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Dog Food Chart By Weight

How Much To Feed A Puppy By Weight

2 DIETS that make dogs lose weight!? | Veterinary approved

In order to know how much you should feed your puppy by weight, you will need to consult with a feeding chart.

The feeding chart will break down the puppys weight, when compared to their current age, giving you a reliable estimate of how much food you should be giving to your puppy each day.

When we say feeding by weight, we are referring to the final weight that your dog will be when he is fully grown, rather than the dog that your dog is currently at.

That way, you will be feeding more based on the nutritional needs for the size of the dog that you have.

Neonatal Period: Birth 3 Weeks

Dogs are born fully furred, in a delicate state as they are cant look after themselves. They depend on their mother for warmth comfort and nourishment.

His eyes and ears closed, so he cannot hear or see. His front feet have a bit of strength, and he can pull himself towards his mother for food and warmth.

If he is uncomfortable, he can cry, and his mother will respond to his cries by moving him towards her and licking him.

Newborn puppies require an optimal temperature to survive. They snuggle close to their mother, but they cant walk yet because of their undeveloped muscles.

The puppies need this time with their mothers so that they may grow. He will grow rapidly, adding 5-10% of his body weight.

Easy Weight Management With Pet Plate

Want to make life a little easier? With Pet Plate, you can keep your dog at a healthy weight and feel great about what youre serving. Our healthy meals are made with real ingredients in a human-grade kitchen, with no artificial preservatives or gross byproducts. And with four delicious flavors to choose from, your pup will look forward to every meal.

Answer a few simple questions, and youll get a customized meal plan thats perfect for your pup. Start now!

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How Long Do Puppies Eat Puppy Food

Dont overlook the importance of planning and allowing for a transitional process when changing dog food. Imagine eating the same meals every day. Then, suddenly, you switch to something completely different. Youll probably experience a tummy ache or other gastrointestinal problems.

The same thing goes for your puppy. Remember that its a process that should take a minimum of six days, and sometimes longer .

Calculating The Adult Weight Of A Large Breed Puppy

This is How Big Your Dog Will Be

To determine the adult weight of a large breed pup when he is between two weights for his age, you can find the average of the two weights.

You also have the option of using your puppys growth rate. First, you will need to figure out your puppys growth rate, which is his current weight in pounds divided by his current age in weeks.

Next, you should multiply the growth rate by 52. The result is the estimated weight of your puppy as an adult.

If you know your large breed puppys weight at six months old, you can use this method of calculating the adult weight. Firstly you should weigh him at six months, then multiply this amount by 2. The next step is to add this figure to half the weight at six months.

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Socialization Period: 3 Weeks 12 Weeks

Between 3-12 weeks, your puppy will go through many changes, as its muscles begin to get stronger. They become active, playful, and strong on their legs.

They play actively with their littermates and start moving away from the sleeping area to empty their bowels and bladder.

This is the stage when they may try to climb out of the whelping box. Also, their mother will start to spend more time away from the puppies.

She may re-join the family for more of each day if she lives indoors. He will also start getting quite a bit of his nourishment from puppy food.

They need to be thoroughly socialized as during this time they become fearful of anything unfamiliar. Most puppies come to know house-training, learning to wait before eliminating, and start sleeping through the night without a potty break, at this stage.

How Often To Feed A Puppy

So now that you know how much to feed your puppy, you might be wondering, How many times a day should a puppy eat? Setting a routine for your puppys feeding schedule is critical so he can learn when to expect his food.

  • 4-12 Weeks: Young puppies need three or more feedings per day to adequately meet their nutritional needs. So, according to the feeding guide that comes with their food or the chart above, divide that by three or more and give the food to them throughout the day.
  • 3-12 Months: As your puppy gets older, you can reduce the number of feedings to twice daily. Their energy level should reduce thus, they dont need as much food throughout the day.
  • 12+ Months: Most adult dogs eat two meals per day. Youll want to divide their food requirement by two.

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Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

Did you know that 53% of dogs are overweight? Yikes! Even a few extra pounds can lead to health problems down the road, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. So while you might think your pudgy pooch looks cute, its important to get their weight in check.

Ideally, dogs should have an hourglass figure if youre looking straight down at them from above, their abdomen will be a bit narrower than their chest and hips. You can also examine their ribs. You should be able to feel them with light pressure, but not visibly see them.

Just remember: theres no magic weight loss pill for dogs. As a pet parent, itll be your responsibility to monitor your pups weight and make changes if needed.

If your dog needs to lose some pounds, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose Your Food Wisely Focus on meals with ingredients you can pronounce! Make sure its nutrient-dense, and avoid fillers and byproducts. The VCA offers a wise reminder on their site: when it comes to selecting the best food for your pup, get the highest-quality food you can afford.
  • Dont Ignore Treats & Snacks Those treats can add up! If youre doing a lot of reward-based training, you may want to adjust meals to accommodate the extra calories. Also, make sure to choose healthy dog treats instead of the calorie- and preservative-laden options you see in most stores.

