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Frozen Raw Dog Food Brands

Natures Logic Chicken Feast Patties Raw Frozen Dog Food

Best raw cat food brands (2022)

Overall Best Raw Frozen Dog Food: If you want to feed your dog raw food, frozen is the way to go. This Natures Logic Chicken Feast Patties Raw Frozen Dog Food offers excellent nutritional quality thanks to premium natural ingredients and a nutritionally balanced formula. This raw food is highly palatable and easy to digest, loaded with real muscle and organ meat as well as a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. This food consists of 90% poultry ingredients, making it very close to your dogs natural diet. Select whole-food ingredients are added to provide natural sources for key nutrients as well, with supplemental fats to provide omega-3s for healthy skin and coat. Overall, this recipe is loaded with natural sources of nutrients, highly digestible, and flavorful option for your dogs raw diet.

  • Pros: Highly palatable and digestible, made with 90% poultry ingredients, selection of whole-food fruits and vegetables, complete and nutritionally balanced, full of natural meat flavor
  • Cons: Needs to be thawed before serving, some dogs may not like the texture

Stella & Chewys Perfectly Puppy Freeze

Best for Puppies


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Salmon With Ground Bone, 3. Chicken Liver, 4. Chicken Gizzard, 5. Pumpkin Seed

  • Life Stage: Puppy
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content : 4,452 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein 48% | Fat 27.5% | Fiber 5% | Moisture 5%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Allow your pup to grow into a stronger, more active, and vibrant adult with Stella & Chewys Perfectly Puppy Dinner Patties. These tasty patties are loaded with meat/organs from chicken and contain an entire salmon to maximize muscle growth. Organic veggies like broccoli, cranberries, blueberries, and squash are added to provide energy and micronutrient for your dogs developing vision, brain, and bones.Puppyhood is also a crucial stage in preventing joint problems later in life. Thats why the food features chondroitin and glucosamine to ensure optimal cartilage production. Probiotics are also present in the recipe, while grains and artificial additives are removed to prevent digestive problems. Raw patties like Stella & Chewys are also extremely tasty due to their high protein content and lead to stabler growth than dry food formulas.

How Do Supplements Benefit Working Or Sporting Dogs

Supplements can benefit working or sporting dogs as some supplements help with training, focus, and recovery. If you have a dog that enjoys the outdoors, you should consider adding supplements to their diet. Sporting dogs are the same. Supplements are often considered for older dogs, but younger working or sporting dogs can also benefit from supplements.

Consider this if you are thinking of adding supplements to your dogs diet:

  • What do you need the supplement for? Then compare the options available to find the best one for your needs.
  • Would your dog benefit from a supplement designed for dogs with a specific condition or problem? For example, would your dog benefit from an antioxidant supplement if they have cancer? Or would they benefit more from a joint supplement for a dog with arthritis?
  • What size is your dog? Small, medium, or large. Supplements are designed for all dog breeds, and dosage is based on the weight of the dog.
  • How much or how little does your dog eat? This will affect the size of the chew you choose.

Just remember, supplements wont provide all the nutrients your pet needs, so they should be used in addition to a healthy diet.

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Bulk Raw Dog Food Delivery

Where can you find raw meat in large and affordable quantities to feed your dog?

These are the best places to buy raw dog food in bulk.

  • Our top pick for best premade raw dog food, BARF World, offers a volume purchase program that discounts those who order 500 food or more at a time. to learn more about BARF® Worlds Volume Purchase Program.
  • Big box discount stores, warehouse clubs, and wholesalers are great options for raw meat in bulk deals.
  • Local farmers, butchers, and ethnic grocery stores usually have options for buying in bulk. These flexible options can get their hands in just about anything you ask, often offering the best prices and discounts when buying in bulk.
  • Raw dog food distributors are another alternative.

Remember, when buying raw meat, organs, and bones from farmers, butchers, online meat suppliers, and big discount stores, you still need to turn all those ingredients into a balanced raw meal for your dog. You will likely need the guidance of a vet nutritionist.

