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Fit And Trim Dog Food

Only 2 Supplements Zinc And Copper

1977 Purina Fit and Trim Dog Food TV Commercial

In nature there are no synthetic supplements, so dogs and wolves derive their complete nutritional needs naturally by consuming whole animals which contain all of the nutrients they need to thrive. Thats why you wont find long lists of synthetics in ORIJEN dog foods. Loaded with richly nourishing ratios of fresh meat, organs, and cartilage or bone, plus fresh cage-free eggs, ORIJEN provides a natural source of virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive.

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  • Meet The Turdoggena Gloriously Epic Stuffed Butternut Squash For Dogs

    What is the turdoggen, you ask? Its a show-stoppingly beautiful homemade dish for dogs that looks amazing, tastes great, and is chock full of healthy veggies your dog loves. Serve by the slice as a hearty holiday addition to your dogs meal. Think of it as a veggie turducken dog treat.

    Why veggie? Because dogs benefit from plenty of whole fruits and vegetables in their diet, just as humans do. Wholesome homemade recipes like this are an excellent addition to your dogs regular kibble or canned food for variety, nutrients, and of course, for the joy of sharing real food with your pet.

    To make our veggie turducken for dogs, we take a butternut squash, put a zucchini inside it, and put a carrot inside that. We then layer it all together with a nutrient-rich dog-friendly stuffing made of veggies, oatmeal, and egg, which acts as the glue that holds the whole shebang together.

    Optional: Butchers twine to truss

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    Nourish As Nature Intended

    Your dog shares his eating anatomy with the gray wolf, which means hes evolved for a diet rich and varied in fresh meat, protein, and fat not highly processed carbohydrates and starches.

    • 100MM CFU/lb
    • ORIJEN foods mirror the natural diet, incorporating meat, organs, and cartilage or bone in ratios that deliver nutrients naturally and limit supplementation to zinc. Vitamins
    • In nature, dogs and wolves meet their nutritional needs naturally by consuming whole prey animals and whole fish. Similarly, ORIJEN provides essential amino acids from natural and highly bio-available sources.
    • Botanicals mimic the natural diet, acting as tonics and builders to strengthen organs, aid digestion, and eliminate toxins by stimulating physiological processes, like cleansing the liver.
      Chicory Root

    % Quality Animal Ingredients

    Orijen Dog Food Fit &  Trim

    Deboned chicken, chicken liver, turkey liver, cod liver, cage-free eggs, flounder, deboned turkey, whole Atlantic herring, chicken heart, turkey heart, dehydrated chicken liver, dehydrated egg, dehydrated sardine, dehydrated chicken, dehydrated turkey, whole red lentils, whole pinto beans, whole green peas, pea fiber, lentil fiber, dried pumpkin, whole green lentils, whole navy beans, whole chickpeas, natural chicken flavor, ground chicken bone and cartilage, chicken fat, dried kelp, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated butternut squash, ground turkey bone and cartilage, whole pumpkin, whole butternut squash, mixed tocopherols , zinc proteinate, freeze-dried chicken liver, freeze-dried turkey liver, freeze-dried cod liver, kale, spinach, mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens, whole carrots, whole Red Delicious apples, whole Bartlett pears, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, copper proteinate, chicory root, turmeric, sarsaparilla root, althea root, rosehips, juniper berries, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried bifidobacterium animalis fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product.

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    Orijen Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food

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    Help your dog thrive with the power of protein-rich recipes that provide peak nourishment. Dogs are ancestral carnivores, so they need a Biologically Appropriate diet rich and varied in whole animal ingredients. ORIJEN Fit & Trim diet is optimized to support lean muscle mass and is specifically designed to support peak physical conditioning. Packed with WholePrey animal ingredients like organs and bone, ORIJEN food is made with the most nutrient-dense, succulent parts of the prey to deliver the nutrition dogs need. With 85% quality poultry & fish ingredients and a freeze-dried liver coating, this diet is beyond comparison.

    • The first 5 ingredients are fresh or raw poultry and fish ingredients.
    • 85% quality poultry and fish ingredients, providing a strong source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals.
    • Our authentic WholePrey diet features the most succulent parts of the prey like poultry or fish, organs and bone to mimic what your dogs ancestors consumed in the wild.
    • Freeze-dried coated for a burst of raw flavour your dog instinctively craves.
    • Proudly crafted in Canada with the worlds best ingredients.


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