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Dog Food For Big Dogs

Taste Of The Wild Grain

Best Dog Food Ever To Feed your Puppy. CREATE BIG DOGS!

Give your pitbull a grain-free formula from being a pitbull puppy until he grows old with Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food with Roasted Venison and Bison.

The dog food comes from real roasted meat and a mixture of animal protein sources.

This best dry dog food pitbulls love offers excellent nutrition and digestible energy with an exceptional taste sensation.

Its fruit and vegetable content offers natural antioxidants supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Also, this hearty formula is rich in protein for your dogs muscle development.

Its k9 probiotic mixture is proven great for his digestive system. It is suitable for pit bulls of all ages, sizes, and breeds making it the best overall dog food.

Specific Features:

  • Mainly a dry dog food
  • Primary ingredients include lamb meal, sweet potatoes, buffalo
  • Comes from real meat
  • Available for all dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages


  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics that support a healthy immune system, digestion, and overall dog health and wellness
  • Offers healthy coat and skin
  • Supports joints, lean, bones, and strong muscles
  • Offers different flavor choices for picky eaters
  • Ideal for pitbulls with grain and other food allergies and digestive issues


  • It may not be suitable for dogs that prefer wet food

How Do I Safely Introduce My Pet To Big Dog Pet Foods Raw Dog Food

Whether your dog was already on a raw diet or is transitioning from a dry one, we recommend you introduce our Big Dog raw food slowly over 2 weeks. By doing so, you are minimising the risk their stomach will get upset by the change and are giving their digestive system a chance to adapt.

The following is an indication of the best practice:

Day 1-3 â 20% new 80% old

Day 4-6 â 40% new 60% old

Day 7-9 â 60% new 40% old

Day 10-12 â 80% new 20% old

Day 12+ â 100% new diet

Choosing The Best Large

Weve spent a lot of ink above highlighting some of the best large-breed dog foods for big dogs and explaining some of the things youll want to look for when picking the healthiest dog food for your pet.

However, it is important to understand that all dogs are individuals, and the best dog food for your dog wont necessarily be the best food for someone elses dog.

Just as our bodies react differently to different foods, your dog will physically react differently to different types of large-breed dog foods .

Unfortunately, we cant ask dogs which flavors and ingredients they might like best, so its often an exercise of trial and error.

So, as always, youll want to start by looking for a food that meets the AAFCO guidelines for your pets life stage and addresses any specific health problems your dog has.

From there, you can just run it by your vet for a quick green light, and start trying it with your pooch .

Take several weeks to test out your chosen recipe and see how your dog reacts. If it doesnt seem to be working for him, go ahead and try another brand listed here. Eventually youll find your dogs perfect food.

Whats your dogs favorite brand of dog food for big dogs? Have you found one that works particularly well for your four-footer? Are you still searching for the perfect pet food for your doggo?

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Best Wet Dog Food For Seniors

Wet foods offer a tasty option for senior dogs to continue receiving complete and balanced nutrition in their golden years and have several specific benefits for this age group. For example, senior dogs with advanced dental disease will have an easier time chewing and swallowing wet food than kibble.

Wet food’s high moisture content is good for senior dogs with urinary stones. “If a senior dog has recurring urinary stones, maximizing water intake by soaking kibble or replacing kibble with wet food may be ideal,” says Dr. Shepherd. The extra water intake will encourage urination, which helps reduce the risk of stone formation.

Wet food’s strong flavor and aroma can stimulate appetite in senior dogs that may feel lousy from a chronic illness, such as chronic kidney disease.

Shepherd advises dog owners to consider calorie count when feeding wet food to senior dogs. One cup of wet food has fewer calories than one cup of kibble, meaning that your dog would need to eat more wet food to maintain the proper calorie and nutrient intake. Fat content is also worth considering. “Compared with dry food, canned food tends to be higher in fat,” she adds. Not all senior dogs can tolerate a high-fat diet.

You may see various age designations on senior dog wet food labels, such as “mature adult,” “adult 7+,” or “senior.” As long as the food meets the AAFCO standards for maintenance , it will be nutritionally appropriate for your senior dog.

Our picks for senior wet dog food:

Can I Add Eggs To My Dog Food For Large Breeds

Pedigree Large Breed Dry Dog Food 17.00 lb

Yes, you can add eggs to your dog food for large breeds. Eggs are a great source of protein and can help to increase the nutrient density of your dog’s diet. However, it is important to cook the eggs before adding them to the food, as raw eggs can contain bacteria that can be harmful to dogs.

Additionally, you should only add a small amount of eggs to the food, as too many can cause gastrointestinal upset in some dogs. If you are unsure about how many eggs to add, speak to your veterinarian for guidance.

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What Should I Look For In A Large

There are certain things you should look for in any dog food, like high protein count, plenty of fiber, and a lack of filler ingredients. Those are just as important in large-breed foods.

