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Best Puppy Food For Pitbull Puppies

Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls Puppies | How to feed Your PIT BULL Puppies.

Eukanuba makes many different flavors of dry dog food for young puppies, but the Eukanuba Lamb and Rice formula is one of the most popular. Lamb is the first ingredient in this food, which can be fed to puppies until they reach 54 lbs.

This food provides your puppies with all the energy they need from carbohydrates, fat, and of course, protein. It has very small kibbles that are easy for your Pitbull puppy to digest.

Minerals And The Good Bits For All

Minerals and vitamins are an important part of your Pit Bulls diet and overall health, that weve decided to break down the key things his dog food should include. Weve also included their key roles and the typical ranges you should be searching for amongst the best food for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull puppies.


Many brands making the best food for Pit Bulls will state that they contain calcium for strong doggy bones and teeth. What our research shows, is that only the best dog food for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull puppy food will contain this mineral in an approved amount. Another crucial factor to keep in mind is that calcium must be balanced properly with phosphorus in a ratio close to 1.2:1 to avoid over-supplementation or bone deficiencies. So make sure to pay close attention to this, as the best dog food for Pit Bulls will be sure to balance these two elements properly.

Technically DHA is a component part of Omega-3 fatty acid rather than a vitamin or mineral. Like other puppies, little Pit Bulls originally get DHA from their mothers milk. When theyre moving to puppy food its essential that this is an included part of their diet. Still, it contributes in a big way to a Pit Bulls eye function, nervous system and cerebral development. Good natural sources of DHA are fish and salmon oil, which all acceptable dog foods and puppy foods for Pit Bulls should contain.

Other minerals for dog and puppy nutrition

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Pet Food

Rating: 4.8/5

Just like Nom Nom, The Farmers Dog is a subscription-based company that offers pre-portioned, customized fresh foods that are based on your pets individual needs. They also deliver for free, and all of their recipes come in ready-to-serve, biodegradable packs.

Whats more, all of their meals are crafted by a veterinary nutritionist using human-grade ingredients and are gently steamed to retain the foods nutritional value.

Each of their four tasty and nutritious recipes turkey, beef, pork and chicken are also packed with a healthy blend of fiber from fresh, whole vegetables.

And thats not all, to ensure that your pup gets a complete and balanced meal, each recipe is also incorporated with supplemental nutrients such as fish oil.

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Taste of the Wild is known for producing pet foods that nature intended for our canine and feline companions. This High Prairie puppy formula is good for the pit bull breed.

It is formulated with novel proteins, which is great for dog breeds that are allergic to more popular animal protein sources such as chicken and beef.

This grain-free recipe starts with water buffalo as the #1 ingredient. And it is also packed with highly-digestible energy from peas and sweet potatoes, along with blueberries and raspberries that provide valuable nutrients and guaranteed antioxidants.





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What Is The Exact Calcium And Phosphorus Ratio

A grain-free dry kibble contains a high protein with more than 2% of calcium and such Dog foods are not considered to be appropriate for Dogs in all stages of their life. But while choosing a Dog food for your Pitbull puppy it is best to stick to a calcium level between 1.1%

Did you know? Excess calcium in dogs can lead to detrimental effects like skeletal abnormalities. To prevent this, AAFCO has set a maximum calcium level for all Dog foods to meet the Dog food nutrient Profiles at 1.8% DM.

The minimum and maximum values of 1:1 and 2:1 respectively, for the calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Other than that, Vitamin-D plays a vital role in calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Adequate Vitamin-D intake maintains healthy bone formation.

Taste Of The Wild Puppy

These Are Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight and ...
  • For Pitbull puppies, we recommend this breed.
  • Its made with actual buffalo meat.
  • This is a grain-free recipe.
  • Probiotics are beneficial to gut health.
  • The product is made in the United States.
  • Per cup, there are 370 calories.
  • Protein is 28 percent, fat is 17 percent, and fiber is 5 percent.

Grain, corn, wheat, filler, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives are all absent.

Its not just grain-free for puppies with sensitive stomachs, but its also created with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Its also packed with live, naturally occurring bacteria that will help him digest his food.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult

This contains real bison to offer protein-rich meat, which is much needed for large breeds such as the Pitbull. It is also packed with its exclusive Lifesource Bits which is a precise blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, as well as Glucosamine and Chondroitin for his joint health. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also included which is great for his healthy skin and coat needs.

We love this is not a grain free recipe. This makes it perfect for Pitbull parents whos pups have a sensitive stomach.

Puppy Vs Adult Dog Formula

Puppies need more calories, fat, protein, and minerals than adult dogs. Large breed dogs are at higher risk for developmental orthopedic issues like hip and elbow dysplasia. Large breed puppy foods will be specially formulated to include a little less fat and a very specifically balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio. The rapid growth of larger breeds is considered when developing large breed puppy food. Puppies fed adult dog chow too soon are at risk for nutritional and developmental deficiencies.

