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Dog Not Interested In Food

Buy Higher Quality Foods Rather Than Diet Foods

Dog not motivated by food

Sometimes your dog gets a little overweight or a lot overweight. Its a natural tendency to think that you should then buy them a diet dog food. If your dogs are anything like ours, they can smell and taste the difference. This often leads to them refusing to eat until theyre starving.

Over the long term, its best to try and find a food that is healthy for a sustainable diet. Just like us, dieting is often a miserable experience for a pet, and we do best finding a diet that is good for us. This will ensure your dog has the right nutrients while allowing them to indulge in a treat every now and again.

How Long Should A Puppy Eat Puppy Food

Young dogs need the extra nutrients they get in puppy food for proper growth. “Only transition to adult food once your puppy has stopped growing and reached their adult size,” Gale says. “The age at which this happens varies according to dog size and breed.” But here’s a rough guide for when dogs can typically make the switch to adult food:

  • Small breeds: Nine to 12 months of age
  • Large breeds: 12 to 18 months
  • Giant breeds: Around 2 years

Common Causes For Reduced Appetite

There are several common causes of reduced appetite in dogs. Perhaps your pup is experiencing a loss of appetite for one of these reasons:


As dogs grow older, their bodies change. Their sense of smell and taste decreases, which may change their food preferences or decrease the excitement that they experience at mealtime. Additionally, older dogs may not expend as much energy since they exercise and move around less, which may explain why they arent as hungry as they used to be.

Stress/Change in Routine

Any change in routine, big or small, can affect your dogs appetite. Big changes such as travelling or moving homes can induce stress in your pup, which can lead to changes in their appetite because they feel uncomfortable in the transition. Additionally, smaller changes like a new bowl, a different feeding time or new dog food may require time for them to adjust.

Medical Condition

If your dog is sick or injured, they may not have an appetite or may experience pain when they try to eat. Medical conditions such as infections or cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases can cause a reduction in or lack of appetite. If your dog has a tooth or gum injury, it may be painful for them to eat their food, causing them to refuse food.

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Signs Of Liver Disease In Dogs

The liver is a multi-purpose organ: it detoxifies the blood, helps break down drugs, metabolizes sources of energy, stores vitamins and glycogen, produces bile acids necessary for digestion, and manufactures important proteins necessary for blood clotting. Because of its behind-the-scenes role in so many important bodily functions, liver disease can manifest as a wide variety of symptoms depending on the vital function affected. Liver disease often has a cascade effect on other body systems.

One of the most common symptoms of liver disease is jaundice, a yellowish tinge to the skin most often noticed in the eyes, gums, and ears. The liver is responsible for excreting bilirubin, a by-product of red blood cell breakdown. When the liver isnt functioning as it should be, this bilirubin builds up in the blood and leads to the yellowish appearance of the patient.

Hepatic encephalopathy is another common sequelae to liver disease. Hepatic encephalopathy refers to a collection of neurologic signs that occur in pets with liver disease and includes seizures, disorientation, depression, head pressing, blindness, or personality changes.

Other common symptoms of liver disease are gastrointestinal signs, such as decreased appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, weight loss, increased drinking and urination, and changes in stool color. Dogs may develop fluid retention in the abdomen, commonly referred to as ascites.

My Dog Is Not Really Interested In Food Seems Really Tired A Bit Lethargic But Then Pipes Up When Around Her Doggy

Frozen Pup Treats Are No Barking Matter

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I would hope to see improvement by tomorrow.

Let me check for you

Wait no I’ve found a dose but it’s not used for an upset stomach in dogs it’s used for a condition known as hyperphosphotemia so I’d advise looking for something like Ranitidine, Cimetidine, or Omeprazole

You can use 5-15 ml once a day and see if it helps at all. It’s not really used as an antacid in dogs. Do you have any other antacids at home?


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How To Get A Dog To Eat

We want to make sure that you will never have a dog not eating on your hands this can be deeply concerning. To ensure your dog eats regularly, we recommend to do the following:

  • Exercise regularly with your dog and monitor your dogs activity levels
  • Give your dog plenty of attention and affection
  • Invest in training for your dog
  • Be patient and supportive, rather than angry, towards your dog when they wont eat
  • Feed your dog at regular meal times
  • Feed a consistent, balanced and healthy diet
  • Only give your dog treats as a reward
  • Keep the food and water bowls clean
  • Put your dog on the optimal diet for them, as recommended by your vet

Is Your Dog A Senior

While senior dogs may have lower caloric requirements than young dogs, and therefore may eat less than they used to, marked weight loss or a refusal to eat is not normal and can indicate serious underlying health conditions.