Beyond that, though, youll need to be on the lookout for a few other things. One of the biggest is the addition of vitamins like glucosamine, chondroitin, and taurine.

The first two are vital for joint health, and since big dogs often suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions, youll want to nip that issue in the bud. Meanwhile, taurine is vital for heart health, and your pups ticker has to work hard than a smaller poochs. Give it all the support you can.

You should also look for foods that derive most of their calories from protein. Big dogs are often prone to obesity, and protein-rich foods can keep them feeling full without packing on the pounds. Foods rich in carbohydrates, on the other hand, often provide empty calories that will expand his waistline without satiating him in the process.

You may even want to switch to a food thats specially designed to keep his weight under control. Again, defer to your vet on this.

Best Dry Dog Food For Puppies

If you’re wondering whether your puppy really needs a special food just for younger dogs, the answer is yes! Puppies need more calories, more fat, and a different vitamin and mineral balance to support healthy growth, Shepherd explains. Typically, puppy food is made for dogs under 1 year of age.

Though there aren’t any official AAFCO nutrient standards specifically for small and large breeds, some puppy foods are made specially for dogs of different sizes. “Balancing the nutrient needs of dogs given their wide size variety and ages is wise and common sense,” says Dodds. For instance, large breed puppies need a special ratio of calcium to phosphorus for their growing big bones, and they can benefit from supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep their joints healthy, according to Shepherd. On the flip side, puppy foods for smaller breeds often have smaller kibble pieces for smaller mouths. They may also be a bit higher in calories, since smaller breeds can have higher metabolisms.

If you want to make sure a food is appropriate for puppies, check the label for an AAFCO complete and balanced statement that says it’s intended for growth for all life stages. Some foods might also specifically state that they’re for younger dogs. Keep an eye out for any food that says “maintenance” on the package. These are meant specifically for adult dogs, so they won’t be right for a puppy.

Our picks for puppy food:

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Does It Matter How Old My Dog Is

Yes. Typically, dogs are divided into three life stages: puppy, adult, and senior. Each has different nutritional needs, and youll want to feed your dog a food designed for the stage that hes in.

Puppies need more calories than fully-grown dogs, and you have to be careful to give them all the nutritional support they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Once your dog becomes an adult , youll want to cut down on the calories slightly. You still want to feed a diet heavy in protein and filled with the necessary nutrients, though.

Senior dogs need less calories than the other two life stages, both because theyre less active and because obesity is a bigger problem for older dogs. Youll also need to ramp up the nutritional support, and you might even need to add new vitamins to his diet, depending on any health conditions he may have.

What Ingredients Should Be Included In A Large Dog Breed Dog Food

Raw Food Diet for Dogs | Starter Guide for Beginners [ LARGE DOGS]

When you’re looking at the ingredients list on a bag of dog food, make sure that meat is listed as the first ingredient.

Large dogs need a lot of protein to maintain their energy levels and muscle mass, so you’ll want to find a food that contains at least 20% protein.

You’ll also want to look for a food that contains omega fatty acids, as these can help support a healthy coat and skin.

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Best Large Breed Dog Food For Seniors

Dog food designed for senior dogs is relatively new. There is no senior stage approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as of yet, which means that the senior dog foods marketed in pet stores have not undergone the same rigorous tests as food for the other life stages. That does not mean, however, that they are not a good option for your senior dog. Adult formulas, all life-stage formulas, and senior formulas can all be appropriate foods for senior dogs.

Senior dogs often develop other health problems that require veterinary attention and maintenance. Sometimes a prescription diet is the best dog food option for large breed seniors, as these veterinary-approved foods are specifically formulated to address your dogs needs. Talk to your vet about the best food for large breed senior dogs.

Best Affordable Dog Food For Large Dogs

Ideal for: Getting the best dog food for the money. Owners looking for inexpensive quality dog food.

Economical dog food should not be automatically discounted as being inferior to higher priced options. There are 5-star dog foods for your large breed, which are priced on the cheaper side! Reputable companies understand that not everyone has the same budget for dog food, and that in fact most people prefer something that first and foremost works for their large breed dog, but also their wallet.

As you can see there actually exist many good inexpensive dog food options out there, heres one of our favorites:

Our Top Pick: PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult

Notable ingredients : Ground whole grain corn, meat and bone meal, corn gluten meal, animal fat, dried plain beet pulp, natural grilled steak flavor.

Flavors: Chicken, steak. Packaging: 15 lb, 20.4 lb, 33 lb, 40 lb.

Value: $.60/lb

Why we like it: For the price, its a deal thats pretty hard to beat! But dont think of this package as just any old cheap dog food. Were dealing with a complete and balanced nutritional deal in this affordable adult formula for your large breed. With optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acids, steak flavor providing antioxidants, essential minerals, and vitamins in addition to whole grains and healthy digestion supporting special fiber blend. At the end of the day your dog wont hate you, and your wallet will love you, as youll get the best dog food for your money!

