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Best Freeze-dried Dog Food

Our Final Verdict Wrapping Up

âTop 5 Best Freeze Dried Dog Food 2022 Review

ZENOO freeze-dried raw dog food range

Weve reached the end of our article on the best freeze-dried raw dog food in the UK.

ZENOO is the freeze-dried raw brand that stands out to us. Theyve got four different recipes to ensure theres plenty of choice when you make your decision on what protein source to feed your dog.

However, you wont go wrong if you decide to go for Natures Variety, Stella & Chewys or Ella& Co.

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze

  • Instinct freeze-dried raw dog food toppers is a perfect gift for dogs and dog lovers. Made with real meat, fruits and vegetables for a delicious dog food topper and healthy treat.
  • Raw, whole food ingredients are freeze dried to gently remove moisture, locking in nutrients and intensifying flavor. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by product meal, artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Add variety and excitement to dry dog food with Raw Boost Mixers. Made with all natural ingredients to support healthy digestion and skin & coat. The perfect natural dog food topper or dog treats for picky dogs & puppies. Sized perfectly for use as a training treat.

Best Adult & Senior Dogs

Sojos Complete Turkey & Salmon Recipe Senior Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Raw is formulated to support aging dogs. It is stocked full of nutrients that support heart health, immune system, bone and joint health, digestion, and more. Nutrients like fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin support the needs of aging pets.

This meaty flavor and smooth texture are super appealing to older dogs. These options are grain-free, raw, pea-free, non-GMO, and use all-natural ingredients. Sojos also makes options for active adults. No preservatives, fillers, or soy are used. Easy to prepare and feed your pup, just soak and serve. One pound of freeze-dried product yields up to 5 pounds of fresh food.

We love that the recipes are designed to promote digestion, energy, and appetites in older dogs. This option includes turkey, whole egg, and salmon, as well as whole eggs, sweet potatoes, cranberries, turkey liver, and more tasty, natural ingredients.

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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Freeze

Youll discover that there are many benefits that come along with choosing freeze-dried dog food for your pup. These include:

  • Enjoyable for dogs: Most dogs seem to really like freeze-dried dog foods and often prefer them over kibble. Its typically less processed and meatier, preserving natural, full flavor dogs are programmed to prefer. This is why there are many freeze-dried add-ins available to improve the taste of dry kibble.
  • Only high-quality ingredients: For the most part, when you buy freeze-dried food, you can feel confident that it uses high-quality ingredients. Some of the most nutritious ingredients to look for include muscle meat, ground bones, and organs. Fruits and vegetables may also be included in some freeze-dried foods. The majority of freeze-dried dog foods also do not contain artificial preservatives or other additives.
  • A convenient way to feed your dog a nutrient-rich raw diet: Since freeze-dried food is made using frozen raw food, a freeze-dried diet can still help dogs enjoy the benefits of eating raw foods while being easier to keep up with for owners.
  • Shelf-stable: Freeze-dried foods are shelf-stable and will remain safe to use for many years.

Raw Dog Food Vs Fresh Dog Food

5 Best Freeze

Fresh dog food is another type of dog food thats growing in popularity due to its high protein and quality ingredients. Both raw and fresh food contain whole ingredients, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. However, the main difference is that fresh food goes through a cooking process while raw food doesnt.

If youd rather serve your Boxer fresh food instead of raw food, check out the best fresh dog food brands.

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Our Rating Of Primal Freeze

Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets is a grain-free raw dog food using a generous amount of named meats and organs as its dominant source of animal protein, thus receiving 5 stars.

Enthusiastically recommended.

For even more raw diet suggestions, be sure to visit the Advisors Recommended Raw Dog Foods summary page.

How Long Do Freeze

While all freeze-dried dog foods last quite a while, the exact length of time theyll remain safe to feed varies from one product to the next. Just consult the manufacturers guidelines on the product packaging to be sure.