We like to buy pre-made raw dog food from suppliers to avoid all the hassle of shopping for ingredients, balancing nutrients, portioning, and labor associated with preparing raw meals at home. Our top raw dog food picks are the most convenient way to give Fido all the benefits of raw dog food.

Daily Antioxidants For Dogs

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Nuggets

Antioxidants promote a healthy immune system, support optimal eye health in senior pets, and contribute to a regular inflammatory system. These can be added to your dogs food to help neutralize potentially harmful free radicals. But heres what you need to know:

  • All antioxidants work somewhat differently
  • A dog food diet that is varied and contains many antioxidants is beneficial to all life stages.
  • Its never too early to supplement your dogs food to manage oxidative stress in healthy dogs.
  • Senior dogs accumulate oxidized proteins and lipids, which can affect their health in many ways.
  • Active and working dogs also experience significant oxidative stress. This is because aerobic exercise can result in free radical accumulation. The muscles produce energy using mitochondria .

The more active your dog is, the more power is consumed, and the more free radicals are made. This damages healthy muscle tissue, affecting endurance, performance, and recovery.

Its necessary to use antioxidants to manage oxidative stress in dogs of all life stages. A high-quality dog soft dry dog food diet should be used in conjunction with supplements like green-lipped muscles, glucosamine, probiotics, prebiotics, multivitamins, allergy chews, and hip & joint chews.

Its worth spending a reasonable amount on the best dog food you can afford and reputable supplements throughout your dogs lifetime.

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Can I Feed My Dog Raw Vegetables And Fruits

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are actually omnivores. Vegetables and fruits are good for dogs as they are packed with essential minerals and vitamins. A dog may not get these nutrients from meat. So including raw vegetables and fruits such as spinach, asparagus, apple, peas, potatoes are actually good for their health.

Talk To Your Vet Before Choosing Any New Food For Your Dog

Weve selected some great raw food options for your dog. But before introducing any new foods into your dogs diet, we suggest consulting with your vet. They can recommend dog food thats going to best support your pups specific health needs and help you find a way to integrate it smoothly into their daily diet.

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Availability Across The Us

Raw Paws Pet Food is located in Indianapolis, and ships within the continental U.S. Orders placed weekdays by 2 p.m. ship the same day. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays ship on Monday.

Their raw dog food is not available for sale in pet retail stores, but they do offer local pickup from their warehouse on weekdays.

Natures Variety Instinct Frozen Raw Bites

Best cat food brands on Amazon (raw, wet, dry)

Instinct specializes in raw food, and it has several variations of base proteins available, including beef, cage-free chicken, and grass-fed lamb. These recipes contain 85% meat and organs, which are frozen and cold-pressured to preserve freshness and nutrients. Instinct uses a USDA-recognized pathogen-reduction process called High Pressure Processing to ensure safe raw food.

To thaw, Instinct recommends setting each serving of frozen raw bites out at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before feeding them to your dogs.

Natures Variety Instinct Frozen Raw Bites

The most affordable option on our list, this food also gets solid ratings from consumers, combining quality and price in a 3- or 6-pound bag. The grain-free recipe features cage-free chicken with apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash to round out the meal.

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Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Gut Health Dog Food Topper

Best Topper

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Liver, 3. Pumpkinseeds, 4. Chicken Heart, 5. Dried Pumpkin

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large Breeds
  • Caloric content : 4,555 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein 36% | Fat 30% | Fiber 15% | Moisture 6%
  • Form: Freeze-Dried

Turn up the flavor and nutritional value of your regular kibbles with Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Mixers. Its crafted from premium boneless chicken, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and other wholesome veggies that boost muscle growth and offer a wide range of essential micronutrients. Pumpkin also eases the digestive system with beneficial fibers.

You can also use the topper for all sensitive and allergic dogs as it contains zero grains, soy, wheat, corn, and artificial preservatives. Storing and serving Instinct Mixers is also simple as theyre freeze-dried and have the same shelf life as dry food. The biggest benefit is you can provide your dog with all the raw-diet benefits without spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing fully raw dog food.

