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Dog Food Blue Buffalo Recall

Blue Buffalo Brands History

Blue Buffalo issues dog food recall

The history of Blue Buffalo began with the Bishop family and their dog named Blue. The dog was diagnosed with cancer.

Mainly because of this, the Bishops began to study the commercial dog foods available on the market. They soon noticed the deficiencies and began to explore the link between diet and health.

From then, their main goal became to produce the healthiest and most nutritious dog food possible. They also enlisted the help of veterinarians and animal nutrition experts.

Blue Buffalo was founded in 2003, so it is a relatively new brand in the pet foods market. The company got its name from Blue, the dog, and the buffalo animal. The latter symbolized freedom and nature for the Bishops.

Blue Buffalo soon became popular in the market, thanks to its recipes to meet special dietary needs. Unfortunately, the companys reputation also comes with some negatives. Among the competitors, Purina accused Blue Buffalo of false advertising.

Purina said the vitamin and mineral blend called LifeSource Bits, developed by Blue does not provide adequate micronutrients for dogs. Animal by-products and grains have reportedly been found on several occasions in Blue Buffalo products that should not have contained these ingredients in principle.

The popularity of Blue Buffalo was not helped because its products were mentioned several times in an FDA investigation looking for links between diet and Dilated Cardiomyopathy. .

Blue Wilderness Dog Food Recalled

Dogs who eat high levels of beef thyroid hormones may develop symptoms such as increased thirst and urination, weight loss, increased heart rate and restlessness, and could eventually lead to vomiting, diarrhea and rapid or difficult breathing.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog develops such symptoms, the company said.

The recalled 12.5-ounce cans carry the UPC Code 840243101153 and have a Best Buy date of June 7, 2019, which is located on the bottom of the can.

Consumers should throw away the recalled dog food or return it to the place of purchase for full refund. For more information, call Blue Buffalo at 866-201-9072.

Show Sources

Numbers Of Affected Animals

In a potentially related incident in China, on 22 February 2006, Xinhua reported at least 38 cats dying shortly after being fed with Xiduoyu, a brand of a “Tianjin-based cat food manufacturer”. A veterinarian referred to in the story said “test results from Beijing Animal Hospital showed the dead cats had suffered from kidney exhaustion and that the sick ones have kidney damage.” Suspicions at that time focused on lead poisoning though Gu Junhua, a chief engineer from China’s “national feedstuff quality check centre under the Ministry of Agriculture”, was reported as saying: “But at present, he said it was difficult to draw any conclusions because the country has not drafted any food safety criteria for pets in terms of the quality and quantity of each element of the ingredients.” No mention of melamine was made.

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Where Is Blue Buffalo Pet Food Made

Blue Buffalo does not manufacture its own pet food products. Instead, Blue Buffalo chooses to outsource the physical manufacturing of its pet food to partners located in the United States. Blue Buffalo does not own its own manufacturing facility.

Facilities which produce Blue Buffalo pet food could also produce pet food products for many other brands. In our opinion, this type of arrangement leads to an increased likelihood of manufacturing errors and contamination.

Has Blue Buffalo Ever Been Recalled

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall 2020

Yes. Blue Buffalo has had to issue a number of pet food recalls going back to 2007. Here is a quick overview, and then we will go into much more detail below.

Most recently, in , Blue Buffalo recalled a single run of Blue Wilderness canned dog food because of potentially excessive levels of beef thyroid hormone .

A month earlier, in , Blue Buffalo recalled some cans of its Homestyle Recipe dog food because of possible metal contamination. Also that month, the company recalled wet dog food cups because of a packaging problem.

In May 2016, moisture problems and the possibility of mold prompted a limited recall of some Blue Buffalo sweet potatoflavored dog food.

In , there was a Blue Buffalo recall on a single lot of some chew bones. The cause was listed as potential salmonella contamination. Less than 3 weeks earlier, also in , a limited number of Blue Kitty Yums cat treats were pulled from shelves following reports of propylene glycol, which is unacceptable in cat treats under FDA guidelines.

In , Blue Buffalo voluntarily recalled a few products because of a sequencing error made by an ingredient supplier. The supplier had conducted a previous processing of Vitamin D in which some carryover may have contaminated the products.

This is product tampering, and it apparently has been going on for some time, the company said.

As a result of the recall, Blue Buffalo pulled all of its manufacturing from American Nutrition, even including products not listed in the recall.

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How Does It Rank Among Others Of Its Kind

When it comes to other limited-ingredient diets, Blue Basics ranks decently high on the list. However, they do have quality ingredients, making it a terrific candidate for dogs with moderate sensitivities.

As far as price is concerned, its a bit expensive no matter where you buy it. However, if you take a look at their traceable ingredients, it is a premium food and the cost reflects that.

How The Mystery Was Solved

The problem was first reported to us by one of our readers on September 26. But we were unable to confirm the story until now.