Do you feed your dog a freeze-dried pet food? Do you use it as a treat, a topper on his dry food, or his primary food? What types of changes in your dogs health or behavior have you noticed since making the switch? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Dogs Can Change Over Time: Gluttonous Today Finicky Tomorrow

At times, pickiness is only a temporary phenomenon. Your dog may normally slurp up anything you put down in front of her, and then suddenly become very selective about what she eats. This leaves many owners frustrated and concerned.

The good news is thattemporary pickiness often resolves on its own, or with minimal effort on your part. But the bad news is that vets sometimes consider these kinds of behavioral and physical changes particularly concerning.

So, whats the takeaway?

Dont lose sleep because your dog turned her nose up at a new food, or seems less enthusiastic about her regular food than normal.

But, if the problem persists, a talk with your vet is in order particularly if your normally eager eater suddenly becomes picky.

There can be a variety of reasons why a pup might suddenly get picky. If your dog wont eat food but will take treats, consider checking that the food hasnt gone bad and think about if anything has changed with her feeding setup. For sensitive, nervous pups, even a new dog bowl can be frightening enough to make dinnertime a scary situation!

Ingredients To Look For

5 Best Freeze Dried Dog Food in 2020 that You SHOULD Buy Today!

Any dog owners who feed their pets should be nutritionally balanced. This means that food should be made from high-quality ingredients and contain the correct levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients canines need to grow strong and stay healthy.

All dogs must have a highly nutritious diet, regardless of the type of f diet they are being given. There are some common ingredients every canine food should have. Always look to the AAFCO guidelines to see if a product offers the appropriate level of nutrients for your pup.

Whole Meats & Proteins

Protein is essential for a canines health. It is what gives them energy, builds muscle, and keeps the body strong. Protein is vital in the development of everything from muscles, bones, skin, nails, and development. Canines cannot store excess protein in their bodies, so they always need this to be replenished. High-quality animal meats are the best source of these good proteins.

Dogs need 22 amino acids, half of which their body cannot make. These essential amino acids must come from their diet. High-quality protein should always be the first ingredient in dog foods. Whole meats like chicken, beef, fish, lamb, and duck are some common meats used. One advantage to freeze-dried chow is that it is made from specific animal-sourced meat and does not have any by-products like meat derivatives or poultry meals. Meat also provides minerals, vitamins, and fats and dogs love the taste.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Omega Fatty Acids


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Why Isnt Raw Dog Food For Boxers More Popular

The number of Boxer parents using raw diets is increasing, but its not very popular for a few reasons. The biggest reason is cost. A lot of Boxer parents arent able to commit extra money and time to preparing dog food, so sticking to kibble is the easier choice. Also, many pet parents are unaware of the benefits and the variety of options when it comes to raw dog food.

Boxer parents looking to try raw food without wanting to switch the meal entirely can try raw food toppers.

How Do I Feed Freeze Dried Dog Food

You can freeze dried dog foods right out of the package, but most manufacturers recommend rehydrating the food. Part of the benefit of raw fresh diets is the moisture, which can improve digestion and nutrient distribution.

Feeding a freeze-dried diet without rehydrating it could further dehydrate your dog, negating some of the benefits of the dog food format.

Many people add water to freeze dried dog food to rehydrate the food prior to feeding, but you can add a little of your dog’s favourite liquid treats, like goat’s milk or bone broth, to further boost nutrition and palatability.

Feeding is simple. Just portion out your dog’s meal, add the recommended amount of water, stir and serve immediately. The food can be made in advance and refrigerated or frozen for future meals.

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What Makes Get Joy The Best Dog Food On The Market

Get Joys fresh, freeze-dried dog food is unlike their competitors in three main ways.