Best Overall: Stella & Chewys Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels Dog Food

  • Protein sources are cage-free or pasture-raised

  • 100 percent certified organic fruits and vegetables

  • Includes probiotics for healthy digestive tract

  • For puppies and adult dogs

  • Frozen is harder to find than freeze-dried

To earn the best overall spot on our list, a raw dog food must be nutritionally balanced, reasonably affordable, and use ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients. Because the food is frozen, its ingredients can be delivered as fresh as possible.

Each of the five frozen flavors available is made up of greater than 95 percent meat, organs, and bones. The remaining 5 percent is made up of ingredients like pumpkin seeds, organic cranberries, spinach, broccoli, carrots, squash, and blueberries. A full complement of vitamins and minerals, plus probiotics, is also included in the formula.

Frozen food is also moisture-rich. That will save effort compared to rehydrating freeze-dried foods. A moisture-rich food can help your dog avoid chronic dehydration that can lead to kidney and urinary problems later in life.

Stella & Chewys is a woman-owned business that has been offering quality raw foods since 2003. Manufactured in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Stella & Chewy’s uses grass-fed, cage-free, and other certified and transparently sourced protein. Stella & Chewy’s never uses protein sources containing added hormones or antibiotics.

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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete

Image courtesy Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Nutra Complete is a premium mixture of ranch-raised American beef, nutrient-dense veggies, and necessary vitamins freeze-dried raw for maximum nutrition. Each delectable morsel contains 40 ultra-healthy components that promote energy, digestion, coat, and longevity.

If you want to boost the amount of freeze-dried raw food in your dog’s diet but don’t want to replace their current food, Nutra Complete can be used as a mixer. Simply decrease the quantity of your dog’s meal and add the required quantity of Nutra Complete instead of overfeeding to avoid overeating.

Primal Chicken Formula Grain

Northwest Naturals Raw Diet Freeze Dried Beef Dog Food 12oz

Overall Best Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food: To avoid the hassle of keeping your dogs food frozen, consider our top pick for the best freeze-dried raw food. This Primal Chicken Formula Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Nuggets recipe features hormone-, antibiotic-, and steroid-free chicken meat and organs in a wholesome, nutritious raw food diet for dogs. It is packed with protein and supplemented with certified organic produce to provide natural sources for key vitamins and minerals. This recipe provides optimal levels of essential fatty acids for energy as well as skin and coat support, and it is complete and nutritionally balanced. Simply put, if you want a convenient raw food diet for your dog, this freeze-dried food from Primal is an excellent choice.

  • Pros: Freeze-dried for convenience, real chicken as main ingredient, certified-organic produce for natural nutrients, rich in essential fatty acids, complete and nutritionally balanced
  • Cons: Some dogs dislike the texture of freeze-dried food, very expensive compared to dry food

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When And How To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet

Before you switch over to a raw diet, be sure to check with your vet to make sure its a good idea. Some dogs have health conditions that make a raw diet inadvisable.

While you can technically switch your dog to a raw diet at any time, younger dogs will typically fare better than seniors. Regardless, you need to make the transition slowly and methodically.

Start by introducing a little bit of raw food to your dog maybe even as treats. Over a period of a few weeks, gradually increase the amount of raw food in her kibble until youre ultimately feeding her a raw diet exclusively. Again, this process should take a few weeks, so dont try to do it overnight.

Best Raw Dog Food For Allergies Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet

Our rating: 4.8

Why We Picked & Recommended It

Most raw dog foods weve recommended above are great for dogs with food allergies. But, if you want to be extra sure thats the case, Instincts Limited Ingredient Raw dog food formula is your best bet. Why is this formula the best raw dog food for allergies? Because dogs have food sensitivities or ingredient intolerances that trigger allergies, the purity and simplicity of the recipe are vital in keeping your dog happy and allergy-free.

