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Canned Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

Solid Gold Leaping Waters Sensitive Stomach Grain

âTop 5 Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomachs of 2022

Just like humans, some dogs cant digest grains or gluten. This blend from Solid Gold is grain- and gluten-free and contains chickpeas and tapioca to provide your dog with much-needed carbohydrates. Cold-water salmon is packed with protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which improve your dogs skin and coat without upsetting his delicate stomach. Solid Golds formula also contains a blend of 20 easily digestible superfoods to boost your pups immune health and support a healthy gut.

Mealtime can be tricky if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Fortunately, many dog food brands have expanded their options to accommodate even the most delicate digestive tract. Talk to your veterinarian about starting your pup on a sensitive stomach diet. They can tell you how best to transition your pooch to their new diet, and may recommend additional supplements to help support gut health.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Sensitive Stomachs

As you can imagine, the stomach is at the heart of the digestive system so the symptoms are commonly associated with waste management and are fairly easy to spot. However, a single incident of a dodgy tummy does not mean they have a chronic issue they may well have just eaten something that didnt agree with them. Weve all had a dodgy curry and a few days later all is well.

Anyway, if your dog does indeed have a sensitive stomach and youre wondering if a change in dog foods may help, keep an eye on the following symptoms if they keep reoccurring.

  • Lack of appetite
  • Stomach gurgling after a meal
  • Excessive and pungent gas

Its unlikely for a dog with a sensitive stomach to just have one of these symptoms, theyre likely to have several if they have a chronic problem that requires treatment and a drastic change in their dog food. Its important to never panic when a dog is unwell in the first 24 hours so wed recommend observing them over a few days to see if the symptoms persist and if they do the first thing wed try and improve is their diet following a trip to the vet.

Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Lamb Meal And Egg

Image courtesy Brothers Complete

This food is made with lamb meal, which is a great source of protein. It also has eggs, which are an excellent source of protein and omega-three fatty acids.

It is grain-free and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This food is made in the USA with high-quality ingredients. Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Lamb Meal and Egg is perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

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Nature’s Recipe Wet Food Cuts In Gravy

If your dog is sensitive to chicken, fish, or beef, Natures Recipe offers this stew thats made with cuts of lamb meat in thick gravy. It contains rice and barley, which are excellent sources of highly digestible carbohydrates. It has peas and carrots for that added boost of natural nutrients and antioxidants.

Ingredients: Water Sufficient for Processing, Lamb, Soy Protein Concentrate, Dried Egg Product, Brown Rice, Peas, Barley Flour, Carrots, Canola Oil , Rice Flour, Brewers Yeast, Salt, Guar Gum, Vitamins , Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex , Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement), Malted Barley Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride, Carrageenan, Minerals , Rosemary Extract

This healthful blend of highly-digestible chunky meat cuts and carbohydrates in mouthwatering gravy will definitely appeal to dogs. In fact, even picky ones show an unusual interest in this best-canned dog food for sensitive stomachs. Those with a delicate stomach, tolerate Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy well, too. They have no stomach upsets or loose stool, whatsoever. Some dogs do seem to find the gravy too thick, but thats easily remedied on by adding a tablespoon of warm water.

Sensitive Stomach Wet Dog Food


Your furbaby’s sensitive tummy doesn’t need to hold her back from the most flavorful, tasty foods when you fill her bowl and help her belly with wet dog food for sensitive stomachs. Sensitive digestion wet dog food is a specialty diet that might help friends who regularly experience vomiting, irregular stools and excessive gas. Your dog might show these symptoms if her current food has insufficient fiber or too much fat and proteins that don’t suit her dietary needs.

Just because she has a sensitive tummy doesn’t mean that dinner needs to be boring! There’s canned dog food for sensitive stomachs to meet everyone’s preferences. You’ll find sensitive digestion wet dog food textures like pate, stew, minced and more. Plus, you’ll find her fur-avorite flavors like Hill’s Chicken and Vegetable Stew and many other tasty selections. If your pal is showing signs of tummy issues, work with your vet to see if sensitive stomach wet dog food could help. Sometimes the dog-tor has a special plan in mind, and you can find and fill your prescription dog food at Chewy.

Whether your dog has a sensitive tummy or some other dietary need, you’ll find dog food for every furry friend at Chewy. You might be picking out the perfect flavor of wet dog food or working with your vet to determine if grain free wet dog food or limited ingredient wet dog food. Let Chewy take care of your pup’s sensitive diet with our large selection of wet dog food for sensitive stomachs!

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Easy To Digest Ingredients

High-Fiber Ingredients A good high-fiber food like pumpkin or sweet potato can help firm up the stools. There are two types of fiber:

  • Soluble Fiber – Soluble fiber absorbs water and can help slow down digestion. Sources of soluble fiber include oat bran, barley, some fruits, and beans.
  • Insoluble Fiber – Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the diet. It can speed up the digestion process. Some sources of insoluble fiber include whole grains and vegetables.

