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Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy 2020

Avoiding Allergens Is A Must

Perfect Dog Food for French Bulldogs (Review) in 2021

Wheat isnt the only common canine allergen that could be causing upset tummies and troubled skin. Most doggy allergies are caused by protein, be that meat, egg, or dairy. Kibble can be a problem for allergy-prone dogs like Frenchies because the foods do not often limit their protein to a single source, sometimes use poor quality ingredients and are highly processed.

For example, dog food marketed as with chicken need only 4% chicken legally, and they pack in the rest of their protein with a mix of other animals like lamb, beef, and pork or even just meat.

The best way to avoid allergic reactions is to limit your dogs exposure to potential allergens. A food recipe with a short list of carefully selected ingredients will help because you can easily monitor exactly what your pooch is eating. Making sure their protein comes from a single source is a great step too.

Pure only uses a single source of whole protein for each of our recipes and they’re always. We tailor our food to your pooch too, so even if your pup is allergic to one meat, like beef, theres plenty of different tasty proteins to try.

What’s The Best Food For French Bulldogs

The best food for Frenchies is a limited ingredient and a natural raw diet, like a BARF diet.

Thats exactly what we carry for your Frenchie in a prepackaged meal, ready to thaw and serve!

We have every ingredient for the best raw dog food subscription with complete and balanced formulas your French Bulldog needs to live a healthy life! With no fillers, carbs, or additives, nothing will get in the way of your French Bulldog’s health when they switch to a raw diet.

Our formulas are 80% raw meat, organ and bones, ~20% veggies, and ~1% healthy fats and oils to get their health where it needs to be to live longer and eliminate any common symptoms in Frenchies below.

Can I Give My French Bulldog Raw Chicken

Yes, you can give your French bulldog raw chicken as part of a healthy diet. Raw chicken is a good source of protein and other nutrients, and it can help to keep your dogs coat healthy. However, you should only feed raw chicken to your French bulldog in moderation, as it can contain high levels of cholesterol.

If you are unsure about how much raw chicken to feed your French bulldog, speak to your veterinarian for advice.

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Best Wet Puppy Food For French Bulldogs

Wet puppy food is a top choice for many pet owners. It naturally helps to make sure that your pup staying hydrated.

And its not hard to encourage a puppy to eat it, either. Wet food tends to be very appealing to dogs of all ages.

These are some of the best food for French bulldog puppy wet brands as recommended by breeders, veterinarians, and puppy owners.

What Not To Feed To Your French Bulldog

Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs 2020: 7 Vet Recommended Brands

I believe you already know what not to feed your furry pet based on the previous topics and the common unhealthy food components. But just so you can have a quick reference, Ill list them down below:

  • Preservatives Avoid dog food with preservatives at all costs. These chemicals can harm your dog. Always choose natural/organic food.
  • Food coloring and artificial flavors
  • Allergenic food like corn and wheat
  • Fillers These are nutritionally empty ingredients that can make your Frenchie full. An example of this is too much fiber. A moderate amount can aid digestion but too much can interfere with it. Excess carbs are also considered fillers.
  • Too much protein

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Feeding & Eating Schedule

Something to consider is a feeding and eating schedule for your Frenchie to monitor their eating habits.

However, if you are thinking of creating a feeding schedule you should always consult with your vet first, as they will know how often your dog should be eating.

Generally speaking, smaller sized dogs burn calories faster, so they need to be fed more regularly.

Some French Bulldogs may experience spikes in energy and digestion issues when they are limited to two meals per day.

Keep your Frenchie and their tummy happy by sticking to three or four smaller meals.

A Frenchie that seems tired between meals might need an extra meal. You can experiment with three or four meals per day to find out what works best for your little one!

What To Feed A French Bulldog

Every dog has different dietary and nutritional needs, but an average French Bulldog should eat a formula that includes several of the following benefits:

Meat Protein Whole meat, such as chicken, beef, fish, and lamb should be included in the first several ingredients listed. Protein can also come from meat meals, a concentrated form of meat in which the moisture has been removed. The AAFCO recommends 22 percent protein for puppies and 18 percent protein for full-grown dogs.

Fat Chicken fat, canola oil, and flaxseed are all healthy sources of fats and include additional health benefits. AAFCO recommends eight percent fat for French Bulldog puppies and five percent fat for adults.

Omega-3s This fatty acid helps keep a French Bulldogs skin and coat healthy.

DHA One of the three Omega-3s is DHA, which supports brain and eye development.

Carbs To keep a French Bulldogs blood sugar steady, the dog food should be low in carbs and may include an alternate, low-glycemic form of carbs, such as sweet potatoes.

Proper Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio Puppy foods should have a calcium to phosphorus ratio of about 1.2 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus. Having a deficiency or excess of calcium in your dogs diet can lead to serious orthopedic problems, like painful bone spurs.

