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Best Dry Dog Food For Seniors

Best Dry Dog Foods For Older Dogs

Best Canned Dog Food For Senior Dog


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Senior contains LifeSource Bits®, an exclusive blend of antioxidant and vitamin-rich foods that have had minimal exposure to heat, which ensures the best retention of nutrients.

The Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids will aid in good heart health, lower blood pressure, and reduce chances of blood clots.

What Youll Like

It has a strong focus on boosting a dogs immune system and protecting the vitamins and nutrients in the food during the cooking process.

What You Wont

It doesnt have a particularly high content of chondroitin or glucosamine. Also, this dog food is NOT grain free.


The lower protein level and higher fiber level in Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Senior is great for dogs looking to lose some weight.

Brown rice, barley, and oatmeal are excellent sources of energy and fiber.


Nutro Ultra Senior food has the perfect balance of protein, fiber, and fat content, which makes it ideal for most senior dogs. The added chondroitin and glucosamine promote good joint and cartilage health.

What Youll Like

The three proteins help provide a well-balanced protein profile with white meat , red meat , and fish .

What You Wont

If you are looking for a grain-free food, this one wont be the best match. And since youre buying a premium product made with premium ingredients from a premium brand, youre going to be paying a premium.


Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health Senior

Wellness Complete Health Senior combines premium proteins, whole grains, and other natural ingredients to deliver a balanced diet for your canine. Each recipe is crafted to support optimal energy, weight, and a strong immune system.

This is a great food for older dogs, as it contains vitamin A and calcium for eye and dental health, glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints, and prebiotics and fiber for digestive health.

Wellness Complete Health Senior is also formulated with omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, along with health-boosting vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin D3, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

First five ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, oatmeal, ground barley and ground brown rice

Calories: 416 kcal per cup

Price: $69.98 for 30-lb bag

Go Solutions Carnivore Grain

Best For Weight Gain

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Meal, 2. De-Boned Chicken, 3. De-Boned Turkey, 4. Lentils, 5. Apples

  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium, Large breeds
  • Caloric content : 3,756 kcal

Diseases and finnicky eating habits can make senior dogs lose weight. Luckily, the protein-rich Go! Solutions Carnivore Dog Food is here to fix that. Its made from nearly 87% animal ingredients, most of which includes high-quality meat from chicken and trout to kickstart muscle growth. Being grain-free, the food uses lentils and chickpeas to fuel your dog and place them in a caloric surplus.

No senior formula is complete without joint supplements. Go! Solutions features glucosamine and chondroitin from green mussels so your dog can play without aching joints and bones. Its also enriched with taurine to promote heart health, as well as probiotics and prebiotics for digestive support.

Analysis: Protein 32%, Fat 14%, Fiber 4.5%, Moisture 10%

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What Are Some Common Health Problems In Senior Dogs

Some common health problems in senior dogs include arthritis, cognitive decline, kidney disease, and heart disease.

When it comes to feeding a senior dog try to include a food that is easy to digest, provide smaller meals more often, and add supplements as needed.

Some common health problems in senior dogs include arthritis, cognitive decline, kidney disease, and heart disease. Choosing the right food for your senior dog is important to keep them healthy and happy in their golden years.

One common issue senior dog owners face is that their beloved furry friends become pickier eaters as they age. If your senior dog is turning up his nose at his kibble, it may be time to switch to a more nutrient-rich diet.

The first thing you should look for in a senior dog food is a high level of protein. Senior dogs need more protein to maintain lean muscle mass and support joint health. Look for a formula with at least 20% protein, and make sure that protein comes from animal sources like chicken, lamb, or fish.

You’ll also want to choose a food that’s easy on your dog’s digestive system. Senior dogs are more prone to gastrointestinal issues, so look for a food that’s highly digestible and free from common allergens like corn, wheat, and soy.

Do Senior Dogs Have Special Nutritional Needs

Royal Canin Maxi Large Breed Senior 8+ Dry Dog Food, 30 lb

Absolutely! There are two major factors to consider when determining the best dog food for senior dogs.

The first thing is to try and keep their food low on calories. Just like in humans, our dogs’ metabolisms slow down as they grow older. To prevent unhealthy weight gain, it’s critical to make sure our older dogs aren’t eating too much.

The second is trying to make sure their diet includes high-fiber options. Constipation is painful in its own right, and it can lead to further gastrointestinal issues when it becomes severe enough maintaining gastrointestinal health is a common obstacle for older dogs, so the best dog food for senior dogs will have lots of fiber to help them stay healthy and regular.

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How Much Meat Should The Food Contain

Dogs are descended from wolves that is why their digestive area is similar to that of predators. Thus above all, the source of meat is important. Nevertheless , this is not the only thing that matters. Unlike the wolf, the dog was domesticated by humans, as well as its needs and genetics have changed. This also applies to digestion. For example, the dogs digestive chemical are now able to break down starch, meaning the four-legged friend can also digest plant food in smaller quantities.

