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Best Rated Dry Dog Food

Iams Proactive Health Adult Minichunks Dog Food

Best Dry Dog Food In 2022 – Top 10 Dry Dog Foods Review

Best for Small & Toy Breeds

Top Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Ground Whole Grain Corn, 3. Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, 4. Chicken By-Product Meal, 5. Dried Beet Pulp

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Caloric content : 3,646 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein 25% | Fat 14% | Fiber 4% | Moisture 10%

The protein-rich mini chunk formula is made from farm-raised, high-quality chicken to ensure your adult hound gets all the protein he needs.

The recipe is based on other wholesome ingredients including grains, fruits, and vegetables for the additional minerals, vitamins, and acids to guarantee improved skin conditions and a shinier coat.

Best Dog Food For Small And Large Breeds

Small breed dogs and large breed dogs have different nutritional needs. Large breed dogs are more prone to musculoskeletal problems than smaller breeds, and so they often require large-breed dog food with different balances of certain nutrients to promote musculoskeletal health, especially as puppies. Small breed dogs, on the other hand, can choke on large-sized kibble and have their own nutritional requirements that can be accommodated with a small-breed dog food. Research your dogs breed to find out if there are any additional nutritional requirements you should be aware of.

Buyers Guide Finding The Best Dry Dog Food

In order for your pooch to live a long and happy life, youll need to give them the best nutrition possible, and this is why choosing the right food for your dog is so important. But how do you choose the right food for your pup, and what exactly makes dry dog food high-quality?

Good dog food contains a balance of all the essential nutrients that your pooch needs to thrive and should be free from filler ingredients and artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. Dogs are not obligate carnivores, so they need more than just high-quality protein in their diet. They also need foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Lets look at a few of the factors to consider when choosing the right food for your pooch.

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An Accessible Option Thats High


There are lots of grain-free dog foods out there, but if youre looking for a quality brand with plenty of grain-free options, Dr. Krause recommends I And Love And You. This brand is great because it uses clean ingredients in its formulas and it is available at grocery stores and online, she says, adding, I trust the quality of its ingredients and the extensive safety testing performs. The Naked Essentials line is protein-rich, includes digestion-friendly prebiotics and probiotics and is free of corn, wheat, soy and rice. Price-wise, its also easy on the wallet.

Best Vegan Dog Food Brands

Best Rated in Dry Dog Food &  Helpful Customer Reviews

Wild Earth and V-Dog are the best vegan dog food brands on the market in 2020. Their food is packed full of high-protein ingredients and superfoods. Although your pup wont be getting any meat, they will be fully nourished and energized.

Some manufactures tout their specialized formulas based on dog breed. For instance, a high-energy farm dog who corrals livestock all day may need a much higher protein content food than an American Bulldog who spends the majority of his days laying on the couch. If you own a dog who is prone to specific diseases, periodontal illness, or congenital conditions, you will want to research specific ingredients to see how they may affect your dog by feeding them daily and make a choice on which brand and type of food to feed them.

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What About Food Allergies And Sensitivities

Food allergies are much more common in dogs than people realize. While a dog can develop an allergy to any ingredient, the most common culprits are things like corn, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, chicken, and beef.

Food allergies become more common as dogs get older and there are certain breeds that have a higher risk for allergies than others. Some of the breeds most highly prone to allergies include retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Terriers, and Collies.

When it comes to choosing a dry dog food for food allergies and sensitivities, the fewer the ingredients the better.

Limited Ingredient Diets use a low number of main ingredients to reduce the risk for triggering food allergies and they are generally easy to digest as well.

Grain-free recipes are a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs as long as the carbohydrates they do use are highly digestible.

Just make sure that any grain-free recipe you choose still lists a high-quality protein as the first ingredient to meet your dogs basic nutritional needs.

Best For Senior Dogs: Iams Proactive Health Healthy Aging Senior Dry Dog Food

Many senior dogs need something a little extra to help them stay in the very best of health, and thats why we recommend IAMS ProActive Health Healthy Aging Senior Dry Dog Food for older pets.

Senior dogs often need a specific blend of nutrients to maintain their health as they get older, and thats why this food is tailored to meet those needs. This food contains high-quality protein in the form of real, farm raised chicken as the first ingredient. It also contains a unique blend of prebiotics and fiber to make it easily digestible, plus antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.

This food contains absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, nor does it contain any fillers. Instead, this food is a quality, wholesome food with balanced nutrition to meet the needs of your aging dog.

Unfortunately, a small number of pet owners found that this caused their dogs to develop strong-smelling gas.

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What Do Others Say About Blue Buffalo Dog Food

At the time of this update

Chewy customers rate Blue Buffalo 4.6 out of 5 stars and 95% say they would recommend it to others.