In an article published earlier today researchers at Michigan State University reported they had

discovered a group of illnesses reported in dogs across the country is linked to a specific brand of dog food from the Blue Buffalo Co.

Veterinarians from across the country recently began sending samples from dogs with elevated levels of calcium in their blood to MSUs Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, director Carole Bolin said. The sick dogs had increased thirst and urination, and some of them also suffered weight loss, loss of appetite and signs of kidney damage.

Endocrinologists with the Diagnostic Center, a service unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine, soon noticed the pattern and found a common factor: All 16 dogs whose samples were tested had very high levels of vitamin D in their blood and were fed a diet of Blue Buffalos Wilderness Chicken Recipe.

The article continues

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Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Blue Buffalo is a trusted name in pet food, and their cat food is no exception. Blue Buffalo makes various dry and wet foods for cats, treats, and supplements. Their products are made with natural ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. Blue Buffalo cat food is an excellent option for cats of all ages and stages of life. Whether you have a kitten, an adult cat, or a senior cat, Blue Buffalo food is right for them.

Prevention Of Illness In Pets

Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Dog Food Recall Alert

As of 4 May, the FDA advised: “If your pet food is not listed , the pet food is not affected by the recall and you can continue to feed it to your pets however, if your pet exhibits a sudden onset of symptoms including loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, stop feeding the pet food and contact your veterinarian.”

The growing number of recalls has motivated at least one well-known animal protection organization, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to recommend “until this crisis is resolved … pets be fed products containing U. S.-sourced protein supplements only.”

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Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews

One pet owner shared that they have been using Blue Buffalo cat food for their feline for over a year now and have noticed a significant improvement in their coat and overall health. They particularly like that the ingredients are high quality and free from by-products and fillers.

However, they did mention that their cat did experience some digestive issues at first when transitioning to the new food. They recommend gradually mixing the new food in with the old to help with the transition.

Another pet owner mentioned that they have been using Blue Buffalo cat food for their senior cat and have noticed an improvement in their energy levels and overall vitality. They also appreciate that the food is formulated specifically for senior cats with added vitamins and nutrients to support their aging bodies.

On the downside, some pet owners have reported that their cats did not seem to enjoy the taste of the food as much as other brands. Its important to keep in mind that every cat is different and what works for one may not work for another.

Overall, the majority of pet owners who have tried Blue Buffalo cat food have had positive experiences with it and would recommend it to other cat owners.

Against The Grain Pet Food Voluntarily Recalls One Lot Of Pulled Beef Due To Potential Adulteration With Pentobarbital

Out of an abundance of caution, Against the Grain Pet Food is voluntarily recalling one lot of Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs that was manufactured and distributed in 2015.

The 12 oz. Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs that is being voluntarily recalled, due to the potential presence of pentobarbital, has an expiration date of December 2019, a lot number of 2415E01ATB12, and the second half of the UPC code is 80001 . Note: To-date, no complaints have been reported to Against the Grain for this single lot number nor any of Against the Grains pet foods, since the company was founded. In 2015, this one lot of product was distributed to independent pet retail stores in Washington and Maryland, though it has been verified that this lot is no longer on any store shelves. This voluntary recall only affects one specific lot of food.

Consumers may return any can with the aforementioned lot number, to their place of purchase and receive a full case of Against the Grain food for the inconvenience. For any questions, customers may contact the company at 708/566-4410 between 11:00 am 4:00 pm Central Time, Monday Friday.

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Why Another Blue Buffalo Recall

The latest Blue Buffalo recall is voluntary. This happens when a company becomes aware of a potential problem with its products and decides to recall it before consumers suffer any damages. In this case, Blue Buffalo responded to a possible safety issue after an owner claimed that their dog got sick after consuming BLUE Wilderness® Rocky Mountain RecipeTM Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs. The company investigated and found possible elevated beef thyroid hormones in one production lot of the Blue dog food formula in question. They implemented a recall as a result, and there were no further reports of similar incidents. Not affected by this Blue Buffalo recall are cat food and other varieties of Blue dog foods.

Who Makes Blue Buffalo And Where Is It Made

Dog Food Recall Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is owned by U.S. food company, General Mills. All of the brands dog food products are produced in the United States.

Blue Buffalo owns and operates 2 manufacturing facilities. One is located in Joplin, Missouri and the other in Richmond, Indiana. The company also outsources a number of its other products to co-packers that are also located in America.

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Dog Food Recalled For Excess Vitamin D

Blue Buffalo Co. has recalled certain dog foods that may contain excess vitamin D, which can cause hypercalcemia.

On Oct. 8, a team at Michigan State University announced it had found that 16 dogs with hypercalcemia also had high concentrations of vitamin D in their blood and ate a diet of Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Chicken dog food. The dogs seemed to recover with a change in diet.