Adult dogs need fewer calories than puppies and less protein. Adult dog food has more filler ingredients as well. The Association of American Feed Control Officials provides regulations and guidelines for dog food.Their standards are as follows:

  • Protein 22% for puppy food and 18% for adult dog food
  • Fat 8% for puppy food and 5% for adult dog food
  • Calcium 1% for puppy food and 0.6% for adult dog food
  • Phosphorus 0.8% for puppy food and 0.5% for adult dog food
  • Sodium 0.3% for puppy food and 0.06% for adult dog food
  • Look for foods with a calcium to phosphorus ratio: of 1.1:1 to 1.3:1%.

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Can You Free Feed A Pitbull Puppy

The practice of making food available to the dog all the time is called free feeding. Some owners ensure that the bowl is never empty while others give the puppys full ration of food at the start of the day.

Some keep adding food when it looks low, and the dog can eat at any time he chooses. Owners do this because of convenience, and some believe that constant feeding prevents dogs from food guarding.

Free feeding is not recommended because of the following reasons:

  • Your dog will eat all day which causes weight gain
  • They can eat after exercise which is not good for their health
  • They will develop poor eating habits.

How To Decide The Best Pitbull Puppy Food

Best dog food for pitbulls and Tips to choose dog foods

The Best dog food for Pitbull puppies needs to be full of nutrition and healthy compact.

The breed is large, and hence they need more calories in the food. These calories will give great energy to the breed. The food contains high protein, and you will get the best result for your breed.

The food you choose for your dog must be quality approved, and it will give great nutrition to your dog. Here is the list of foods that will help this breed grow healthy and effective.

Pitbull puppies are prone to food allergies, where you can show your puppy the dietary needs and treat them with the best foods.

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Can Pitbulls Eat Bones

Do you remember the saying, give a dog a bone? But can Pitbulls eat bones as part of their diet?

Pitbulls can eat bones, although they are meant to curtail chewing and are for recreation. However, they are a good source of nutrients, especially calcium and phosphorus, and help clean your dogs teeth and keep them strong.

But never feed a cooked bone as cooking causes the bone to soften and splinter as your pup chews it and can cause injuries or choking.

Choose a sizeable raw bone larger than your dogs muzzle so he wont be tempted to swallow it. Beef or lamb bones are better than chicken or pork bones as they are stronger and wont easily splinter. For example, a large beef shank bone would be just the thing for your Pitbull.

Remember to supervise your Pittie when giving him a bone.

What Can Pitbulls Not Eat

Pitbulls have a different digestive system from humans. Some safe foods for you and I can be harmful or even highly dangerous for Pitties. These foods you should not include in your Pitbulls diet as they are toxic. I have listed the main ones below in this table:

Moldy food

The Pet Poison Helpline also lists tons of extra poisonous stuff, including plants, household items, and medications. It is an excellent resource, but hopefully, you wont need their help if your Pittie avoids these.


Then youll love OLLIE DOG FOOD. Try Ollies FRESH-COOKED, HEALTHY, DELIVERED dog food with a cool discount from World of Dogz.

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Which Human Foods Can Dogs Eat

Dogs can consume a number of human foods safely including: carrots, apples, white rice, dairy products, fish, chicken, peanut butter, plain popcorn, pork, turkey, and blueberries. Some foods you should steer clear of with your Pitbull include avocado, alcohol, cherries, chocolate, caffeine, raisins, and citrus fruits, among other things. Of course, when in doubt, consult a veterinarian.

Do Pit Bulls Need Grain

These Are Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight and ...

No, pit bulls dont explicitly need grain-free food. The actual number of dogs that have a grain allergy has been over-reported, and these foods dont necessarily always trigger food allergies or indigestion. However, since most grain-free diets do tend to have a higher level of protein and tend to have more wholesome ingredients, many of these foods are recommended for pits. Just be sure that youre paying more attention to what is in the food rather than what is not included in the food to make the best choice. Food allergies as well tend to be based more on your specific dog than its breed. Some grains, like whole grain brown rice, should be completely fine in moderation.

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Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hills Science has several formulas of dry dog food. But the Hills Science Diet puppy blend is perhaps the best dog food for Pitbull puppies if you want a nice, balanced combination of ingredients.

This food comes with ideal levels of calcium and other minerals to help support your pups bone development. It also has DHA from fish oil to support eye and brain development, along with plenty of lean protein to help your dog build muscle.

American Journey Adult Dog Food

  • Our Choice for Adult Pitbulls.
  • Budget-friendly dog food.

American Journey produces a budget-friendly dog food, thats high in rich protein. This will help your Pitbull by providing energy to chase and maintain his lean body. The nutrients in this formula help maintain an adult Pitbulls stature, and this is exactly what the adult Pitbull needs. Real salmon is the number one ingredient, and it is packed full of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body. It is also grain-free for those with sensitive stomachs.

