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Best Food For Beagle Puppy

Our Beagle Puppy Feeding Guide Frequently Asked Questions

6 Best Dog Foods for Beagles in 2022 | Which one is Best for you?
  • How Much Should I Feed a Beagle Puppy? The amount of food you offer your Beagle puppy depends on the brand of puppy food you choose. Puppy foods are typically higher in calories and fat than regular adult recipes, so make sure you follow the feeding recommendations on the package. You should also check the package every few weeks and make adjustments according to your Beagle puppys age and weight to ensure that you are feeding him the right amount neither too much nor too little.
  • How Many Times Should a Beagle Puppy Eat a Day? Beagle puppies grow very quickly during their first six months, so you need to provide enough food to fuel that growth and development. Most Beagle breeders recommend three or four daily feedings for Beagle puppies during the first 6 months. Three meals should be adequate for most Beagle puppies, though highly active puppies may need four meals. Once your puppy reaches 6 months you can scale it back to two main meals per day or three smaller meals.
  • How Long Should I Feed a Beagle Puppy Food? Generally speaking, puppies should be fed a puppy-specific diet for the first 12 months. Some breeders recommend switching a Beagle puppy over to an adult recipe when he reaches his full size, so that is an option as well. If you want to make sure your puppy grows and develops properly, however, keep feeding him a high-quality puppy food for a full 12 months, adjusting his intake as needed to make sure he doesnt gain too much weight and become obese.
  • Hills Science Sensitive Stomach And Skin Recipe

    The Hills Science Sensitive Stomach and Skin recipe* comes in either chicken flavor, or chicken and potato, which is grain free.

    Chicken is the number one ingredient for this food, but it also contains prebiotic fiber to support a healthy gut.

    This food has a medium sized kibble, which makes it perfect for medium dog breeds like the Beagle.

    Best Dog Food For Beagles: A Quick Overview

    Every dog breed has nutritional needs unique to it.

    So, it is clear that not all dog foods would be suitable for your Beagle and wont meet his nutritional requirements.

    You can go for dog foods that are designed to cater the needs of the breed or, you can do your research and find some good dog foods thatll be suitable for your doggy friends needs.

    In this blog post, I have chosen to include some of the best dog foods for Beagles that arent necessarily marketed for the breed.

    Lets take a look at the macros:

    Food Name

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    Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

    The Natural Balance Ultra Premium wet dog food* could be your best dog food for Beagles! This choice comes in four main flavors: beef, liver, lamb, or chicken.

    Other ingredients include potatoes, carrots, and brown rice.

    Real meat is the main ingredient to promote healthy muscles, which is important for active dog breeds. But, it also contains fibrous ingredients to support your dogs digestion.

    This is another food that contains no artificial colors of flavors.

    Adirondack Puppy & Performance

    Best Puppy Food For Beagles

    For your Beagle puppy to grow up healthy and strong, they need tons of protein. Adirondack provides your Beagle puppy with 30% crude protein from the ultra-concentrated chicken and fish meals. And since your pup also requires a lot of fat to ensure proper development, the brand has included wholesome chicken fat that adds up to 20% of crude fat.

    There are no artificial flavors or colors in this kibble. There isnt any soy, wheat, corn, potatoes, or other fillers. Instead, your dog receives complete nutrition, with plenty of Omega fatty acids from menhaden fish oil. These are great for the skin and coat and brain and eye development. Pearled barley is also great for your Beagle as it helps regulate insulin response, with the bonus of fortifying their heart strength.

    As the name suggests, this brand wants only to give your Beagle puppy wellness through this high-quality food. There are no grains in this recipe, which is great if your dog cant digest grains very well. This recipe includes real chicken and turkey to give your Beagle protein-focused nutrition to help build lean, strong muscles. This food contains just the right amount of calories for your puppy to grow up strong. Theres also DHA from salmon oil for eye and brain development and antioxidants to help them fight off illnesses.

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    Puppy Food For Beagles Buying Guide

    Beagles are special dog breeds reared for hunting and other outdoor games. You need to feed them with high-quality meals to maintain their agilities and abilities. Besides this, Beagles puppies have sensitivities and allergies a careful selection of their foods is required to get the right one for them.

    Before placing your order for a favorite dog meal, consider the nutritional information attached to the bag of food. Ensure that the meal is rich in protein and has optimal calories for maximum energy. Also, your favorite dog meal should contain considerable amounts of healthy fats for good health.

    Here are some tips to guide you in choosing an appropriate dog food.

    Best Dog Food For Beagles Summary

    So, as weve seen the best dog food for Beagles might vary depending on your individual dog. But, generally, they need a high energy food that will support their joints and digestion.

    If youre worried about your Beagles weight, speak to your vet. They may suggest a diet food, or even a high calorie, high protein option.

    Do you feed your Beagle with any of the foods on this list? We would love to know what your pups favorites are, and if you know any great choices weve missed off!

