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Dr Harvey Dog Food Reviews

Natural Nutrition For Canine Sensitivities

Dr. Harveyâs Paradigm Superfood Pre-Mix Blend Review | Best Dog Food Mixes
  • Limited ingredient, grain free diet for optimal digestion
  • Fresh, natural solution: No preservatives, additives or toxic ingredients
  • Clean, balanced superfoods combat allergies from the inside out
  • Minimally processed with raw turkey as 1st ingredient
  • Holistic, ongoing relief that targets the root cause of allergy issues
  • Prebiotic & Probiotics for gut health and a strong immune system

For ongoing relief from the inside out, avoid processed, additive laden-kibble and switch to all natural, fresh whole foods.

I Think It Has Helped

My brittany just turned 13 years old but 11 months ago was diagnosed with severe kidney failure. I think his kidneys were under 10% if I recall the exact numbers from the test. He was given 4 months to a year to live with precautions on his diet, especially about dry kibble. This seems like a healthier option as I mix in some fish oil, lean protein and the kidney health supplement instead of dry food with rice and some fresh protein. The other dogs love the food as well so they get a portion of the food in their dishes. I know it won’t cure his condition but any more quality time with him is worth every penny.

Dr Harveys Oracle Freeze Dried Beef

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

First Five Ingredients: Beef, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Potatoes, Flax Seed

Dr. Harveys beef formula is a holistic option for those whod like to feed their dogs a quality, raw food, but dont have the time or the willpower to create their own meals from scratch.

It features whole meat protein with essential oils for all-day energy and muscle tone. It also uses fruits and veggies to provide critical vitamins and minerals for your dogs overall health and well being.

Freeze-dried foods preserve all the flavors and nutrients of a raw based diet, but the meals are shelf stable and dont need to be refrigerated until the food is reconstituted.

Its on the expensive side but investing in a quality dog food could help you save money in the long run if you frequently have to buy supplements for skin or digestion issues or if you visit the vet constantly for those same issues.

How To Redeem This Offer

The formulas build health and well being from the very beginning and offer dogs the chance to clean up digestion and skin irritations from allergies. Some dogs experience more gas than usual when first introduced to this style of food so it could be beneficial to transition them slowly to the new diet.

Feed a little more at each meal time until all youre feeding is Dr. Harveys. For many dogs, transitioning slowly allows their digestion to reset, and you could see easier digestion.

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Dr Harveys Product Line

Dr. Harveys has four main dog food lines. They also manufacture healthy oils, grooming essentials, treats, and supplements.

  • Complete Meals: This line consists of just two recipesa grain-free and a whole-grain option.
  • Pre-Mixes: This base mix line is chock full of wholesome ingredients but is not nutritionally complete until you add in your own protein source and healthy oil.
  • Specialty Diets: This line consists of two recipesHealthy Weight and Allergy.
  • Oracle: This grain-free line consists of two recipesBeef and Chicken.

Keys To Optimal Health In Big Dogs

Dr. Harvey

Anyone who tells you diet alone will solve all of what ails your dog is just trying to sell you dog food.

What do I mean by that?

I had the fortune on a few occasions over the last month to speak to Dr. Harvey.

Yes, THE Dr. Harvey!

A legend and brilliant veterinarian, Dr. Harvey wanted me to convey to you that there is more to our big dogs health than a wholesome diet.

He emphasized several other keys to optimal health that he and I wanted to share with you briefly.

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Paradigm Makes It Easy And Safe To Prepare Fresh Meals In A Matter Of Minutes Right In Your Own Kitchen

  • Add hot water to Paradigm and let sit for approximately 8-10 minutes.
  • Add your choice of quality protein, either lightly cooked or raw.
  • Add your choice of healthy oil.
  • Mix well and feed.
  • Watch your dog or cat lap up their healthy, real food!
  • Dexters favorite part was diving into his bowl of Paradigm. Dexter is a foodie, and loves to eat healthy and tasty food. If there was such a thing as smell-a-blog, I would love it right about now. The Paradigm smelled amazing! The mix of healthy herbs made this healthy dog food a real treat for Dexter. He gobbled up each meal and licked the bowl so clean it almost looked unused!

    Paradigm empowers you to take your dogs health into your own hands by adding a quality protein and oil sources that you pick to meet your dogs needs. Its really easy to prepare a healthy, fresh dog food with Dr. Harveys Paradigm Superfood Pre-Mix. You can easily prepare a weeks worth of food, portion into daily servings, and freeze.

    Ive been a fan of Dr. Harveys for as long as I can remember. As a pioneer and the very first companion animal food producer in the ultra-natural and all-natural category of pet food, the team at Dr. Harveys has dedicated itself over the past three decades to a powerful vision: helping guardians give their companion animals a better, healthier, happier, longer, and more fulfilling life.