Above all, meat provides the dog with protein. The four-legged friend needs protein for their muscles, bones, strong tissues, healthy the teeth and nerves and provide energy for its activities. Consequently, senior dogs have a lower proteins requirement because they are no longer as active as young or adult animals. In general, experts declare dog food should contain between 50 and 70 percent meat. But other ingredients are also important. If dog owners feed only various meats for their four-legged friends, this may lead to an issue with digestion, stress on the kidneys and liver due to excess protein and deficiency symptoms.

What Are The Benefits Of Senior Dog Food

Senior dog food comes with several benefits. Here is what to expect from a senior diet:

  • More Protein. Senior dog food contains high-quality protein sources in greater amounts . This helps to support lean muscle mass and also provides sustained energy.
  • Caloric Balance. Senior dog foods contain appropriate caloric balance and have a great fat-to-protein ratio.
  • Nutritional Benefits. Senior dog food contains added nutrients. These include glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids that help support joint health and boost mobility.
  • Skin and Coat Health. Senior dog foods contain Vitamin A and linoleic acid that help support healthy skin and provide a shiny coat.

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Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

As long as you provide your pitbull with a well-balanced diet, it should receive all of the vitamins and minerals needed for good health. If, however, your dog is showing signs of lethargy, dry skin or other health problems, a liquid supplement may need to be added to the food.

This should only be done when necessary and is best undertaken in consultation with a veterinarian.

Making sure your pitbull receives a well-balanced diet that is high in protein is the best thing you can do for its long-term happiness and health.

What Health Issues Will The Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs Help Prevent And Treat

Dog Food: Best Dry Dog Food (Buying Guide)

Senior dogs who are suffering from diabetes, kidney failure, or liver disease are liable to require special diets that will help keep their condition under control. It is best to consult with a vet about your dog’s diet if they are sick and you are concerned about the impact of their diet.

Dogs who have or are at elevated risk for heart disease benefit from lower-calorie senior dog foods that help keep their weight down low sodium recipes are preferable

Our Palmdale vets recommend owners of diabetic or pre-diabetic dogs select dog food which slows the absorption of food. These special diabetic diets tend to raise blood sugar more slowly and reduce the chances of impactful health complications in dogs with diabetes. These diets are very low in fat and exceptionally high in fiber. We recommend talking to your vet who can provide dietary recommendations for your senior or otherwise diabetic dog.

Many senior dog food brands make a point to include higher-quality protein sources than standard dog food this helps senior dogs maintain a healthy body weight without putting unneeded strain on their aging kidneys.

As previously mentioned, constipation is a common struggle for older dogs, the high amount of fiber present in the best dog food for older dogs helps to prevent constipation and keep their bowel movements regular.

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Best For Arthritic Dogs

This one was a more difficult pick.

I am a believer in grains in dog food, especially since Daisy has heart disease, but I still choose CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Senior. It has the highest levels of chondroitin and glucosamine.

Also, it has good levels of fatty acids, which also aid in joint health and mobility.

Top 23 Dog Foods For Senior Dogs

Now lets get to the best senior dog food specific reviews for your cuddly companion. We have separated foods into breed size categories because small, medium, and large dogs have different nutritional needs.

Just a note before we get started. Not all of the dog foods listed are senior foods. Some are adult dog foods. This is because we have closely examined the nutritional profile of each food and determined that it is appropriate for senior dogs, despite its labeling.

Especially if your senior dog remains active, she may not need the low-calorie, reduced protein and fat kibble that is typical of a senior dog food.

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Should Senior Dogs Eat Wet Food

The short answer is yes, senior dogs can eat wet food. In fact, there are a number of benefits to feeding your senior dog wet food as they age. Wet food is typically higher in protein and moisture than dry food, both of which are important for older dogs.

Additionally, the softer texture of wet food can make it easier for senior dogs to eat, especially if they have dental issues.

That said, there are also a few things to keep in mind when feeding your senior dog wet food. First, be sure to check the labels carefully. Some wet foods can be high in sodium, which can be harmful to older dogs.

Second, because wet food is typically more expensive than dry food, you may want to feed your senior dog a mix of wet and dry food.

If you have any questions about what type of food is best for your senior dog, be sure to talk to your vet. They will be able to help you find the right food for your furry friend.

Best For Value: Iams Senior With Slow Cooked Chicken And Rice Pat

PEDIGREE Active Senior Roasted Chicken, Rice &  Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog ...

IAMS Senior Chicken and Rice Pate is a chance to give your dog a taste of a home-cooked meal. This is because it contains natural and real ingredients, which are always healthier and tastier. With this food, you can meet your senior dogs nutritional needs while promoting good skin, bone, and muscle health.