Avoderm Natural Dry & Wet Dog Food For Skin & Coat Chicken & Rice Formula

Our Rating:

Price Range: $$

What We Like About It

  • Flavor – dogs like to eat this food
  • It has probiotics
  • It gives dog a healthy, shiny coats

What We Don’t Like

  • Its too rich for some dogs and gives them loose stools
  • It has a high salt content and dogs drink a lot of water when eating this food

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Switching Dog Food For A Sensitive Pup

Its always wise to transition your dog from one dog food to another in a slow, gradual manner, but it is especially important to do so for dogs that do not digest well. Abruptly changing such a dogs food is just begging for additional problems, so make sure to take it slow.

Most veterinarians recommendstarting by giving your dog a bowl of food containing about 80% to 90% of their old food, and 10% to 20% of their new dog food. Increase the percentage of new dog food to about 30% to 40% on the next day, while reducing the quantity of the old dog food to about 60% to 70%.

Continue in this same manner until you are providing your dog with 100% of the new food the whole process should take about 5-7 days.

Not all dogs will a sensitive stomach will suffer gastrointestinal upset from a new dog food, and it may even start to produce positive results very quickly. In such cases, it may make sense to accelerate the pace of the switch. Youll just have to use your best judgment.

Benefits Of Choosing A Premium Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach And Diarrhea

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food | Chewy
  • Helps Prevent Allergic Reactions – Dog food formulas for sensitive stomachs tend to avoid high-allergen foods like corn and wheat. They focus on easily digestible items and often have limited ingredients so its easier to eliminate potential allergens from your pals diet.
  • Helps Prevent Inflammatory Bowel Disease – IBD in dogs occurs when your pups gastrointestinal tract experiences ongoing irritation. Over time, he develops a sensitivity or allergy to a hard-to-digest protein or another ingredient. Feeding a sensitive stomach dog food can prevent further damage to Fidos system because the food sources are simple and easier on the system.
  • Helps Prevent Chronic Diarrhea – If you feed your furbaby food with easily digestible ingredients, a good fiber source, and probiotics, youre less likely to irritate his system. That way is dinner will stay in his stomach long enough for complete processing. With proper digestion, youll see firmer stools.
  • Gives Fido a Balanced Diet -Premium products for dogs with sensitive stomachs should have a balance of the nutrients your pal needs to thrive. The AKC recommends that you look for complete and balanced on the product label to help ensure that youre giving your pal the proper nutrition for his needs.

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What Causes A Sensitive Stomach In Dogs

There can be several reasons why a certain dog might experience a sensitive stomach when fed certain foods. There is also a scale of severity here, which means one dog might experience mild symptoms while another might experience severe symptoms.

This holds true even when the two dogs both get problems with the same foods.

However, there are certain areas that are most likely to cause digestion issues in dogs and puppies. Lets look at those now. Understanding the different options will help you choose the best dog food for sensitive stomachs.


All dogs need protein to help them thrive. However, while your dog may love chowing down on beef, their stomachs may have different ideas! Changing from one source of protein to another will help identify whether they are sensitive to one or more of them, such as chicken or even fish. Consider trying foods based on single sources of protein rather than those with two or more in the same mix.


The higher in fat a dogs diet is, the more trouble the animal is likely to have digesting it. Switching to dog food with a lower fat percentage can help rule out this as a possible cause or identify it as the culprit. Look at your existing dog food and find one with a lower fat percentage to see what happens.


Food quality

Food made to an open formula means the components could change. For a dog with a sensitive tummy, that can be a disaster.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain

Your dogs wet food couldnt possibly get any simpler than Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Rabbit Formula from Natures Variety. It has one animal protein source and one vegetable . These high-quality ingredients are blended in with vitamins and minerals to ensure adequate nutrition. Rabbit is novel meat, so dogs that react to other more common meat types would have a better chance with this.

Ingredients: Rabbit, Water, Rabbit Liver, Peas, Dicalcium Phosphate, Montmorillonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Minerals , Vitamins , Choline Chloride

Peas are not only highly nutritious , but theyre also high in fiber which is very important for dogs with digestive issues. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe by Nature’s Variety helps to maintain a healthier weight and regulate blood glucose, too.

Rabbits are one of the most natural prey of dogs in the wild, so its not so surprising why dogs find this so delicious and easily becomes their favorite meal. More important is that this formula helps with food allergies and pet owners say that it has eased down on tummy upsets and itching in their dogs.