It comes in four flavors: Salmon, lamb, rabbit, and turkey. These easily digestible proteins provide all the essential amino acids your pooch needs. Their recipes are made with grass-fed meat or cage-free poultry. This raw dog food will make it less likely your dog will experience an allergic reaction.

What Sets It Apart From Competitors

This formula is purposefully made with a short ingredient list, with just one animal protein and one vegetable.


Why We Picked & Recommended It

What Sets It Apart From Competitors

This raw dog food brand offers your grain-sensitive dog all the benefits of a safe and wholesome raw-food diet while boosting overall health.


  • Customers report nuggets being broken up into crumbs when the bag arrives
  • Must allow time for thawing

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Barf World Raw Frozen Chubs For Dogs

Sold in 2-pound frozen rolls, BARF World raw dog food is made with muscle meat, organ meat, and raw bones to mimic the diet eaten by your dogs wild ancestors. BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or Bones And Raw Food, a concept that the company pioneered.

While its common to give a dog a bone as a treat, you may not have expected to see them as a primary ingredient in your dogs food. The folks at BARF World say that bones are an excellent or even essential source of vital nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

BARF World Raw Food rolls come frozen and can be divided into individual serving sizes once thawed. The BARF World website offers guidelines for how much to feed your dog.

BARF World Raw Frozen Chubs for Dogs

BARFs raw dog food contains a mix of bones, meat, offal, eggs, flax seed, fruit, and vegetablesall chosen to meet your pups vitamin and mineral needs in a balanced way. Cases are sold in bundles of 6, 12, or 24 two-pound frozen chubs.

Frozen Dog Food: What To Look For

Jess Caticles reviews freeze-dried raw cat food part 2

Dr. Coger advises pet parents to know what is inside the package and whether it is intended as a complete diet or for supplemental or intermittent feedings.

Handling and serving instructions on the label should be clear and easy to understand. These instructions must be followed to prevent bacteria or unsafe pathogens from affecting the dog or the person serving the food.

Coger also recommends avoiding frozen products with mineral premixes, which are often found in kibble dog food. She advises staying clear of flavoring additives, carrageenan, and other preservatives.

Its also beneficial to look for recipes that are formulated or recommended by a veterinarian or a certified pet nutritionist to ensure that your dog is getting the optimal nutrition they need.

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Dog Food Recalls And What They Mean For Consumers

Before we get into the 14 best soft dry dog food brands, it is essential that everyone knows about dog food recalls. Not only are there not many articles on them, but most people dont understand what they mean for the future of their dog food. The FDA issues dog food recalls when complaints of sickness, injury, or death are brought to their attention.

What Does Raw Dog Diet Include

Uncooked meat is the primary ingredient of raw dog foods. The meat is rarely deboned as bones are also part of the raw diet. Some foods also have bones as a separate ingredient. Organ meat from liver and kidney is also part of a raw dog diet. Vegetables and fruits are added for vitamins and minerals. Eggs and yogurt are also part of many raw dog foods.

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Claims Of Frozen Raw Food Nutritional Adequacy

Although the popularity of dog food mixers and toppers has been increasing, most of these are clearly labeled as just that toppers a savory topping to add to your dogs food. With the exception of these clearly identified topper products, in the kibble or canned food aisles, its uncommon to find products that are not labeled as complete and balanced diets.

However, this is not the case with raw frozen dog food. There are more producers of intermittent and supplemental diets in this pet-food category than any other. Nutritionally incomplete products are intended to provide some of the dogs required nutrition, with the added benefit of proteins, enzymes, and vitamins that have not been reduced or altered by the heat of cooking. Some of these incomplete diets are prominently identified as such, but the labeling on others might be small .

Because the incomplete diets may contain nutrients in levels that depart significantly from those required for a complete and balanced diet, we recommend avoiding those indicated for intermittent and supplemental use. Look for a nutritional completeness claim on each label even if you plan to feed the product as just part of your dogs diet. Also, you must make sure that its appropriate for your dogs life stage.

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