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Can Canned Dog Food Be Frozen

Best Overall Frozen Dog Food

Feeding Frozen Raw Dog Food

JustFoodForDogs offers whole food, frozen diets for dogs in a variety of delicious, nutritious options. Their Fresh Frozen diets are vacuum sealed and frozen immediately after chilling, which helps keep the nutritional integrity of the food intact. This method allows the food to store for one year without the use of preservatives.

Dr. Coger ranks JustFoodForDogs as one of her top recommendations of frozen foods for dogs. The veterinary team at JustFoodForDogs actually teaches nutritional rotation for vet students at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine.


  • Available in multiple varieties including chicken and white rice, beef and russet potato, turkey and whole wheat macaroni, fish and sweet potato, venison and squash, and lamb and brown rice.
  • Vet-trained consultants are available to help build your dogs nutritional plan.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Meats are inspected and approved by the USDA for human consumption.
  • JustFoodForDogs uses the same premium suppliers as the restaurant industry.
  • JustFoodForDogs recipes are crafted by hand in open-to-the-public kitchens as well as in their own kitchens in Irvine, California, and New Castle, Delaware.
  • May be frozen for up to a year.

Things to Consider

Choosing A Container For The Treats

Ice cube trays for a convenient way to freeze small-sized treats. We find the flexible onesare the easiest to use since it’s much faster to pop out the treats. You might want to grab a colour that alerts you that the frozen cubes inside aren’t meant for human use – I’m guessing that a frozen yogurt-beef-bits cube in your iced tea is probably not what you had in mind!

If you have a bigger dog and want a larger sized treat than ice-cubed size, look for the flexible silicone muffin pans. You don’t necessarily have tofill the muffin trays to the top – if you want, you can just fill your trays enough to create a flat, disc-shaped treat.

Dont Forget To Clean Food Bowls Regularly

How often do you wash your pet food bowl â Every week? Thats not bad, but the Food and Drug Adminstration actually recommends washing pet food bowls, dishes, and scooping utensils with soap and hot water after each use. This is to prevent infectious agents such as Salmonella or Listeria from accumulating on the items. If you use a plastic container to store your pet food, wash the container when empty, and make sure it is completely dry before adding new food.

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Easy 1 Ingredient Canned Food Frozen Dog Treats

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Sometimes when its hot out, Im too tired and lazy to do much of anything expect lay in front of the fan. These ridiculous easy frozen dog treats are easy enough for anyone to make and the dogs love them. Theyre also great for dogs with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Note The Expiration Date

100% Salmon Chunks

Your dogs food has an expiration date just like your food does. Thats why we always make the Best Before dates on our packages easy to find and understand. For dry dog food and pouches of wet food, its on the back. For canned food, its on the bottom of the can and the date is clearly visible theres no secret code you have to crack. After that date has passed, though, swap out old food for new, because we cant guarantee its nutritional integrity anymore.

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A Hungry Dog May Seek Out Other Bad Food Sources

Okay, you have money to burn, so the financial impact of doggy food spoilage wont hurt you, and since your dog wont eat spoiled food, it wont harm him. So, youre happy not bothering to refrigerate your canned dog food.

Well, while spoiled food may not directly harm your dog, it could do so indirectly.

You see, if your dog is rejecting the food you put down because its spoiled, hell look for other food sources that might cause illness.

You could turn your dog into a dumpster diver. While you may not have wanted the food in your garbage cans, it may still be palatable to your hungry canine.

However, especially in high temperatures, the food youve put in your garbage can may be unsafe to eat. Cast your mind back to the first section above on bacterial growth if you need reminding, or easier still, just scroll back up to it.

Its not only what youve put in your garbage that will tempt your dog. Some dogs seem to enjoy eating poop. While it may be for some health reason, one likely cause is that theyre underfed.

The trouble is, poop-eating can cause illness if the poop is infected with bacteria or parasites.

Feeding your dog food from a freshly opened can or one thats been kept fresh by refrigeration will keep it from being hungry. In turn, its less likely to develop a poop-eating habit due to underfeeding.

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Best To Keep It In The Original Packaging

Dr. Nelson says you should store the whole bag of dog food inside of the airtight dog food storage containers. That way, the bag can provide an added barrier that helps seal in fats and oils to prevent them from becoming rancid later.

Keeping dog food in the original bag will also ensure that pet parents have access to the UPC code, lot number, best by date and brand and manufacturer information in case of a problem, like a defect or recall, according to the FDA. When you file a complaint about your dogs food, all of this information likely will be required.

