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Best Puppy Food For Yorkies

How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2020 | What I feed my Yorkie

Yorkies need high protein, high carb foods to keep up their energy levels. Fats are best incorporated in moderate levels, and fruits and veggies, as well as micronutrients, provide fiber and supplemental health support.

Age, existing health conditions, and activity levels will determine the proportion of nutrients ideal for your dog. We break down the main factors to consider picking the best dog food for your Yorkie in our comprehensive buying guide below, which is in line with AAFCO guidelines.

Do I Need To Transition My Yorkie To A New Diet Slowly

To avoid an upset stomach or diarrhea, transition to new food slowly. We recommend starting with a mixture of 75% old food, 25% new, and gradually increasing the proportion of new food over the course of at least one week. This will give your pets digestive system time to adjust to the new formula.

If you know your pet has digestive issues, take more time transitioning to a new diet.

Hills Science Diet Small Paws

  • Veterinarian endorsed brand.

The dog food recipe uses fish oil to provide your small pup with all the DHA he needs. This means you can rest assured that his brain function and eye health will develop as they should. Chicken meal is the main protein source. This also ensures that he receives glucosamine which is important for his bone and joint health.

Whole grains provide him with the energy and growing power that his body needs. Flaxseed oils and vitamin E will also ensure that his coat is strong and healthy. Many dog owners have said that this is the only kibble their picky pups would eat.

We love that this recipe is based on science and is made and recommended by Veterinarians across the world. The kibble pieces are nibble sized which Yorkshire Terriers love.

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Common Foods That Cause Allergies In Dogs

When it comes to foods that cause allergies in dogs, they are typically allergic to the protein in the recipe. That means that chicken, beef, wheat, and dairy can be the most common allergy causes in canines. The allergy development takes time, so your dog could react without issues to one of these ingredients for a while, and then suddenly it might cause an allergic reaction.

Nutritional Requirements: How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

The right food for your dog will have the correct ratio of fat, protein, and fiber for your dogs age.

Senior Yorkies, for instance, need a lower ratio of protein than a puppy does. There are Yorkie foods out there made just for small and toy breeds and this helps make the choice easy.

Your dog also needs vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Most foods have these built-in, so you dont have to worry about giving them supplements.

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Should I Consult With My Vet Before Introducing New Food To My Dog

You dont necessarily need to check with a vet to introduce new food to your dog unless they are having health issues like vomiting, dry, flaky skin, or chronic diarrhea.

Otherise, just be sure to mix a bit of old food with the new food for a while to ensure that you dont irritate your dogs stomach.

Signs Of Food Allergies In Dogs

Its essential to monitor your dog, especially after introducing new foods, to notice signs of possible allergies. Symptoms are not always the same, but here are some of the most common ones your canine might experience:

  • Itchy ears
  • Excessive gassiness

If your dog displays one of these signs, it could be suffering from an allergy to a certain ingredient in the dog food you use.

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What Do You Need To Know About Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier affectionately known as the Yorkie is a toy breed that stands up to 9 inches tall and weighs up to 7 pounds, on average. Though they may be small, Yorkies have big personalities and more hair than a much larger dog. Their long, silky coats come in a stunning combination of blue-and-tan, though puppies are born black and develop their color as they mature.

Small dogs can be difficult to train at times, but, fortunately, the Yorkie doesnt fall under this umbrella. This smart, spunky little dog is very trainable but is also highly inquisitive. As long as you find the right reward to motivate him, he learns quickly and can be trained to do all kinds of tricks. This breed also does surprisingly well with dog sports such as agility and rally.

Yorkies have a reputation for being purse dogs, which isnt entirely untrue. They tend to prefer being the only dog in the house and they arent particularly great with children, largely due to their small size. This breed is apartment-friendly in size, but he does tend to bark a lot. Yorkies need a great deal of attention and socialization, but their needs for exercise are fairly low. Even so, they love taking walks and playing outside just be careful about letting him play with bigger dogs.

Best Wet Yorkie Puppy Food

4 Best Dog Foods for Teacup Yorkies

Wet Yorkie puppy food is always a good staple to keep on hand. Since it is more hydrating than dry kibble and is also highly palatable in case your Yorkie gets stressed or has stomach issues. Adding some wet food as a topper can also add extra moisture to your dogs diet. So lets look at the best options.

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What Carbs Are Used

In his book, Dr. Pitcairn suggests some good carbohydrate options may be brown rice , potato, quinoa, lentils or oats.3 He adds that while dogs are designed to eat meat, nearly half of their diet should contain mostly whole grains or starchy veggies with some steamed crucifers or greens, lettuce, fruits, healthy fats, and nut and seed butters.

