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Blue Buffalo High Protein Dog Food

The Best Food For Overweight Labrador

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food | Wolf Pack

If you are having a weight gain problem with your Labrador Retriever, you may now be in search of the best food for an overweight Labrador.

Labs are a breed that is incredibly well-known for their love of foodand obesity.

It is unfortunate that so many Labradors are overweight or obese. Many of the domestic dogs in several countries suffer the problem of obesity because of their sedentary lifestyles.

It might seem like a dog is pampered that way, but its actually getting in the way of their health.

According to this study of more than 30,000 Labs, obesity is the second most prevalent health condition in Labrador Retrievers.

This is incredibly alarming knowing that Labradors love food so much.

So, how do you balance their love for food while trying to keep them healthy?

Well, actually, it isnt as tough as you think! All you have to do is to be strict about their food and nutrition intake.

This article will discuss the best food for overweight Labrador as they are on their weight loss journey.

Well also talk a little bit about tips and tricks for your overweight Labrador Retriever to lose weight.

Why We Love It

  • PACKED WITH REAL CHICKEN: A recipe made to satisfy your dogs natural love for meat, this high protein dog food features real chicken to help build and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD: BLUE Wilderness grain free adult dog food is made with healthy carbohydrates including sweet potatoes and peas to help fuel your adult dogs active lifestyle. Plus, it contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.
  • WITH LIFESOURCE BITS: This formula contains BLUEs exclusive LifeSource Bits® a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support immune system health, life stage requirements, and a healthy oxidative balance.
  • NATURAL DOG FOOD: BLUE dry dog food is formulated for the health and well-being of your dog and features the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals. It never contains chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Verified Review: User Experience

In our research users had some great experiences with their dogs using the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, one user did a taste test and Blue one, said

âI decided to do a taste test with my dog. I put a little bit of her IAMs dog food on one plate and then on another plate I put Blue Buffalo food, which she had never tried before She sat about 3 feet away waiting for my signal. When I told her it was OK to move, she first sniffed the IAMs food, and then sniffed the Blue Buffalo dog food. She proceeded to eat the Blue Buffalo dog food first. This indicates a clear preference for Blue Buffalo. So we are now switching to a better quality premium dog food. It costs more, but our dog is family. If you compare the ingredients, youâll see that blue Buffalo definitely has the higher quality ingredients so it is worth it and so is our pug!â

  • Contains Omega three and six fatty acids
  • Added antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

There were a couple of reviews stating their dog got sick, so just be aware of this.

Blue Buffalos Homestyle Recipe Natural Senior Wet Dog Food has great reviews with senior dogs and even picky dogs too. User J. Ashar said

According to pet owner Susan they had a great experience with Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Small Breed, she exclaimed

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food has some quality reviews, one pet parent raved

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Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food Brands For A Labrador Retriever

Finding the right dry dog food for your Labrador Retriever can become a headache with the hundreds of brands available online today. Whats needed for a Labrador Retrievers diet? To start, Labrador Retrievers require optimal nutritional levels to maintain shiny coats, healthy teeth, and gums, bones, and muscles as well as keeping energy levels up.

Their diets need to include a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and amino acids. Finding the right balance is essential for maintaining a healthy Lab. So what are the best dry dog food brands for a Labrador Retriever? Here are the best dry dog food brands for a Labrador Retriever for 2021.

Before we begin our assessment, we do have our very own Alpha Paw dog food called Natural Vitality that is vet-approved and fast becoming the go-to brand for pet parents. Our chicken and sweet potato recipe is made to support all dog breeds for all of their life stages. Formulated with purposeful ingredients in accordance with AAFCO guidelines, our dog food is a natural source of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Shipped directly to your door, its as delicious for dogs as it is convenient for pet parents. We have two formulas, one for all dogs and one specifically designed for Dachshunds.

We highly recommend our very own dog food. In spite of this, we still want to be a resource for you and discuss whats in the marketplace for pet parents such as yourself.

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How Is Blue Wilderness Dog Food Made

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Wet Dog Food ...

Blue Wilderness Dog Food is made with real meat as the first ingredient. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The food is produced in a USDA-inspected facility that uses human-grade ingredients from trusted sources.

The company uses high-quality ingredients that are easy todigest. The recipes meet the nutritional requirements of theAssociation of American Feed Control Officials dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages.

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The Best Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food For 2022

  • The Best Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food For 2022
  • This post may contain affiliate links to our partners like Chewy, Amazon, and others. Purchasing through these helps us further the A-Z Animals mission to educate about the world’s species..