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What Is Fresh Pet Food Exactly

Fresh pet food brands like Freshpetfound in the fridge in your local pet storehelped commercialize fresh options for pet owners. Today, there are dozens of brands out there, and many are available as subscription services that function the same way: You create a dog profile, complete a questionnaire, customize your delivery frequency, and voilà! Next thing you know, freshly made pet food arrives at your door packed in dry ice.

In my research, I found more than a dozen companies that market fresh pet food diets for cats and dogs, and their cooking methodologies, ingredients, and storage recommendations vary widely. According to Bullen, the term fresh pet food doesnt really have a specific definitionit just refers to pet food thats made with fewer or no preservatives. It could be made at home with boiled chicken and cooked plain rice, or it could be produced with recognizable ingredients in a facility, packaged without preservatives, and then frozen. For the brands we list here, we researched those that offer food thats commercially produced and thoroughly cooked at a low temperature, and that contain some combination of meats, grains, fruits, and vegetablesit tends to look like you took a humans Thanksgiving dinner plate and mixed it all together.

A Word About Preservatives

FREEZE DRIED DOG FOOD RECIPE –Homemade vs. Store Bought

Most freeze-dried dog foods contain a preservative as an extra precaution against spoilage. You may see mixed tocopherols or rosemary extract on the ingredient list.

Mixed tocopherols are extracts of vitamin E. Theyre technically synthetic, but they are an effective antioxidant that helps preserve the food. Theres no evidence of harmful side effects. You may also see D-alpha tocopherol, which is a natural tocopherol.

Rosemary extract is oily residue extracted from the leaves of rosemary plants. It prevents oxidation of fats and protects flavors.

Rosemary essential oil is said to be risky for dogs who get seizures but the amount used is tiny, and for most dogs is safe. Herbalists Gregory L Tilford And Mary L Wulff say its safe in concentrations of less than 1% of the food.

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How To Store Canned Wet Dog Food

Wet food is a delectable option for dogs. They’re usually full of flavor and chock full of the essentials. Canned food also tends to be fresher than their dry counterpart. With that being said, what happens if the pup can’t finish the entire can?

This is a common question by dog owners that prefer wet canned food for their furry friend. Instead of tossing out the leftovers out of fear of spoilage, there are a few ways to make that food last longer and save money in the process.

How Do You Store Homemade Dog Food

Since homemade dog food doesnt have preservatives thatll help make it last longer, it is important to store it properly. Divide the freshly prepared food into serving sizes and put each portion inside an airtight container. Those that can be consumed within 3 days can be placed in the fridge while the rest can be stored in the freezer to extend their shelf life.

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Prairie Fare: Accidentally Frozen Canned Food May Be Safe To Eat

NDSU Extension Service

What smells like fruit? my son asked from the middle row of seats in our van. We were driving down the street one summer day a few years ago.

Maybe its the new air freshener, I replied.

I picked up the air freshener and gave it a sniff. It didnt smell like fruit to me.

I smell oranges in here! my son exclaimed the next day on the way to a ballgame.

Is there orange-flavored candy in the van? I asked him.

I felt around under the seat to see if candy was melting on the carpet. He looked around, too. We didnt find any food.

I smell wine in here! he said the next day as we were driving to another event.

Now I was really surprised, but I could smell it, too. We definitely had no wine in the car.

My husband and I decided to investigate. We followed our noses to the backseat in pursuit of the offensive odor. We removed the seat, where we found a can of formerly frozen orange juice concentrate.

The can had blown its top and the thick orange goo was fermenting and making a bubbling, sticky, stinky mess. The can must have rolled out of a grocery sack deep under the seat into an indentation.

Unfortunately, I think I was the shopper who left it in the van. If I had left the can of frozen juice in a vehicle in January during most North Dakota winters, Id have no problem.

We learned a valuable grocery shopping lesson to use both in summer and winter. We always check that we have all of our groceries out of our vehicle.

2 cans cream of mushroom soup

Serving Canned Wet Dog Food To Make It Last

Vital Essentials Freeze

So, you want to serve your pooch wet food but wont be around to pick it up because youre running late in the morning. Or maybe your furry buddy simply loves canned food and nothing else. What do you do?