Adult Perfect Weight Dog Food

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List



100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE At Hills, were dedicated to making foods your pet will love. If youre not satisfied for any reason with a product purchased from one of our authorized sellers, simply return the unused portion to the place of purchase for your money back or a replacement product. Additional terms may apply. Please click here for full details.

Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight dry dog food provides delicious, breakthrough weight management nutrition with clinically proven technology for:

  • Safe & effective weight loss with visible results within 10 weeks
  • Healthy weight maintenance & long lasting weight support
  • Lean muscle support

Science Diet pet food is available in a variety of dry foods and treats for your dogs unique needs, and canned foods, with many delicious flavors your dog’s will love.

Additional info:

At Hills, we have been studying how nutrition impacts pets cell function for over a decade. We learned that lean pets have a different biology than overweight pets. Our high protein, high fiber formula enriched with L-carnitine & coconut oil helps support pets metabolisms for a healthy body weight.

Adult dogs, including those that are less active, neutered or otherwise prone to weight gain

Not recommended for:

Puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs. During pregnancy or nursing, dogs should be switched to Hills Science Diet Puppy, Hills Science Diet Puppy Small Bites or Hills Science Diet Puppy Small Paws dry dog food.

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When To Feed A Puppy

Now that you know how often to feed your puppy, you should also know when you should feed your puppy.

Keeping your puppy on a strict feeding schedule will help with his own relationship with food and his eating habits while saving you from unnecessary headaches.

If you are feeding your puppy 3 meals a day, you should feed him somewhere around 7 am, noon, and then 5 pm.

Really, you should never feed your puppy later than 5 pm. At 5, your puppy has a chance to digest the food, and be taken outside right before bed, preventing nighttime accidents or demands to eliminate in the middle of the night.

Of course, if you are more of a night owl, feeding your puppy later might work well for you, but most puppies are early risers as they will hop out of bed with the sunrise.

Just be consistent with the timeframe to get your puppy on a schedule.

Feeding Guide For Senior Dogs

One way to slow down the effects of aging in dogs is to reduce the amount of food you feed old dogs by 20 to 30% of normal while meeting essential nutrient needs.

Reducing a senior Dog`s food slows the aging process and reduces the risk for cancer, kidney diseases, arthritis, and immune-related diseases.

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Get Moving And Play Together

If your dog isnt getting enough daily exercise, a great place to start is by taking them on a regular walk around the neighborhood. Start small, and then increase their daily exercise. Remember that small bursts of exercise multiple times a day may be better for your dog than an hour-long walk or hike, especially if they are used to being a couch potato.

If your dog needs some extra motivation, incentivize them with active playtime. Try playing different games with your dog, such as hide and seek, throwing a ball or frisbee, or romping through your backyard. Your dog may also enjoy playing brain games. Puzzle toys are widely available and can also be DIYed. These toys are not only exciting for your dog, encouraging them to get up and move around as they solve the puzzles, but they are also mentally stimulating, which is an essential part of your dogs health too. Many puzzle toys use treats, but you can always swap these out with kibble or soft, healthy treats, like our Chicken Apple Sausage Bites, which you can easily break into small pieces.

Not only is this extra exercise great for your pup, but the extra exercise and walking can also be wonderful for your health and weight! If possible, get your family involved too. You can go on family walks, play in the yard together, hike, play with a frisbee, and much more.

Your Best Puppy And Dog Food Options

Food Chart

Remember, having a dog who has his dietary needs met will be happier and healthier as a result. Not eating enough can lead to malnutrition, and overeating makes your pup obese .

Are you looking for more dog food articles? Weve got plenty of resources on various dog diets and nutrition, including our recommended foods for any age, diet type, and health concern, the best dog food delivery services for puppies and adult dogs, and homemade dog food recipes.

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Can Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food

Puppies and adult dogs have different nutrient needs. To help puppies grow into adult dogs, they require more protein, micronutrients, and carbs. Puppies also require a high amount of calories to help them grow, so its essential to purchase a high-quality food brand for your puppy.

A puppys mouth is smaller than an adult dogs mouth, which helps explain why their food is not as big as adult kibble. Feeding puppies adult dog food can be dangerous because the kibble is larger and the texture is harder to chew. Giving a puppy adult dog food, it can cause damage to their teeth, jaws, and overall health.

If youre looking for high-quality food for your little friend, perhaps you could try The Farmers Dog, one of our top picks for fresh dog food. Its a healthy solution for dogs of all ages.