    Best for
    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Senior

    Do you have a dog that is getting up there is their age? and maybe they need a little bit more support as they age to have their best life.

    As a pet owner, it can be hard to know what the best options are out there for senior dogs. Specifically in this article, we will go over the best options for your senior dog with the brand Blue Buffalo Dog food.

    the Blue Buffalo story is a family story. it all started with an Airedale named Blue, he did everything with his family. So when Blue started having bad health issues, his family was inspired to create a pet food he would be proud of.

    Made with high-quality natural ingredients and real meat first. It is what every dog deserves. Blue buffalo promises to always start with protein-rich real meat, no chicken/poultry by-product meals, no corn, wheat, or soy, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

    Best High Protein Dog Food For Labs: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Food

    All dogs have that inner wolf within them â Labs too! They might seem goofy on the outside, but theres a wolf quivering deep inside, for sure. This special Blue Buffalo dog food is sure to nurture those ancestral needs of every dog. It is a grain-free, meat-based food that is very rich in protein and all the essential vitamins. You can choose from several options: chicken, salmon, or duck meat. Each one is bound to be irresistible for your lab. Of course, this brand prides itself on a recipe that does not contain any artificial ingredients or colors. If you want quality protein-rich food for your Labrador Retriever, this could be it.

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    Do Labrador Retrievers Need Special Food

    There is a great variety of dog foods on the market, but not all of them will meet the required nutritional values for Labrador Retrievers. Complete and balanced dog food for Labs needs to have plenty of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs, and also be enriched with vitamins, and minerals. Choose the formula based on your pets age and activity levels to make sure all of their needs are met. Overall, a quality dog food formula should provide the following:

    • Maintain Energy Levels

    Labs are super energetic, and most of them are quite active throughout the day. To keep them fueled, their food should be based on real meat and vegetables, and contain optimal amounts of proteins and carbs. This will keep them going through all the daily adventures, and make those muscles lean and strong.

    • Great for the Skin and Coat

    Labradors have a smooth, sleek coat, but if you happen to neglect their diet, that shine and beauty can quickly disappear. Their food should contain omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are directly reflected in the healthy skin and a shiny coat.

    • Supports Brain Development

    We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more about how this works.

    How Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Made


    Blue Buffalo Dog Food is made using all-natural ingredients formulated into wholesome recipes. The brand tries its best to ensure that your dogs food is as primal as possible.

    The formulas are minimally processed and are catered to different dog breeds and dietary needs. Every portion of the food ensures that your dog gets the required nutritional needs. The food is tailored to suit every life stage.

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    Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior

    • Chickena high-quality protein sourceas the very first ingredient.
    • Made with non-GMO ingredients, no chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy.
    • Formulated with essential antioxidants.

    Chicken meal is the first ingredient in this recipe, which is naturally high in the important ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin for the senior pooch and his joints, as well as Chicken cartilage and Herring meal.

    With biotin and avocado oil, your seniors coat will look vibrant and youthful, and there are plenty of vitamin supplements and minerals listed in the ingredients to ensure that his weakening immune system is strengthened.

    We love that this recipe is made with the superfood avocado oil, which promotes healthy skin and coat, and it has high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin compared to other leading brands.

    Are Carbs Good For Labs

    Besides fatty ingredients, the best dog food for a Labrador should also contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates. Unlike other dogs, Labradors dont need a high-calorie diet, but they do need the right amount of vitamins and minerals. And while it may seem tempting to give your Labrador extra food, it is essential that you take the time to do the necessary math.

    The best dog food for a Labrador should have a lower fat and calorie content. The highest protein content of any dog food should be at least 34%, but this may be a bit too high for some dogs. A high protein level is okay if your Labrador is small. A large breed of dog needs more food than a small one. A good diet for a Labrador should also contain a decent amount of protein. A meat-based formula will be high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

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    Discussion Of The Primary Ingredients

    When youre evaluating dog food, you should check the ingredient list. With any Blue Buffalo product, you get good results.

    The first ingredient in all its foods is a deboned protein, either deboned chicken, deboned salmon, or deboned lamb, depending on the recipe that you go with.

    From there, one of the most common ingredients is chicken meal or fish meal. While protein meals might not seem like the best choice, the consensus is that as long as the company lists the source of protein, theyre a good thing. Meal products provide more protein than you can get with regular deboned protein choices. So, if you want to up the protein content in your dogs food, which many dogs need, get some sort of meal product.

    Blue Buffalo prioritizes putting ingredients in your dog food that you are familiar with, so youre not feeding them filler or other low-quality ingredients without realizing it.

    Is Blue Wilderness Food Good For Dogs

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Senior Wet Dog ...

