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Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2021

Best Dog Food For Yorkie Seniors

Best Yorkie Food 2022 | Yorkie 101

As your Yorkie ages, shes going to need a different combination of ingredients and nutrients to support her as she enters her golden years.

1. Nutro Ultra Small Breed Senior Dry Food

Our Rating: 5Top ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, whole brown rice, brewers riceType: Dry

Nutro is made not only to make sure that your senior dog gets the nutrition it needs but that the food tastes so good your Yorkie wont turn up its nose at dinner time.

Chicken is the first ingredient, followed by a chicken meal, which provides glucosamine for healthy joints. Thats important as dogs age.


  • Contains salmon meal, coconut, chia, kale, and blueberries
  • High-quality ingredients sourced from trusted farmers
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives


2. CANIDAE All Life Stages Less Active Formula Dry Dog Food

Our Rating: 4.5Top ingredients: Chicken meal, brown rice, white rice, rice bran, peasType: Dry

Canidae is packed with whole grains and tons of protein for your aging pup. The company works with veterinarians to formulate a recipe that is beneficial for less active dogs.

This food is made specifically for people who have several dogs of varying sizes and ages, so you dont have to fuss with multiple different foods at mealtime.


  • Contains chicken, turkey, lamb, and salmon
  • Contains probiotics for gut health
  • Has Omega fatty acids and amino acids


Tips For Making Your Dogs Food At Home:

  • If youre not ready to make the leap to cooking all of your dogs food, try just adding some real, whole foods to their kibble. You can start with simply stirring in a scrambled egg, mixing in some chopped apples or carrots, or adding a small amount of the homemade dog food in with their normal kibble.
  • You should be able to serve this homemade dog food to your dog either hot or cold. Ive found that dogs love this dog food so much, that they are not picky about how its served.
  • Its not usually a good idea to abruptly change your dogs food. Start transitioning them to homemade food by mixing some of this in with their regular food or kibble for a few days until they are used to the new food. Your dogs belly will thank you. And again, remember to always discuss with your vet before feeding your pet something new.
  • To give your dog a variety of different nutrients, use different meats, fruits, and vegetables to make your dogs food. However, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, it might be best to stick to one combination that you know works.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Fussy Eaters

Yorkie are notorious for being picky eaters, though this may be in part because their humans are eager to make them as happy as possible .

For a picky eater, you can buy food toppers or put a whole, lean meat chopped up into their food. Think lean ground beef heated up and mixed into kibble. Hardly any dog will turn up their nose to that!

Dont give in and let them eat unhealthy food just because they like it. This can cause health problems down the road.

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What Not To Feed My Yorkie

The strength of your dogs immune system, disease resistance, and quality of life all depend on the type and quality of food it eats.

It is tempting to give your dog table scraps or human foods, but some of this can be harmful and even deadly to your dog.

This is why it is essential to feed the best dog food for Yorkies where possible.

See our article for more details on which foods dogs should not eat: 18 human foods dogs shouldnt eat.

You will be surprised by what those foods are.

Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult Small Paws For Small Breed Dogs

The Best Dog Food For Yorkies In May 2021

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Hills science makes recipes with the plan of strengthening the relationships between the pets and their owners. Nothing brings the two closer together than the exclusive hills science wet dog food diet that meets all the nutritional needs of your Yorkie. The menu has an infusion of easy to digest ingredients specially formulated for the dogs small stomach.

The kibbles are small enough to suit the little mouth of the Yorkie. The recipe also includes high-quality protein content that helps to maintain the dogs lean muscle. Essential and nourishing vitamins, omega 3, and omega 6 fatty acids help to promote the Yorkies healthy skin and shiny, soft coat. The manufacturer also blends natural ingredients with anti-oxidants that help to encourage the dogs long lifespan.

All the ingredients are from natural sources with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. The veterinarian recommended recipe is USA made.


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Yorkie Puppy Dietary Requirements

All dogs need the right balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Achieving the optimal mix of all six nutrients is especially critical for Yorkies with their small size.