Heres an actual user review

Sample buyer reviewBlue Buffalo is definitely worth buying. My babies love it! The previous dog food required some enticement to get them to eat. While it is pricier, I know my doggies are getting the best quality ingredients making this brand a healthy choice for them. I highly recommend for adult dogs. Im completely sold on this brand and will continue to happily buy. Happy doggies make for a happier human!

Why Should I Buy A Best Dog Food For Dry Coat

Top 5 – Best Dog Foods (2022)

You can tell if you need or want a best dog food for dry coat by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement.Finishing your project in this manner is a lot of fun and simple to do.

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Taste Of The Wild Grain


Taste of the Wild High Prairie is one of 9 dry recipes included in our review of the Taste of the Wild product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Buffalo, lamb meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, peas
  • Other recipes: Puppy, adult, small breed, and more
  • See all 9 available recipes

Taste of the Wild High Prairie derives most of its meat protein from buffalo, lamb meal and chicken meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 36% protein, 20% fat and 36% estimated carbs resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

A superior choice for your dog. Heartily recommended.

Sample buyer reviewMy fur babies love it, I bought the bag before I finished off their other food and they would inspect the bag. As soon as I cut it open and fed them, they wont touch their other food. They know which is which and they prefer Taste of the Wild over all their food. Glad theyre happy.

Best Senior Dog Food Brands

When choosing food for an older dog, you are going to need to be very particular in your choices. You will need to think about whether your furry friend requires wet or dry dog food and pay attention to whether they have an intolerance to corn, wheat, or soy. Fresh Pet, Purina, and Nutro have brilliant senior dog food options to choose from, making them our top senior dog food brands.

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Merrick Full Source Raw

Overall Rating:

Ingredients List: Deboned Lamb, Lamb Meal, Brown Rice, Salmon Meal, Oatmeal, Barley, Dried Egg Product, Sunflower Oil, Tapioca, Quinoa, Venison, Natural Flavor, Venison Liver, Lamb Liver, Salt, Beef Cartilage, Beef, Organic Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Potassium Chloride, Beef Liver, Choline Chloride, Salmon Oil, Minerals , Taurine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Mixed Tocopherols For Freshness, Vitamins . Citric Acid For Freshness, Dried Lactobacillus Plantarum Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product.

Price: A 20-lb bag of Merrick Full Source kibble costs about $74.99 on Chewy. This option also ships free from Chewy with the sites $49 and over free shipping policy.

Attributes: Merrick has been crafting excellent-quality dog foods since 1988. The Texas-based brand is committed to using only the best ingredients in every blend, which is why youll find deboned lamb as the number one ingredient in this blend. Venison provides lean proteins, lamb provides red meat loaded with vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and salmon meal gives your doggo all the Omega-3s he needs to stay happy and healthy.

Dont Be Alarmed By Unappetizing Ingredients Listed On Your Dog Food By

Best Rated in Dry Dog Food &  Helpful Customer Reviews

Heres what to know about some of the ingredients you might see:

Meat by-products and mealMeat by-product can include mammal organs, bone, and fatty tissue. Meat meal is any mammal tissue, with some exclusions. This is cooked and pulverized into a meal or powder-like substance for pet food. No matter how yucky that sounds to you, meat meal may even contain more minerals than human-grade or aesthetically pleasing cuts of meat, notes the FDA. Meat and bone meal are concentrated essential amino acids, calcium, and phosphorus, which help your dog maintain lean muscles, as well as strong teeth and bones, added Beck of Banfield Pet Hospital.

Animal fat and vegetable fatThese add flavor, energy, and nutrients, like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, to pet food.

Plant ingredientsItems like barley, corn, rice, and wheat add energy, carbohydrates, and fiber to pet food. Gums from seeds and plants help the food retain its shape or texture.

Additives, preservatives, thickeners, and emulsifiersThese chemical-sounding names must meet the FDAs generally recognized as safe rule or be approved as food additives for their intended uses.

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Purina Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food

Let your dog discover the pure goodness Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food has to offer today! It has a real farm-raised chicken as the number one ingredient that makes it super tasty for dogs. Besides that, this limited ingredient recipe also includes sunflower oil. Thus, it provides a rich source for omega-6 fatty acids.

In addition, this dog food has a Superfood blend with real salmon, cranberries, chia seeds, and accents of kale. Therefore, expect a complete and well balanced for your dogs overall health and well-being. Moreover, Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food is rich in antioxidants to boost your dogs immune health.