We love that this offers one of the highest levels of protein, which is great for active dogs.

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What Nutrients Do Pit Bull Puppies Require

Protein is essential for Pit Bulls since it provides them with needed nutrients. When youre buying dog food, look for a concentration of at least 22% protein. Protein requirements are lower in older dogs than in puppies, however it is still important to their diet.

So, if you want to avoid your dog becoming obese, do not feed them a diet that is high in grains.

Even though pit bulls are not as tall as other breeds, they may benefit from high-quality puppy chow that is tailored for large dogs.

Buyers Guide: Nutritional Requirements Of Your Pitbull Puppy

? BARF Diet For American Bully XL Pitbull Puppies Feeding

The countless puppy food options available for Pitbull owners is both a blessing and a headache. Its good to have a wide variety of puppy foods to choose from so you are not limited to just a few options.

But, it can also be confusing, intimidating, and at some point exhausting. Hence, we cant blame why there are pet parents wholl just buy what their friends or neighbors are feeding their pets.

With that being said, we should be mindful that not all puppy foods are made the same. If you want your puppy to grow healthy and strong, you should examine whether or not your choice of puppy food meets or even surpasses your pups nutritional requirements for him to thrive at his age and grow to be a happy and healthy adult dog.

Pitbull puppies also have a lot of growing to do. Thats why, you should give appropriate food for his age, size, and breed. As early as your pup can eat solid food, you should start giving him high-quality dog food, which can either be fresh or canned dog food, dry puppy food, or a mixture of both types of foods.

As mentioned earlier, your dog should like the food, or else, he wont benefit from its nutrients no matter how nutrient-dense it is. Youll also want to buy kibbles that are intended for medium to large size dog breeds that contain higher energy levels.

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Choosing The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Allergies: What To Look For

When choosing the best dog food for Pitbulls with allergies there are 3 main factors to consider: Protein, Limited Ingredients, and Grains. Weve expanded on these below so you can better understand what may trigger your dogs allergies and how to select nutrition to help nourish their skin & coat, and support a healthy digestive system.

Lets look at the following in more detail:

Acana Pacifica Grain Free Dog Food

After our research, we found out that dog food called Acana Pacifica is the best choice. Acana Pacifica is designed for all breeds and life stages. What makes Acana Pacifica the most perfect and suitable of all dog foods to feed to pit bull dogs is abundantly clear. It is a special dog food that is high grade and that is biologically appropriate in every way that matters the most.

The mission of this dog food is two things specifically. These two things are all about a very natural evolution and approach to a meat, as well as a protein-rich diet that is right in delivery as a continued source of foodstuff substance. Secondly, Acana Pacifica contains ingredients of meats, poultry, eggs, and fish that are all ranched, farmed, or fished from local suppliers.

All of these ingredients are delivered to kitchens on a day to day basis routinely. Acana is made within an award-winning kitchen and with nothing but only the freshest of all possible ingredients that are very healthy for the long life of your pet pit bull dog.

Dog Food with Salmon is a mouth-watering, grain-free dry dog food recipe developed specifically to match a dogs natural diet with a complete balance of nutritious ingredients.

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Preserved Natural With No Carcinogenic

Foods must be preserved naturally and not contain carcinogenic chemical preservatives such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin.

If the food contains any type of fish mealwhich is required by law to be preserved with ethoxyquin unless the supplier has a special permit allowing them to use a different preservativethe dog food manufacturer must have stipulated that their fish meal supplier has such a permit and that the fish meal used in the food is ethoxyquin free and preserved with natural antioxidants.

This is important because dog food companies are not required to list ethoxyquin on the label unless they have added it themselves.

Best For A Bully: Bully Max 30/20 High

4 Best Dog Food For Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight


If you have a Bully, you already know that this is one big dog! Their nutritional needs are different from a Staff Terriers, for instance, so you can hardly go for the same chow.

Bully Max 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food is exactly what it says it has 30% protein and 20% fat, which is an ideal ratio for a high-performance dog like yours. It is also one of the most calorific dog foods that we could find, which is excellent for the hefty muscle mass your fellow has or will grow to have.

The recipe contains no traces of soy, wheat, or corn, which are low-quality protein sources and common dog allergens. Instead, it uses all-natural ingredients, such as chicken meal, brown rice, barley, and menhaden fish, among others. The company offers full disclosure about the ingredients they use and their nutritional value, so you can hop on over to their page for more info.

This blend is suitable for all life stages, so if your pupper enjoys it, you know youve found the chow that you can stick to for a long time. In our humble opinion, it is a bit too calorie-dense for an older doggo as they are usually not as active as they were in their prime years. That may cause them to put on excess weight, which is particularly unhealthy at their tender age . Its up to you to make the call if your senior woofer is agile and sprightly even after their seventh birthday, they can continue munching on their favorite recipe for as long as they like.

Guaranteed Analysis

3,930 kcal/kg

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