    Affiliate link disclosure: Links in this article marked with an * are affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission if you purchase these products. However, we selected them for inclusion independently, and all of the views expressed in this article are our own.

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    American Journey Lamb Puppy Formula

    • Grain-free formula.
    • Salmon & flaxseed oil for Omega 3s.
    • Free of corn, wheat, and soy.
    • Sweet potatoes and chickpeas provide energy.
    • 380 Calories per cup.

    American Journey is one of the newest food brands on the block, but there are a few big reasons why we regularly recommend their recipes. They are high-quality formulas and budget-friendly for those on a tighter budget. The protein content is high at 30%, meaning that the Beagles muscles and overall energy needs are taken care of. The first three ingredients are lamb, chicken meal, and turkey meal.

    This is a grain-free recipe that lists peas, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes as the main carbohydrates and energy sources. The meat meals, flaxseed, and fish oils provide the omega fatty acids needed for puppy development. Blueberries, carrots, and dried kelp are full of antioxidants for his immunity. And dried probiotic ingredients promote friendly bacteria in his gut.

    We love that this formula lists a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients, which is great in supporting his developing immune system.

    Things To Look For In The Best Dog Food For Beagle Puppies

    9 MUST Have Accessories for a Beagle Puppy

    Here is a basic list of the most important things to look for in the best food for a Beagle puppy:

    • Whole proteins heading up the ingredients list

    Since protein is vital to the health and development of the Beagle puppy, a high-quality source of protein should be one of the first ingredients listed. Whole proteins are preferable but meat meals are also excellent. The term meat meal simply refers to proteins that have been condensed through the removal of such elements as bone and additional moisture, providing a high-quality source of protein.

    • Enriched with probiotics and helpful supplements

    No list of ingredients added to a dog food is complete without the addition of vitamins, nutrients, and supplements to support optimal health. Two of the key things to look for in a high-quality puppy food for a Beagle are probiotics and prebiotics which can help with digestion and promote good intestinal health.

    • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced food

    All puppy foods for a Beagle pup should be stamped with the AAFCO seal of approval, indicating the food is complete and balanced to meet the needs of a growing puppy.

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    Best Dry Dog Food For Beagle Adults

    Dry dog food most often comes in the form of kibble. This food type can be great for bulk buying, as it is easy to store and has a long shelf life.

    It can also be used easily and conveniently in training. And lots of dogs love the crunch of kibble!

    However, it has a much lower water content than wet foods. One study has also suggested that certain ingredients in dry food could be linked to gastric dilatation volvulus.

    But, if youve decided to choose dry dog food, here are our top 3 favorites.

    The Best Dog Food For Beagles For 2022

  • The Best Dog Food for Beagles for 2022
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    Best for
    Natures Recipe Prime Blends Chicken & Beef

    According to the American Kennel Club , Beagles are the most popular hounds in the country. Its easy to see why. These sweet-faced little hounds have a high cuteness factor, with their big brown or hazel eyes and long floppy ears. Theyre as loving as they are loveable and their docile nature makes them great with children. But dont be fooled, these friendly companion dogs are still hunting dogs at heart. If you cant take them rabbit hunting, youll need to give them plenty of exercise. And be sure to feed them the best dog food for Beagles to nourish their quick, curious minds and their energetic, athletic bodies.

    Beagles were developed centuries ago to sniff out prey. That same nose is equally adept at sniffing out food, whether they need the calories or not. The caloric requirements of a dog thats chasing prey are very different from the one thats chasing a ball in the yard. So, youll need to keep a close eye on your Beagles food consumption and activity level to ensure that he doesnt become obese.

    Weve researched the best dog food for Beagles and ranked and rated them so you can spend less time shopping and more time playing with your canine friend.

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    Best Raw Dog Food For Beagles

    Raw dog food is an increasingly popular way to give your dog a natural diet. It involves feeding raw meats and replicating what your dog would eat in the wild.

    Some people dont like the idea of feeding their dog raw meat and bones, and it isnt feasible in some homes with very young children.

    But, others say raw diets give their dogs shinier coats, cleaner teeth, and better all round health.

    Here are some raw foods you can buy if you want to choose this diet.

    Understanding Your Beagles Nutritional Needs

    Top 5 Best Dog Food For Beagles

    The beagle typically reaches an adult size between 20 and 35 pounds which puts him at the upper limit for small breeds but under the minimum for large breeds. As a medium-sized dog, choosing the right diet for a beagle can be tricky. Small-breed recipes may be too high in calories because the beagle is highly prone to obesity but large-breed formulas may not be enough for an active beagle.

    Because it can be difficult to choose a size-specific formula for your beagle, it may be better to simply shop for a high-quality recipe that meets the general nutritional requirements for most dogs. All dogs require a diet rich in animal protein with moderate amounts of healthy fats, limited carbohydrate content, and the right balance of essential nutrients.

