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Diamond Natural Dog Food Puppy

Diamond Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

Diamond Naturals Dog Food and Dog Treats | Chewy

With so many Diamond Dog Food options, finding the best dog food formula can be challenging. To help the search, we have reviewed the brands best-selling recipes on Amazon and Chewy.

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Summary: This kibble is specifically formulated to provide high-quality nutrition to active dogs, show dogs, and breeder dogs. It is made with energetic dogs in mind with higher levels of fat to provide sustained energy and a more satiating eating experience to prevent overeating. It is available in 40-pound bags and is suitable for adult dogs with slightly higher energy demands or who may require some weight management.

Type: Dry dog food

  • Formulated for active, athletic dogs
  • Probiotics for digestive health
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for skin & coat health
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Not suited for inactive dogs

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken by-product meal is the first ingredient. By-products use nearly everything in the animal except skeletal muscle to make a powder that is cheap and simple to produce but offers vitamins, minerals, and protein. It is a good source of nutrition, but some people may be off-put by its use. Chicken fat,salmon oil, and flaxseed are added to increase the crude fat, DHA, and fatty acids. Vitamin and mineral supplements help make this a complete source of nutrition, offering calcium, vitamin E, and folic acid.

Type: Dry dog food


  • Chicken meal is the first ingredient



Diamond Naturals Large Puppy Lamb And Rice Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Large Puppy Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food

Diamond is family-owned and believes every pet deserves the very best that& #39 s why their food is made with high-quality ingredients. They use ingredients your pet will love, at a price you can feel good about!

Diamond& #39 s Naturals provides complete, holistic nutrition for your dog. Specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your large breed puppy, this formula contains DHA for proper brain and vision development. It also contains precise protein and mineral content, Omega fatty acids and antioxidants to help support your large breed puppy& #39 s growth and development.

  • Suitable for large breed puppies
  • Nutrient levels to fuel larger growing bodies
  • Calcium and phosphorus for bone and joint development

After something different? View our entire range of Diamond Pet Food.

  • Lifestage:Puppy

The Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers For : Reviewed And Ranked Faqs

Which dog food is best for Golden Retrievers?

The best dog food for your Golden Retriever is dependent on his age. Life stage is a crucial consideration when selecting dog food for your pup. If your Golden is in the puppy stage, he needs a formula specific to large breed puppies. If he is in the adult stage, then he should be consuming a formula made for large breed adult dogs. If your Golden is in the senior life stage, he should be consuming large breed senior dog food.

What is the healthiest diet for a Golden Retriever?

The healthiest diet for a Golden Retriever includes high-quality protein. As we mentioned above, you should be looking for dog food that has real meat listed as the first ingredient. Wholesome grains can be included along with essential nutrients and omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health. Consider age-specific requirements when selecting the healthiest diet for your golden as well.

What is a Golden Retrievers favorite food?

Thats up to your Golden to decide! Although Goldens are of the same breed, just as each of their personalities is unique, so are their flavor preferences. While one Golden may be highly attracted to chicken or beef, another May love duck or even fish flavors. Keep an eye on what makes your dog salivate the most and thats how youll be able to determine what his favorite food is.

Do Golden Retrievers need grain-free food?

Is Royal Canin good for Golden Retriever?

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What Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Dog Food is a product line from Diamond Pet Food, the parent company of Taste of the Wild and Kirkland dog foods.

Diamond Naturals Dog Food incorporates superfoods and whole-food ingredients into dry and wet food formulas to provide complete nutrition derived from natural, holistic sources.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldnt Feed Their Dogs An Organic Diet

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy 40 lb. Dry Dog Food 981429

Some pups have medical conditions or other needs that require them to eat a specialized diet. In that case, you should feed your dog whatever your vet recommends organic or not.

Other dogs have grown so accustomed to the food theyre eating that switching to a different food could cause more problems than it solves. If your dog enjoys his food and his health is thriving, keep doing what youre doing.

This list is specifically geared towards puppies, though. The food dogs eat when theyre young will go a long way towards shaping their preferences and tolerances once theyre adults, which is why we recommend starting them out on the best diet possible and we believe thats an organic one.

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Puppy Food: What To Look For

When it comes to choosing the best foods for your growing puppy, obsessing over individual ingredients isnt important, according to Rollins.

Instead of reading endless ingredient labels, Rollins suggests looking for two things: the life stage listed on the bag and the Association of American Feed Control Officials seal. Puppies need puppy food, not adult food, to ensure that they receive all of the essential ingredients for optimal growth and development. The AAFCO seal is another indication that a dog food is complete and balanced. In other words, it contains all of the nutrients that dogs require at each life stage and the nutrients are in the correct proportions. Any puppy food with the AAFCO seal is a good choice for a healthy diet, Rollins says.