  • They maintain a high level of bioavailability of proteins, minerals and vitamins due to their proprietary freeze-drying process, which involves minimal alteration so only water is removed. Bioavailability refers to how much of a nutrient is available to be absorbed and metabolized. Freeze-drying allows ingredients to maintain their structural integrity, which improves bioavailability. In other words, eating freeze-dried dog food can help your canine maximize the nutritional value and health benefits of the foods he or she eats.
  • They are committed to ensuring they have the best product on the market. Get Joys recipes include a tasty combination of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics because gut health is just as important for your pet as it is for you.
  • Probiotics are live organisms, specific strains of bacteria that directly add to the population of healthy microbes in your gut . The beneficial bacteria will help to keep your pets gut health elevated and aid in long-term intestinal health.
  • Prebiotics are what probiotics consume, like fiber. According to the Mayo Clinic, these act like fertilizers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. These nutrients can be found in many fruits and vegetables and are great for ensuring that the gut has food for healthy bacteria.
  • Brand

    * Comparative based on Guaranteed analysis reported for each brand.

    Primal Beef Formula Nuggets Grain

    12 Best Freeze
    • Type of Product: freeze-dried nuggets
    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Best for: Active Dogs
    • AAFCO Statement: formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages including growth of large size dogs

    Packed with protein, primal beef nuggets start with beef hearts and livers as the first two ingredients. This formula offers the essential building blocks for your palâs muscles. Healthy fats from beef organs, fish oil, and coconut oil support a healthy coat and skin while providing ample energy for an active lifestyle.

    Naturally derived vitamins and minerals come from garden vegetables and fruits. These whole foods also offer rich sources of antioxidants for cellular health. Supplements help to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for this product.

    With no grains or artificial ingredients, this product is made to be gentle on digestion. Organic ingredients in this USA-made food help to ensure there are no hormones, antibiotics, or harmful chemicals in the formula.

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    Other Dog Treat Alternatives

    If youve been struggling to find a healthy snack for your dog that they want, freeze-dried treats are the best option.

    You may be hesitant about spending more on these snacks since they can get expensive quickly, but if you look at the benefits list, they are worth every penny. They have much better nutritional value than regular dog treats, which will give your pet a healthier life and keep them happy!

    According to our research, we can confidently say freeze-dried is probably the healthiest treat option for dogs. However, if freeze-dried isnt in your budget, dehydrated dog treats are your next best alternative. They are still much better than regular dog treats. Theyre less processed and cooked at lower temperatures, so they suffer less nutrient loss.

    For dog parents looking for treats that may help their dogs anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, and other health conditions, CBD dog treats are an excellent alternative.

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    Sojos Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

    Sojos raw dog food is designed to provide complete raw meals in a convenient form. Their recipes are ideal for Boxers of all ages, sizes, and breeds. They currently have five formulas: turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, and senior turkey & salmon. They also have Mix-a-Meal recipes that are raw dog food toppers.

    To serve this food, you need to mix and measure the correct amount of food and water as directed on the bag. Then, youll let the food soak in the water for 15 minutes before feeding it to your Boxer. The preparation time is a bit longer than it is for other brands, but the extra soaking helps activate the nutrients and enzymes in the food. Every pound of Sojos dog food makes up to five pounds of food when rehydrated.

    Sojos uses ingredient lists that are short and sweet to avoid allergic reactions in dogs. The USDA-approved animal protein is paired with human-grade, air-dried fruits and vegetables. All the formulas are made in kitchens in the United States.


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    Dont Confuse Those Coated Or Having Freeze

    Some dog diets are only coated with freeze-dried raw meats, poultry, fish, and so on while the food themselves re not. A good example is the CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Ancestral Fish Formula Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Dog Food, which is raw coated using freeze-dried fresh salmon to enhance their taste and nutrition.

    In some, freeze-dried foods are only a small part, while the remaining diet is dehydrated.

    Trudog: Feed Me Beef Freeze

    Is Freeze Dried Dog Food The Answer? | Ask A Vet

    Life stages: All dog breeds and ages.

    TruDogs Feed Me Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza is a nutrient-rich, delicious, and precisely crafted dog food made with non-split, recognizable, and producible ingredients. It will support your dogs overall health, a shiny coat, dental health, manage weight, and keep them energetic.