    Animal-based proteins are the best for dogs because theyre complete sources of proteinthis means that they contain all of the essential amino acids your dog is incapable of synthesizing on his own. Animal products are also more biologically valuable for dogs and easier for them to digest. This applies to fats as well, though plant oils can be used to provide the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Carbohydrates should be limited and should come from digestible sources.

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    Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Grain

    First five ingredients: Lamb, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, egg product, and lentils

    Calories: 410 kcal per cup

    Price: $54.99 for 28-lb bag

    Feed your pup an all-natural balanced diet with Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free. This food is made with novel proteins, essential minerals, and probiotics for holistic health and wellness. Mealtime has never been better!

    The combination of roasted lamb and egg is a flavor that your dog is sure to love. Both protein sources support strong joints, bones, and lean muscles so your pup can romp and explore for hours on end. The addition of peas and sweet potatoes keep your pup energized and nourished.

    Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free is made without wheat, corn, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. Instead, it delivers highly-digestible energy along with health-boosting antioxidants from whole food ingredients.

    What Are The Best Foods For A Puppy

    To have excellent growth and development, it is necessary to give a premium quality food to your puppy. As with adult dogs, you should choose kibble that contains a high percentage of animal protein. Thus, the dog will be able to enjoy in very good health. Proteins are very important for the synthesis of new muscle and bone tissue in the puppy, so above all you must choose kibble with a high protein proportion and above all good quality protein. Therefore, the best kibbles for a puppy will be those that contain a high level of animal protein and a low level of carbohydrates, however it is very important that their diet contains starch even in small quantities because this will allow the activation of an enzyme, amylase, essential for its future life.

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    Beagle Health Concerns To Watch Out For

    Beagles are generally pretty healthy dogs, but some suffer from congenital diseases and disorders.

    For example, beagles may suffer from glaucoma and cherry eye , but these are not affected by your food choices. Similarly, some beagles suffer from epilepsy, which may be treatable, but not by altering your pups diet.

    However, beagles do suffer from a few joint and bone diseases that may be affected by their diet particularly as it relates to their body weight. Hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease and patellar luxation .

    Beagles who are overweight are probably more likely to suffer from these conditions, as well as arthritis andother joint problems. Accordingly, it is very important to avoid over-feeding your beagle to ensure she stays fit and trim. If you do have a hound on the hefty side, consider switching to a dog food designed for weight loss.

    A Little About Your Beagles Dietary Needs

    Top Best Dog Foods for Beagles

    Beagles come in not one but in two sizes 13 and 15 inches! The dog is measured at withers to determine its size. There isnt a desired breed standard weight 20-25 pounds, which, obviously, also depends on the height to a certain extent.

    But, pet Beagles are known to weigh quite a lotowing to their love for food.

    So, naturally, obesity should be a concern for every Beagle owner. Thats why you should always make sure that you arent overfeeding or underfeeding your furry friend. And you must inculcate some form of exercise in your dogs daily schedule.

    Obesity can actually shorten your doggy friends lifespan significantly as the disease brings with it other medical issues.

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    Victor Select Ocean Fish Formula

    First five ingredients: Menhaden fish meal, grain sorghum, peas, chicken fat, and whole grain millet

    Calories: 370 kcal per cup

    Price: $69.99 for 40-lb bag

    Nourish your pup with the power of the sea by serving him VICTOR Select Ocean Fish Formula. This all life stages formula is made with premium-quality fish protein, making it an excellent choice for dogs that are allergic to other meat proteins. It also contains gluten-free grains, like sorghum and millet, to provide much needed fiber and energy.

    The recipe is fortified with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, including L-carnitine, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, iron, and other nutrients that protect and support your pup. VICTOR Select Ocean Fish Formula is also boosted with probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome with healthy bacteria.

    Though it’s loaded with vitamins, your Beagle pup is sure to love every bite.

    How Much Food Do Beagle Puppies Need

    Figuring out how much food to feed your puppy can be tricky.

    As we mentioned earlier, your dog is going to start packing on the pounds once you bring them home. As a result, youre going to need to make constant adjustments to ensure that youre giving your pup just the right amount of food.

    Over-feeding is a huge problem with Beagles. These dogs have voracious appetites. Its important that you avoid free-feeding at all costs.

    Too much food can result in excessive weight gain, which puts unwanted stress on the organs, bones, and joints.

    Your dogs daily calorie requirements should be separated into multiple meals. During the first few months, you can start off with four meals a day.

    When it comes to the amount of food your dog will need, things get a bit hazier.

    During the planning phase, you need to calculate the food based on calories instead of volume. Not all dog foods have the same calorie count per piece.

    So, the volume of food your dog will need is going to depend entirely on the product youre feeding them. Luckily, this information is often printed on the dog food label for easy reference.

    Typically, puppies will need between 40 and 50 calories of food per pound of body weight.

    This is considerably more than the 30 calories recommended for adult Beagles. Its a good idea to consult with your vet to hone in on the right amount.

    When your dog is a puppy, its a good idea to weigh them regularly.

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