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Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2020

What To Avoid In Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2020 | What I feed my Yorkie

Whats not included in your dogs food is almost just as important as whats in it. Avoid artificial flavors, dyes, and colors, fillers, and protein by-products. Also seek to avoid harsh grains such as corn, soy, and wheat.

If you see Ethoxyquin in your dogs foodrun. Its a harmful preservative often added to dogs food and not something you want them consuming.

Avoid protein by-products and bone meal at all costs. These often contain cancerous and rancid tissues that arent suitable for human or dog consumption as well as ground bones that dont provide any nutrition to your pup. Your dogs food should contain recognizable ingredients that you would eat yourself.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

The first dog food on the list is this Natural Balance dry dog food for whole body health. When youre looking for the best Yorkie foods, Natural Balance is one of the brand names that consistently rise to the top. This dog food was created by expert nutritionists and it is made with real chicken, chicken meal and duck meal. It also features smaller bites because small breeds like Yorkies have small mouths. This dog food also approaches nutrition with the whole body in mind and is formulated for multiple life stages. It offers the best balance of high quality proteins without any of the fillers like grain, wheat or corn that some dog foods do. There are also no artificial flavors or colorings.

Choosing a food like this that gives you multiple sources of high quality protein also gives you multiple types of fiber and provides a blend of antioxidant nutrients and the best omega-6 and omega-3 fat ratios. In addition, this dog food contains taurine for a healthy heart and healthy vision, terrific levels of DHA and EPA from fish to help your dog with healthy brain development and contains the proper levels of calcium, phosphorus, essential vitamins and minerals and much more. The nutritional profile of this dog food is perfect for Yorkies and offers whole body health so that all the internal systems of your dog run perfectly.

Wellness Complete Health For Small Breeds

This is another good food that checks all of our boxes.

The main benefits of this food are that it has three sources of animal protein, and variety is never a bad thing. This also gives it a slightly higher protein ratio than some other foods .

It includes ground flaxseed instead of fish oil, which isnt optimal, but its still okay.

Most of the carbs come from sweet potatoes, which is fairly standard.

I dont particularly like the number of chemicals in the ingredients. I usually go by the old standby rule of If I cant pronounce it, I dont trust it, and that kind of applies here, I suppose.

Still, the main ingredients are super healthy, its got a high protein content, and our dog snarfed her sample in like a second.

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Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food

Another great Yorkshire Terrier puppy food option is the Eukanuba small breed puppy food.*

This is for dogs who are younger than 12 months old, particularly small breeds.

It comes with a helpful feeding table, that offers a guide for dogs as small as 2 pounds.

This makes it the best food for teacup Yorkie puppy dogs who are often smaller than most foods recognize!

Special Food Considerations For Yorkies

 Best dog food for Yorkie puppies in 2020  GoodPuppyFood

Yorkshire Terriers sport long, silky, non-shedding coats in the show ring, but many pet owners keep their pets coats in a short puppy cut. Skin allergies and itchy, dry skin are common among this breed. Thats why its important to feed this breed a diet thats rich in biotin and omega fatty acids that will promote healthy skin and hair.

These dogs often have a delicate digestive system that manifests as vomiting or diarrhea when they consume foods other than their usual diet. Purchasing the same high-quality, breed-appropriate dog food every time will minimize this problem.

Yorkies are also prone to tooth problems, including periodontal disease. While it cant replace dental care provided by your veterinarian, eating crunchy kibble can help to remove tartar and keep teeth clean.

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Hills Science Diet Small Paws

  • Veterinarian endorsed brand.

The dog food recipe uses fish oil to provide your small pup with all the DHA he needs. This means you can rest assured that his brain function and eye health will develop as they should. Chicken meal is the main protein source. This also ensures that he receives glucosamine which is important for his bone and joint health.

Whole grains provide him with the energy and growing power that his body needs. Flaxseed oils and vitamin E will also ensure that his coat is strong and healthy. Many dog owners have said that this is the only kibble their picky pups would eat.

