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Blue Buffalo Puppy Wet Food

Blue Homestyle Recipe Beef With Vegetables

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Senior Wet Dog Food Review | Best Senior Dog Foods

We found that testers with dogs allergic to chicken love the Blue Homestyle Recipe Beef with vegetables. For this reviewer, the product was such a delight. The Homestyle recipe line of Blue Buffalo is a rare find in all proteins other than chicken for my doodle who is allergic to chicken. We feed him the canned beef and turkey as a topper to his kibble . My 3 little seniors love the canned chicken for seniors. Blue Buffalo is one of the very few brands that doesnt have any chicken by-products hidden away down the in the ingredient. . Blue Buffalo is what it says it is.5 paws up!

As with other canned foods, customers also reported getting dented cans when they ordered this food. This reviewer says, Dogs like the food, however, several cans were dented upon arrival, and the labels were coming off. So, I gave it three stars just because of the condition of the cans.

What Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is a pet food brand dedicated to making healthy and natural recipes for cats and dogs of every age and phase of life. It makes delicious, healthy, wet, and dry dog food for both small and large breeds.

The company makes formulas for personalized dietary needs from skin sensitivities, immune system support, hip and joint health, weight management, digestive care, and many more.

Jackie and Bill Bishop, the founders of Blue Buffalo, began to develop interests in pet health when their Airedale, Blue, developed medical problems. This triggered the brothers to create Blue Buffalo Dog Food made from the finest natural ingredients to boost immunity.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food contains no corn, wheat, colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or by-product meals. None of the food variants contains dairy or egg, either. The company produces two grain-free dog food lines, an antioxidant-rich Life Protection formula and a Limited Ingredient line, all made with natural ingredients.

All Blue Buffalo foods contain LifeSource Bits. The bits are derived from whole source ingredients like fruit and veggies. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

Blue Buffalo Dog Food offers different formulas, including wet and dry dog foods, dog treats, and toppers. To help pet owners find the best recipe for their dogs, we have reviewed several formulas.

Summary: This product contains a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that have been put together by renowned vets and animal nutritionists. The dog food is high in protein as it contains real chicken, which encourages muscle growth. It also contains DHA and ARA, important fatty acids found in mothers milk, which support cognitive development and retinal health. It contains other ingredients that help promote the healthy development of your dogs body and mind.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Puppies and adult dogs

Flavor Options: Red meat Chicken Turkey

Price: $2.7/pound

  • Some dogs might not like the crunchy texture

Ingredient Analysis

  • Deboned Chicken: Most Blue Buffalo homestyle meals contain deboned chicken that provides the required protein to your dogs diet
  • Peas: This is a great source of plant protein, and it also gives a nice texture to the food. Additionally, it also contains other beneficial nutrients.
  • Fish Meal: Helps reduce inflammation in your dogs body. Also, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which support skin & coat health.
  • Sweet Potatoes: These complete the requirement of carbs in your dogs meal. They are a common ingredient in most adult dry dog foods.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Puppies and adult dogs

Price: $2/pound


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Top 10 Best Blue Buffalo Dog Food

These days, its pretty easy to know that your dogs diet is one of the primary deciding factors and overall lifelong health. We recently had the opportunity to review all of Blue Buffalos recipe lines to see what they offer and what theyre all about.

We are very impressed with Blue Buffalos sterling reputation, constantly creating new recipe lines to cater to the up-and-coming changes in the dog food market.

For your convenience, we rounded up 10 of the best Blue Buffalo dog foods we could find so you can get a good look at what each one of them offers. Take a look at our reviews.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Beef Dinner Canned Dog Food Best Value

Main ingredients Beef, beef broth, beef liver, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, brown rice, barley, oatmeal
Protein content
Calories 398 per can

If youre looking for savings, consider Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Beef Dinner with Garden Vegetables & Sweet Potatoes Canned Dog Food. What we love about it is that you can get it in addition to your pets dry food to make your dollar really stretch.

If you use a combination of wet and dry ingredients, your dog has a higher flavor experience, different nutritional distribution, and a texture variety. However, this option might get more expensive if you use it as a standalone diet, especially for large breeds.

