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Farmer’s Dog Food Price

Welcome To The York Farmers Market

Brutally Honest Dog Food Review ð Farmerâs Dog vs Ollie!

York Farmers Market

Located in the heart of the historic village of Thornhill York Farmers Market first opened in the Spring of 1953, on a 10 acre parcel of land fronting on Yonge Street. It was a true farmers market in every sense of the word, set up in a large tent that first summer, surrounded by farmers fields and located right next to Deans Feed Store. It was open only on Saturday mornings from 7:00 a.m. to noon . The Market provided a central location for local farmers to sell their produce, grown on farms all around the Market, and to showcase homemade baked goods, preserves, crafts and a wonderful assortment of fresh, natural delights.

The building, substantially in its current form, was built in the fall of 1953 and within a short time was a huge draw for local customers coming from Thornhill, Richmond Hill and even Toronto which had its own renowned St. Lawrence Market. In its early years the Market served as a social hub for the community, hosting Saturday night dances, Wednesday wrestling matches, antique shows, dog shows and bingo nights to mention but a few. You can still see remnants of the ring and the old fashioned loudspeakers on the ceiling.

York Farmers Market Sign as seen from Yonge Street

Cons For The Farmers Dog:

  • Fresh food is generally more expensive than kibble and may not be affordable for everyone to feed The Farmers Dog exclusively.
  • The Farmers Dog only offers three dog food formulas which is less selection than youd get from an in-store pet food brand.
  • The Farmers Dog doesnt offer any grain-inclusive recipes at this time.
  • Youll need to thaw The Farmers Dog before serving it to your dog, so that requires a little planning the food must also stay refrigerated after thawing to keep it fresh.

The Pros: The Farmers Dog Ingredients

Considering the natural ingredients used by The Farmers Dog and other well-received dog food delivery services, its clear that the health benefits of fresh meals are the most appealing part of switching from kibble to something new. For starters, by eliminating the processed ingredients found in many kibbles, fresh food tends to be a lot easier on a dogs digestive system, which results in more energy. Some dog owners have also reported that their pets enjoyed softer, shinier coats, improved eyesight and stronger immune systems.

Not to mention, theres a certain comfort in knowing exactly whats in the food you feed your best buddy on a regular basis. For some dog owners, the fresh food route has even alleviated their pets allergies or, in the long-term, reduced the number of pricier vet bills since their dog is generally in better health. Just keep in mind that its important to run any potential dietary changes by your dogs vet first changing a dogs diet too quickly can result in digestive problems.

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To Review The Farmers Dog Food Delivery We Recruited A French Bulldog With A Picky Eating Problem

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, may receive an affiliate commission.

For this review of The Farmers Dog, recruited Cookie, a French Bulldog, and her Millennial Mom. You can follow Cookie on Instagram at @cookiemonster_thefrenchie and on TikTok at @Cookiemonsterthefrenchie.

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My experience with dogs had always been that as soon as their food was put down, they would run to eat, and they would eat until the bowl was clean. This was not my experience with Cookie. At first, I was concerned, but the vet assured me that some dogs are pickier than others, and some dogs eat when they feel like it and not necessarily any time food is put in front of them. I tried changing her dog food, and I soon bought the most expensive, fanciest and healthiest kibble I could find. I had heard about wet food, but even the most expensive dry food was still cheaper than wet. I wanted to make sure Cookie was getting good food, but I didnt want to have to break the bank while doing it.

I first tried The Farmers Dog because I saw a promotion that let you receive the first box for free. I thought for the cost of $0 why not try it. Truthfully, I figured I would cancel the subscription before the next box of food was shipped because Cookie was so picky that I couldnt imagine her loving any food.

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What Are The Farmer’s Dog Plans

Buy Farmers Market Dry Dog Food Adult Chicken Vegetables Online ...

The Farmer’s Dog fresh food delivery plans are based on the number of dogs you have and their nutritional needs and the brand will make suggestions based on information you provide about your pets. You have the option to change your delivery preferences at any time to rush meals or delay them.

The brand also offers a DIY Nutrient Mix plan which features nutrients dog owners can add to their own home-made dog food.

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Our Review Of The Farmers Dog Recipes

Any pet food should be labeled complete and balanced to ensure your dog gets the proper nutrition. The Farmers Dog recipes are formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. The company also has a full-time animal nutritionist on staff, as recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Compared to shelf-stable dog food, The Farmers Dog food is very minimally processed. Its gently cooked at low temperatures and doesnt contain any by-products or preservatives, which is why it must be frozen or refrigerated.