Blue Buffalo recalled certain product runs of Wilderness Chicken, Basics Salmon, and Large Breed Adult Chicken dog foods. A letter states that the company believes the products may contain excess vitamin D because an ingredient supplier made a vitamin D supplement before making ingredients for the products.

A company press release on the website of the Food and Drug Administration reports a total of 36 cases of dogs displaying signs consistent with high serum vitamin D concentrations after consuming food from the product runs in question. The signs subsided with a change in diet.

The Blue Buffalo letter states that the recall applies to the following:

  • Wilderness Chicken dog food in 4.5-, 11-, and 24-pound bags with “best by” dates of JUL1211B, JUL1311B, JUL2611Z, JUL2711Z, and JUL2811Z
  • Basics Salmon dog food in 11- and 24-pound bags with “best by” dates of AUG2111B and AUG2211B
  • Large Breed Adult Chicken dog food in 30-pound bags with “best by” dates of SEP2211P, SEP2311P, and OCT2611P

Initial Efforts Focus On Aminopterin

On 23 March, the New York State Food Laboratory reported that aminopterin was found in samples sent to them by Cornell.Michigan State University also investigated the source of the kidney failure and made available to researchers and veterinarians pictures and photographs of affected animal kidneys “demonstrating acute tubular necrosis in the kidney with intratubular crystals.” Aminopterin was widely described in news reports as a “rat poison“, though that assertion may be based upon a hypothetical use listed in the 1951 patent application and not upon the actual use of the chemical.Aminopterin is illegal in China,and neither Cornell University nor the FDA could replicate the New York lab’s results. On 27 March, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported the symptoms described in affected animals are not “fully consistent with the ingestion of rat poison containing aminopterin.”

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Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain

This recipe is a good choice for typically active medium or large breed dogs, such as Bulldogs and German Shepherds.

The meat protein comes solely from high-quality chicken and turkey, so its a good choice if your dog is allergic to beef or isnt a fan of fishy formulas. Also, the carbs come in for the form of potatoes and peas, making it suitable for dogs with grain allergies. The carb levels are quite high, so it is not a good choice for overweight dogs.

There is 400mg/kg of glucosamine, so, as with the previous recipe, I think it is a good choice for dogs prone to joint problems.

Blue Buffalos Rigorous 6

Blue Buffalo vs. Purina One® Dog Food

Blue Buffalo has strict controls in place for every product we create, to ensure the ingredients meet our high-quality standards. The six points include:

1) Check Our Sources

  • As part of the formulation of all Blue Buffalo products, we start by testing each ingredient for its nutritional value
  • For each shipment that comes in, our ingredients suppliers are required to test ingredients to ensure they meet our specific quality requirements
  • We check the quality of each of our suppliers by verifying their programs and processes

2) Test Ingredients

  • Before ingredients come into the manufacturing facilities, we double-check to ensure their quality was maintained in transit
  • We make sure ingredients will deliver on BLUEs Guaranteed Analysis for each of our product

3) Monitor with Batching

  • At this point we start batching, which means we combine ingredients to create the desired dietary formula
  • We conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure BLUE formulas are made correctly
  • During this process, we track where and how we use the ingredients
  • We collect samples to verify that were meeting product specifications
  • Facilities and equipment are thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis and monitored for cleanliness daily
  • We maintain and test equipment to ensure its working correctly

5) Evaluate Packaging

6) Assess Finished Product

If you ever have any questions or concerns about Blue Buffalo foods and treats, please fill out our contact us form or call us at 919-2833.

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Is Blue Buffalo Considered A Balanced Dog Food

All Blue Buffalo recipes meet or exceed dog food nutrient profiles established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials . These standards are based on the Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats published by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science in Washington, D.C. Each Blue Buffalo recipe is considered complete and balanced for the canine life stage printed on the package.

Blue Buffalo Recalls Dog Food That Could Sicken Pets

A pet food company is recalling one of its products over fears that it could be harmful to your dog’s health.

Blue Buffalo issued a voluntary recall for its Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Wet Food for Adult Dogs, which the company said could contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormones.

Dogs that ingest high levels of these hormones may exhibit symptoms such as: increased thirst and urination, weight loss, increased heart rate and restlessness. Prolonged consumption could cause these symptoms to increase in severity and may include vomiting, diarrhea and rapid or difficulty breathing. According to the company, the symptoms may resolve when the use of the impacted food is discontinued.

The FDA said a consumer reported symptoms in one dog, who has fully recovered. After an investigation, Blue Buffalo issued a recall for the one production lot in question. The production lot that is being recalled has UPC Code “840243101153” and a Best Buy Date of “June 7, 2019,” which is found on the bottom of the can.

The affected products were distributed nationally through pet specialty and online retailers.

If your dog has consumed the product listed above and exhibited any symptoms, Blue Buffalo says you should discontinue feeding and contact your veterinarian. Anyone who has purchased the recalled product should dispose of it or return to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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