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Best Puppy Food For Weight Gain

Can Digestive Issues Cause Weight Loss


Yes. If your dog cannot consume much food or experiences digestive issues due to a sensitive stomach or allergy, its best to choose a formula that includes the required probiotics, prebiotic fibers, and nutrients to support and improve your dogs digestive system. A proper diet of natural protein, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and minerals will help your dog gain weight.

Wet Dog Food Or Dry Dog Food

Wet food almost always tastes better than dry dog food, but wet food contains a lot of water, which means that its not calorically dense and not the best choice for dogs who need a recipe to gain weight. Dry food almost always has more calories than wet food and should be your main choice when choosing high-calorie dog food for weight gain. If you have a really picky eater or a pet that doesnt like its dry food, try mixing some wet food in or using it as a topper to make the meal more palatable.

It is because of this difference in calories that were going to recommend only dry dog foods for weight gain. Again, wet dog food is a great topper or mix-in and can make food much more palatable, but its not the best option for high-calorie dog food. We recommend you stick to dry food for weight gain and add a wet food topper as needed. Of course, talk to your vet. If they recommend wet dog foods for weight gain, its always best to follow their advice.

Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Dry Dog Food For Hip & Joint Care

Giant breeds like the Great Dane need extra nourishment for their joints to carry their heavy weight. Condition your pets hips, joints, and muscles with Purina Pro Plan Giant Breed Dry Dog Food for Hip & Joint Care. Packed with glucosamine and omega-3 acid, EPA for ease of mobility and healthy joints.

The absorption of nutrients boosts their immune system with the help of live probiotics. Plus, natural prebiotics nurtures their gut health. Their coats will continue to shine with this formulas vitamin A and omega fatty acids. The large kibbles contain a good balance of protein and fats to help maintain their ideal weight. However, this recipe contains grains and chicken ingredients that can trigger allergies.


Do you have adult dogs and puppies at home and youre hunting for wet dog food for all of them? Then you got your answer, with Canidae All Life Stages Premium Wet Dog Food for All Breeds. This tasty canned wet dog food contains chicken, chicken liver, and brown rice.

The recipe can be offered to puppies, adult dogs, and even senior dogs. It can be fed as a treat or as a dry food topper. It boasts antioxidants and probiotics for a healthy digestive system. Vitamins and minerals also target the joints, skin, and coats of your dogs. But, this formula is not grain-free. Plus, its chicken content may cause allergies in sensitive dogs. Feeding plain wet food may cause loose bowels in your dog.








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How Can I Help My Dog Gain Weight

If your dog is too skinny, you can help it gain weight by

  • Feeding the food rich in proteins and fats. Proteins and fats have proven natural ingredients to pack weight on your dogs body.
  • Try to change the meal schedule if your dog eats twice a day, give it once in the morning and the second when it will be about to sleep. Research studies show that if we eat something just before sleeping hours, it will be stored as fat in our bodies. So, your dogs case is not different from this, and you notice visible pounds on your dogs body just within a couple of weeks.
  • The third way is to increase the amount of your dog food. Most dogs are prone to weight loss just because of malnutrition. If your dog eats twice a day, your task is to encourage it to eat four times a day. Decide a food for the dog to gain weight proper food, more food, more energy, more fats, and proteins are needed to gain weight.
  • Some dogs are prone to lose weight because they are involved in strenuous activities and games. A moderate walk and exercise are a must, but they should not exceed the limit otherwise, your dog has to pay a high cost of it in the form of losing weight.
  • Stress is the root cause of all the illnesses keep your dog happy if you want your dog to gain weight.

Recognize Signs Of Healthy Weight Gain

These Are Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight and ...

So what are some physical signs your puppys weight gain is on track? According to Dr. Delaney, your pets ribs should be easily felt and you should see a noticeable waistline when looking from the side and from above. In other words, if you have a hard time feeling your puppys ribs or observe a rounded belly, these are signs of overfeeding and that your puppy may be overweight.

These are general guidelines that vary across breeds. An Azawakh, points out Dr. Klein, is built much differently than a St. Bernard. For best guidance, your veterinarian will be able to help accurately assess your puppys weight. Some of the most common mistakes Dr. Freeman sees when it comes to humans contributing to unhealthy puppy weight gain include:

Switching To Adult Food Too Early

This is the biggest mistake I see, says Dr. Freeman. Growing small- and medium-breed puppies should be fed a puppy or all-life stages formula made by a well-established manufacturer until 12 months of age. Large- and giant-breed puppies should be fed a diet specifically designed for large-breed puppies until 1218 months of age.