If you have a large breed puppywere talking about you, German Shepherds, Mastiffs and Rottweilerslook for foods designed with their size in mind.

Rollins notes that large breed puppies have specific nutritional needs and require foods with the right balance of nutrients. These formulations have higher protein levels and essential fatty acids like DHA that were designed to promote slower, steadier growth large breed puppy foods are also less calorie dense, allowing growing puppies to eat enough to feel full without overeating.

Rick Michigan Diamond Naturals

Its well into hunting season and my German Wirehaired Pointer has been working hard for four or five days per week for the past two months. Early on during this intense field work he began to lose weight. I can stand to lose a few pounds, but not him. Deciding he needed a higher performance food I compared all the top brands and switched to Diamond Extreme Athlete Chicken & Rice Formula for its high protein, high fat and superior ingredients. Four weeks later the weight is back with improved muscle tone and stamina that is off the charts! I cant tell you how pleased I am with this product. Rick, Michigan

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Audra Texas Diamond Naturals

I was given a Maltipoo by my boyfriend last year. Right off, he had allergies. He itched and bit the hair off his hips and scratched constantly. My boyfriend was feeding his pit bulls Diamond, which had been recommended by a breeder. After looking at all your products, we saw you had a small breed puppy formula. Our vet was encouraging us to send my puppy to a dermatologist for shots and testing. One week after starting him on the small breed formula, the itching stopped! He began to grow hair and it is sooo soft. Everyone comments on his hair and nails. Thank you for saving him from allergy shots! What an excellent product. Im a customer for life. Audra, Texas

Cooked Vs Raw Diets For Puppies

Diamond Naturals Dog food , best dog food for your buck

Theres no doubt that home-cooked diets for puppies can be healthy when done correctly, but what about raw food? There is much controversy over raw food for dogs. The AVMA and other agencies warn of the risks of dangerous pathogens in raw pet food. Some other experts see the potential benefits of raw food for healthy adult dogs. However, puppies are a different story. Raw food may contain dangerous pathogens that can lead to illness in people and some dogs. Like children, young animals may not have the immune systems to fight off pathogens found in raw food.

If you feel you can safely handle raw food and you are willing to assume the risks, talk to your veterinarian about transitioning to raw food when your puppy gets older. In the beginning, you might choose to offer a combination of cooked and raw foods to see how it works out.

Raw diets should never be fed to dogs coming into contact with immunocompromised humans. In addition, raw diets are not recommended for dogs with immune system issues.

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What Are The Benefits Of Natural Dog Food

There are many benefits of premium, all-natural dog food, including:

  • No chemicals, preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients
  • High-quality meat proteins as the primary ingredient
  • Nutrients from whole food sources including meats, vegetables, and fruits
  • Boosts your dogs immune system
  • Helps to eliminate dog allergies
  • Promotes better digestion

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About Diamond Pet Foods

Diamond Pet Foods has always been a family-owned and privately held company. We also happen to be one of the leading manufacturers of pet food in the nation, with a complete range of proprietary and private label products that we manufacture in six, state-of-the-art facilities across the country.

Were committed to constantly developing new and innovative products and processes to ensure your pet is getting the proper nutrition they need to thrive. This includes a commitment to product safety that has led to a comprehensive food safety program that exceeds industry standards.

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Best Wet Dog Food For Seniors

Wet foods offer a tasty option for senior dogs to continue receiving complete and balanced nutrition in their golden years and have several specific benefits for this age group. For example, senior dogs with advanced dental disease will have an easier time chewing and swallowing wet food than kibble.

Wet foods high moisture content is good for senior dogs with urinary stones. If a senior dog has recurring urinary stones, maximizing water intake by soaking kibble or replacing kibble with wet food may be ideal, says Dr. Shepherd. The extra water intake will encourage urination, which helps reduce the risk of stone formation.

Wet foods strong flavor and aroma can stimulate appetite in senior dogs that may feel lousy from a chronic illness, such as chronic kidney disease.

Shepherd advises dog owners to consider calorie count when feeding wet food to senior dogs. One cup of wet food has fewer calories than one cup of kibble, meaning that your dog would need to eat more wet food to maintain the proper calorie and nutrient intake. Fat content is also worth considering. Compared with dry food, canned food tends to be higher in fat, she adds. Not all senior dogs can tolerate a high-fat diet.

You may see various age designations on senior dog wet food labels, such as mature adult,adult 7+, or senior. As long as the food meets the AAFCO standards for maintenance , it will be nutritionally appropriate for your senior dog.

Our picks for senior wet dog food:

Should You Feed Your Puppy Grains Or Not

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Real Lamb Recipe Premium Dry Dog ...