These can include, but are not limited to:

Cognitive decline, mobility issues, or vision loss can also cause a dog to not eat if they are unable to find or get to their food bowl. It is important for senior dogs to have a feeding routine, that the food bowl remain in the same area of the house so that they know where to find it, and that they have a rug or yoga mat to stand on while eating to avoid slipping or having trouble standing on hard floors.

If your senior dog has gone longer than 24 hours without eating, they should see their veterinarian for a thorough physical examination and possible diagnostics to investigate the cause of their loss of appetite.

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Shes Filling Up On Treats Or People Food

We all love giving our pooches treats, but those goodies add up. Eventually, they can curb your canines appetite at dinnertime.

This is a common issue in households where several owners give the pup treats throughout the day. One or two small snacks are fine, but when given multiple cookies over time, your dog will likely be less interested in her supper.

An easy way to avoid this in busy households is to set up a pad and paper next to the treat jar for people to mark off when your dog gets a treat. It may seem tedious, but it can also help you avoid long-term issues like obesity.

It May Be Time To Stop

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Is Not Food Motivated

It might also be time for a break from the training session. Watch your dogs body language to see if he is scratching, yawning, or sneezing. These are behaviors that, along with refusing food, are telling you your dog is tired and needs a break.

Its important to give your dog a break when hes asking for one since if you dont, he will form a negative association with his training class.

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Stress Fear And Anxiety

Chronic stress can suppress a dogs appetite. This leads most people to leave food out throughout the day, which can exacerbate the problem. Keep your dog on a feeding schedule. If your dog walks away from their food bowl, be sure to pick it up. Talk to a professional trainer that will help teach you how to build your dogs confidence, and minimize his or her day to day stress.

The Key Is Patience And Consistency

Getting mad and throwing a tantrum wont save the situation. Your dog might not understand you, and it might get frightened as a result. So instead, learn to be calm and help your dog walk through this period of anorexia.

Being consistent is going to help both you and your pet get through this period. Draw up a food schedule and make sure it is adhered to. Food schedules can include treats after dinner or a particular time you desire. Food schedules can consist of the time for meals and what food is to be eaten at what time.

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What Is The Prognosis For Pancreatitis In Dogs

The prognosis for dogs with pancreatitis ultimately depends on the severity of the illness.

A dog with severe pancreatitis has a poor to grave overall prognosis, thus a higher risk of death. These patients can die from a severe whole-body inflammatory condition, which results in multiple organ failure.

Pancreatic abscess formation and peritonitis is another complication of severe pancreatitis that increases the risk of fatality.

It is important to note that a dog that has recovered from even a single episode of pancreatitis or repeated episodes of pancreatitis may develop extensive scarring within the pancreatic tissue.

This can lead to the development of diabetes mellitus and/or a condition called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency . EPI occurs as a result of the pancreas not being able to produce a sufficient amount of digestive enzymes.

Pancreatitis has many potential causes, and dogs can present with illness that ranges from mild to very severe. Also, the signs of illness are not specific to the pancreas, so it can be a challenge to diagnose. Ultimately, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the more positive the outcome.

Another Common Reason For Dogs To Lose Their Appetite Is Due To Pain Or Illness

Shelter Dog Is Obsessed With His Food Bowl

If your dog is in pain, they may be reluctant to eat because moving around hurts. Dogs with arthritis, for example, may not want to stand up long enough to eat their food. Illness can also cause a loss of appetite in dogs, as can a reaction to medication.

If your dog has been vomiting, has diarrhea, or seems generally unwell, it’s best to take them to the vet to rule out any underlying health conditions.

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Are There Home Remedies For Worms In Dogs

Generally speaking, prescription dewormers will be safer and/or more effective than many over-the-counter worm medications.

There are no home remedies to treat or prevent parasitic worms. Please consult with your local veterinarian for best choice of dewormer based on where you live and your pets lifestyle.

Can My Dog Eat Vanilla Ice Cream

Maybe. Ice cream isnt a dog-friendly food, but a bite or two on a special occassion isnt likely to harm your dog if they are not lactose intolerant. Dogs who are lactose intolerant, on the other hand, should never have ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream is one of the safest flavors to share but because it is packed with sugar, even those that can digest dairy should only get it once in a blue moon. And unfortunately, offering your dog a low-sugar variety is no better. Most contain artificial sweeteners, some of which, like xylitol, are toxic to dogs.