The nutritionists at Tuft University agree that dogs can handle moderate levels of carbs just fine. In fact, they state by adding carbohydrates into a dogs diet, we can add important compounds, like fiber, in addition to having a diet not too high in calories or fat.9

If you do find that your dog has sensitivities to corn, wheat, or soy, Dr. Pitcairn suggests substituting these ingredients with sweet potatoes, winter squash, and legumes, such as pintos, lentils, or kidney beans.

As a precautionary warning, in July 2018, the FDA released a warning about grain-free dog foods and their possible connection to the development of a serious heart diseasedilated cardiomyopathyin dogs. You can read Dr. Jean Hofves thoughts on the matter here.

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Finely Chopped Dog Food

If your dog is picky or will only eat finely chopped dog food , you can either run the vegetables through a food processor or finely chop them on a cutting board. Hand held boxed graters work but take a lot of time. I use the shredder blade on my processor and buzz everything through. Also, try frozen riced vegetables, they are a great option and work great!

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Essential Elements: Important Ingredients For Your Yorkie

As we mentioned previously, Yorkies have specific nutritional needs based on their energy requirements. As a puppy parent, it is your job to ensure your Yorkies food includes the following ingredients:

  • Protein: Crude protein should be the first ingredient on any dog food you buy. If you see something else as the first ingredient on the bag, just put it back. A diet high in protein will give your dog energy as well as allow the development of lean, strong muscle. Chicken, lamb, veal, and fish are all great sources of protein. Yorkie owners should be aware that chicken is an extremely common dog allergy, so if you notice hives or unusually itchy skin after changing your dogs diet, chicken may be the culprit. High-energy dogs require high levels of protein, with a percentage in the high 20s to low 30s.
  • Carbohydrates: High-quality sources of carbohydrates are important because they will usually include most of the fiber in your pups diet and because they are a slow burning source of energy. Not only will your dog feel fuller, longer, but hell be able to play all day! Good sources of carbs include ground flaxseed, peas, and sweet potato.
  • Fat: Although humans avoid them like the plague healthy fats are great for your Yorkie! You can go for a high percentage here too, as weight gain isnt a huge problem for Yorkies generally. Besides giving your Yorkie fuel to burn off while playing, fats are great for keeping your pups coat shiny and smooth and his skin moisturized.

Things To Consider When Buying Dog Food For Yorkies

10 Best Dog Food for Yorkies (Teacup &  Puppy)

Nutritional Needs of Yorkies


Yorkies need food that is high in protein and fats and low in carbs. These small breeds have high energy and need about 250 to 400 calories per day to keep them healthy and energized. Avoid foods with empty fillers, which dont have any nutritional value for your dog.


Real animal proteins like lamb, chicken, and beef give your dog all the protein they need. Proteins should constitute 28% to 32% of dry weight matter. Plant proteins, although excellent, do not provide the ten essential amino acids that small breeds need for optimal health.

Animal by-products like liver or heart, are also useful for your dog. They contain added blood, bones, and other nutritional nuggets that will support your Yorkies muscle growth.


High-quality carbohydrates provide the energy your dog needs to move and play. Look for wholesome carbs like whole grain, fruit, and veggies and make sure they are present in moderate to low levels. Sweet potatoes, carrots, rice, barley, and fruit, are excellent examples of healthy carbs that will be converted into usable energy for your dog.


Healthy dog food should contain 12 to 15% fat content. Fats are essential for the nervous system and skin and coat health. Look for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that will boost your dogs brain development and mental acuity.

Vitamins and Minerals

Life Stage of Your Yorkie Dog

Puppies generally need more carbohydrates because of their physical activity.

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Best Dog Food For Senior Yorkies: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Senior

Because the nutritional requirements for senior dogs are different from other life stages, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Small Breed Dry Dog Food features the ingredients to support their overall health and well-being. It is also formulated to meet the specific needs of small-breed dogs.

Based in the United States, Blue Buffalo makes premium-quality dog food featuring real meat as the first ingredient to help your senior Yorkie build and maintain healthy muscles. They also contain wholesome whole grains, garden veggies, fruit, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also includes glucosamine and chondroitin to support your aging dogs joint health and mobility.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Senior Small Breed Dry Dog Food doesnt include chicken or poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Anything Else To Consider

We recommend speaking to your vet before you switch your Yorkshire Terrier to a new diet. If you decide to go ahead and sign up to a dog food delivery company, theyll usually provide a guideline to gradually introduce their new food into their diet. If you switch too fast, you could cause a tummy upset or diarrhea. Yorkies are known to be prone to digestive issues.

This article does not constitute expert advice and we recommend contacting your vet if you have any concerns or issues. You can also reach out to the company youre thinking about subscribing to as theyll usually have experts on hand to offer advice.

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Considerations For Puppies And Seniors

Toy breeds like the Yorkie require a diet thats high in calories and nutrient-dense. This gives them the energy they need without requiring them to eat a large volume of food.