We love that this recipe is based on science and is made and recommended by Veterinarians across the world. The kibble pieces are nibble sized which Yorkshire Terriers love.

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

If youre looking to buy the best dog food for Yorkies, its crucial that you understand this breed and their unique dietary needs. As one of the most popular small and toy dog breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier has many high-quality dry and wet dog foods specially formulated to keep him healthy and fit. If you arent sure what to feed Yorkies but you know choosing the best food for your Yorkie is important to you, this guide is worth a read.

Below, well discuss what makes a good dog food as well as make some recommendations on the top-rated brands for Yorkie puppies and Yorkies with allergies.


  • 9.1 Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Small Breed Formula
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    Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food

    Best Premium Option

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Brewers Rice, 2. Brown Rice, 3. Chicken By-Product Meal, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Wheat Gluten

    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Suitable for: Extra Small & Toy, Small breeds
    • Caloric content : 3,802 kcal

    This recipe from Royal Canin is protein-packed and includes Taurine, Brewers Rice, Corn, and Fish Oil it is formulated exclusively for Yorkshire Terriers over ten months old. It offers exceptional flavor and aroma for fussy eaters and is a healthy choice for your Yorkie.

    Analysis: Protein 26%, Fat 16%, Fiber 5%, Moisture 10%

    At A Glance: Our Choices For The Dog Foods For Yorkies

    Best Dog Food For Yorkies in 2020 | 5 Best Dog Food for Yorkies Puppy.
    • Key ingredient is real deboned chicken
    • Best for puppy Yorkies
    • Contains DHA, which boosts the development of the brain
    • Core ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, and duck meal small breed bites
    • Suitable for adult Yorkies
    • Has been tested in different environments and situations
    • Contains no artificial colors or preservatives
    • Supports neural development
    • Provides optimum protein from chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish meal
    • Perfect for senior Yorkies
    • Specially designed for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds
    • The main ingredients are deboned turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, potatoes, and peas
    • Suitable for Yorkiesthat suffer from food allergies
    • Does not have any meat by-products, corn, wheat, or soy
    • Can increase your Yorkies appetite
    • Chicken by-productmeal is the key ingredient
    • Suitable for Yorkies that have tooth decay
    • Enriched with beet pulpa high fiber by-product

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    Royal Canin Yorkie Puppy

    • Formulated specifically for Yorkie puppies.
    • Good from 8 weeks through 10 months.
    • Omega fatty acids for skin & coat health.
    • Antioxidants boost immune health.

    This dog food recipe has plenty of hair health components. You can be sure that this kibble will give him those locks that all Yorkies desire, thanks to the listed folic acid, fish oil and biotin. The kibble pieces are also specifically tailored to the small muzzle of the Yorkshire Terrier. Because of the smaller kibble size, most Yorkies will find this kibble easy to eat.

    A long list of vitamins and minerals is also listed in this recipe. This will help strengthen his immune system, and carotene also supports eye health and vision. This is one of the only formulas specifically made for Yorkshire terrier puppies. As a result, you can be sure youll meet the needs of your growing pup.

    We love that this recipe is designed with the Yorkshire Terrier puppy in mind. Because veterinarians and canine nutritionists have studied exactly what he needs, you can be sure this recipe covers them all.

    Canidae All Life Stages Dry Food

    Pup parents who believe that simplicity is superior when it comes to diets will likely favor these type of dry dog food options. Food is as straightforward as including the right ingredients and excluding the negative ones.

    There is limited space in kibble, and when it contains beneficial foodstuffs, each bite becomes a powerhouse of nutrition. This dry dog food is a great example of this virtues.

    Excluded ingredients include corn, wheat, and soy. Corn runs the risk of spiking blood sugar, since it is high in fructose. Wheat generally contains gluten, a common irritant to the intestinal lining. Soy is a common filling agent that contains phytoestrogens.