Before even entering the market, many puppy owners fret over the dilemma of choosing a grain or non-grain diet. And it isnt your fault, considering the number of grain-free options available in the market.

The truth is that your puppy doesnt necessarily need a grain-free diet. Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice are beneficial for their digestive system since theyre rich in fiber.

But if your puppy suffers from allergies or sensitivities, then you should consider picking a grain-free dog food. Puppies who are allergic to grains will experience itching, skin rashes, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you suspect any such signs, contact your veterinarian and discuss whether a grain-free diet would be appropriate for your puppy.

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Our Rating Of Diamond Dog Food

The Dog Food Advisor finds Diamond to be an above-average grain-inclusive kibble. Each recipe uses at least a moderate amount of named meat meal as its dominant source of animal protein thus earning the brand 4.5 stars. The Diamond Naturals formula gets 4.5 stars. Diamond wet earns 5 stars. Highly recommended.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

The last on our list is the Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food and it is another great option for those looking for the best natural puppy food. This food is formulated for large breed puppies. It contains the perfect ratio of fat and protein that large breed puppies need to maintain optimal weight.

The crude protein content of this food is 27 percent, the crude fat content is 15 percent, the crude fiber content is 3 percent, and the caloric content is 342 kilocalories per cup. The number ingredient of this formula is lamb, which is a novel protein. It also contains lamb meal, cracked pearled barley, and whole grain brown rice.

It does not have any filler or artificial ingredients. This food contains natural DHA, which is what every puppy needs for adequate eye and brain development. It also features a blend of probiotics to boost the digestive and immune health of your puppy.


  • Support healthy skin and a shiny coat


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Where Does Diamond Get Their Ingredients

The Diamond Pet Foods company is headquartered in Meta, Missouri but they have five manufacturing facilities in four states. According to the FAQs on the company website, all Diamond Pet Foods products are manufactured in the United States but the company does not state where they get their ingredients.

As an international company, it is entirely possible that Diamond Pet Foods sources some of their ingredients from other countries, though this has not been definitively confirmed.

Diamond does state on their website that they have developed unique relationships with their suppliers and, as a privately held company, they can look beyond their short-term, quarterly shareholder results and enter into long-term agreements with their vendors.

Still, however, no mention is made of exactly where those vendors are located.

Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Worth It


Yes, Diamond Naturals Dog Food is worth it.

Diamond Naturals sources its ingredients from US-based farmers and makes its products in the United States.

Beyond that, they make this product line with natural and holistic ingredients free of fillers and artificial preservatives that provide high-quality ingredients and nutrition for dogs at any life stage, and it all comes at an affordable mid-tier price.

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Elizabeth Facebook Fan Diamond Naturals

Thank you for making a high quality dog food at such affordable prices. All three of our dogs love the Diamond Naturals food and are at healthier weights with shiny coats because of it. Just wanted to say keep up the good work! They go through a 40 lb. bag every 2.5 weeks and we are so happy to have found this food for them at prices that dont break the bank. Elizabeth, Facebook fan

Denise Facebook Fan Diamond Naturals

I started my almost 2-year-old Rough Haired Collie, Connor, on Diamond Naturals Adult Dog Beef Meal & Rice Formula a few days ago. I have to say it was the first time I saw him actually eat his food like he wanted to eat! He LOVES it! I got him at eight weeks old. Aside from treats, I never saw him finish a bowl of food in one sitting. He has had NO problems with the change. He seems happier. I know I am happier because he is. Thank you for producing a dog food that is affordable and is good for my dog.Denise, Facebook fan

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Is Diamond A Good Food For Older Dogs

Diamond recipes that contain ample amounts of protein and below-average fat and calorie content can be safe for seniors. But they must meet AAFCO nutrient guidelines for adult maintenance. Diamond Naturals Senior Formula can be a healthy option for older pets. View The Advisors best senior dog foods here.

Wellness Core Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food, 6 lb. bag ...

Rating: 4.6/5

  • One dog got stinky breath after eating this food

If youre looking for a natural grain-free dry dog food option thats made of natural ingredients and high amounts of animal protein, check out Wellness COREs Grain-Free dry dog food. Despite being somewhat pricey, a lot agree that this dry food is value for money.

A recipe specially made for small breed adult dogs, this treat is approved by dogs and recommended by 95% of its reviewers. In fact, most dogs enjoy its meaty taste from picky eaters to food-lovings Shi Tzus, Boston Terriers, to Dachshunds.

Transitioning to this grain-free food is seamless, as mentioned by a good number of reviewers. Health-wise, this natural dry dog food got a two thumbs up.

Dogs who ate this became more active and looked healthier. One even added that their dogs fur went from pretty to spectacular.

Besides that, this grain-free food also did not cause any tummy problems . It also helped one diabetic dog lower its blood sugar.

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