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Best Puppy Food For Goldendoodles

What Are Our Criteria For Choosing The Best Dog Food For Goldendoodles

best dog food for goldendoodle

Dog foods are the most important factor to consider as it will affect the long-term health of your furred companion for their whole life. When it came to ensuring the best possible option for Goldendoodles, we judged the products based on quality of nutrition, health benefits, type and price. Here we will discuss what affected our choices in detail:

  • Quality: First consideration always goes to the quality of the products. Specifically, the quality of ingredients used in the recipe, the amount of nutritional value and how the product was made. All of these factors make up the overall quality of a product and we ensured that only the best were presented to you.
  • Benefits: We also considered the added benefits such as taste, flavor and additional health benefits. Such as skin and digestive issues, growth and joint issues, excessive fatty oils etc. were some things that we want to avoid at all costs.
  • Type: The type of food, whether wet or dry, plays a big part in your pets food choices and we wanted to present you with both.
  • Price: All the products that we have chosen are value for money while completing the above mentioned criteria as well.

American Journey All Life Stages Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain

Brand: American Journey

Cost: $42.99

Main Ingredients: Deboned Salmon, Chicken Meal , Turkey Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Chickpeas, Pea Protein, Chicken Fat , Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Natural Flavor, Flaxseed, Menhaden Fish Meal, Blueberries, Carrots, Salt, Salmon Oil.

Why Buy? American Journeys delicious salmon and sweet potato blend is perfect for all life stages in breeds of every kind. Its packed with potent proteins, fiber, and so much more to keep your doggo happy and healthy.

The Best Puppy Food For Goldendoodles Reviewed

Before we dive in, I want to tell you that all the dog food I included in this list meets the standard AAFCO nutrient profile guidelines for growing puppies.

Also, we recommend you consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your Goldendoodle puppys diet.

  • 5 Key Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Barley, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Whole Grain Oats
  • Nutrient Content: 26% Protein, 14% Fat, 4% Fiber, 10% Moisture
  • Type of Product: Non-GMO, Molasses-Free, Natural, Pea-Free, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, High-Protein

Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy Dog Food is the best puppy food for Goldendoodles, it features 26% crude proteinfrom chicken as the main ingredient, which provides your little puppy with the essential protein and amino acids he needs to develop lean and strong muscles.

Also, the chicken and chicken meal are great sources of glucosamine and chondroitin that promote healthy hips and joints.

This formula includes an exclusive mix of superfoods including kale and blueberries which contains lots of vitamins and minerals to provide your little pup with a balanced and complete diet, it also helps her develop and maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Also, Nutro only uses ingredients that come from trusted farmers, and its formula is completely free of corn, wheat artificial colors, and other fillers so rest assured that your puppy will get high-quality nutrition.

For a picky Goldendoodle puppy, I highly recommend this wet food from Purina Pro Plan.

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What Are The Benefits Of Quality Dog Food For Goldendoodles

There is a lot that depends on quality dog food. If a dog does not receive the necessary nutrients on a daily level, it will quickly show and eventually lead to serious illnesses. When feeding quality dog food, however, you ensure that their meals are full of essential nutrients that will support their overall health and fuel your Goldendoodle for all of your shared adventures. When formulated properly, dog food for Goldendoodles can provide many benefits to your pets overall health, including the following:

  • Improves Strength and Immune System

Thanks to the ample amounts of protein, antioxidants, and carbs, quality dog food is essential for improving strength, keeping muscles lean and strong, and ensuring a stable and strong immune system. With a great combination of nutrients, and with added antioxidants and fatty acids, your pet is given a rounded and all-encompassing nutritional value with every meal.

  • Great for the Skin and Coat

Goldendoodles are the stylish charmers of the doggo world. Their cute looks and luscious coats are their trademark signs. However, they need to be maintained, and food can play a part in that. Quality dog food contains essential nutrients that are directly responsible for keeping dog coats and hair shiny, healthy, and luscious. So, if you want to improve the quality of your pets coat, try one of these healthy foods the difference can be immense!

  • Supports Brain Development

Orijen Premium Quality Meat Dry Dog Food

Top 10 Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles 2021 [Reviews]


The Orijen Premium Quality Meat has exceptional ingredients every pet parent should be looking for in the market. The product is packed with quality and fresh ingredients that you can see on its outer cover on the bag.

The high protein is essential for your dogs body development and growth. It is also delicious and palatable for all Goldendoodles.


  • Optimized for less active dogs
  • Very tasty and palatable for all Goldendoodles
  • It is perfect for keeping the kidney healthy.


  • It may be tough to find in the local stores.
  • It is not the best choice for high energy dogs.

Why We Like It

The Orijen Premium is the best feed for dogs who are allergic. It works effectively to keep your dogs most important organs healthy.

The product is worth every cent you spend to purchase it, and it will give your Goldendoodle a perfect treat.