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Does My Dog Really Need A Special Food

Need is a difficult word to define here. Will your dog drop dead if you feed him a food thats not specially-designed for large breeds? No, but it could shave some time off his life expectancy, while also making his senior years less comfortable.

Any high-quality large-breed dog food will be filled with the nutrients that big dogs need to address their most common health complaints. These are often missing from other foods, and while theres no guarantee that giving your dog the proper nutrition will prevent issues like hip dysplasia, it certainly boosts your odds.

Of course, the wild card here is your vets advice. If they tell you to feed your dog a special food, you should probably listen, regardless of how big your pooch is.

Nutrients In A Properly Balanced Dog Food

IAMS Adult Large Breed Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken ...

If you want to ensure you large dogs optimal health is maintained, combine a healthy dose of physical activity with the appropriate amounts and ratios of the following nutrients:

  • Proteins: Made up of amino acids, building blocks of strong muscles and body tissue repair. Dogs can only create half the amino acids they need, the rest must come from their diet.
  • Fats & oils: Not all fat is unhealthy. In fact dogs need a good balance of certain fatty acids included in their diets. They provide energy, flavor & taste as well as help maintain a shiny, health, skin & coat.
  • Vitamins & minerals: A must in any quality dog food formula. Some benefits of vitamins: Vitamin E helps support your large dogs immune system. Vitamin A helps promote healthy skin & hair. Minerals help the body perform certain biological functions and avert deficiencies.
  • Carbohydrates: Source of energy. Certain carbs help keep dogs feeling full longer and maintain regular weight. .

What do carbohydrates do for my large breed dog? They can make up anywhere from 30% to 70% of your large dogs food. But what exactly are they good for? Arent carbs . . . bad!? Nope .

Carbs play some important roles in your dogs diet, including:

Where do carbs come from? Mainly from grains and plants.

Some good sources of carbohydrates for your large breed are: Barley , oats , brown rice, whole wheat, whole corn, potato , and millet.

Another essential nutrient of any healthy dog food diet is water, lets find out why.

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Best For Allergies: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Large Breed Dog Food

Common allergy signs in dogs include itchiness, hives, diarrhea or vomiting, sneezing, chronic ear infections, constant licking, and itchy, watery eyes. If your pet has any of these symptoms regularly, your vet may recommend changing his diet. Fuller likes this Natural Balance formulation because it contains grains, it is gluten-free, helping with larger dogs energy and limiting common allergens. And since it contains only one protein source versus multiple protein sources, it limits the risk of new food allergies developing. An added perk: The kibble is larger than that of other dog foods, proper chewing, while its rough texture assists with cleaning teeth, Fuller explains.


Best For Stomach Issues: Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin And Stomach

If your dog often experiences vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, or constipation, switching to a large breed dog food specifically formulated for sensitive stomachs can help. For pets with these sorts of intestinal troubles, Dr. Burch recommends Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach: It has produced the best results of any over-the-counter brand I have used.

It contains easily digestible ingredientslike salmon, rice, and oatmealin addition to live probiotics and prebiotic fibers, which make digestion easier. How does it work? The omega-6s from the salmon decrease inflammation and the prebiotics encourage healthy gut flora, Dr. Burch explains. Pro tip: Since dogs with sensitive stomachs often have sensitive skin, too, bathing your pup regularly with the right dog shampoo can make them more comfortable.



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Merrick Full Source Dog Food

Merrick Full Source recipes use the entire animal source of meat-based ingredients. This whole-prey approach is a sustainable method for producing a high-protein and nutrient-rich formula.

85-90% of the protein in Full Source dog foods comes from meat content. These sources also include cartilage and organ meats that act as concentrated sources of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Grain-free Full Source recipes use sweet potatoes as an alternative source of digestible carbohydrates, And Full Source Healthy Grains options contain oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice for extra fiber.

Like Merricks Backcountry range, this product line also features freeze-dried raw-coated kibble. This addition combines the benefits of raw infused meat with the safety of a commercially available recipe.

Your dogs ancestors ate the entire body of their prey to consume natural sources of concentrated vitamins and minerals. These formulas need less fortification thanks to the comprehensive nutrient content of full source animal protein.

This product line is available exclusively at Pet Supplies Plus, Petco, and independent retailers.

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The Best Dog Food For Large Breeds

Homemade Dog Food for Large Dogs Recipe (New)

As a general rule, you should consult your veterinarian and not the internet for concerns regarding your dogs health and nutrition. It doesnt hurt to stay up to date on changes in the pet food industry, however, and to keep in mind the unique dietary requirements of your large-breed dog.

Here are our top picks for the best dog food for large breeds weve included a few grain-free options in our list as well:

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