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How About More Behavioral Reasons

Often, refusal to eat is a chosen behavior for a dog. Usually, we refer to this as simply being picky. Some people might even call it being spoiled or bratty, but pickiness is usually a learned behavior, so we have to keep our own accountability in mind, as pet parents. After all, it is our responsibility to establish consistent feeding routines to prevent poor eating habits from forming in the first place. There may be other causes at play that arent necessarily grounds for calling the veterinarian immediately.

There Are Different Types Of Anorexia

How to Train a Dog Who’s Not Interested in Training

True anorexia is when your dog simply refuses to eat this is often associated with serious illnesses. Pseudo-anorexia is another type which is when your dog is hungry and really wants to eat, goes to the food bowl, but cant eat due to a difficulty chewing or swallowing.

If your dog stops eating for a day or two, but is otherwise active and alert, then its ok to keep a close eye on them initially. You could offer them some bland home cooked food like boiled chicken and rice, which is a tasty but easily digestible diet. Try warming it up a little in the microwave, as this sometimes will entice them to eat. You could offer smaller meals more frequently. Take away any leftovers that they havent eaten within 15 minutes and offering again a few hours later. Avoid chopping and changing the diet and offering too many different types of food. Sometimes a quick change in food can cause an upset tummy, which may complicate matters. Be careful to avoid any toxic foods such as onions and garlic.

If your dog is quiet, not themselves, or displaying any other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness or lethargy or has not eaten at all for 2 days then you should seek veterinary attention.

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When Should I Worry About My Dog Not Eating

It can be a really worrying time when your dog is off their food. Unfortunately anorexia or loss of appetite can be caused by a whole host of reasons. In order to determine the treatment to give to your dog, it is important to identify what the underlying cause of the reluctance to eat is.

Loss of appetite in a dog can be a sign of illness so its important to seek veterinary help if you notice changes in your dogs normal eating habits particularly if your pooch is normally a good eater. Its best to get to the bottom of the problem as early as possible, as if left untreated for several days it can lead to dehydration and malnourishment.

Your Dog Has A Toothache


Dental problems can cause trouble eating, McClosky notes. Dogs with dental problems may drop kibble, chew on one side, or drool excessively. Older dogs are more affected, especially the smaller breeds, she adds, but any dog can develop a toothache . Another big sign that your dogs teeth are in need of care, says Teller: Your dog may be interested in food and sniffing it, but it hurts too much to actually take a bite and chew. Its one of the 50 things your vet wont tell you, but youll want to know.

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Will A Dog Starve Itself

Dogs generally will not starve themselves to death, but they can become severely dehydrated and malnourished if they do not eat. If your dog is not eating and you are concerned, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

They will be able to recommend the best course of action and may prescribe medication to help ease your dog’s symptoms. In some cases, a sick dog may need to be hospitalized for treatment. This is usually only necessary if the dog is severely dehydrated or is not responding to treatment at home.

Your Dog Is Experiencing Stress Or Hormonal Changes

Female Dog In Heat Not Eating â Breeding Business

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and they like their environment a certain way. When there’s a disruption to that sense of order they have, it can be a very stressful situation for your pup, and that might cause him to stop eating. Tons of stressors can cause a hormonal imbalance in your dog. For example, moving to a new home, being away from their pet parents, introducing a new household member, leaving their litter, losing a fur friend, or being left in a kennel or someone else’s care.

There are cases when a dog might have severe separation anxiety inasmuch as he wouldn’t eat his meal while his owners are away. If your dog is depressed from losing someone dear to him, he might not eat for days. It could also be that your dog is pregnant, and all the hormonal changes going on in her body is causing her to lose her appetite. However, loss of appetite in pregnant dogs is normal, and you shouldn’t be too worried about it as it will only last for the first few days of her pregnancy.

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Behavior Triggered By Owner Actions

Have you been giving your dog too many food scraps lately?

A dog could stop eating either because they are too full or they are waiting for more scraps from the next meal.

They are likely to have developed a liking for human food, thereby losing appetite for the dry kibbles that you are serving them.

Sessions Are Too Long

Your dog may lose interest in taking treats if the training sessions are too long. Each dog has a different threshold on how long they can stay interested in a training session, but a good rule is to always end the session with leaving them wanting more. Another tip is to end the session on a positive note. For example, end the session if the dog performs the command correctly, rather than if the dog is confused as to what was being asked. By ending the session when theyre still ready to work, they will go back to the session with enthusiasm at a later time. However, if you end when they are already tired of it, they may be reluctant to work in the future.

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