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Heart To Tail Dog Food Recall

Added Vitamins And Minerals


Heart To Tail tries to make good on the promise to provide a complete nutritional profile for dogs. To that end, their pet food has many added vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D3, vitamin E, and potassium are especially important for dogs health.

However, before adding more vitamins and minerals, its always good to talk to your vet. Some of the vitamins cause toxicity if taken in excess.

Brands Effected Include Triumph Wild Spirit Evolve Wild Harvest And Nurture Farms

Emily Martin, Digital Producer Trainee

A pet food distributor announced Thursday that it is voluntarily recalling some of its dog food products due to potentially elevated levels of Aflatoxin.

Sunshine Mills Inc. said Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring by-product from the growth of Aspergillus flavus, a fungus, but it can be harmful to animals if consumed in large amounts.

Some of the brands affected include Triumph Wild Spirit, Evolve, Wild Harvest, Nurture Farms, Elm Pet Foods and Heart to Tail Pure Being.

Sunshine Mills said the products were distributed throughout the U.S.

According to the federal Food and Drug Administration, Pets that have consumed any of the above recalled products and exhibit symptoms of illness including sluggishness or lethargy combined with a reluctance to eat, vomiting, yellowish tint to the eyes or gums, or diarrhea should be seen by a veterinarian.

So far, no health effects have been reported due to the dog food, Sunshine Mills said.

For the full list of recalled products, you can visit the FDAs website.

Heart To Tail Is An Affordable Dog Food Brand

The cost of Heart to Tail dog food varies by state. However, it is very affordable across the country. The brand comes from Aldi- which is already known for offering affordable groceries. The price reduction also doesnt mean youre buying a low-quality kibble.

The brand is relatively new, compared to others, and not as nearly well-known as other companies. That means that youre not necessarily paying for the name, but you will receive dog food at a much fairer and cheaper price than at other supermarkets because of this.

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About The Expanded Recall

This is an expansion of the recall initiated September 2, 2020, after an investigation along with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined that additional corn-based pet foods produced between April 3 and April 5, 2020 may contain corn from a single load of corn with elevated levels of aflatoxin.

No illnesses have been reported in association with these products to date, and no other Sunshine Mills, Inc. pet food products are affected by this announcement.

Sunshine Mills, Inc. has chosen to expand its voluntary recall to include these additional products as a precautionary measure in furtherance of its commitment to the safety and quality of its products.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Food

Heart to Tail Scoopable Cat Litter

For dog lovers, picking which among the various range of dog foods available on the market to buy can be quite confusing. To make it easier for you to select the right dog food for your pet, below are several things to consider and important things to avoid:

  • Your dog. Consider the age, breed, size, medical condition, allergies, and preference of your dogs before buying Aldi Heart to Tail dog treats and food items.
  • Check the label. Read the nutritional composition of the dog food you are planning to buy. Make sure that despite its affordable price tag, it should contain an adequate amount of protein, fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Double-check is your password in gaining confidence about your dog’s diet. Reading the label lets you have peace of mind that youre not giving foods with unpleasant ingredients in them.
  • Listen to the experts. Veterinarians recommend dog food ingredients that are made of 20-25% protein and 5-8% natural fat or oil. Whether picking grain-inclusive or grain-free food, animal protein should always come first . Grains or legumes or other alternatives must be minimal only. And its always best if the main ingredient in your dogs food is specified and either fresh or meal form. Byproducts are usually substandard.
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    Heart To Tail Dog Treats With Bacon

    This is another Hear to Tail dog treat that many dogs love! These treats come in strips and have bacon flavor. What dog doesnt love bacon?

    Although these sweet treats include real smoked pork bacon, its not the main ingredient. Wheat flour is the first ingredient. They also contain vegetable glycerin and corn syrup, which are both carb-heavy ingredients.

    These yummy treats do not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

    The downside to this product is its tendency to upset dogs stomachs. You might want to avoid giving these treats to dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies to any of the ingredients.

    Other reviewers noted that the contents of the package were smaller than what was shown on the product packaging.

    However, with its taste, we are certain that your dog will enjoy these bacon-flavored treats.

    Heart To Tail Dog Food Reviews

    Aldi dog food is still relatively new to the USA. Many people have already fed it to their canines, but finding a Heart To Tail dog food review can still be challenging.

    The reviews posted online are mixed. In general, it seems that Aldis wet food is favored over dry dog food because of its better meat source.

    Some people say that their dogs will only eat Aldis budget dog food and not the other discounted pet food brands. They are also praising Heart To Tail brand for making their dogs coats shinier. This is probably due to omega fatty acids .

    Finally, some pet owners claim that Aldis dog food provides a more stable energy source for their dogs. Some other budget brands supposedly make their dogs hyperactive.

    We have also seen comments about the adverse effects of Heart To Tail dog food. Several comments say the food ingredients made their dogs sick, and they vomited. These comments refer to Heart To Tail wet food and Aldis doggie ice creams and dog treats.