How Many Times To Feed The Dog A Day

When it comes to how many times to feed a dog, there are three different ways to feed the Dog

One way is to make food available to the Dog at all times .

Another way is to feed the Dog two or three times a day . This is the feeding method that works the best for most Dogs.

The third way is to make food available to your Dog for a short time once or twice a day .

Each of these feeding methods has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed next.

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Introduction To Feeding The Dog

Most dog owners do not know how to properly feed their dogs.

Also, most dog owners overfeed their dogs.

That explains why 59 percent of dogs and cats are overweight, according to research.

Overfeeding your Dog will make your Dog overweight and obese. Obesity leads to worse health problems for your Dog.

Unfortunately, the Dog is a dog breed that can become overweight very easily.

Therefore, you need to pay careful attention to what you feed your Dog and how much food you feed your Dog.

Furthermore, when you overfeed your Dog, you waste dog food. Wasting dog food is the same as wasting money. Dog food is a recurring expenditure that adds up to a lot of money over the lifespan of your Dog.

When you feed your Dog the right type of food and the right amount of food, your Dog will be of the right body weight and the right body condition .

Similarly, underfeeding your Dog is as bad of a problem as overfeeding your Dog.

When you underfeed your Dog or feed your Dog an incomplete or unbalanced diet, you reduce your Dog`s quality of life.

The right amount of food that your Dog needs depends on six important factors.

  • The life stage of your Dog
  • The current weight of your Dog
  • The body condition of your Dog
  • How active your Dog is
  • If your Dog has been spayed/neutered
  • The type of dog food that you feed your Dog

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to properly feed your Dog based on the above factors as recommended by veterinarians.

French Bulldog Feeding Chart By Weight Age

Ranking Your Dog’s FOOD! ð¤ Nutritionist’s Dog Food Guide

A proper diet is key to ensuring that your French bulldog grows healthy. To properly feed your dog, a 2-6 months puppy should eat at least three times a day. After your French bulldog passes the 6-month mark, you can reduce the meal time to 2 meals per day.

Here is a French bulldog feeding chart by weight and age

> 5%

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Feeding Guide For The Young Adult Dog: Ages 1 Year To 6 Years

The dog food that you feed a young adult Dog should have the nutrients that will make a dog live longer.

A good dog food for the young adult Dog should also have the nutrients that will minimize the chances of your Dog getting infected with common dog diseases.

Also, a good dry dog food for the young adult Dog should help clean your dog`s teeth as your dog chews on the food.

Below is our best dog food recommendations for the young adult Dog

A Typical Dog Feeding Schedule For An Adult Dog

In the light of drafting a feeding schedule and chart for your adult dog, do adopt the following step-by-step guide for your grown-up dog

Food: In accordance with the standard means of feeding, adult dogs should only eat twice a day. This will not only put their metabolism, in a stable condition, but it will also aid quick digestion. In light of this, the feeding schedule that should be followed is

7:00 A.M. Breakfast should be offered

6:00 P.M. Dinner should be offered

Water: Having established a standard feeding schedule for your adult dog, the next line of action is to provide fresh water for your dog. More importantly, it is advisable to provide a fresh bowl of water for your dog in the morning and evening. This will prevent your dog from running thirsty.

In a similar vein, kindly ensure that the water provided is neatly so as to prevent your dog from being infected with the undue disease. Case in point, you observed that your dog is over thirsty and demand for more to increase the quantity of the water so as to be sufficient. The time-frame that for the provision and monitoring of the water include:

7:00 A.M. Wash and fill the bowl of water half-way

12:00 P.M. Clean and refill the bowl of water half-way

6:00 P.M. Clean and refill the bowl of water half-way

Bedtime Clean and refill the bowl of water about ¼ of the bowl.

8:00 A.M. Devote a minimum of 15 minutes playing with your Dog

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Feeding Your Dog Too Much Food Can Be A Path To Health Problems

We all love our pets to feel full and happy. But going over these food quantities has its risks, especially in obesity.

Congestive heart failure

Heart conditions are very common in dogs that overeat. Some of them even eat the wrong foods which are filled with sugar and salt and in large quantities, these foods lead to minor or serious congestive heart failure.


More than 95% of todays pet owners are unaware of their dogs obesity problems. However, overfeeding dogs is one of the main causes of obesity, together with a lack of exercise. If you still think overeating isnt all that bad, here are just a few health conditions associated with it.

Your pet can suffer from type 2 diabetes by eating too much or by eating unhealthy foods. Osteoarthritis or a condition of the ligaments is also tied to eating too much. As seen above, high blood pressure is also an issue, but it can be a condition tied to other health problems.

Skin disease is common in dogs that dont eat the right amount of food. Most importantly, data shows that overeating decreases life expectancy for dogs by an average of 2.5 years. Given dogs dont live as long as humans, this is a long period to simply overlook.

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