A dog food specially formulated for toy breeds is the simplest way to give your Yorkie what he needs. Not only are these dense in calories, fat, and nutrition, but the kibble is usually smaller too.

Hypoglycemia is a serious concern for Yorkie puppies, so you should also make sure your puppy has constant access to food. As they approach adulthood, you can start transitioning them to three or four small meals per day to help maintain a healthy body weight.

When your Yorkie approaches senior status , their activity and appetite may slow down. You dont necessarily need to switch to a senior recipe dog food, however. Just keep an eye on his or her weight, and talk to your veterinarian about supplements to support your dogs bone and joint health.

The Best Dog Food Brands For Yorkies By Stage

Homemade Dog Food for Yorkies Recipe

While you can probably get away with feeding your puppy adult food, its best to pick something thats made specifically for your fidos age, weight, metabolism, and health.

Senior dogs need a different mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates than active adults. Puppies need a unique blend, as well.

Luckily, most manufacturers make dog foods targeted at the different life stages and energy levels to take the guesswork out of it for you.

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Instinct Raw Boost Toy Breed Freeze

Delight your little pooch with the unique goodness of Instinct Raw Boost Toy Breed Freeze-Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food. Its packed with a good combination of protein, fats, and calories to help your Yorkie reach his ideal weight. Keep your dogs bones and teeth healthy with its calcium and phosphorous content.

Plus, this dog food offers glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health. This recipe is specific for adult toy breeds. It is grain-free and gluten-free. No corn, wheat, or soy is added. But, it contains chicken which is an allergen for sensitive dogs.


  • It contains chicken which can be an allergen

Choosing The Correct Calorie Count For Yorkshire Terriers

The dogs weight, appetite, age, and activity level can also be considered in helping to determine how much of the best dog food for Yorkshire Terriers to feed.

To prevent weight gain from occurring, it is important to always measure the Yorkshire Terriers daily meals. In addition to this, all intake should be carefully monitored.

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Yorkshire Terriers Are A Small But Compact Members Of The Terrier Group

These little dogs were bred to hunt vermin in mines and mills during the 19th century.

However, they climbed Britains social ladder to become popular as lapdogs of Victorian ladies.

Yorkshire Terriers have been popular pets in the 20th and 21st centuries since being recognised by the Kennel Club in 1886.

The American Kennel Club now rank the Yorkshire Terrier as the 10th most popular dog breed in the United States.

Although Yorkies may be small in size and stature, they still need a complete and healthy diet.

Yorkie owners may be accustomed to feeding their canine companion dry food such as kibble.

However, there is a fresh alternative that could revitalise your Yorkies appetite, behaviour at mealtime and overall energy.

In this article, well take a look at the best dog food for Yorkies.

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Brands That Are Common Offenders

Best Dog Food For Yorkie Puppies / 10 Best Dog Food For Yorkies Options ...

There are several brands you should look to avoid because of their ingredient list alone. Some of these are well-known and trusted brands, but as we learn more and more about proper nutrition for our dogs, their ingredient lists continue to fail.

Beneful by Purina Beneful is one of the highest offenders when it comes to their ingredients. While they do use chicken, they also use a lot of meat byproducts. Because 4-D meat is not suitable for human consumption, you wont run into it in your foods ingredient lists.

However, it does qualify for canine consumption and as many such manufactures, such as Purina, use it. Beneful also uses a lot of colors and dyes, which should be avoided at all costs by Yorkies.

Ol Roy Ol Roy is a Walmart brand dog food and is priced to sell. However, there are no meat proteins at all found in the food. Not even meat byproducts. Instead, corn and grain are listed first followed by a lot of questionable ingredients.

Citric acid, which is used in the food as a preservative, can cause digestive irritation, diarrhea, and vomiting. Feeding your Yorkie Ol Roy has been compared, by veterinarians, as giving your child a diet of Snickers bars and dark cola. There are no redeeming ingredients, and it is just a stomach filler, which doesnt last long or provides nutritional content for your dog.

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Are Yorkshire Terriers Fussy Eaters

Yorkie are notorious for being picky eaters, though this may be in part because their humans are eager to make them as happy as possible .

For a picky eater, you can buy food toppers or put a whole, lean meat chopped up into their food. Think lean ground beef heated up and mixed into kibble. Hardly any dog will turn up their nose to that!

Dont give in and let them eat unhealthy food just because they like it. This can cause health problems down the road.

Things You Should Think About Before Buying The Food For A Yorkie Puppy

Buying new products is an exciting experience, but it can also be risky. What are the things that I should think about before purchasing the food for a yorkie puppy?

This post will go over three key factors to consider when making your purchase decision:

  • How much do you like or need this specific item?
  • Does the price of this item compare favourably with similar products?
  • What are other customers saying about it?

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