The best puppy food for Yorkies can help with this.

Feeding your puppy a commercial toy or small breed puppy food labeled as complete and balanced nutrition is ideal.

Canidae Grain Free Pure Land

This pet dog uses 7 key ingredients with limited additions such as probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. This limited recipe is intentionally made for those fur babies who have a sensitive stomach for heavy ingredients.

Yorkies are relatively small hence fewer ingredients are recommended so it would be easy on their stomach and digestive system.

This dog food grain-free is made of whole food for better digestion. It contains the most versatile ingredients you can have in dog food such as lamb, bison, and sweet potatoes.

The lamb ingredient is a great source of protein, while sweet potatoes can be an anti-inflammatory agent. The whole food is anti-biotic free and being grain-free, it is said to have lessened the glycemic index.

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Working Towards A Sustainable Future

Our belief that pets make our world better inspires and gives life to our purpose of making a better A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS


Brewers rice, brown rice, chicken by-product meal, chicken fat, wheat gluten, corn gluten meal, corn, natural flavors, powdered cellulose, dried plain beet pulp, fish oil, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium silico aluminate, fructooligosaccharides, sodium tripolyphosphate, vitamins , choline chloride, hydrolyzed yeast, DL-methionine, taurine, salt, L-lysine, trace minerals , glucosamine hydrochloride, GLA safflower oil, marigold extract , magnesium oxide, L-tyrosine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, chondroitin sulfate, rosemary extract, preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

Calorie Content

This diet contains 3774 kilocalories of metabolizable energy per kilogram or 336 kilocalories ME per cup on an as fed basis .

Guaranteed Analysis

What Can I Feed My Yorkie Besides Dog Food

Top10 Best Dog Food for Yorkshire Terriers(Reviews)Buying Guide 2021

Everyone wants to give their dogs a little bit of human food, and thats totally okay so long as it doesnt happen too often.

A little teaspoon of peanut butter or a piece of carrot is a welcome treat.

Feel free to give your dog a tiny piece of meat from your plate now and then , so long as it doesnt have sauce or a lot of fat and salt in it.

Fruit like blueberries and strawberries is also welcome.

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Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dry Dog Food

Expert breeders and vets specially formulate the Royal Canin puppy food to suit dogs lifestyles and needs and address the tendency to develop specific health problems. The food supports the immune system, coat, and digestive health. A blend of antioxidants and vitamin E enriches this dog food, and it also contains high-quality protein and prebiotics.

Royal Canin is one of the best dog food for picky Yorkies. It contains omega fatty acids, suitable for puppies between 2 and 10 months old. Switch to Royal Canin adult dog food for puppies older than ten months. Another unique feature of the Royal Canin puppy food is its unique kibble size that suits Yorkies jaw and facial structure.

When feeding your Yorkie, always provide clean drinking water. Also, feeding requirements are dependent on age, weight, and activity level. Use a standard 8-ounce measuring cup when feeding your Yorkie.

For indoor dogs

Give cup of food to dogs weighing 2 pounds and cup of food to dogs weighing 4.5 pounds. For dogs that weigh 6.5 pounds, cup of ideal and 1 cup is ideal for dogs weighing between 9 and 11 pounds. Give dogs that weigh 13 pounds cups of food and dogs that weigh between 15.5 and 17.5 pounds should get cups of food.

For dogs with 1 hour of activity per day

For dogs with 2 hours of activity per day

Key Features:

Key Features:

Key Features:

  • The dog food is expensive
  • The size of the lifesource bits are not the same

Pup Parents Beware Yorkie Health Issues To Watch Out For

Like many other toy breeds, Yorkies can suffer from some serious health issues. Aside from being prone to oral health issues and sensitive tummies, as mentioned above, monitor your Yorkie for the following health problems:

  • Hypoglycemia: A condition that can be managed by medication, hypoglycemia is a thyroid condition that can cause lethargy and weight gain.
  • Collapsing Trachea: Yorkies can suffer from a collapsing trachea. Although it can be treated with surgery, including glucosamine and chondroitin in your dogs diet can help him avoid this condition.
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease: This disease involves degeneration of the rear leg bones. It can affect even puppies. You will notice lameness and pain in your dogs rear quarters.

