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Can Dog Food Allergies Cause Ear Infections

Treating And Preventing Your Pets Allergies

Cure your dogs allergies skin and ear infections. Make your own dog food.

Once weve determined what your pet is allergic to, its important to avoid those substances when possible. Some allergenslike dustare more difficult to avoid than others, but there are ways you can help to minimize your pets exposure.

For example, some pets with environmental allergies might benefit from bathing once per week. Bathing this often can strip your pets skin of its natural oils, though, so be sure to ask us about shampoos that will help to moisturize your pets skin.

Additionally, you should attempt to keep your pets environment as clean as possible to minimize exposure to potential allergens. Clean bedding, curtains, and flooring often.

All pets, but especially those that struggle with flea allergies, should be given a year-round flea preventive medication.

Dogs and cats with more severe allergies might also benefit from:

  • Antihistamines

Q: What Is The Process For Diagnosis

Dr. Cathy: Your veterinarian will look in your dogs ear with a scope, which will allow him or her to see the entire ear canal.

Usually, your vet will take a swab of the ear discharge and look at it under the microscope to determine if there are mites, yeast, bacteria, or a combination of all of these in the canal.

Occasionally, your vet will need to take a sample from the ear to send to the laboratory to identify the bacteria and determine what medication will best treat the infection.

Will My Dogs Ear Infection Get Better On Its Own

Most cases of ear infections in dogs wont go away on their own. Any type of ear problem should be brought to the attention of your vet. Theres a need to evaluate the infection and integrity of the eardrum. Treating a ruptured eardrum can be quite complicated and will need professional attention. Some ear cleaning products and medications can also be toxic to a dogs middle ear.

Chronic ear infections will require time and the appropriate treatment regimen to clear up. Even if the symptoms appear to ease off after a week or two of medications, it is very important to follow the length of treatment time recommended by your vet. Stopping the medication too soon or if the underlying cause is not identified, may cause the ear infection to recur and this can significantly affect your dogs quality of life. It could also lead to total loss of hearing. Antibiotic resistance can also be an issue if the proper dosage and treatment duration are not followed.

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How Does A Vet Treat My Dogs Ear Infection

There are a few things your vet can do that will help with the ear infection.

There are prescription drops you can put in twice a day that a veterinarian can give you. While there are over-the-counter medications that are available, you have to be very careful with those. While they might mask the symptoms because they might have an anti-inflammatory in them, they wont actually treat it if they dont have an antibiotic or an anti-fungal.

These can make your dog feel better but theyre actually not treating the infection. Also, owners need to be VERY carefully about what they purchase to put in their dogs ear without an official diagnosis.

While there are twice a day drops, we often use a gel product that goes in the ear and is a time-release. The vet will put it on once and then the owner puts it on a week later and then leaves the ear alone for six to eight weeks.

Many owners prefer the gel and have been happy with those products. They are really nice because you dont have to treat the dog twice a day, and because a lot of dogs dont particularly like fluid being put in their ear.

Lastly, sometimes we treat ear infections orally, or with an injection for underlying allergy. And sometimes we take a multi-pronged approach depending on what the specific infection looks like.

Signs Of An Ear Infection

Ear Infection and Inflammation

Ear infections can be quite painful for your pet, so youll most likely notice signs of discomfort. Some more specific signs that are typical of pets battling an ear infection include:

  • Crusting or scabs in the ear
  • Dark discharge
  • Redness or swelling in the ear canal
  • Scratching at the infected ear
  • Shaking or tilting their head

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How Can I Prevent An Ear Infection In My Pet

  • Once-weekly proper ear cleaning with a medicated ear cleaner may help to prevent ear infections. Always ask your veterinarian what the best ear medication is for your pet.
  • Following a bath or swim, make sure to clean your pets ears out with a drying agent. Again, ask your veterinarian what ear cleaner is best for your pet.
  • Treat any underlying diseases. If your pet suffers with allergies or hypothyroidism, it important to properly treat these conditions to prevent secondary ear infections.

Top Best Answers To The Question Can Food Cause Ear Infections In Dogs

Bacteria, fungi and ear mites are common causes of ear inflammation in dogs.

Allergies, seborrhea, an underactive thyroid gland, trauma, foreign objects and tumors also cause ear inflammation.