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed

  • Real chicken is the very first ingredient.
  • Highly digestible, flavorful recipe.

This recipe follows on from the large breed puppy formula, so if he did well on this as a pup then this would make a great adult kibble contender. Real Chicken is the first ingredient, and barley provides fiber to keep his digestive system regular, as well as extra energy that his large body needs.

Chicken meal provides his joints with glucosamine and chondroitin, and flaxseed and vitamin E supplements will nourish his skin and coat from the inside out.

We love that this diet is based on science, so you can be sure that your Goldendoodle adult will get everything he needs from this recipe.

Common Goldendoodle Health Issues

Goldendoodles are hearty dogs and tend to be long-lived, but they do have some common health concerns that can be inherited from their two parent breeds, the Poodle and the golden retriever.

Of course, not all dogs will exhibit symptoms of each of these conditions, and your dog may never show any signs of any of these health issues. But its important to keep in mind whats common for other Goldendoodles so you can closely observe your dogs health and head off any issues before they become serious.

Addisons Disease

Addisons disease is another name for hypoadrenocorticism, which occurs when the bodys adrenal glands dont produce hormones like aldosterone and cortisol. These hormones, which are steroids, are important to regulating the function of organs and bodily systems, and in severe cases, the body can be seriously damaged.

The condition is not curable, and dogs that are diagnosed with cases will usually need to remain on medication for the remainder of their lives. But the good news is that in most cases, if the condition is diagnosed before major damage has been done to systems of the body, treatment means the dogs lifespan will be normal.

Several breeds are prone to Addisons disease, including the standard Poodle, which is the primary reason why Goldendoodles may be predisposed to this condition. Symptoms of Addisons disease in dogs include depression, weight loss, vomiting, hair loss, and increased urination, and diagnosing the condition requires blood tests.

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The Best Dog Food For Goldendoodles Growth

An adult standard-sized Goldendoodle will use around 1,200 calories each day. However, the age and activity levels of your pet will also influence how many calories he needs.

Growing puppies use more calories than you might think, even though they are smaller than adult dogs! Thats because they need energy for playing, while also feeding the growth of muscles, bones, and organs. Remember to take this into account when deciding on the best puppy food for Goldendoodles.

One of the most appealing things about the Goldendoodle breed is his curly golden coat. Feeding a high-quality dog food can help to keep your pets crowning glory in top condition, so its essential that you make the right choice.

What Makes Dog Food Good For Goldendoodles

Best Dog Food For Goldendoodles and Puppies

Choosing the right food for your Goldendoodle contributes to the overall well-being and health of your pup. But dont worry, its not as daunting as it seems.

Use our guide to help you make informed decisions that are sure to keep your canine satisfied.

Wed love to hear from you! Leave us a message about your experiences with any of the food above. Or if your Goldendoodle has a favorite recipe that isnt on our list, let us know about it. Wed love to check it out.

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Runner Up: Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food

Check Price

We all know Goldendoodles as super cute and stylish dogs! But those good looks and prime health need to be maintained. This Royal Canin dog food is ideal for Golden Retrievers one of the parent breeds of Goldendoodles. As such, it is also great for this unique designer breed also. With chicken meat and rice as the main ingredients, this dog food contains ample amounts of all vital nutrients: protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and others. All of these are vital for ensuring that your pet is as healthy as always, that their coat is lustrous and shiny, and that they are always happy. There is so much that quality dog food can influence, and this can be all the proof you need.

When Should I Switch My Goldendoodle Puppy To Adult Food

Puppy foods are high in protein, calories, and fat to meet a pups developmental needs. But, bittersweet as it may be, all puppies grow out of the need for this type of food, just as human babies make the shift from milk or formula to solid foods.

As with most considerations regarding your dogs food, her size is the biggest factor in determining when to make the shift from puppy food to food. As weve mentioned, Goldendoodles take their size cues from the Poodle side of the family, and they can range in size from toy to standard.

In general, you want to begin feeding your puppy food when theyre near their height. In toy breeds, this could be as young as 7-9 months, while bigger dogs reach this point at about 10-12 months of age.

Your vet can help you estimate how large they expect your Goldendoodle to grow, and if you know the parentage history of your dog, that can help in that determination. But its important to remember that its generally better to keep an dog on puppy food than to switch a puppy to food before shes ready.

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Puppies That Are Picky Eaters

How can your adorable Goldendoodle puppy be a picky eater? You will be surprised by how many puppies prefer a specific flavor in their food. Many Goldendoodle puppies do just fine with chicken flavor, but some pups are picky eaters and enjoy exquisite flavors such as lamb, bison, or fish. The good news is that several options on our list offer a wide range of flavors. If you have a picky eater, try a small bag of each flavor until you find the one your little fluff ball enjoys eating the most. We recommend trying the chicken or the fish puppy foods first.