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    My Experience With Dr Harveys A Life Changer For My Dog Keats

    When one of my springer spaniels named Keats was in his early teens, he suddenly lost interest in eating. At the time, I was feeding him Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food. He had been eating it for several years and always ate without issue.

    Im not sure whether he grew tired of eating the same thing day after day or something else was going on, but the only way he would eat is if you sat next to him at his food bowl and urged him on. And then it might take him several minutes to finish.

    I started researching all the dog food options online. I was looking for a food with high ratings and the best quality ingredients. I also looked for reviews from customers who had faced a similar problem.

    To start

    In the end, Dr. Harveys seemed to have everything I was looking for in a new dog food.

    The ingredients in this mix were very different than anything I had come across before. It looked like a super-burst of healthy grains, veggies, herbs and vitamins.

    The first stumbling block I faced was that it wasnt available at any of my local pet stores. But I could order it online and have it shipped to my door free. Secondly, if I set up a subscription I could save a few more dollars. Thats one of my favorite ways to save money on dog food.

    I gradually changed food for both of my dogs, and after about 10 days it was full-on Dr. Harveys.

    Why Mydoglikes Dr Harveys Dog Food

    Critical review of new Dr Harveyâs Allergy dog food product

    As a pioneer in the healthy pet food space, Dr. Harveys puts the health and well-being of our pets first and foremost.

    Their commitment to providing pets the absolute highest quality nutrition is inspiring. It is safe to say that they are changing the way pet parents look at food and the effect that it has on both quality and quantity of life. The impact they have made in improving the health of our beloved pets is further solidified through the countless testimonials available on their website.

    We are extremely excited about this food, and the more we learn, the more we love it. Everything from Dr. Harveys is sourced and manufactured in the USA, free of chemicals preservatives or dyes, and 100% human grade. The ingredients are truly top notch and our dogs went nuts for it! We also love that whether you are looking to supplement or provide a complete balanced natural diet, Dr. Harveys has a perfect product to help meet your needs. We were completely blown away by Dr. Harveys and cant wait to try out more of their products in the future!

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    Dr Harveys Oracle Grain

    Dr. Harveys Oracle Grain Free Tripe Formula for Dogs is a freeze-dried raw complete diet. It is AAFCO-approved for all life stages. Like other Dr. Harveys foods, it uses human grade ingredients, no preservatives, dyes, or synthetic ingredients. And it has no salt, sugar, wheat, or soy. The grain free tripe formula is sold in bags that are 3-ounces, 3 pounds, and 6 pounds.

    The first five ingredients in this food are Tripe, Whole Egg, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Flax Seed Meal. If youre not familiar with tripe, it is made from the stomach of farm animals, usually cows but sometimes pigs, sheep or goats. Tripe has been a popular food for dogs for centuries if you check old books on what to feed dogs. Most dogs love tripe. Raw tripe has a reputation for smelling bad and its true. If you buy the real thing green tripe it does smell bad. The white, bleached tripe you usually find in grocery stores has already had the nutrients washed away so it wont smell bad but its not really what you want for your dog either. Freeze-dried raw tripe should keep the benefits of raw tripe without the really awful odor. Your dog should enjoy the taste. From a nutritional point of view , tripe is about 61 percent protein and 39 percent fat. Its a good source of Zinc, and a very good source of Vitamin B12 and Selenium.

    We do not have calorie information for Dr. Harveys Oracle Grain-Free Tripe Formula for Dogs.

    Nutrition StatementAAFCO complete and balanced for all life stages.

    Which Types Of Dogs Is Dr Harvey Dog Food Best Suited For

    Dr. Harveys is a fantastic dog food option for dog owners that prefer their pups to be on an all-natural diet. The brand has several different types of food options for dogs with specific dietary needs, as well.

    Dr. Harveys doesnt have age- or breed-specific formulas, but their recipes are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.

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    Dr Harveys Product Reviews

    Every day we hear from grateful pet parents who are amazed at the difference Dr. Harveys has made in their pets lives. Here are real reviews our customers have shared about how switching to our food helped their health and longevity.

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    About Dr. Harvey’s

    Dr. Harveys makes high quality, natural products for companion animals. We believe your Dogs, Cats and Birds deserve the very best. Our products include complete recipes, base mixes, chemical-free grooming products, and beneficial vitamins and supplements to keep your animal companions healthy and happy.

    When you choose Dr. Harveys you and your companion animal benefit from 30+ years of research and experience that has made countless pets live long and happy lives. Were always ready to answer your questions and all of our products are made here in the USA.


    Introducing The Dr Harveys Dog Food Line

    Dr. Harvey

    Fresher is Better

    Dr. Harveys believes that feeding a fresh, holistic, natural diet will lead to a healthier, longer life for our pets. As early advocates to this type of feeding, educating pet parents has been a critical component of their mission. Today their website provides a wealth of information on pet food ingredients and nutrition.