Since French Bulldogs often have stomach sensitivities, its best to avoid:

  • Excessive protein
  • Animal by-products, fillers, and preservatives
  • Common allergens like grains, soy, and wheat

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Wave Goodbye To Wheat

There are other ingredients to avoid for the sake of your Frenchies health too.

The first one is wheat, which is surprisingly common in dog food as a filler to provide calories and bulk at a low cost. The problem is, dogs arent very good at digesting wheat and other fillers. For a French Bulldog, that means they can have more flatulence and an upset stomach.

When your bully already has a sensitive stomach, feeding them something thats such a common irritant seems disastrous. Wheat is also linked to many skin problems, so it makes even more sense to leave it out of your doggies diet.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain

best french bulldog puppy toys 2020 (my top 10)

Image courtesy Blue Buffalo

If you want to give your new French Bulldog puppy something that is safe and gentle, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula could be ideal. It also has deboned chicken in it, which is simple to consume and digest.

The ingredients in Puppy Chow are: fish oil, plant starch, vegetables, and dried eggs. These components give your tiny dog all of the essential nutrients and more. Their gut health will improve while their bones remain strong as a result of these ingredients. The best news is that this food wont cause indigestion or regurgitation.

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Best Food For A French Bulldog Puppy

As a dog parent to a French Bulldog puppy, we may often find ourselves conflicted over what to feed it. What is the best food for a French Bulldog puppy? What food will give it all the important nutrients it needs to grow into a healthy adult?

Heres everything you need to know about the dietary requirements of a French Bulldog puppy. Read on to discover more.

Hills Science Diet Puppy

Image courtesy Hills Science Diet

The primary source of puppys meat protein is chicken meal, according to the Hills Science Diet Puppy recipe. Dry matter label analysis shows that the recipe has 28% protein, 17% fat, and 48% estimated carbohydrates resulting in a fatty-to-protein ratio of approximately 60 percent.

Furthermore, we observe that omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil are included in the mix to assist with proper brain and eye development. A long-time trusted, balanced combination designed for growing French bulldog puppies.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe

best dog food for french bulldogs 2020

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe is formulated with tons of protein, just the right amount of carbohydrates, and plenty of antioxidant-rich fruit.

How To Redeem This Offer

French Bulldogs grow to around 30 inches tall and should weigh up to 28lbs. They are small to medium-sized dogs with short, smooth coats and a solid, muscular body that looks particularly compact.

French Bulldogs have an average lifespan on 10 to 12 years, though they can live longer this is dependent on the debilitating health issues that the breed is likely to develop later in life.

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Canidae All Life Stages Chicken & Rice Formula Canned Dog Best Budget

CANIDAE All Life Stages Chicken & Rice Formula Canned Dog Food

The last one on our list is the most budget-friendly product you can find so far. Nonetheless, it is still good for Frenchies of all ages because of the number of nutrients it contains.

Canidaes main ingredient is chicken which makes it appealing to Frenchies who are not allergic to it. Its also rich in protein and is highly digestible. Therefore, this product is good for adult bulldogs who often experience indigestion along with puppies who need to grow strong muscles.

This product also contains healthy whole grains, such as brown rice, which are good sources of fiber to promote good digestion. However, it doesnt contain wheat gluten and corn, so its suitable for many French bulldogs out there.

The whole grains also provide the right amount of carbs that a regular and moderately active Frenchie needs. All these nutritional benefits make this dog food inclusive and suitable to bulldogs of all ages and sizes. Its even perfect for other breeds.

The only downside of this product is the chicken meat and insides it contains which are not good for other dogs.


  • Contains poultry products


This dog food is great for many dog breeds of all ages and sizes because its high in protein, low in fats and carbs, and has enough fiber. Its also economically priced which is perfect for fur parents on a budget.

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry

Image courtesy Merrick

The Merrick puppy formula, of which the primary source of animal protein is a mix of fresh beef and pork meal, has a fat-to-protein ratio of about 58%.

A traditional, grain-inclusive design with no peas, lentils, or other plant-based protein boosters. Its for people who want a classic grain-based meal. Its reasonably priced, and its definitely worth trying.

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Food Allergies For French Bulldogs

French bulldogs seem to have most of their skin allergies from foods high in fillers such as by-products and meals. Other key allergens for bulldogs include grains such as corn, wheat, and soy. There are plenty of foods that are considered grain-free because they purposely keep these kinds of fillers out of their foods, which is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Does Your Frenchie Eat Too Fast

best french bulldog grooming brushes and products 2020

With a cute snort and a loud sniff, French bulldogs are notorious for inhaling their food. These gluttonous little puppies are infamous for being treat-motivated and eating anything they can. If your French bulldog eats too quickly or too much you may be promoting obesity and you can also be increasing her risks of puppy bloat. Bloat is dangerous and kills many Frenchies every year! Slow down how quickly your Frenchie eats to help manage his weight and protect against dog bloat.