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Best Wet Dog Food For Dogs With A Sensitive Stomach

Here’s a problem lots of dog owners face. Your dog doesn’t particularly enjoy dry dog food . You don’t have the freezer space or desire to feed a raw dog food diet.

You prefer the convenience and availability of wet dog food and your dog enjoys wet food but….your dog’s sensitive stomach is not always in agreement.

How to solve the problem of feeding a dog with a sensitive stomach on a wet food diet?

Fortunately, that’s just the question we’re going to answer for you in our guide to the best wet foods for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

We’ve previously covered the pros and cons of wet food vs dry food, so this guide is aimed squarely at anyone who wants to feed their dog on a wet food diet and is aware that their dog has issues with food sensitivity.


  • Burns Pet Nutrition Hypoallergenic Complete Wet Food With Chicken Brown Rice and Vegetables
  • Nulo Freestyle Limited+ Turkey Grain


    Single-protein kibble thats GMO-free

    Single animal protein formula perfect for dogs with digestion issues. A great option for allergy elimination diets.

    About: Nulo Freestyle Limited+ Turkey is a GMO-free, grain-free diet catered specifically for dogs with digestion issues. Featuring a single-animal protein source and no eggs, corn, wheat, or soy, its a great sensitive stomach dog food choice for owners who want to avoid common canine allergens.


    • Turkey as single animal protein source fewer animal protein sources mean fewer chances that something will upset your pups tummy .
    • 30% crude protein, plus essential nutrients for a diet suitable for both pups and adults.
    • Contains GanebenBC30 that aid in gut health.
    • Low carb, with chickpeas and sweet potatoes but no potatoes or tapioca.
    • No chicken, eggs, peas, pea protein, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.
    • Made in the USA.


    We love seeing two single-animal protein sources as the first ingredients, making it a great choice for owners trying to avoid allergens to aid in their pups healthy digestion.


    There isnt a ton of feedback or reviews on this dry dog food, so its difficult to get an objective view on what owners think.

    Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Canola Oil …,

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    The Best Canned Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

    Some dogs with sensitive stomachs tolerate canned food better than kibble. If you choose to feed your dog canned food, know that it is just as important that you take your time to select a high-quality product as it is if you were feeding a dry food product.

    To give you a place to start your search, here are a few recommended canned dog foods for sensitive stomachs:

    When Should I See A Vet

    If your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea frequently, it’s important to see a vet. This could be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs to be treated.

    Additionally, if your dog is vomiting blood or has black, tarry stool, this is a sign of a serious issue and you should seek medical attention immediately.

    If you’re unsure whether or not your dog’s symptoms are serious, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and make an appointment with your vet.

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    Transitioning Your Dog To A Different Food

    In general, the best way to transition your dog to a new food is to start small. The first meal should contain approximately 80-90 percent old food and 10-20 percent new food. Change this ratio slowly over the course of 10 days. You can always call your vet to get her recommendations about the best way to transition your dog to a new food.

    What Kind Of Things Should We Look For In Wet Food To Help Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

    Homemade Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Recipe (for GI disorders)

    Writing this buyers guide we have learned a tremendous amount about the key features which separates the good from the not so good when it comes to feeding a dog who does not have a fully functional and problem-free digestive system.

    From our findings, we have created this list that you can use to compare with the recommendations weve given at the top of the article or with ingredients label while youre in a store offline or online.

    Low fat

    Most dog foods use animal proteins as their source of protein which can be mixed with grains to complete the recipe, which is natural and matches their dietary requirements,

    Too much fat can put a huge strain on the pancreas and kidneys which can lead to pancreatitis and gastroenteritis if its their normal diet over a sustained period of time. Not only that, fat isnt the best source of energy carbohydrates are better for that within limits.

    Animal proteins can be fatty, especially red meats such as beef, lamb and especially raw meats. We highly recommend sticking with white meat and fish as theyre naturally lean and low in fat. Some

    No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

    Fewer ingredients

    The more unique ingredients in the wet food means an increased risk it could aggravate a sensitive stomach, if youve already looked at our top wet foods for sensitivity youll see that the ingredients list is relatively short they have key ingredients and thats about it and thats the key for easy to digest and palatable foods.

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    Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Turkey & Potato Recipe Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

    According to Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, Some dogs cannot handle a lot of variety in their diet or withstand ingredients that make their digestive systems work a little harder than normal. Eliminating unnecessary ingredients with a basic formula like Blue Buffalos Limited Ingredient blend helps simplify your pups diet, allowing them to digest their food more easily. Blue Buffalo never uses chicken or poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, or soy in their foods, so youre also eliminating fillers and common allergens from your dogs diet. Made with real turkey, potatoes, peas, and pumpkin, this formula aids in healthy digestion. Blue Buffalos formula also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which improve the condition of your pups skin and coat.

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