If you cant get your puppy to eat meals regularly, there can be a hidden health issue causing their lack of appetite. In this case, discuss the situation with your veterinarian.

Joint Problems And Hip Dysplasia

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles (2022)

Goldendoodles are also at risk of joint problems and hip and elbow dysplasia. Even a little bit of excess weight puts your pup at risk for developing joint issues. So, if your furry friend is getting a bit chubby, you should definitely look for weight management formulas and not overfeed your pup.

If youre looking for a formula that specially targets the joints, the ingredient list should include glucosamine or chondroitin.


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Nutrient Requirements For Senior Goldendoodles

You can consider the Goldendoodle a senior dog between the ages of seven and eight. Youll notice that itll begin to slow down, implying that it requires less energy. As a result, you should transfer him to a senior meal formulated for large senior breeds that will meet its changing demands.

Because less movement equals less energy, its senior formulas should be lower in calories and more in fiber components. There will be less fat and fewer calories, as its weakening digestive system will struggle to break it down efficiently.

As they age, their joints weaken, and elements like meat meals and pills will offer them vital senior ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin. Ingredients like taurine, in addition to extra vitamins and minerals to support their weak immune system, will look after their cardiac health and cognitive function, so check out for these.

Nutrient Requirements For Goldendoodle Puppies

The Goldendoodle puppys parents have Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and other skeletal issues. While diet cannot prevent certain conditions, it can surely assist in reducing the risks of having them.

The ideal quantities of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and fat in puppy formula for large breed puppies will assist in controlling the rate at which their bones expand. Because it is more likely to acquire such issues if its bones grow too quickly, you require a Goldendoodle puppy food for a large breed.

The Goldendoodle is a lively and energetic dog that will require a lot of energy during the day and puppy growth power. Therefore it will need food that contains high-quality protein and whole meats. Protein is necessary for its muscles to grow and maintain their strength.

The MSD Veterinary Manual recommends that all puppy nutrition contain at least 22 percent protein. Still, because the Goldendoodle is such a large dog, a protein concentration of at least 26 percent is considerably healthier.

Salmon oils, chicken fat, and flaxseed are all good sources of healthy fats that will feed its coat and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. You should also keep an eye out for various vitamins and minerals, as they will aid in the development of its immune system, ensuring that it remains healthy and strong.

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The Key Nutritional Requirements Of A Goldendoodle Puppy

The perfect diet for your Goldendoodle is one that includes all-natural ingredients to help them grow into healthy, happy dogs! A portion of good quality food will also have high protein levels so its important not only to choose what type of meal or snack you give him but how much at each feeding time. If he likes snacking more than eating three large meals per day then dont worry about adding extra vitamins into his bowl as long as theyre wrapped in something tasty like kibble jerky treats .

The best way around this issue would be finding out exactly where his preference lies by gradually increasing either number over several days until finally achieving an average.

Modern commercial dog foods contain a variety of high-quality proteins including chicken, fish, and beef. For those who have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients found in most formulas such as wheat gluten or soy leghemoglobin , there are options available!

The best way to provide your pup with the necessary nutrients it needs for healthy development is by feeding a balanced puppy food that also contains high-quality carbohydrates. We prefer whole grains, as they are less processed and contain more vitamins/minerals than their refined counterparts. Thus, these types of foods help ensure proper digestion along with stool quality!

You may want to consider feeding your Goldendoodle puppy a specially formulated food if you see that he or she is growing into an adult dog.

Best Goldendoodle Puppy Food

Top 5 Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles in 2022

There are a lot of requirements and factors to consider when youre selecting a pet food for your goldendoodle puppy. However, most high-quality puppy foods should be formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of your goldendoodle at any life stage. Whether you are looking for wet or dry food, puppy food, adult dog food, or senior food, there are a number of high-quality pet foods, whether wet or dry dog food you can choose from . Some of the best are listed below. If your puppy has any special issues, such as a sensitive stomach or food allergies, make sure to talk to your vet about the best choice for your goldendoodle!

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Royal Canin Healthy Dry Puppy Food For Goldendoodles


The Royal Canin is the best meal for puppies expected to grow up to 23-55 pounds in weight. It has pure and quality ingredients perfect for managing all the needed energy levels in your Goldendoodle.

The ingredients have a blend of vitamins and antioxidants that can easily be digested. It also has prebiotics to help in digestion and maintain the perfect quality of stool in your dog.


  • It the best product for puppies
  • Boost the immune system and proper digestion
  • Helps joint and bone growth for better coordination
  • Has the best digestible proteins with prebiotics to maintain your dogs stool


  • It is only used for puppies less than a year old.

Why We Like It

Royal Canin is the best meal for your little Goldendoodle. We encourage pet parents to purchase it since it meets all your dogs energy needs.

The Royal Canin also has the critical nutrients you may need to help in your Goldendoodles growth and development.

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