Not Knowing How Spaying or Neutering Reduces Calorie Requirements

Once puppies have these procedures done, they dont need to eat as much. So you should plan on reducing your puppys daily calorie intake. Doing so helps to keep your dog lean. However, still keep them on puppy food if theyre less than one year of age, according to Dr. Freeman.

Overfeeding Your Puppy

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Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken

Eukanuba cares for both your pocket and your pups well-being. So, you get three different packaging options for your puppy. Its main ingredient is high-quality chicken that your puppy will devour. While the formula is enhanced with targeted levels of calcium and phosphorus. You see, German Shepherds need calcium. But, too much can harm them.

But, Eukanuba has been in this business for over fifty years. And, they only provide products par excellence. So, if you are looking for choices in the market, Eukanuba is a sensible addition to your dogs diet.


Crafted with love and care, Purina ONE SmartBlend is an epic meal for your dog. The yummy chicken flavor satisfies your poochs taste buds, and the nutrient-rich formula will keep you happy, too. Purina believes that your canine deserves only the best. So, they give you dry dog food for large breed puppies that is free from preservatives. There are no artificial colors, fillers, or flavors.Purina simply does not do meal fillers.

Vets across the globe recommend Purina, and they are so sure of their high quality that Purina offers you to take the 28-day Challenge. If you dont see a visible improvement in your dogs coat, skin, energy levels, and well-being, they are satisfied to give you your money back.





  • Theres a change in the formula

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Image courtesy Bully Max

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food is a high-quality, grain-free dog food that is made with real beef. This food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all dogs and is free from corn, soy, and wheat.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food is a great option for dogs who are allergic to corn, soy, or wheat. This food is also high in protein and fat, which makes it perfect for dogs who need to gain weight.

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Natures Varietyinstinct Ultimate Protein Grain

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Duck, 2. Chicken, 3. Chicken Eggs, 4. Tapioca, 5. Ground Flaxseed

If you have a picky eater who loves poultry but doesnt gain pounds easily, Instinct Ultimate Protein by Natures Variety is a godsend. This formula is made from cage-free duck and real chicken meat and contains around 47 percent protein and 17 percent fat, which is a very high protein-to-fat ratio.

This raw recipe promises to provide your pup with all the essential nutrients from premium ingredients. Aside from that, there are ingredients to aid in the absorption of those nutrients. This way, you know that your baby is getting the most out of every meal.

Natures Variety Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food Beef By Instinct Raw

Dog Food for Huskies to Gain Weight

This is one of the most unusual brands we are examining. It is a product made with raw materials that have been freeze dried into a kibble and it is also high calorie dog food. This line is made from USA raised beef. This is the number one ingredient in Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food Beef.

  • Raw Ingredients raw, natural ingredients made from red meat and whole foods, fruits and vegetables
  • High Protein made with 85% -95% real beef and beef organ meats.
  • Probiotics a boost in probiotics and additional antioxidants and higher Omega Fatty Acids to assist with digestion, immune system and skin and coat health.
  • No grain, no potatoes, no corn, no wheat and no soy. Only meat, vegetables and fruit.
  • No by-products, no preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors. Only meat, vegetables and fruit.
  • First kibble product to mix grain free, high protein dry dog food with freeze dried raw food.
  • Minimally Processed never cooked remains raw.
  • Fresh non-GMO vegetables and fruits for minerals and vitamins 5-15% of the recipes.
  • All ingredients are freeze dried at the peak of ripeness. Ingredients are as close to the natural state as possible
  • Made, packaged in the United States with only meat and vegetables, fruits grown in the United States.

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The Modern German Shepherd

When you think of a German Shepherd, a canine with a wolf-like appearance comes to mind. Most people find German shepherds to be an intimidating breed, fierce in looks and personality. In truth, there are many different types of German Shepherds and make for very faithful companions that love to lead. They are a very zealous and energetic breed. Your German shepherd pup will play, bounce, run and fetch all day long if you will allow it.

Its a breed of dogs that starts with being a little over one pound. But, by the first year, they can gain weight up to 60 pounds. They are not a breed prone to obesity, either. They are a very active breed of dogs. Besides, GSDs have such a superior aptitude for training and are so intelligent that you will find them performing many different jobs.

German Shepherds make superb search and rescue dogs. Youll find them providing disability help as well as working with the police and in military roles.

Reasons Why Your Fur Baby Is Underweight

Before you buy the best dog food for weight gain, you have to ensure that your vet has assessed your fur baby for any health issues that can cause weight loss. Lets consider some of its causes.


Puppies and newly-adopted canines are prone to tapeworms, whipworms, and hookworms. They also have protozoan parasites that are more challenging to diagnose thus, you have to consult your vet to get rid of these problems.