  • Can get expensive as a standalone diet

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Best Overall

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior

The Best Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food: What You Need To Know

Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Healthy Growth Formula Natural Chicken ...
  • Blue Buffalo Pet Food
  • The Best Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food: What You Need To Know
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    Best for
    Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables & Brown Rice Canned Dog Food

    Wet dog food is food that has a high moisture content. It is excellent for elderly dogs, puppies, and dogs that need more hydration. Its a great way to manage your dogs weight too and is advised in cases like diabetes. Some dogs might simply prefer wet dog food.

    One of the best brands when it comes to dog food is Blue Buffalo. This company started about a decade ago from a need to feed one dog, Blue, the best food possible. That evolved into a brand trusted for its high-quality, nutritious food made with all-natural ingredients.

    If youve chosen to feed your dog with wet food made by Blue Buffalo, thats a great decision. Still, they have so many options that it can be a bit hard to choose. After all, your dog wont like every flavor and might have some special nutritional needs too.

    Thats why weve made this list with different categories and nutritional needs. Itll help you choose the best Blue Buffalo wet dog food. Ready? Then so are we. Heres what you need to know when selecting the Blue Buffalo wet dog food for your canine.

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    Blue Buffalo Homestyle Puppy


    Homestyle Puppy Chicken Dinner is one of 12 canned recipes included in our review of the Blue Buffalo product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, peas
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Life stage: Growth
    • Best for:All puppies including large breeds

    This Blue Buffalo formula gets the bulk of its meat protein from fresh chicken. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 41% protein, 27% fat and 24% estimated carbs which yields a fat-to-protein ratio of about 67%.

    We also note this above-average puppy food includes omega-rich DHA to support healthy eye and brain development.

    A finely-chopped, pate-style formula containing no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives for optimal safety. Highly recommended.

    Sample buyer reviewOh my gosh..my gsd LOVES the taste of this! He literally would eat the entire pallet if I let him. I also feel good about it, because I do a lot of research on my dogs foods, and its really one of the healthiest wet foods out there for dogs.

    The Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Homestyle Recipe

    Dog parents who have put their pets on the Blue Buffalo Weight Homestyle Recipe say they got healthier and happier. This tester tried it with her lab pit and had this to say, I have put Kiah on this food, and she has stabilized her weight. . Kiah is healthier and happier on this formula and the vegetables and natural vegetable ingredients are better for her than dried, brown kibble. Even my vet is pleased with this food. My girl is 8-10 years old, rescued, and having a happy second life. Yes, I recommend this formula whole-heartedly .

    Customers, however, think this recipe is a little on the high side. This reviewer says, Although this is a bit pricey, my dog loves it, and Im hoping it will help him lose weight. We think its worth every penny.

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    Rachael Ray Nutrish Hearty Beef Stew


    Hearty Beef Stew is one of 6 wet recipes included in our review of the Rachael Ray product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken broth, beef, chicken, dried egg product, egg white
    • Type: Grain-free
    • Best for:All puppies including large breeds

    Rachael Ray Nutrish Hearty Beef Stew acquires the better part of its animal protein from fresh beef, fresh chicken,dried egg product, and egg whites. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 41% protein, 23% fat and 28% estimated carbs delivering a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

    This fully balanced formula contains zinc amino acid complex and 3 other chelated minerals superior nutritional supplements typically found in higher quality dog foods.

    Budget priced. Highly recommended.

    Sample buyer reviewI think Ive finally found the perfect food for my two shih tzus. They are both very picky eaters and one was constantly itching and licking her paws. I believe the grain free food has helped tremendously in stopping the itching. I use both the Rachael Ray grain free dry and wet food for them and watch them clean their bowls every time. Great stuff!

    Best Overall: Blue Homestyle Recipe Chicken With Vegetables

    BLUE vs Cesar | Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Dog Food

    The Blue Homestyle Recipe Chicken is our best overall because it is delicious and nutrient-rich. It contains gems like antioxidants, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids. This mix of chicken and vegetables is made with real chicken and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

    Youll also love that the vegetables in this meal are of the garden variety, which is why it is so rich. Were talking carrots, cranberries, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. Vegetables are a great source of vitamins that help your dogs metabolism and healthy body processes.

    This meal also contains flaxseed, an excellent source of antioxidants and fiber. Antioxidants help your dogs immune system stay healthy and fight diseases. The Blue Homestyle Recipe Chicken with vegetables is great your dog will approve.

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    The Best Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food: What You Need To Know Faqs

    What is the healthiest wet food to feed your dog?