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Can French Bulldogs Eat Popcorn

This is a common question that many French Bulldog owners have. The answer is yes, your Frenchie can eat popcorn. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, popcorn should only be given to your dog in moderation. Like all snacks, its important not to overdo it with the popcorn. French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, so its important to keep their calorie intake in check.

Second, make sure the popcorn is unsalted and unbuttered. Too much salt or butter can be harmful to your dog. Third, avoid giving your Frenchie popcorn that has been popped in oil. This can cause gastrointestinal issues for your dog.

If you follow these guidelines, you can feel good about giving your Frenchie a little treat of popcorn every now and then. Just remember to keep it in moderation!

Farmina N& D Prime Adult Formula

Image courtesy Farmina

The high-quality ingredients and precise manufacturing processes used to make Farmina N & D Prime Chicken & Pomegranate contribute to this best dog food for French bulldogs exceptional taste. Fresh chicken and dehydrated chicken provide the majority of the meat protein. The diet includes 37% protein, 20% fat, and 35% carbohydrates, according to a dry matter label analysis

Naturally sourced, healthy whole foods are used to make this hypoallergenic, high-quality food. Its free of peas and legumes, as well as meat meals and animal by-products. Omega fatty acids support a healthy skin and coat. Pomegranate and berries provide antioxidants that protect against harmful free radicals.

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Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs With Gas Top 10 Picks

Does your Frenchie rip a fart after every meal? This breed is notorious for their gassiness, so you have to be very picky with their food. This deep-chested canine requires more understanding when it comes to their diet. With that being said, the best dog food for French bulldogs with gas will make a big difference.

The right dog food will help ease the flatulence of your dog and aid with their digestion. And to help you find the best formula, Ive handpicked these 10 grain-free options just for your pooch:


Wellness Complete Health Puppy

The Best Foods for French Bulldogs with Allergies (2020 Guide)

Image courtesy Wellness

Much of the meat protein in Complete Health Puppy comes from deboned chicken and chicken meal. Dry matter analysis demonstrates that the recipe has 32% protein, 20% fat, and 40% estimated carbohydrates creating a fat-to-protein ratio of approximately 62%.

This puppy formula has 3.8 percent omega-6 fatty acids and 1.0% omega-3s, providing a desirable fatty acid ratio of 4 to 1. This recipe is ideal for promoting eye and brain development in puppies.

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Do Older Frenchies Need More Protein Or Less

Contrary to popular opinion

Older French bulldogs tend to need more protein and fewer calories than younger dogs. Thats because seniors must replace wasting muscle tissue as they age.

Although adult dog foods can legally contain as little as 18%, all our recommended brands for Frenchies contain at least 28% protein which should be suitable for seniors, too.


Bodhi’s Experience With Raw:

Bodhi has been eating a raw diet since he was 13 weeks old. He had a brief fling with kibble from 8-13 weeks and was not impressed. When he landed at John Wayne airport and encountered a lady with raw tripe in her hand, he knew that life was going to be good.

Thankfully because of Bodhi’s early introduction to a raw diet as a puppy, he has flourished and thrived into his adulthood.

Bodhi has avoided allergies, weight gain, regurgitation, and other common issues many Frenchies face when fed a processed kibble diet.

Bodhi is lean, muscular & very active. Keeping his weight under control allows him to enjoy a better quality of life and also reduces the Frenchie Snore! He spends his days between naps wrestling and playing chase with his Pitbull. He also loves to snack on raw bones & his favorite treat, watermelon goat milk smoothies.

Bodhi frequently gets complimented on his shiny coat, his snatched bod & his kissable breath! Approaching almost 3 years old, Bodhi is in perfect health and has never had any issues! Some people might say he’s spoiled but Mom says he is well taken care of and deserves the absolute best.

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Farmina N & D Prime Adult Formula

Image courtesy Farmina

The high-quality ingredients and precise manufacturing processes used to make Farmina N & D Prime Chicken & Pomegranate contribute to this best dog food for French bulldog’s exceptional taste. Fresh chicken and dehydrated chicken provide the majority of the meat protein. The diet includes 37% protein, 20% fat, and 35% carbohydrates, according to a dry matter label analysis

Naturally sourced, healthy whole foods are used to make this hypoallergenic, high-quality food. It’s free of peas and legumes, as well as meat meals and animal by-products. Omega fatty acids support a healthy skin and coat. Pomegranate and berries provide antioxidants that protect against harmful free radicals.

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