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What You Need To Know About Yorkies

For starters, this popular toy dog breed like other teddy bear dogs has tiny mouths, as such, their kibble needs to be appropriately-sized to fit in.

Its also important to note that Yorkies have extremely bad teeth, so its best to feed them small kibble as doing this can help scrape tartar off your poochs small teeth, and thats great.

Bottom line? Always ensure that your fur babys mouth is healthy!

You should also be aware that these dogs have tiny tummies and this makes them susceptible to stomach issues.

So, its critical to feeding your fur baby high-quality food thats entirely free of common dog allergens and harmful additives. Its also important to give your dog at least three small feedings during the day to keep an upset stomach at bay.

Finally, Yorkies are very playful and energetic, as such, they need good food to keep doing what they know how to do best! The good thing is, your little furry friend wont get overgrown like other giant breeds hell remain as small and cute as you like him.

So, for fuel, your Yorkie needs sufficient amounts of crude protein coupled with high levels of fat. Youll also need to feed him high-quality sources of carbohydrates for more energy and fiber.

Why Trust The Spruce

Best Dog Food for Yorkies (2021)

This roundup was researched and written by Theresa Holland, a professional writer and animal lover with substantial experience covering pet products and breed guides.

To make this list, she consulted Dr. Lewis Singleton, a veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey. She also researched the market and reviewed ingredient lists.

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    The Best Dog Foods For Yorkshire Terriers

    There are a few things to know when it comes to the best Yorkshire food. There are some dry food options that stand out above the rest, and in this article, well give you a concrete review of the top 10 brands.

    Overall, this review is meant to help you find the top dog food for Yorkies, who deserve only the best from their loving owners!

    How Much Should A Yorkie Puppy Eat

    Veterinary science has come a long way since the days when there was one choice on the pet food shelves basic dog food. Today, detailed research reveals surprising differences in the nutritional needs of small and large breed puppies.

    Canine researchers have also discovered that growing puppies often need more calories. They also require a different nutrient balance than do adult dogs. Even within a single breed.

    This is because puppyhood is such a short and intense time of growth and development. The first 29 weeks of life being the most critical for taking in the right nutrients in the right amounts. This makes the hunt for Yorkie puppy food recommended by veterinarians even more urgent.

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    Faq: Best Dog Food For Yorkies With Sensitive Stomach

    Can Yorkies have bananas?

    Yes. Yorkies can have bananas. It gives them proper nutrition.

    What do Yorkie eat?

    You need to make a diet for your Yorkie. In that diet, your Yorkie should have carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, and fruits. All these things Yorkies eat.

    My Yorkie has a sensitive stomach. What type of food is ideal for him?

    You can make your Yorkie eat canned pumpkin, lean chicken or turkey, canned salmon or tuna, cooked eggs, sweet potato, white or brown rice, bone broth, etc. These foods are best for them.

    Whats The Best Food For A Yorkie Puppy

    5 Best Dog Foods in 2021

    Since theyre considered small breed dogs, Yorkie benefit from eating foods that contain the right balance of calcium and other nutrients specifically designed for puppies. So, until he reaches 9 to 12 months, your Yorkie should be eating a dog food that meets AAFCO nutrient guidelines and labeled for Growth or for All life stages.

    In addition to the Royal Canin Yorkie Puppy Food above, youll find a complete list of The Dog Food Advisors Best Small Breed Puppy Foods here.

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    Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey & Potato Recipe For Small Breed Adult Dogs

    This recipe from Blue Buffalo Basics has all the good qualities of my first recommendation from Blue Buffalo Freedom, including its powerful antioxidant formula and high levels of omega oils.

    The reason I recommend it here is that it is low in protein, with just 22%, which makes it suitable for Yorkies who suffer from liver shunt.