It should come as no surprise that the food looks more like something I might cook for my human family. The meals contain whole food ingredients like meats and vegetables, fish oil, and added vitamins and minerals. I could see all the different chopped ingredients. Depending on the recipe, there were Brussels sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, sweet potatoes, lentils, carrots, parsnips, and spinach.

My dog absolutely loved The Farmers Dog. He gobbled it up and licked the bowl clean every time. Though hes not a picky eater, I would be surprised if any dog turned its nose up at this food. He seemed to do well on the food from looking at his poops, which were small and well-formed.

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Is The Farmers Dog A Healthy Food

Unlike brands that use computer programs to verify their nutrient content

The Farmers Dog was tested using a method we consider superior to AAFCOs own gold standard systemlive feeding trials conducted on real dogs of multiple breed sizes and ages over a 6-year period.

So, all 4 recipes are considered nutritious for all ages and breed sizes, including large breed puppies.

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What Does The Farmers Dog Cost

The Farmers Dog meal plans start at $2/day. Each dog is different, and full meal pricing will depend on a variety of factors such as age, weight, and activity. The Farmers Dog puppy food preparations and quantity are based on your pups weight. To determine the exact cost, you can visit and fill out the companys questionnaire.

For Sir Furred, the full daily meals were priced at under $29 per week, with 20% off for the 2-week trial period . Thats around $115 a month. If you have more than one mouth to feed or if your pooch is bigger, The Farmers Dog is bound to be an expensive option.

The price ranges from $4 to $5 per day for a 25 lbs dog and $8 to $9 a day for a 55 lbs dog. For example, if you are the parent of a 60lb Golden Retriever, a full daily-meal plan will cost you about $71 a week. Thats a whopping $284 a month!

On the plus side, if your dog doesnt take to the food, the brand will send additional recipes to try, or you can get a refund if you donate the food to a shelter. What a great way to refund your products.

How To Contact The Farmers Dog

Yearly Dog Food Cost The Farmerâs Dog Vs Other Dog Food/ Cost Break Down

If you still have questions after The Farmers Dog review, you can reach out to customer service by sending an email to or reaching out by phone: -780-7957.


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Explore healthy dog food and treats for your pup with Jinx.

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My Experience With The Farmers Dog

We tried The Farmers Dog for the week and here are my two cents.

What I love:

  • How excited Remy was to eat. .
  • Remys poop improvement. Remys stools have been pretty wet and loose for a while now. Lets just say I spend a solid minute or two trying to wrangle his droppings into a bag out on walks, and Im rarely able to get all of it, inducing quite a bit of dog-mom guilt. After eating Farmers Dog for a week, his stools are much firmer and look healthier. Theyre also much easier to pick up!
  • The personalization. I know it doesnt really mean much, but I thought it was so cute seeing my and Remys name right on the packaging. It just made us feel special.

My only disappointment is that Remy has been quite itchy, and I was hoping a change to a higher-quality diet would help. Unfortunately, after a week of The Farmers Dog, he is still as itchy as ever.

This isnt the fault of The Farmers Dog though. It simply means Remy is likely suffering from an environmental allergy rather than a food allergy .

That being said, when I reported my results to The Farmers Dog staff, they actually said that they have seen even environmental allergies improve in dogs over long term use. Its unclear how their food may improve environmental allergies, but maybe Ill see better results with longer use.

The Honest Kitchen Grain

  • 30% off on first orders of $30+ using code VETERINARIANS30
  • PREMIUM NUTRITION: Clusters are thoughtfully prepared using human-grade muscle meat & liver, low glycemic carbs, beneficial fats & live probiotics cold pressed into delicious, bite-size, ready-to-eat pieces.
  • MINIMALLY PROCESSED: Clusters are made by mixing small batches of fresh ingredients.
  • WE SAY NO TO: This recipe contains no feed-grade ingredients, meat meals, fillers, GMO ingredients, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

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Why Fresh Food For Dogs

Alternative foods are gaining popularity among pet parents. Disillusionment with large pet food brands, concern over the quality of ingredients, and an increased focus on how food affects a pets health have led many pet parents to consider a range of options from grain-free to raw food diets or making their own meals at home.

Fresh dog food delivery services take the place of making your pets food from scratch. They start with fresh, whole ingredients like lean proteins, veggies, and whole grains, package them up, and ship them to your door. These companies also make sure their recipes meet AAFCO standards for pet food, which means the foods include the vitamins and minerals needed to make a food nutritionally complete for your dog.

Many owners whove made the switch to fresh food say the diet has improved their pets coat, energy levels, and other health conditions. We werent able to test the long-term effects on our taste-tester dogs, but we can verify that they enjoyed each and every meal from this review.