Stress can also cause weight loss, especially if youve recently adopted a dog. You have to be aware that changes in the environment can affect the appetite, so you have to ensure that its adjusting fully.

Food Quality

You have to ensure that your pets are getting their nutritional needs from high-quality diets.


Undiagnosed diabetes can also cause weight loss, especially for middle-aged dogs. You have to bring your fur baby to a vet for the proper diagnosis.

Digestive Disorders

Pancreatic issues can limit the production of digestion enzymes. They may be the reason why your furry companion is underweight.

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Nomnomnow Fresh Food Delivery

Overall Best Dog Food for Weight Gain: Simply increasing the amount you feed your dog is not necessarily the best approach to weight gain. You want to make sure your dog gains muscle instead of just fat, and his diet needs to still be nutritionally balanced while being higher in calories. Pet experts agree that fresh food is best for dogs and NomNomNow is our top choice for dogs who need to gain weight. This service delivers freshly prepared dog food right to your door in convenient monthly deliveries. Simply put in your dogs information and choose from the available recipes then work with a company representative to adjust your dogs caloric intake to help him gain weight. The shipments you receive will be perfectly portioned according to your dogs needs, so all you need to do is serve it.

  • Pros: Fresh food delivered to your door, several recipe options, customizable calorie content per portion, fresh natural ingredients, cooked in small batches
  • Cons: Expensive to feed as a staple diet

Wet Vs Dry Food For Weight Gain

These Are Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight and ...

Wet food vs. dry food always makes for an interesting debate. While wet food is generally healthier because of moisture content, dry food tends to have more calories and is also easier to digest. Wet food can be more filing due to moisture, so your pet might not eat as much as it would eat dry food in one meal.

That said, picky dogs are usually more inclined towards wet food. It smells enticing and tastes closer to the real thing.

So, which one is better?

For picky dogs, you can always top dry kibble with a bit of premium wet dog food to make it more appealing for your friend. This way, your dog will consume more calories while still getting the taste and texture it wants.

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Crave Protein Containing Dry Dog Food

Crave should be one of the best foods for dogs to gain that pet owners want for their dogs. Crave food offers 460 calories per cup and is best for lactating or nursing female dogs.


Salmon, Seafood, Chicken meal, Split peas, Chicken peas, Chicken fat, Lamb meal, Fish meal, Chelated minerals, etc.


Crave has a lot of benefits, containing 34% proteins and 17% fats. It offers a particular type of salmon food and minerals and is thus one of the best foods for dogs to gain weight.

How You Can Help Your Underweight Dog Gain Weight

There are some measures that you can do as a dog parent to help your underweight dog gain weight, especially if her weight loss is not caused by a serious illness.

Most dogs cant resist their favorite diet and treats. But it can be a challenge finding out their preferences, especially if you have picky dogs.

You can dry buying small packages of different options just to see which ones they prefer. They may prefer a particular dog food, animal protein, or recipe.

The same goes for fresh foods and treats. You can also try to add some toppers, or fresh foods like eggs, tuna, or some olive oil to make the diet more appetizing.

Sweet Potato & Pumpkin

Pumpkin and sweet potato are known to help add a few pounds to your dogs weight. You can serve as treats or toppers to regular dog foods. You can have this home-cooked , or select canned or dehydrated products that are meant for pets.

Peanut Butter

Most dogs love peanut butter on their treats or fresh fruits or veggies like carrots. Peanut butter adds extra calories to the treats. But make sure to use all-natural peanut butter or one made for pets. Artificial additives in some peanut butter products are unhealthy for dogs.

Playtime and Exercise

Your dogs need lots of exercise even when theyre skinny. Its part of keeping strong muscles and joints. So make sure you provide them with at least half an hour of exercise daily.


Ad Libitum Feeding Strategy

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Ziwi Peak Beef Recipe

Image courtesy Ziwi

Ziwi Peak Beef Recipe is a high-quality dog food that is made with real beef. This food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all dogs and is free from corn, soy, and wheat.

Ziwi Peak Beef Recipe is a great option for dogs who are allergic to corn, soy, or wheat. This food is also high in protein and fat, which makes it perfect for dogs who need to gain weight.

If you’re looking for a grain-free dog food that is high in protein and fat, Ziwi Peak Beef Recipe is a great option.

Miracle Vet Weight Gaining Chews For Dogs

Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds To Gain Weight: What To Look For

Another great treat for increasing body weight is Weight Gaining Chews. Each chew has 60 calories, and the bag contains 60 chews for a total of 3,000 calories per bag. These weight gainer treats contain probiotics to help with digestion and use only all-natural ingredients. Theres no artificial colors or flavors, no glycerine, gluten, wheat, sugar, or animal by-products, and no trans fats.

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