    This recipe is also a limited ingredient formula that contains ingredients for easy digestion. So, as with Wellness Simple, it is also good if your Yorkie has a sensitive tummy or food allergies.

    The only thing with this formula is that it contains brown rice, so it is not grain-free. While brown rice is one of the easiest grains to digest, this may be an allergen for some Yorkies.


    For Teacup And Miniature Yorkies:

    Tiny teacup dogs can have special food needs. Not only do they need a higher nutritional value from each bite than a larger dog, but they need tiny kibble and additional nutrients. These foods fit the bill.

    1. Hills Science Diet Adult Small Paws Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

    Our Rating: 4Top ingredients: Chicken meal, brewers rice, whole grain wheat, soybean mealType: Dry

    You often see Hills Science Diet in the offices of veterinarians because they trust it to keep your dogs healthy.

    This adult food is made specifically for the unique needs of tiny pups. It has high-quality protein to help dogs maintain their weight and lean muscle.

    It has antioxidants to keep tiny and toy dogs healthy and has natural ingredients. Its also made in the USA with ingredients sourced in New Zealand, Europe, and North America.

    One of the things that makes it so good for your dogs is what it doesnt contain. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Plus your purchase helps shelter pets find homes.


    • Contains Flaxseed for Omega Fatty Acids
    • Healthy balance of protein, fat, and fiber
    • Features produce like cranberries, broccoli, green peas, and apples


    • Rice features high on the list of ingredients and isnt very nutritional for dogs
    • Wheat is also high on the list and is also of modest nutritional value for canines

    2. Diamond Naturals Small Breed Dog Real Chicken Recipe


    • Meat is the first ingredient
    • Contains superfoods to keep your dog healthy

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    Nutro Wholesome Essentials Toy Breed Adult Chicken Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Recipe

    Though some dog owners assume that all grains are bad for dogs, whole grains are actually quite nutritious. In this Nutro Wholesome Essentials Toy Breed Adult Chicken, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato recipe, they provide a rich source of fiber to support healthy digestion as well as natural sources for essential vitamins and minerals. This formula features farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient and a lean source of high-quality animal protein to support your dogs lean muscle mass. It is also rich in healthy fats, with a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin and coat support. This formula provides 25% protein and 16% fat with 382 calories per cup. It also contains chelated minerals for optimal nutrient absorption with vitamin supplements as needed for balance.

    • Pros: Formulated for toy breeds, farm-raised chicken as first ingredient, whole-grain carbohydrates, rich in omega fatty acids, chelated mineral supplements, high in protein and fat, plenty of fiber
    • Cons: Not a grain-free recipe , contains some plant protein

    Natural Balance Original Ultra Dry Dog Food

    Best Dog Food for Yorkie Puppies

    Although Natural Balance pet foods have only been around for a few years, they have already gained immense popularity. The Natural Balance Original Ultra product is a particularly excellent food choice for your Yorkieit offers quality ingredients at a low price.

    Our Rating

    Based on the quality of ingredients in this dog food, we rated it 4.1 out of 5 stars.


    • Helps with Weight Management If you have had to visit a vet because your Yorkie tends to overeat or not eat enough, the Ultra Whole Body dog food by Natural Balance can help. It has balanced amounts of high-quality proteins and carbohydrates.
    • Maintenance of Healthy Teeth One common problem that small dog breeds grapple with entails having too sensitive teeth and joints. Luckily, the kibble in this product is enriched with calcium and phosphorous that can boost the health of his bones.


    If your Yorkie is a picky eater, there is a possibility that he will not like the taste of the Natural Balance Dog Food. Also, this product is not suitable for dogs with food allergies.

    Check out a complete review of the Natural Balance Original Ultra Dog Food by chewy.com on

    On average, the Yorkshire Terrier lives between 10 and 15 years . We have tested an array of pet foods for senior Yorkies and found the best to be the Canidae All Life Stages.

    Our Rating

    Our rating for the Canidae All Life Stages is 4.3 out 5 stars.



    Our Rating

    We gave the Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.



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