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Best Food For American Bully Puppy

Cost Of Homemade Vs Store


$20 of ingredients made 40 individual 1 cup homemade servings or about $.50/serving. Store-bought dry food is about $.41 per serving. So yes, homemade is more expensive but has fresh nutrition and ingredients I believe are good for your dog, after all, dogs ate human leftovers and scraps way before dog food was manufactured!

This serving size is for my 11-pound dog, she is small. So you would need to calculate the number of daily calories your dog needs.

PRO TIP: This recipe for homemade dog food calculates the calories for you in 1 cup servings.

Seek Validation From Your Pets Veterinarian

Seeking a vets advice becomes mandatory if youre planning meals for a specific breed of dog. American Bullies are strong and muscular pets. Eventually, they need highly-nutritious kibbles for better growth and performance.

Moreover, even if you know what may suit an American Bully, theres a likelihood that the diet will not work for your bully. These extended breeds of Pitbulls easily get affected by diseases and disorders. Hence, personal approval from a vet, over any dog food is important.

Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Formula With Roasted Fowl

This is a brand that prides itself in being made with protein sources that go back to your dogs ancestral eating habits hence, Taste of the Wild. They underscore that the first ingredient in their line, no matter which you choose, is real meat, fish or fowl.

Their advertising slogan is The balanced diet that nature intended. With fowl as the primary ingredient in their Wetlands formula, its sure to be a favorite for your Bully.

High in protein to support muscle, vegetables and fruits in this formula provide the vitamins and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.

Sweet potatoes and peas provide your dog with another energy source to augment the protein, with added proteinates to aid digestion, ensuring your Bully reaps the benefits of all the ingredients in the Wetlands formula by promoting efficient digestion.

Guaranteed analysis:

Taste of the Wild also boasts having joint support in the form of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Calorie content: 422 kCal/cup

With ingredients meant to mimic the true ancestral diet of your Bully, along with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and joint support, this is definitely a food to consider.

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Amount And Quality Of Protein

If you want him to have lean and strong muscles, then pick food that provides a constant supply of superior quality protein from reliable sources. Animal protein delivers the requisite amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that your baby needs in his diet.

Plant-based protein does not provide all the essential nutrients and is difficult to digest, but it is an incredible source of fiber. We would recommend you to search for food that features premium quality animal protein as its fundamental source. The food that has 30% or more protein is the best.

Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Bully Max® Nutrition Plans

Premium brand Wellness is renowned for its holistic attitude to canine nutrition. All Wellness formulas are free from corn, wheat, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Wellness Simple Natural Wet Canned Limited Ingredient Dog Food is a great option for dog owners looking for a formula that will suit the sensitive digestion of their beloved Bully.


  • Made exclusively from wholesome, natural Ingredients with no wheat, corn, soy or meat by-products
  • Specifically formulated with limited ingredients to meets the need of dogs with food sensitivities, allergies and ingredient intolerances
  • Made with single source protein for easy digestion
  • Made in the USA and backed by The Wellness Guarantee
  • Contains flaxseed to help nourish a healthy skin and coat
  • Includes fibrous apples, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach to support healthy bowel function
  • Contains supplementary Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy hips and joints
  • Contains no wheat, egg, dairy, corn, soy, gluten, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.


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Orijen Large Puppy Formula

Nothing changes here for Orijen in their puppy food line. Still supporting a hereditary, biologically appropriate diet of 85 percent natural protein, 15 percent fruits and vegetables with zero grains, this is an excellent choice for your XL Bully.

A critical factor to watch for and prevent with large-breed puppies is growing too fast, which can lead to a higher than average risk for developmental orthopedic diseases.

To avoid this, a quality large breed puppy food is slightly lower in fat and contains a little less calcium and phosphorus, while maintaining a carefully balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to help these puppies grow at a healthier rate.

Orijens Large Puppy Formula does just that, with 2 percent less protein and 2 percent less fat than their adult line, as well as having that important calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Guaranteed analysis:

  • Menhaden Fish Meal

Calorie content: 384 kCal/cup

This is a great choice from Victor if your Bully is a finicky eater or has food sensitivities. Victor is also a good choice if you like to purchase USA made products.

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food

If your pet struggle with food allergies , this formula from Taste of the Wild may be the ideal solution.

Jam packed with protein and boasting excellent levels of antioxidants, Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food is 100% grain, corn, wheat and additive free.


  • Contains proprietary K9 Strain probiotics to support healthy digestion. These are added after the kibble is cooked to ensure live, active cultures.
  • Packed with protein from easily digestible, premium meats to build healthy muscle mass and maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Delivers long lasting energy from complex carbs sources such as sweet potatoes and legumes.
  • Made with chelated minerals to help nutrient absorption.
  • Formulated with marine-sourced omega-3 for a healthy coat and skin.
  • Healthy source of antioxidants for improved immunity and general well being.
  • Rich in taurine for a healthy heart.
  • Perfectly balanced, complete nutrition.
  • 100% grain free for dogs with gluten sensitives.
  • Free from corn, wheat, filler, colors and preservatives.
  • Made in the USA to AAFCO guidelines.
  • Produced in facilities that employ scientifically advanced food safety protocols.