    Different dogs will react differently to dog food brands. As with any new food, it might be best to test a small amount of food before deciding its good dog food. You might want to talk to a veterinarian about your dogs sensitivities and individual needs.

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    What Do Customers Think Of Heart To Tail Cat Food

    Opinions of Heart To Tail cat foods varied. Some people said that their cats really loved some of the wet foods. A few people said their cats liked the dry foods. We also found customers who said their cats used to like the foods but they had recently refused to eat them. They specullated that the formulas had changed.

    Six Brands Of Dog Food Recalled Over Aflatoxin Concerns

    FDA issues warning about dog food that could be linked to heart disease

    Sunshine Mills Inc. is recalling certain products because of potentially elevated levels of aflatoxin above the allowable limit.

    Aflatoxins are mycotoxins and are dangerous because of their high level of toxicity for animals and people. Aflatoxin is produced by the mold Aspergillus flavus, which can grow on corn and other grains used as ingredients in pet food. At high levels, aflatoxin can cause illness and death in pets. People with allergies or sensitivities to mold can have reactions.

    The affected products were distributed in retail stores nationally. Retailers who received the recalled lots have been contacted and asked to pull these lots from their inventory and shelves.

    There is concern that consumers may have unused portions of the recalled products in their homes because of their lone shelf life. Consumers can use the following information to determine whether they have the recalled products on hand.

    Product Name

    Best if used By 11 Feb 2022

    Lot: TA1 11/Feb/2021

    070155 225221

    As of the posting of this recall, no illnesses have been reported in association with these products. No other Sunshine Mills Inc. pet food products are affected by this announcement.

    Consumers who have purchased the recalled products should discontinue use of the product and may return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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    Is Heart To Tail Good Dog Food

    Nutritionally, Heart to Tail does fulfill many of your dogs dietary needs when it comes to the proteins, fibers, minerals, and vitamins needed to promote or encourage their health. They provide the following options:

    • Heart to Tail Dog Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food
    • Heart to Tail Dog Beef Flavoured Sticks
    • Heart to Tail Dog Treats Bacon Flavoured Curlz

    Sunshine Mills Recall 2021

    The affected products all have a “best if used by date” of Feb. 11, 2022, according to the recall notice.

    Triumph Wild Spirit Craft Dog Food Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 3.5 pounds

    • UPC 073657 008736

    Triumph Wild Spirit Craft Dog Food Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 30 pounds

    • UPC: 073657 008750

    Evolve Classic Super Premium Food for Dogs Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 15 pounds

    • UPC: 073657 380320
    • Lot codes: T TA1 11/Feb/2021 A2 11/Feb/2021

    Wild Harvest Premium Dog Food Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 14 pounds

    • UPC: 711535 509523

    Nurture Farms Natural Dog Food Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 15 pounds

    • UPC: 070155 113597

    Evolve Classic Super Premium Food for Dogs Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 30 pounds

    • UPC: 073657 380313

    Heart to Tail Pure Being Natural Dog Food Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 5 pounds

    • UPC: 4099100129441

    Elm Pet Foods Naturals Chicken & Rice Recipe Dog Food, 40 pounds

    • UPC: 070155 225221
    • Lot code: TA1 11/Feb/2021

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    Are Heart To Tail Dog Treats Safe

    The short answer is yes. Heart to Tail Dog Treats contain all the important nutritional requirements that you need to consider. One of the main pros of Heart to Tail Dog Treats is their protein content.

    Protein is a crucial component of your pups diet for a number of reasons. First and foremost, protein is essential in building amino acids, and these in turn have an important role in the development and maintenance of your dogs hair, skin, nails, muscles, teeth, and bone.

    Chicken & Beef Stew With Rice & Carrots Review

    Heart To Tail Cat Food

    As we mentioned earlier, Heart To Tails wet dog food recipes offer far improved nutrition over their dry counterparts, and for that reason, we are going to recommend them as Heart To Tails best recipes.

    The above Chicken & Beef Stew is a prime example of this and includes a large portion of animal-based content.

    Chicken is the recipes primary ingredient and makes up the bulk of this animal-based content, but it is joined by a smaller portion of Beef.

    Outside of this, the recipe includes a moderate portion of several plant-based ingredients, including Rice and Carrots.

    Both of these plant-based ingredients are fairly common and can provide a mix of carbohydrates, fiber, and some beneficial vitamins and minerals.

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    Pure Being Chicken & Brown Rice

    Pure Being is also one of Aldis dog food brands, which belongs to the Heart to Tail collection. The Pure Being Chicken & Brown rice appears to be a healthier dog food than their Heart to Tail version. The Pure Being line offers premium ingredients that exclude any artificial preservatives.

    This is high-quality dog food, and its made with superior ingredients. It has a substantial quantity of fiber, which keeps your dog regular. A good mix of vegetables can also be found in the formula.

    This is a pure and simple dog food that doesnt skimp on quality. You wont find ingredients or fillers that can harm your pup. Chicken is listed first, followed by chicken meal, on the label, which are both beneficial for our dogs.

    Fish and turkey, and probiotics are also included in the mix.