Special Features:

  • Made with real chicken or fish ingredient that gives high-protein supports strong muscles
  • It comes in a variety of recipes for a 100% complete and balanced nutrition ideal for adult dogs
  • The grain-free formula delivers plenty of nutrition without sacrificing the taste
  • Crafted and certified in the US for ultimate safety and quality dog food

The Best Dog Food Of 2022

Carlos SilvaTaína Cuevas25 min read

Best Brand Overall

$2.20 to $2.90 per pound for large bags

$1.85 to $2.40 per pound for large bags

$0.25 to $0.40 per ounce for 13.5 ounce cans

$0.25 to $0.35 per ounce for 12.7 ounce cans

$1.60 to $1.90 per pound for large bags

Bottom Line

Wellness uses whole ingredients in its entire catalog, and includes food appropriate for most diets, sizes and life stages.

Blue Buffalo is an affordable and easily accessible brand that delivers quality ingredients and a large catalog of alternatives.

The vet-recommended Royal Canin addresses a lot of the health issues that can affect dogs in a highly palatable package.

Responsibly sourced and well-balanced, Castor and Pollux offer some of the highest quality ingredients in the Organix line.

At around $1.60 per pound, the broadly available brand Purina uses whole ingredients in the Pro Plan product line.

$2.20 to $2.90 per pound for large bags

Wellness uses whole ingredients in its entire catalog, and includes food appropriate for most diets, sizes and life stages.

$1.85 to $2.40 per pound for large bags

Blue Buffalo is an affordable and easily accessible brand that delivers quality ingredients and a large catalog of alternatives.

$0.25 to $0.40 per ounce for 13.5 ounce cans

The vet-recommended Royal Canin addresses a lot of the health issues that can affect dogs in a highly palatable package.

$0.25 to $0.35 per ounce for 12.7 ounce cans

$1.60 to $1.90 per pound for large bags

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Should You Feed A Pitbull Puppy Supplements

You do not need to feed your pitbull puppy supplements if you are feeding him high-quality puppy food. Quality puppy foods will already be packed full of good nutrition so adding in more supplements will not benefit him and can be counterproductive.

Pitbulls do have a bigger risk of developing hip dysplasia and joint issues, so you might want a supplement for those issues once your puppy is off of puppy food. Always check with your vet before giving your puppy anything.

What About Pet Food Recalls

Best Dry Dog Food | 5 Best Dry Dog Foods in 2021 ?

Its worth paying attention to pet food recalls to ensure your pet doesnt get sick. Although recalls can be concerning, you dont have to permanently write off a brand you generally trust based on one report. Ive tracked recall reports for a decade, and I have seen recalls affect both boutique brands and huge conglomerates, for problems such as elevated mineral levels, salmonella contamination, or incorrect compliance guidelines. If your brand is recalled, dont panic. Just stop feeding your dog the food, and return it to the store or manufacturer for a refund. You can always ensure your food is safe by checking the FDAs dog food recall history. If your pet food hasnt been recalled but your dog develops digestive upset, or you spot moldy kibble in the bowl, you can report this to the FDA using its How to Report a Pet Food Complaint page.

This article was edited by Catherine Kast and Jennifer Hunter.

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Best Dry Dog Food 202: Top Kibble Options To Nourish Your Canine

Feeding the best dry dog food to your pooch will satisfy their hunger and fill them up with the right ingredients

Finding the best dry dog food for your pooch shouldnât have to feel like a minefield but it can with so many kibble options out there. Thankfully, there are many trusted manufacturers on the market who produce quality and affordable dry dog food for balanced and tasty meals. Weâve narrowed your search down and collated a list of some of the very best for your four-legged friends.

If youâve tried the best wet dog food and found it didnât keep as long as youâd like or made a royal mess around your pupâs dog bowl then the best dry dog food is not one to be ruled out. Contrary to popular belief, good quality dry dog foods are packed with nutrition and dietary benefits for your dogâs health and they taste good. The main difference is there is obviously more moisture for your dog to consume in wet food.

However, you probably already own a water bowl for your dog so as long as you keep this well topped up throughout the day your dog will remain hydrated. Plus, dry food can be more cost-effective as it can be stored away easily, itâs ok to be left out for longer, and you can buy in bulk. Plus, itâs great for using in training too such as sprinkling it through grass for a natural snuffle mat.

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Dog Food

Many dog owners prefer dry dog food because its convenient and easy to store. It usually comes in a bag or canister that fits easily into cabinets or cupboards. This makes it easy to track how much you have left and when its time to buy more.

Dry dog food also has other benefits:

  • Long Shelf-Life. It can be stored in your pantry or countertop without spoiling quickly. This makes it easier to feed your pet at certain times or nights when youre not home.
  • Easy Use. Measuring wet food and managing portion control can be tricky. Luckily, when it comes to dry dog food, it is simple just scoop the kibble and pour it into the dog bowl.
  • Mess-Free. Wet foods are more likely to spill on carpets and furniture, which can cause stains and odors over time. Dry foods dont spill as easily, so theres less cleanup required afterward.
  • Training. You can put kibble in a treat dispenser, which will keep your dog busy. You can also use the kibble while training your dog and teaching tricks.

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