  • If you wont be available to pick up leftovers from your furry friend, give him just enough so that you know hell eat the entire portion and there wont be any leftovers to sit and spoil.
  • A great way to do this is to purchase single-serving cups of dog food or small cans of dog food. This way, you wont have any leftovers.
  • Another option is to serve wet food to your dog in a timed feeder that has a chilled compartment. These types of feeders have a compartment that you fill with ice or fill with an ice pack. The compartment is directly beneath the dish for the wet food, so it keeps it cold during the day. When the timer goes off, the compartment opens with some fresh wet food for your pup.
  • Have your dog walker stop in and give your pup a fresh bowl of canned food when she stops in to take care of Fido.

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Our Other Frozen Dog Food Favorites

Made with real meat and organs, non-GMO minerals and vegetables, Instinct Frozen Raw Dog Food is never cooked and contains no grain, corn, wheat, artificial colors or preservatives. Their raw recipes are formulated in-house by a team of food scientists and quality control experts.

Made in the USA and available in several formulas, Instinct sources ingredients like cage-free chicken, wild-caught salmon, and grass-fed lamb. They formed their own Nutrition Council in 2009 which meets twice a year to ensure their pet foods unlock a dogs potential.


  • Instinct Raw Freeze-Dried meals have three times more real meat and organs than their kibble.
  • Raw boosters for a nutrient-rich food to mix in with kibble if desired.

Things to Consider

  • Instinct also manufactures kibble dog food.
  • Keep frozen until mealtime, bites thaw in minutes.
  • Raw Bites 6-pound bag does not contain individual bags inside the packaging but the bag itself is resealable.

Sample buyer review: Our French Bulldog is extremely fussy when it comes to eating. Weve tried 4-5 foods over the last few years, and then we found Instinct Raw. Our dog took to it immediately. With the amazing ingredient list, I am definitely a fan and we will reorder.


  • Once thawed, must be served within 7 to 10 days and cannot be refrozen.
  • One formula with chicken as its main ingredient.
  • Not available for auto delivery.
  • Not a raw food, as it contains a dried bakery product.



How Do You Preserve Wet Dog Food

Store opened cans of wet dog food in the fridge. The best way to keep them moist and stop odor from transferring to other food is to use a plastic pet food lid designed to fit the top of the can. If you dont have one of those, you can use plastic wrap or a zip-seal bag, but those dont trap odors as well as a lid.

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Storing Opened Canned Food

If the canned food you opened is more than what your dog can consume in one meal, you should transfer the rest of the food to an airtight container and put it in the fridge where itll stay good for 7 days. Make sure the temp is set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Pros Of Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

What to Feed Your Dog – Raw, Freeze Dried, or Kibble?

Many people like to mix both wet and dry dog food to give their dogs some variety in their meals and there are many benefits to this practice.

Feeding a mixture is more cost-effective than feeding an all canned food diet, but it still provides some enticement at mealtime for picky eaters. It also helps to increase the amount of moisture a dog consumes which can be beneficial for dogs with specific issues like kidney disease or bladder stones.

Mixing both dry and wet food also still provides crunchy kibble to promote dental health.

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What Do You Do With Uneaten Dog Food

Throw away any uneaten dog food.

Instead, any uneaten food should be discarded and replaced with fresh food at the next mealtime. This is especially true of wet, canned, or raw foods which should never be left out at room temperature for more than a couple of hours.

How Long Can Canned Dog Food Be Left Out

Not too many dogs don’t love canned food. Its soft texture, savory flavors and strong aroma excite their senses. Wet food like this should be served at room temperature, rather than cold and it doesn’t stay good forever — if your dog doesn’t eat it all, you have to discard leftovers after a certain amount of time. This isn’t just because the food goes bad, though. It’s also a matter of establishing healthy eating habits and developing a routine.

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Can I Use Canned Food That Has Been Frozen

Check the seams carefully on commercially canned foods that have been frozen to make sure there are no openings. If the seal is intact, the food is safe to eat, even after it thaws. If a can is bulgedand still frozenkeep it frozen in the freezer until ready to use, then thaw in the refrigerator.

How To Store Dog Food

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Topper Lamb 5oz * Details can be ...

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Most people don’t give much thought to how they store dog food, but there is a proper way to store dry and wet dog foods. Paying attention to things like temperature, moisture, and packaging can help you to ensure that your dog’s dry food will last. Wet foods, such as canned and homemade food, often require refrigeration, so you will need to know how long these foods keep in the fridge and freezer. Learn more about the proper way to store your dog’s food to help ensure that the food will be nourishing and that it will taste good to your dog when he eats it.

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