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Harmful Fruits For Dogs

  • Raisins or grapes These fruits are good for humans, but for your American Bully dog, they are more or less poisonous to its health. There has been more than one case of raisin or grape poisoning in dogs.
  • Avocados Expect your dog to have gastrointestinal irritation if you serve it with this fruit.
  • Figs Ingesting this fruit will cause your dog to have an allergic reaction along with vomiting and diarrhea. Steer clear of Ficus plants and trees where the fig grows since contact with your dog causes skin inflammation.
  • Orange Tree The fruit of the orange tree is the only thing that is beneficial to American Bully dog the rest of is toxic to dogs thanks to the trees essential oils and psoralens. Keep your dog away from the leaves and stem of the orange tree. Vomiting, depression, and diarrhea are signs of orange tree poisoning.
  • Lemon-tree Same danger as the orange tree. The symptoms of lemon tree poisoning are also the same.
  • Coconut The coconut contains triglycerides that can cause discomfort and be bloating in your dog. The oil of the coconut is safe to serve to your American Bully dog though you should check with a veterinarian first.
  • On a final note feeding, your dog can be fun. Some may complain that the time and money spent on feeding a dog is a waste, but any true dog lovers know that taking care of your pets nutritional needs is never a waste of time. Once you know what proper dog food to serve, your American Bully dog meals are no longer bothersome chores.

    How To Read The Ingredients Label

    ð? 𦴠BARF Diet For American Bully XL Pitbull Puppies Feeding

    When reading the food label, we know it can be challenging to understand the label at times.

    Choosing the best meal plan shouldnt be overwhelming and isnt if you know how to read the ingredient list.

    To begin with, understand that the FDA highly regulates that dog food. There are quality standards and labeling standards that manufacturers must adhere to, and learning to read these labels is the first step in having confidence in selecting your meal plan.

    The FDA requires the food label to list ingredients in order of priority determined by weight. Due to that fact, protein should be the first ingredient listed, so when you read a meal plan that has chicken listed first, rest assured the recipe has protein as the most prominent ingredient.

    There is another way the FDA dictates standards and practices regarding food labels, and you need to understand what those terms mean.

    There are terms that manufacturers use to imply the quality and standards of ingredients, and these fall under four categories better known as the 95% rule, the 25% rule, the with rule, and the flavor rule.

    To understand what these terms mean on a product label, lets explore how these terms are used in food labels.

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    Essential Nutritions For Your American Bully

    When it comes to the nutrition of American Bully, there are two main things to be kept in mind regarding food.

    • A healthy, diverse, and well-balanced diet is the key to optimal nutrition
    • Dietary requirements of bully breeds vary with the age.

    It is recommended to maintain the balance between all three categories of best dog food for pets for the diet diversity. It includes raw food, premium food, and homemade food. This type of diversity ensures your bully breeds get various kinds of essential nutrients, including quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

    AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, has made the complete guidelines for the optimal growth of dogs, including American Bully Dogs. These guidelines tell about the Veterinary Profile of American Bully Dogs according to their age. Details of calculating these percentages can be found in MSD Veterinary Manual. It suggests 22.5%- 30% of the protein with a beef meal in growing and reproductive age and 18% in the adult age. With that adequacy of vitamins and minerals should also be ensured for a healthy immune system.

    Going All Natural: Raw Food

    Raw food is an organic, all-natural diet that is an excellent source of nutrients for large breeds such as the American Bully dog.

    This term includes groceries that are served without processing, such as meat of various animals, eggs, vegetables, fruit and milk products.

    It is not recommended to mix dry dog food with raw food.

    The benefits of raw food are many. It boosts the immune system, reduces risk of diseases, enlarges reproductive capacity and gives a taste of the wild to your four-legged friend.

    Make sure the food is properly stored. If not, there is a possibility of forming all kinds of bacteria such as salmonella.

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    Nutritional Requirements Of American Bullies

    Before deciding what the best food for American Bullies is, its essential to look at their nutritional requirements.

    All dogs do well on a prey-based diet, including plenty of fresh, high-protein ingredients.

    Like most dogs, American Bullies have unique healthcare requirements, and its a good idea to feed your pup food that is suitable for the breed, its age, and any relevant health conditions.