    Key benefits

    • TruDog utilizes whole prey principle, i.e., the food has the highest-quality cuts of beef meat, heart, liver, tripe, kidney, ground bones, and fat without any added fruits and vegetables.
    • It will support healthy digestion, weight, gum, and teeth as well as ensure your dog has a strong immunity as boost overall health and wellbeing.
    • Easy to digest, hypoallergenic dog food made with a single protein source and limited ingredients.
    • The diet doesnt have any gluten, corn, wheat, soy, grains, fillers, antibiotics, artificial flavors, or colors, as well as no added salts, sugar, or hormones.

    Additional information

    • First ingredients: beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, and herring oil.
    • Calorie content: 4,595 kcal/kg and 286.59 kcal/cup.
    • Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein : 42%, crude fat :28%, crude fiber : 6%, moisture : 5%, Bacillus coagulans : 1,000,000,000 CFU/lb.

    Other Flavors: Feed Me Turkey, whitefish, and Truducken Freeze-dried raw superfoods

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    Stewart Raw Naturals Freeze

    Life stage: All life stages including growth of large size dogs .

    A proper diet is a surefire way to ensure your dog is healthy, has vigor and energy. Stewards Lamb recipe, which is protein and nutrient-dense, will deliver this and a lot more to your canine friend.

    Key benefits

    • A wholesome meal with 80% lamb, organs and ground bones, 18% vegetables and fruits while the remainder is supplements and minerals.
    • It is formulated with human-grade ingredients with only a single protein source from New Zealand and the US to help deal with food sensitivities or allergies.
    • Grain-free, soy-free, gluten-free and free of any artificial additives
    • Will support healthy skin and ensure a shiny coat, thanks to the high omega fatty acids.

    Additional information

    • First ingredients: Lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, ground lamb bone, broccoli, apples, carrots, cantaloupe, egg, ground flaxseed, and salmon oil.
    • Calorie content: 5611 ME Kcal/kg
    • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein : 40.0%, Crude Fats : 31%, crude fiber : 5.0%, moisture 8.0%, omega 3 fatty acids 3%, omega 6 fatty acids : 6%

    Besides the lamb, Steward Raw Naturals also have freeze-dried beef, chicken, turkey, chicken, and wild salmon recipes as well as a puppy formula. They also have chicken and beef patties.

    Halo Meal Bites Freeze Dried Raw

    Halo Freeze Dried Raw Meal Bites used to be called TruDog Feed Me Freeze Dried Dog Food. The branding changed in July 2022. Even though the name and packaging are different, the food still has the same great recipe and taste. The company freeze-dries raw ingredients into crunchy pellets to lock in the natural nutrients and flavors.

    The food can be served as-is, but the company recommends rehydrating it to give your Boxer extra moisture. If you dont rehydrate the food, make sure your pup has access to clean water. The first several ingredients of the food are animal meat and organs, along with vitamins and nutrients. Looking at the ingredient list might not sound appealing to you, but its healthy and mouth-watering for Boxers.

    You can choose between beef, turkey, whitefish, or turkey & duck recipes. Some Boxer parents arent fond of this food because it has strong odors, but that means that it usually interests picky eaters.


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    Things To Consider When Looking For Freeze

    High quality ingredients If youre eager to ditch kibble or wet food in favour of a healthier pet food format, you want to ensure your dog is eating high quality ingredients.

    Recipes For dog owners who have a picky eater like me, its really helpful when a dog food brand offers a range of recipes so we can keep our pups excited about mealtime.

    Price While freeze-dried raw dog food will cost more than traditional dry or wet food, it shouldnt be too expensive and represent value for money.

    Delivery If youre going to sign up to a subscription service, you want reliable deliveries so youre not left without food to feed your four-legged friends.

    Reviews We like to check out online reviews to see how a dog food company is performing and whether theyre delivering.

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