    Dr. Harveys has put these beliefs into practice through their expansive line of foods, treats and supplements. Though their line is wide ranging, some things that all of their products have in common include:

    • Made and manufactured in the USA
    • 100% Human Grade
    • Free of Chemicals, Preservatives, Dyes and Coloring Agents

    Something for Everyone

    Whether you are just beginning your journey into all natural dog foods, or have been preparing your dogs food for years, Dr. Harveys makes it easy to assure your dog is getting exactly what he/she needs. From nutritional supplements, meal add-ons and complete balanced diets, Dr. Harveys has an option that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle and level of comfort. Simply put, they make feeding healthy, homemade meals accessible to the average pet parent.

    Dr. Harveys was kind enough to send us a sampling of their food and supplement lines to try and share with our readers!

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    Dr Harveys Company Overview

    Dr. Harveys was founded over thirty years ago by Dr. Harvey Cohen a nutritionist. Dr. Harvey being an animal lover realized that the chemical laden pet foods available at the time were making animals very sick and the main cause of degenerative diseases. Using his knowledge in nutrition science Dr. Harvey researched a better way to provide animals with nutritious diets.

    Dr. Harveys Dog Food was created with the aim of using all-natural, chemical-free, high quality ingredients in the food. Dr. Harvey used only human grade ingredients in his formulae which was completely revolutionary in 1980. As more people tried the food on their dogs, they realized that the companion animals were happier and healthier.Over the last three decades, Dr. Harveys Dog Food has become more innovative and improved as more research was conducted. The brand has continued to help dogs get stronger, stay healthy and live longer. The growing customer base of Dr. Harveys Dog Food have given the brand a 5-star rating.

    Dr. Harveys is a family owned brand and have their own manufacturing facility in Keansburg, New Jersey. Dr. Harveys Dog Food is made at their facility and goes through the quality checks of the company. There have not been any recalls of Dr. Harveys Dog Food range.

    Good Quality Didn’t Agree With My Dogs

    This product looked and smelled so good, I would eat it myself! Unfortunately we have a large pack of dogs and less than half tolerated initiating it in small amounts. Most developed mushy messy stools and didn’t adapt. Those who did are so few that it’s too much to bother with for only 3 dogs. I didn’tThis product looked and smelled so good, I would eat it myself! Unfortunately we have a large pack of dogs and less than half tolerated initiating it in small amounts. Most developed mushy messy stools and didn’t adapt. Those who did are so few that it’s too much to bother with for only 3 dogs. I didn’t see a return policy so I had a bag and a half on hand to get rid of.

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    Who Formulates Dr Harveys Products

    According to Dr. Harveys website: Dr. Harveys utilizes a team approach toward product formulation. Our research and development team is headed by Dr. Marie Limoges, who holds a Doctorate in Animal Nutrition and Food Sciences. Dr. Limoges and her team follow AAFCO feed guidelines and NASC supplement guidelines to ensure the highest levels of nutritional integrity.

    Dr. Harvey works in conjunction with his research and development department to ensure the highest quality human-grade ingredients are sourced for the formulations. Before any product is released to the market, the formulation is reviewed by several holistic veterinarians with whom our company works closely.

    Dr Harvey’s Healthy Weight Benefits

    Raw Dog Food For Beginners and Big Dogs Too? An Honest Review of Dr. Harveyâs
    • Minimal processing

    Dr. Harveys Garden Veggies Grain-Free foods are considered low risk with a score of 7.5 points. This line offers 2 recipes with average protein of 25% and average carbohydrate of 39%. These are minimally processed, freeze-dried foods. Carbohydrates are derived from fruits and vegetables which keeps the level rather high. These foods have added vitamins and amino acids but there are no added minerals. An ingredient safety concern is the inclusion of high some herbicide/pesticide foods. These foods also have added probiotics. Dr. Harveys doesnt provide the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio.

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    It’s Easy To Cook Meals For Your Dog

    Whenever I had thought about a cooked diet for my dog before, I wondered how I could possibly fit that into my schedule. As it turns out, with a small amount of planning, its really quite simple to prepare these gourmet meals for Nola. And it does seem gourmet especially when you read the ingredients: peas, broccoli, beets, organic oats, organic spelt, peppermint, spirulina, etc. As you can see, I also get plenty of help in preparing the food – mealtime is a team effort in the Sattin household.

    Honestly there have been a few times where I add water and think that smells good enough to eat. Dr. Harveys does use human-consumption-grade ingredients so I suppose that I could indulge one of these days. FYI – I frequently macerate the mix in my blender before adding water, just to aid in the digestibility.

    For protein, I usually add some ground-up chicken necks and backs , although I also use other sources of protein . Although I am cooking the food, I cook it lightly as I dont want any of the ground-in bone content to become brittle and hazardous to Nolas health. The heat clearly makes a difference, though, in her desire to eat the food.

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