    American Bullies are susceptible to the following conditions:

    • Allergies. Many American Bullies are sensitive to allergens such as dust mites, grass, and pollen. Allergies can manifest as itchy, red skin, or paw licking.
    • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis . This is a neurological condition resulting from natural toxins building up in nerve cells. In extreme cases, it can cause seizures, balance issues, strange behavior, and sometimes death.
    • Elbow or hip dysplasia. Dogs with an elbow or hip dysplasia have poorly shaped joints where the bones rub against each other, causing pain, inflammation, and difficulty moving around.
    • Hypothyroidism. This is a common condition in young American Bullies and is caused by too little thyroid hormone, thyroxine. Symptoms include low energy, weight gain, and a dull coat.
    • Obesity or being overweight. American Bullies are prone to being overweight if their diet contains too much fat, too little protein, and not enough fiber. Dogs that dont get enough exercise can also become overweight or obese.

    Wellness Core Natural Senior Dry Dog Food

    Bully Max® Nutrition Plans

    Best For American Bully Seniors: Packed with antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits

    • Super low fat count for seniors who are less active
    • The higher protein count is great for maintaining muscles
    • High Omega fatty acid content which helps keep skin and fur healthy
    • Grain free and packed with antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits


    • Slightly pricey, but great quality
    • Not suitable for dogs who are sensitive to chicken

    Wellness Core Natural Senior Dry Dog Food is formulated with superior quality ingredients coming from all-natural, wholesome sources. Aging dogs typically have a less active lifestyle and the fat content in this food is ideal for them. The protein content remains high enough to maintain muscle strength. And the calcium/phosphorus levels are great for keeping older bones strong without making them brittle and prone to breaking. The added glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help with aging joints, making this a great option for senior American Bullies.

    Senior-Specific Nutrients

    In addition to having a fantastic fat and protein content, the vitamin A, E and Omega-3 and -6 content in this dog food is at optimum level, ideal for boosting immune system in older dogs.

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    Best Dog Foods For American Bullies In 2022

    The American Bully is a newer breed of dog and wasnt recognized by the American Kennel Club until 2004. This breed is related to other bully breeds, including the American Pitbull Terrier and Bulldog.

    This breed is exceptionally healthy, but they still require a balanced diet to thrive. In this article, well look at some of the best dog foods for the American Bully.

    Replace: Keyword Buying Guide: What To Look For Before Buying

    It can be hard to know where to start when youre in the market for a new puppy food for american bully. There are many options out there, and each has pros and cons. Luckily, weve done the research for you and compiled all the information you need to make a smart choice about what to buy. Our buying guide is here to help you find the right product for your needs.

    Before you buy puppy food for american bully, make sure that you look at these factors:

    • Search for the best quality product: Quality is the most important thing to consider when buying puppy food for american bully. If you want your product to last long and give value for your money, then look for a high-quality product.
    • Buy the best durable product to save money: How long does it take for your puppy food for american bully to break down or stop working? It is worth the investment if you have an item that lasts longer than expected.
    • Always buy from renowned brands to get the best one: Established brands are more reliable than new ones since they have proven their strength and quality over time. Some brands also have a reputation for providing excellent customer service.
    • Observe user feedback on various sources: Review sites like Amazon can provide you with information about other peoples experiences with products.

    Take a look at these factors before buying puppy food for american bully:

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    Healthy Food Benefits To American Bullies

    The best dog food for a pup and adult American Bully differ in contents and amount. But food preparation promotes high protein and ample distribution of high-quality protein, omega fatty acids, and minerals for a better immune system.

    Your right choice of dry pups food, whether meat, chicken, turkey, grain-free or real meat, must always go down to the dog foods content and not the price.

    It is always better to research what goes into making a bullys diet for their age, weight, activity level, and health problems to ensure a long and happy life with your four-legged friend by your side.

    Here are several benefits of healthy food to American Bully Pups:

    • Aids in building a robust immune system
    • Reduces the risk of developing obesity
    • It helps maintain a healthy weight
    • Improves coat and skin health
    • Reduces shedding
    • Provides essential nutrients and vitamins needed for growth and development
    • Provides the energy required for growth and development
    • It helps reduce joint pain and inflammation
    • Keeps teeth clean and healthy

    Best Food For American Bullies: Purina One True Instinct


    With a 30% protein content and containing natural meat ingredients, Purina ONE True Instinct is palatable, healthy, and full of all the nutrients your American bully needs.

    You have a choice of bag sizes , and it has a high Omega-3 fatty acid content.

    Although it is an excellent food choice for any American Bully, its suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

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    What Are The Beneficial Effects Of Healthy Dog Foods On Your American Bully

    High-quality dog foods can guarantee that your American Bully dogs health and body are in tip-top shape. Good quality dog foods and a healthy balanced diet give your American Bully dog a healthy skin as well coat, lots of energy, strong bones, lack of bad odor, bright eyes, vitality, good muscle tone, longevity, etc.

    This healthy dog food gives your dog more zest as well as spirit allowing the dog to play more as well as interact with you and anyone else.

    Vegetarian For American Bullies

    Vegetarian dry dog food is also an option for American Bully puppies. This food is made with soy, rice, and other plant-based proteins. While this dog food does not contain meat, it is still a complete and balanced diet for your pup.

    Vegetarian dry food may also contain fruits for essential vitamins and mineral intake.

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