    Yes, Blue Wilderness Dog Food is good.

    Blue Wilderness Dog Food is made with real meat and natural ingredients, so it is an excellent choice if you want to feed your pup a diet rich in protein.

    Plus, each Blue Buffalo recipe features the brands hallmark LifeSource Bits patented bits made of health-boosting antioxidants and nutrients.

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    Which Types Of Dogs Might Do Better With A Different Brand

    All dogs in any stage of life can benefit from the delicious and nutritious recipes offered by Blue Buffalo. However, when it comes to your dog, their preference is vital. While this company prides itself on providing only the most beneficial food for your pets, some dogs may simply not enjoy the taste.

    If you find that your dog turns their nose up at the Blue Buffalo brand, you might try Pure Balance or similar food. This brand has many of the same benefits with different recipes, so you can find one that works best for your pooch.

    In addition to canine preference, you may find that you simply cant commit to the cost each time you purchase food. Blue Buffalo is a premium dog food. While it isnt at the highest end of the scale, it is still somewhat costly.

    If you are looking for a cheaper option thats still a healthy selection, you might try Diamond Naturals or a similar brand. They have a wide variety of delicious meals that your pet can benefit from.

    Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Grain

    Brand: Taste of the Wild

    Cost/Where To Buy: $48.99 on Chewy

    Ingredients: Duck, Duck Meal, Chicken Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Potatoes, Chicken Fat , Egg Product, Natural Flavor, Ocean Fish Meal, Potato Protein, Roasted Quail, Roasted Duck, Smoked Turkey, Tomato Pomace, Salt, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Dried Chicory Root, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Dried Lactobacillus Plantarum Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium Animalis Fermentation Product, Vitamin E Supplement, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Thiamine Mononitrate , Manganese Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride , Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin , Vitamin D Supplement, Folic Acid. Contains A Source of Live , Naturally Occurring Microorganisms.

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    Is Blue Buffalo A Good Dog Food

    Yes, Blue Buffalo Dog Food is good.

    The quality of ingredients used to produce the Blue Buffalo dry and wet dog foods is excellent. All recipes feature real meat as the main ingredient, with no filler or poultry by-products used.

    Offering high-protein and homestyle recipes, the brand makes its formulas on recommendations by animal nutritionists and veterinarians. They are loaded with high-quality protein, glucosamine, L-carnitine, and omega-3 fatty acids, making them suitable for both large and small dogs.

    Plus, the brand provides detailed accessibility to the ingredients that they use. And finally, most of the brands products are available and highly rated on online platforms like Amazon and Chewy.

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Cuts High Protein Beef & Chicken Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dog Food | Chewy

    Snack for Dogs, Trail Toppers, Wild Cuts, Variety Pack

    6 – chicken flavor. 6 – beef flavor. Natural topper/snack for dogs enhanced with minerals. No artificial flavors or preservatives. No corn, wheat or soy. Healthy holistic. A Wolf-Style Topper: Your dog and the wolf share the spirit of the wild and a love for meat, which is why we created Blue Wilderness Wild Cuts. Chunky bites of satisfying chicken or beef in a hearty gravy are perfect for raising the appetite appeal of dry Food or simply as a snack that your dog will go wild for. 100% Grain-Free and Protein-Rich: Wild Cuts are protein-rich toppers that are free of the grains that may contain gluten. Like all Blue foods, they’re made with wholesome ingredients and don’t contain any chicken for poultry-by-product meals. Plus, Wild Cuts are free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors and preservatives. True Blue Promise: Always starts with protein-rich salmon. No chicken/poultry by-product meals. Love them like family. Feed them like family. Follow Us: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. bluebuffalo.

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    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy


    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy is one of 18 dry recipes covered in our review of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, peas, pea protein, tapioca starch
    • Type: Grain-free
    • Profile: Growth
    • Best for:Lab puppies

    This Blue Buffalo formula draws the bulk of its animal protein from deboned chicken and chicken meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 39% protein, 16% fat and 38% estimated carbs yielding a fat-to-protein ratio of about 40%.

    We also note the inclusion of taurine, an amino acid supplement believed by many to help prevent dilated cardiomyopathy in large breed dogs. A time-proven formula, notable for its ideal mix of calcium, phosphorus and calories.

    A well-balanced design to help reduce the risk of crippling hip and joint disease for growing Lab puppies. Reasonably priced. Recommended with confidence.

    Sample buyer reviewMy German Shepherd/Pittie mix puppy loves this stuff. She has never had any issues with it and prefers it over the science diet the vet was pushing. I like that it is grain free.

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