    One thing to note is that this product contains canola oil. Canola is safe for dogs, but, Its a highly processed oil produced from genetically modified plants.

    So, all in all, we think Pure Being Chicken and Rice is a wonderful choice for your furry companion! He will love the flavor and get everything needed to be happy, active, and healthy from it!

    There Arent Many Healthy Whole Foods

    Next, Heart to Tail doesnt include many whole foods. The meats used are mostly bone meals and leftovers from processing animals to make human food. While dog food still contains plenty of protein and nutrients, theyre not coming from healthy whole foods.

    Overall, the food contains mainly animal by-products, which we will cover below.

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    How To Choose The Right Dog Food

    This doesnt have to be necessarily difficult or complicated, and more often than not it just about finding a feed that gives your dog everything they need within a single serving.

    Without a doubt, you want to have the peace of mind that theyre not being given anything that is unhealthy for them or hiding any unpleasant ingredients.

    Our Thoughts About The Heart To Tail Dog Food Products

    Warning! Dog Food Recall 7.30.2021 Alert from FDA Watch NOW

    Aldi Heart to Tail and Aldi Pure Being are some of the cheapest dog food lines available on the market.

    As always with super inexpensive food, there must be compromises somewhere. With Aldi, what suffers is the quality.

    If your goal is to provide your pup with complete nutrition, then Aldi dog foods do that. However, if you want better for your dogs, then there are better alternatives out there. With Aldi pet foods, you need to carefully read the labels.

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    Know More About The Aldi Dog Food Products

    Aldi supermarket is known to offer various quality products at a discounted price range. Currently, this nationwide supermarket chain offers two brands of dog food Heart to Tail and Pure Being.

    These dog food brands are considered cheaper when compared to other alternatives. However, just like most affordable products, these dog foods have to make some compromises to be able to sell their items at such a price that are friendly to most pet owner’s pockets.

    Despite their cheap price, the Heat to Tail and Pure Being brands still manage to provide the required nutrients to sustain our pet dogs needs.

    Heart To Tail Dog Food Review

    Aldis Heart To Tail is a relatively small dog food range. It consists of dry and canned wet dog food and several dog treats and dental sticks. At the moment, there is only one option available for Heart To Tail Complete Nutrition dry dog food.

    Canned wet dog food dominates the range, with more options than the dry counterpart. Dogs can enjoy Grilled Chicken, Filet Mignon, and Prime Rib flavors in 3.5 oz cans.

    Aldi claims this range satisfies all the dogs nutritional needs at an affordable price. At the same time, however, the range does not include grain-free options.

    This immediately excludes all the dogs with gluten and wheat sensitivities. Dog food with grains can be harmful and even deadly to them.

    The range also does not offer options for dogs with varying nutritional needs. For example, there are no options for different life stages or breed sizes.

    Weve done a dog food review for Aldis Complete Nutrition dry dog food and canned food.

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    Heart To Tail Ingredients

    Heart To Tail uses a moderate range of meat and fish ingredients in its recipes, with the majority of these ingredients featuring in their wet/canned recipes.

    The presence of any of the above is a good sign as these are considered high-quality ingredients and reliable sources of animal-based protein and fat.

    All of these ingredients are used heavily by pet food manufacturers thanks to their relatively low-cost, impressive nutrition and because of how easy they are relatively easy to source.

    Nestl Purina Petcare Recalls One Lot Of Canned Cat Food

    heart to tail dog food price

    Nestlé Purina PetCare has recalled one lot of 3 oz. cans of Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Tuna Entrée in Sauce Wet Cat Food in what they are calling an abundance of caution due to potential contamination of black flexible plastic pieces which could pose a choking hazard if swallowed. Sold at pet specialty, farm/feed and online retailers in the United States only, retailers have been contacted and asked to remove products from shelves.

    To find out if your cans are involved, look for the following information on the bottom of cans:

    • Consumer UPC 38100-11197

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    Sunshine Mills Recalls Six Brands Over Potential Aflatoxin Growth

    With levels of Aflatoxin possibly exceeding the acceptable limit, Sunshine Foods, Inc. is working in coordination with the FDA regarding the voluntary recall of the following six brands and the sizes and lot codes involved. Affected products were distributed nationally and retail stores who received affected products have already been notified with the request to remove them from shelves.

    There are no other Triumph®, Evolve®, Wild Harvest®, Nurture Farms®, Pure Being®, or Elm products involved in this recall. Check your packaging for the following information:

    Is It Cheaper To Feed Your Dog Homemade Food

    If youre feeding your dog wet food every day, you could save some money making it on your own. Of course, that depends on what youre currently feeding your dog. Its usually much more expensive to feed your dog home-cooked meals when compared to affordable dry dog chow.

    If youre cooking dog food at home, you still need to ensure that it has the proper amounts of protein, fat, fiber, and water in it. You should check out some recipes online or talk with your vet. Theyll know the best recipes to ensure your pup is getting a healthy and balanced diet.

    Overall, a professional will likely recommend that you feed your dog kibble since brands design it with your pets health in mind. However, that doesnt mean you cant offer your homemade dog food from time to time.

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