You can feed these meals to your dogs as mixer add-ons and toppers to their current food, as a kind of dietary supplement, or feed them fresh food exclusively. If youre using these meal kits as a supplement, the cost is lower. Whatever you decide, its advised to slowly introduce the fresh food to your pet to make the transition from one food to another easier on your dogs digestion.

How Much Does The Farmers Dog Food Cost

Buy Farmers Market Dry Dog Food Adult Beef Vegetables Online

When you want to give your dog food thats the best of the best, fresh is the way to go. But we all know that fresh costs more than traditional kibble.

So, how much does a food like The Farmers Dog cost? Since each meal plan is customized to each dog, its a bit of a challenge trying to narrow down an exact cost. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, The Farmers Dog can cost between $40 and $500 per month. Still, we can give you an idea of what to expect before you head over to the site to get an exact quote for your pet.

We also go over why you should consider The Farmers Dog for your pup despite the high price tag.

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Is There Anything Wrong With Regular Dog Food

Most domesticated dogs today eat kibble, which are little more than dehydrated pellets of meat, poultry, and seafood byproducts also known as meal. Poultry meal, beef meal, lamb meal, fish meal: these are terms applied to the low-quality proteins served up in kibble, containing mostly ground-up bones, organs, and raw, sometimes diseased or rancid animal flesh.

This protein meal is then supported by filler-foods, like various grains, corn, and soybean meal. Like humans with a gluten intolerance, many dogs suffer from skin and gastro-intestinal reactions due to grain allergies, especially from the highly-processed grains found in kibble.

However, the FDA has found that grain-free alternatives for dog food have also been linked to conditions such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy , also known as Canine Heart Disease. Grain-free alternatives may include peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

The ingredients are together endlessly cooked at 280 degrees to remove 90% of the moisture, then blended, pressed, and sifted to remove excess hair and large bone chips. It is then packed with synthetic preservatives to further increase shelf-life, and then cut into the tiny pellets we recognize in our dogs bowl, essentially a dehydrated soup of meat, bone meal, and yellow, greasy fat.

Kibble may have high calorie and fat content, but is overall under-serving your dogs true nutritional needs.

Source: The Farmers Dog

Tasty Topper And Travel Snack: Portland Pet Food Company

Price: $6.99 per 9 ounce meal pouch. For a 12lb dog, being used as a topper, it runs about $45/month.

Save 25% off your first subscription box and 10% off every box after that when you order through the link below

Our experience: Our 18-year-old Dachshund had many ailments towards the end of her life, one being Irritable Bowel Disease, which required her to be on single-source protein foods that she quickly grew tired of. After finding the Salmon & Rice flavor of Portland Pet Food, we thought wed give it a try, and she immediately loved it. We started with using it as a topper but shifted to feeding her just that food for meals. We felt at ease knowing she was enjoying her fresh food and was also getting the nutrients she needed to keep her going, especially towards the end. Now, we use a variety of flavors as a topper for our 2-year-old Boston Terrier and she loves it, too.What sets them apart: Portland Pet Food Companys human-grade, made-in-the-USA meal pouches are not intended to be full-on meal replacements rather, these concentrated meal packs are designed as mixers, toppers, or soft treats for picky dogs and busy families to compliment and boost the nutrition of your dogs regular kibble. They are shelf stable, travel well, and can substitute the occasional meal, which makes them a great option for a weekend away with your pup or as a treat to bring with you to the sitters.

We also liked that:

Portland Pet Food Company

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Convenient Customized Consistent: Ollie

Price: Starts at $2 a day, depending on plan, recipe, and dog size. General averages range from $9 to $42 per week.

Get your first order at 60% off using the link below.

Our experience: The feeding instructions were very detailed yet easy to understand, and I appreciated the booklet with instructions for easing my dog from his current kibble to an Ollie diet to avoid digestive issues. The brand is definitely very focused on education: the booklet also included tips for keeping the food fresh, guidelines for feeding , and expected results from switching to Ollie .

The food is easy to store, though two weeks worth took up quite a bit of space in my freezer. Even though it was wet, fresh food, it didnt gross me out like other wet foods have, probably because it more closely resembles human food and smelled pleasant.

Overall? I tried the chicken recipe with my dog, and he was a big fan.

What sets them apart:

Available recipes: Heed the Cattle Call , Get Your Gobble On , Dare to Cross the Road , Get Some Sheep Thrills


Price: Depending on age, breed, and size of dog, meal plans start at $2 a day.

Use the link below to get 50% off your first two weeks of food.

Buying dog food has never been fun. Its like bankingsomething on the chore list to check off. Farmers Dog has somehow made feeding your dog joyful. The online quiz was simple and I really liked the variety of proteins to try that were customized for Whiskeys dietary needs and behavior we wanted to address.

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