Throat infections may also cause middle ear inflammations.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «Can food cause ear infections in dogs?» often ask the followingquestions:

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Telltale Signs Your Dog May Have A Food Allergy :

If the symptoms occur at a very young agetypically, puppies younger than age 1 dont experience environmental allergies

If the symptoms arent tied to a seasonal change or dont change in different parts of the country

If the reaction doesnt respond to steroids

If your dog has both skin and gastrointestinal symptoms

What Are Brewers Yeast Allergies

Ask A Veterinarian: Pet Allergies Tied to Skin & Ear Infections

When dogs develop food allergies, they can experience uncomfortable, itchy skin as well as chronic conditions such as breathing difficulties, ear infections, and gas. An allergy is the immune system of the body responding to a perceived threat, in this case, brewers yeast. In order to definitively diagnose allergy and determine which allergen is causing your pets affliction, an elimination diet will be implemented. This can be a time-consuming process, but is necessary in order to deduce which particular ingredient is causing the reaction.

An allergy to brewer’s yeast is an over-reaction of your dog’s immune system to an unwelcome amino acid found in the brewer’s yeast itself.

Vet bills can sneak up on you.

Plan ahead. Get the pawfect insurance plan for your pup.

Brewers Yeast Allergies Average Cost

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Average Cost

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What Are Ear Infection Due To Allergies

Inflamed and irritated skin are typical signs of an allergy in dogs, and the skin in the ear is not immune to the changes. An allergy, whether contact, inhalant, or food will influence the condition of the inner ear and surrounding skin.

In order to cure a chronic ear infection due to allergies, the source of the allergy must be determined and dealt with first. The ear contains skin, glands, and fluid which are all part of the normal ear make-up. In addition, a natural balance of yeast and bacteria can be found in the ear as well. When the balance is disrupted , the ear becomes infected.

Signs like shaking of the head and the obvious discomfort of your dog when you try to touch or check his ears will alert you to the fact that along with the allergies, your pet has an ear infection. A veterinary visit is necessary so that your pet can be relieved of the pain and itching of an ear infection due to allergies.

Chronic ear infection in dogs is one of the most common ailments found to occur concurrently with allergies. Along with providing relief for your pets discomfort, a veterinarian can evaluate your dogs ears in order to diagnose the cause of the irritation. An ear infection is described in medical terms as otitis externa.

Zymox Otic Ear Treatment

Ear Infection due to Allergies Average Cost

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Average Cost

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What Causes Dogs To Get Ear Infections

Ear infections are caused by different kinds of pathogens. They usually are a mix of yeast and bacteria.

However, the underlying inflammation from many dog ear infections is actually related to allergic skin disease.There are primary infections that can happen that are not related to allergic reactions, but the majority of dog ear infections have some underlying causes due to the dog having an allergy. This could be due to something in their environment or most commonly, something in their food.

In an ear infection, first, the allergy causes inflammation in the ear. The normal bacteria and yeast that live on your dogs skin and inside their ears are able to take over because of the inflammation in the ear, secondary to the allergy. When this happens, you have to treat the ear infection, but you also have to treat the underlying problem that started the ear infection. Again, for most dogs, this is some sort of a reaction to something.

For dogs, inhaled allergies can be manifested as skin problems. Many dogs are seen for an ear infection but when asked if the dog is itchy in general, owners say yes.

To draw a parallel with people, were in the pollen season right now and people are fighting allergies left and right. In humans, we get eye infections, respiratory infections, and more, all as secondary issues related to allergies.

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Dog Ear Infection Treatments

Externa otitis or acute ear infections should be relatively easy to resolve once your dog starts the treatment recommended by your vet. This is likely to be treated using an over-the-counter cleaner and treating the infected ear/s with prescription ear drops. Most ear infections will need to be treated with prescription drops which usually contain a steroid, antibiotic and an antifungal. The earlier you address the infection, the faster the symptoms will improve or resolve completely.

You should be very careful about cleaning your dog’s ears to avoid making the problem worse. Keep reading to learn the proper technique for cleaning your dog’s ears. It’s important to remember that an untreated outer ear infection can spread to the inner or middle ear.

More serious infections such as externa media and interna will take longer to resolve and likely treated with an oral antibiotic or antifungal. Your dog may also need to be treated with an oral steroid. If more complicated symptoms such as vomiting, nausea or anorexia have developed as a result of your dog’s ear infection, your vet may recommend a separate treatment to help resolve these specific symptoms.

With very severe inner ear infections, if your dog isn’t eating or drinking properly, your vet might recommend that they are hospitalised and put on an IV fluid drip to prevent dehydration. Some dogs with chronic repeat internal ear infections may require surgery.

Dog Ear Infections: How To Help Your Canine

Veterinarian Tips For Ear Infections in Dogs

Most dog owners have dealt with skin allergies or ear infections at some point intime. Your pet might have had red, smelly ears or skin, shake their head constantly& scratch at their ears. While other things can cause these symptoms, most oftenthey are associated with seasonal or environmental allergies. Pollens and dust areamong the common offenders. So what do you do if you think that your caninemight be suffering from a dog ear infection?

