for puppies from weaning until the 12th month. Its also billed as an excellent feed for pregnant or nursing canines.;

We dont find anything wrong with the ingredients because it starts with chicken meal, an animal protein. Ground yellow corn as the second ingredient may be a little bit off, but still not bad. Whats more concerning is the recent recall of this product.

The maker of this recipe is Midwestern Pet Foods, the same manufacturer of Sportsmix, Nunn Better, and Splash Fat Cat.

The company is currently embroiled in one of the worst pet food recalls to date concerning aflatoxin, a possibly fatal type of toxin that was found in Midwestern Pet Foods Sportsmix products.;

Included in the recall are two Pro Pac recipes. This particular formulation and the Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk.;

Recall Info: On January 11, 2021, and FDA alert was issued on the Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk, 40 lb. bags and Pro Pac Performance Puppy, 40 lb. bags manufactured in Midwestern Pet Foodss Oklahoma plant; with expiration dates of July 9, 2022 or earlier.;

This is an expanded recall that was issued out of caution since the Pro Pac recipes were produced in the same plant as the Sportsmix foods that have caused the deaths of more than 70 dogs and the illness of around 80 at least.

Problem Ingredients: none

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Merrick Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe

If you are specifically looking for grain-free canine formula, then you can’t go wrong with this Merrick recipe.

It’s perfect for all breeds, ages, and sizes and is available in a variety of different flavors. We recommend the beef and sweet potato recipe as it is poultry-free .

Containing a whopping 38% protein and 15% fat, Merrick’s philosophy is that these two properties in combination with a host of vitamins and minerals will do wonders for promoting the overall dog’s health.

They are extremely transparent with regards to the ingredient composition, choosing only the best available products and containing no corn, wheat, soy or gluten ingredients.

This helps give us tremendous confidence in recommending the brand. At $60 for a 25-lb bag, this does fall into the premium category.

Whether the exceptional nutritional content is worth the increased price is up to you.

Diamond Premium Recipe Hi


Features & Details

  • Real CHICKEN is the #1 ingredient; high quality and protein-rich at 30% PROTEIN for STRONG muscles.
  • Guaranteed high levels of live PROBIOTICS for health and antioxidants for a healthy IMMUNE system.
  • Omega fatty acids are guaranteed for healthy SKIN and shiny COAT, with grains but without peas, lentils, chickpeas, potatoes, sweet potatoes.
  • Made in the USA with ingredients from trusted, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world;
  • FAMILY OWNED and run; made with scientifically advanced protocols for FOOD SAFETY;



  • Formulated for hardworking canine athletes
  • Balanced of fat and protein for enhanced strength, endurance, and energy
  • Excellent choice for puppies and pregnant or nursing adult dogs

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Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food Review:

Despite the frequent recalls in the past and the bad publicity, Diamond has many loyal customers. In particular, many people love Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul, Diamond Naturals, and Diamond Naturals Grain Free, as well as the Kirkland Signature foods. Most Diamond foods provide good nutrition at a reasonable cost, though they do not provide quite the same superior quality ingredients as some of the super premium foods. They dont claim to provide grass fed beef or free range chicken in their food, for example. But their food is much better than average dog food. As long as there are no recalls, Diamond makes good pet foods.

We have chosen Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food for this review. Since there is no corn, wheat, or soy in this food, it seems less likely that it would be involved in any Diamond pet food recalls. The same is true of many of the Diamond Naturals and Diamond Naturals Grain Free products, though no products are immune to recall.

The third ingredient is ground rice. Rice is about 89 percent carbs, 7 percent protein, and 4 percent fat. Its a good source of Folate and Manganese. White rice is usually considered to be a high glycemic food and when its ground it will be a little higher so this ingredient provides a dog with more quick energy. It is easier and faster for dogs to digest than some other starches.

Elizabeth Facebook Fan Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food, 6 ...

Thank you for making a high quality dog food at such affordable prices. All three of our dogs love the Diamond Naturals food and are at healthier weights with shiny coats because of it. Just wanted to say keep up the good work! They go through a 40 lb. bag every 2.5 weeks and we are so happy to have found this food for them at prices that dont break the bank. Elizabeth, Facebook fan

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Diamond Naturals Dry Food For Small Breed Puppy

It is popular, it is adored by most dog owners and it is delicious. In essence, this is all you should know about the Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy. It is definitely the ultimate choice for puppies.

It helps in development, it protects from diseases and similar issues. This food is available in different packages. You can choose between 6, 18, 20 and 40 pounds. Although this isnt the most important thing, we advise you to buy the packages correspondingly. By doing so, your dog will always get fresh food.

The next main thing to be mentioned is the Dhas. If you dont know what it is, it is perfectly fine. All you have to know is that this ingredient makes sure your puppy gets a proper eye and brain development. For certain breeds, this may be the most important ingredient here.

It has been related to several benefits as well, but there are no side effects, which we like a lot. No matter which breed of your dog is, this ingredient is recommended and needed. We also recommend it to puppies who are in the risk of developing eye or mental diseases.

The antioxidant properties are something we simply cannot forget to mention. This benefit is related to eliminating free radicals from the body of your puppy. They are known for damaging cells and they may affect the proper development. Thanks to the high amounts of antioxidants in, your puppy will be perfectly protected.


  • High levels of vitamins and minerals.


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