The IAMS Senior Chicken and Rice Pate contains high-quality animal proteins from farm-raised chicken. This is great for your senior dogs muscles and bones. It includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which help to build a strong immune system. Plus, it features a blend of fiber and prebiotics to keep your big dogs digestive system healthy.

What our testers love the most about this food is that it is slow-cooked in a delicious broth. The taste is hard to resist, so even the pickiest dog loves this food. Do you want your senior dog excited for every meal time? Then this is the IAMS Senior Food option to go for.

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Spot And Tango Fresh Food

Packed with real animal protein and other whole-food ingredients, Spot and Tangos fresh dog food formulas deliver balanced nutrition for dogs of all breeds and ages.

What makes Spot and Tango unique is that they create a personalized meal plan specific to your senior dogs requirements for protein and calories then deliver it right to your door.

At What Age Should I Start Feeding My Dog Senior Dog Food

Every dog and breed is different and will differ depending on your dogs genetics, and health problems. The reality is that a canines nutritional requirements should be tailored towards your individual dog, not just based on the age of your pet.

According to a study, over 37 commercial canine food brands started marketing food towards senior dogs that range from the age of 5 8 years old.

This doesnt necessarily mean they are ready for senior food. We started feeding Mindy senior dry dog food when we noticed her gaining weight easily.

As always, if youre unsure of when to switch their dog food, consult your veterinarian.

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Best Senior Dog Food: Dry

Yes Yes

Raised Right is a human-grade dog food that is a great option for aging canines. This family-owned human-grade dog food company works with veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown to create limited-ingredient, protein-rich, low-carb recipes. And because the brand doesnt use unwanted carb-heavy fillers like potato, rice, oats, yam, pasta, barley, parsnips, corn, or wheat, most of their recipes contain less than 2 percent carbs.

Raised Right offers stage-of-life-specific recipes that take the nutritional needs of older dogs into consideration. And the brands adult dog recipes are notable for two reasons: They are formulated to meet AAFCOs requirements for a complete & balanced diet through the use of whole food onlyno additional synthetic vitamins or minerals needed. And all of their adult dog recipes have 10 ingredients or less, with some having as few as just 7 or 8 ingredients.

Raised Right offers custom meal plans that use a proprietary algorithm to calculate how many calories your senior dog should eat each day. The total calorie count is based on your dogs age, weight, and activity level.

Pet parents can even decide whether they want their aging dog to maintain their weight, increase their weight, or lose weight when ordering Raised Right human-grade dog food.


Things to Consider

Our Pick: Solid Gold Young At Heart

Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs in 2021

Out of the dozen dry dog foods on this list, Solid Golds Young at Heart is the best at keeping the widest array of senior pups active and healthy.

It has good ingredients, is easy to digest, low in allergens, and wont drain your bank account!

However, your senior dog may have different dietary requirements than most, so keep reading to find a dog food that may be better for your dog.

I know everyone talks about the puppy life stage being the most challenging, with the chewing and the housetraining.

But I would have to disagree: I think the senior life stage is by far the most difficult.

Three of our four dogs are chronological seniors, and keeping them happy and healthy can be quite a challenge.

As our dog ages, weve been faced with some of the common health issues associated with age, such as arthritis, dementia, loss of muscle mass, and loss of appetite.

One of the components we control to help promote good health in our dogs is their diet. Nutrition is one of the most significant factors in a dogs overall health. The food we give them we can positively impact their immune system, increase their energy level, foster better cognitive function, and strengthen muscles and bones.

Unfortunately, there isnt a magical dog food for all seniors.

Some older dogs suffer from being overweight while others are underweight. Some have heart or kidney issues, arthritis, or show no signs of aging at all.

So, what does this mean for us?

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Big Difference Between Extruded And Cold

Dried dog food is produced by the cold-pressing or extrusion process:

1. Cold-pressed dog food is produced by first drying the uncooked materials and then grinding and combining them. A roller presses this mass through the opportunities of a carol wall. Shaped and compacted chunks of feed come away the other side. During the dog food production process, temps of around 90 degrees Celsius are produced, which obviously contradicts the definition of cold hitting. Yet , temperatures are still significantly lower than those used in extrusion.

2. In the extrusion process, the ingredients for the dog food are exposed to high temperatures. Many nutrients are lost during this manufacturing process. These kinds of need to be artificially added to the food after processing. During processing, the dough-like extruded feed is presented through nozzles at high pressure. Feed produced in this way swells substantially when liquid is added.

Does Breed Matter In Adjusting The Nutrition For Senior Dogs

Some of the best senior dog foods in the market are suitable for small, medium, and large breeds, making it an easier choice, especially if you have several dogs of different breeds. You can also adjust the nutrition based on the portion size by adjusting it to the size of their breed and feeding the recommended amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight.

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