  • Make an appointment to see your vet. While you may think that your pets skin orear troubles are related to allergies, you cannot be sure without an examination.Oftentimes, even allergy problems are complicated by bacterial or fungalinfection, which require additional treatment. Your pet may need prescriptionmedications to help make them comfortable. It is important to remember that thereis no cure for allergies, only management.
  • Be sure to follow instructions carefully. After your pets appointment, you willreceive instructions for things like ear cleaning and bathing, medicationadministration, and maintenance care. Your follow-through is vital for success intreating your pet.
  • Be sure to investigate complicating factors. Pets with skin and ear allergies mayhave other factors at play. If your pet is suffering from another condition such asan autoimmune disorder, thyroid problems, food sensitivity, or parasite infestation,these problems can make treatment of allergies less successful.

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Sign: Icky Ear Discharge

Fluid may leak from your dogs ears if they have an ear infection. Other times, the discharge may not be apparent unless you gently go into the ear canal and wipe some of it out . With yeast infections, the discharge tends to be brownish/blackish. With bacterial infections, the discharge can range from yellow to dark, explains Dr. Wilde. If you look down into the ear, it may seem filled with dark or multicoloured, waxy debris, explains Sara Ochoa, DVM, a veterinary consultant for DogLab who is also a practicing veterinarian in Texas. No matter what causes it, the discharge associated with a dog ear infection will be the source of any odour, as well. Dogs may not like to smell each others ears, but they do like to sniff at each others buttsheres why.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Monitoring your dog’s symptoms is a good indicator of whether they’re suffering from an ear infection. The first sign of ear infection in dogs is a buildup of ear wax or thick dark or yellow discharge coming from the ear canal, which may be red or swollen with small bumps. You might also notice an unpleasant odour coming from the ear.

Your dog might also be scratching, rubbing or shaking their head more often than usual. Another symptom to look out for is your dog tilting their head to one side often or having less energy than usual. These are all signs of an acute ear infection.

A sign of middle or inner ear infections is your dog frequently tilting their head to one side as with acute ear infections. You may also notice some more severe symptoms such as drooling, nausea, anorexia, losing the ability to chew correctly, loss of balance, problems with hearing, rapid eye movements and walking in circles. If you notice any of these more concerning symptoms, you should book an appointment with your vet as a matter of urgency so they can carry out the appropriate tests.

Our vets are frequently asked whether ear infections in dogs are contagious, and the answer is no. You don’t need to worry about your dog interacting with other dogs when they’re suffering from an ear infection.

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How Often Should I Have My Dogs Hairs Plucked Out

Some dogs have a large amount of hair in their ear canals that can trap debris and moisture, leading to ear infection. This is especially common in poodles and poodle mixes In these dogs, plucking is very important to prevent ear infection. Frequency of plucking should be tailored to the individual pet, as some dogs have more hair than others. Plucking the hairs can sometimes cause irritation of the canal and can contribute to development of otitis. If you find that your pets ears seem painful after being groomed, have them examined by your veterinarian. Your vet may recommend cleaners or drops for you to use after having your dogs ears plucked.

A Final Note Of Caution

Ear Disease in Dogs can be caused by ear mites, allergies or yeast infections

Its very important to that owners understand they cant see down in that ear canal as a vet can with our tools and training.

If you put something in the ear and the eardrum gets ruptured, youre going to risk their dogs hearing in that ear.

One of the things we look for during an exam is to make sure that the eardrum is intact before putting medication in the ear. If your dogs ear infection has been going on for any length of time you really need to be very careful.

Avoid sticking Q-tips down in your dogs ear, unless youve been instructed to and trained by your veterinarian to do it. We recommend sticking with cotton balls so that youre not poking something down into the ear.

And finally, be aware that your dogs ear infection is going to be super painful in the beginning. So be careful if you do any cleaning and know that your dog is going to be relatively uncomfortable.

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  • Sign: Shes Clearly In Pain

    A dog ear infection can hurt as well as itch. If the problem spot is the inner ear or middle ear, your dog may feel pain throughout the entire ear or head. You may not realize your dog is in pain until you go to scratch his ears or cuddle, only to hear a yelpor worse, get a nipfrom your loyal friend. It may hurt your heart even more than your hand but it happens. Even the tamest dog may snap at their beloved owner if they are in pain, and the area hurting them is suddenly touched, or accidentally poked. Dont take it personally, but do take your dog to the vet, pronto.

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