    Blue Buffalo is one of the healthiest wet dog food options out there. It serves all-natural food with no artificial flavors or additives. All of the meat content is real. Blue Buffalo wet dog food is also infused with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that your dog gets the best.

    Is Blue Buffalo a good dog food?

    Yes, Blue Buffalo wet dog food is excellent for your dog and has many varieties you can choose from. All of their food follows a standard high-quality procedure to ensure that your dog gets the best.

    Are Blue Wilderness and Blue Buffalo the same?

    Blue Wilderness is also created by Blue Buffalo. It is a formula of Blue Buffalo dog food that contains high protein and is grain-free. This meat-rich formula is the great dominant source of protein.

    Is Blue Buffalo AAFCO approved?

    Blue Buffalo dog food is made according to AAFCO specifications to ensure that your dog gets the best.

    Instinct Original Grain Free Wet Puppy Food


    Instinct Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe for Puppies is one of 6 wet recipes included in our review of the Instinct Original product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, beef liver, salmon, carrots
    • Type: Grain-free
    • Best for:Small and medium breed puppies

    This specific Instinct Original recipe derives the bulk of its meat protein from chicken. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 46% protein, 27% fat and 19% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 60%.

    An excellent formula by an established company.

    Sample buyer reviewI feed my 5 months old Shih Tzu 8 times from one can. I use it as a topper on dry food. He loves it!

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    Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviewed: Pros Cons And Ingredient Analysis

    Whole Earth Farms Healthy Grains Wet Puppy

    Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Grain Free High Protein Natural Turkey and ...


    Healthy Grains Puppy is one of 13 wet recipes included in our review of the Whole Earth Farms canned product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, salmon, brown rice
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Life stage: All life stages
    • Best for:All puppies including large breeds

    This Whole Earth Farms canned recipe derives most of its meat protein from chicken. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 41% protein, 30% fat and 22% estimated carbs producing a fat-to-protein ratio of about 72%.

    An excellent, budget-friendly option. And an ideal option for growing puppies, including large breeds. Highly recommended.

    Sample buyer reviewTop off dry kibble with this tasty blend of wet food for fussy eater. It works! My puppy literally jumps like crazy every time I open the can! She even licks the empty bowl to get the last of it! Im glad its nutritious.

    Chicken is one of 4 fresh recipes evaluated in our review of the Ollie product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, carrots, peas, rice, chicken liver
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Best for:All puppies including large breeds

    This fresh-cooked recipe draws most of its meat protein from chicken. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 37% protein, 11% fat and 44% estimated carbs which yields a fat-to-protein ratio of about 30%.

    Ollie is an exceptional dog food. Its made with real, human-grade ingredients and its professionally designed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist .

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    The Blue Buffalo Puppy Wet Dog Food

    Youll love watching your puppy/puppies enjoy the Blue Buffalo Puppy Wet Dog Food. This tester was so glad to finally find something her puppy liked. I have gone through 4 other puppy canned foods, and this is the first one my new Chihuahua puppy will eat. The breeder recommended kibble. He doesnt eat enough kibble to keep a bird alive, so I have been trying different brands of canned food. The most hated one is Diamond beef. He doesnt like two different Instinct flavors, nor one Purina puppy food. I could only get him to eat the last three by shoving tiny pieces of jerky into them. When I gave him the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Puppy Chicken Dinner, he ate it all up in one sitting. Whew!

    As with all other can foods, reviewers complained about some cans showing up dented. This user says, My puppy loves the food. But was packed loosely and shipped. 5 to 6 cans were crushed pretty good. Need to take more time to pack better.

    Best for

    Blue Buffalo Tray Wet Dog Food

    Dog food trays follow the same production method as cans, with the food getting sterilized after sealing too. Trays are, however, more convenient if you have a smaller dog and dont want to waste or have to refrigerate after opening.

    Blue Buffalo also produces many flavors of wet dog food in trays for your small or toy dog. The trays can also come in multiples in a pack. Some people go for a variety pack with different kinds of flavors that their dog enjoys. Others with picky dogs stick to packs of the same flavor.

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    What Is The Problem With Blue Buffalo Dog Food

    In the past, Blue Buffalo Dog Food had to endure a series of accusations involving false advertising of their products. They were sued because they were accused of misleading their customers through their marketing campaigns.

    The brand has a certain marketing tactic where they associate dog food with a wolf and claim that their products are extremely close to nature. The fact that wolfs do not have carbohydrates in their food was used to back these allegations.

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