    These can cause hormonal imbalances in the Yorkshire Terrier which potentiate temperament issues. Thankfully, this food steers clear of these risky ingredients. Of course, exclusion is only as valuable as what is present instead. This recipe features probiotics, vigorous promoters of healthy internal bacteria. These cane promote easy digestion for Yorkies who have sensitive stomachs. Studies have even suggested that they help with mood as well.

    Another feature of the food is diverse proteins derived from meat. Turkey represents white meat, along with fish. Both are low in saturated fats . Lamb is included as a red meat source which is great for dogs at risk for iron-deficiency.


    • Features probiotics for healthy flora
    • Well rounded set of protein derived from meat
    • Includes omega fatty acids for healthy coat and mind


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    Yorkie Nutritional Needs: Calories & Portion Size

    **Please note: these estimates are based on an average weight for this breed. Every dog is different. Please talk to your vet before making changes to your dog’s diet.

    Yorkies are small dogs, so , they dont need much food. They usually weigh between three and eight pounds. If your Yorkie is on the smaller side of that range, or if shes not very active, shell need about 150 calories each day if she’s a moderately active adult.

    If youve got a bigger Yorkie, or if your pup is more active, its safe to bump her up to 200 calories per day.

    What To Look For When Choosing A Yorkie Dog Food

    Best Dog Food for Yorkies 2020 [Top List Revealed]

    There are five main areas you need to look at when evaluating dog food. Protein, fat, and carbohydrates seem to be the three-legged foundation of dog nutrition.11 All three are vital, and the lack of one in a food often means an increase in the others, which may or may not be beneficial depending on the dog. Additionally, you need to consider any fillers or additives present in the food, as well as the bioavailability of the nutrients in the ingredients.

    The clinical nutrition team at Tufts University warn about the misleading nature of pet food labels, saying nearly everything on a pet food label is primarily a marketing tool and provides little useful information for the dog owner.4 Instead, they advise that dog owners need to do their own research and look at the following:

    • An AAFCO statement on the label, which will determine that the food contains all the essential nutrients that a pet needs. These nutritional values, when provided through a healthy diet, will help ensure your dog has a strong immune system and the energy sources theyll require to grow.
    • The manufacturerfind out where the food is manufactured, if they own the facility, and if they have employed at least one pet nutritionist.

    These are a few of the suggestions. You can find more in-depth reading about this topic here.

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    The Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2022

    Whats the best dog food for a Yorkie?

    The answer to that important question should be based on the AGE and LIFE STAGE of YOUR particular dog.

    Thats because

    Yorkie puppiesadults and seniors EACH have different nutritional requirements for the best long-term health.

    For example

    A dog food designed for an adult Yorkie may contain too little calcium for a growing puppy or too little protein and too many calories for a less active older dog.12

    And there are other nutritional differences, too.

    For example

    A Yorkie puppy needs 1.29% leucine while an adult requires just 0.68% of the exact same nutrient.3

    In comparison

    A senior Yorkie benefits from a dog food that contains more protein and fewer calories per serving.

    What Foods Should Yorkies Never Eat

    Weve talked about the best dog food for Yorkies. However, there are some things that are edible for humans that your dog should never eat, even in small amounts. While most will cause stomach issues, some might put your dogs life in danger.

    Some of the foods your Yorkie should never eat are:


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    Best Dog Food For Yorkies 17 Products You Have To Try!

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    Health Problems To Watch Out For

    Sensitive Tummies. Yorkies are known for their sensitive little tummies. If youre not careful, they can very easily turn into walking poop machines. Theyre also small, territorial dogs, which means theyll be crawling under your bed to do their business. We dont want that!

    The best way to sidestep your Yorkies stomach issues is to practice a few of the things weve already mentioned:

    • Feed her small meals more frequently
    • If you change her food, do it gradually over several weeks

    Hypoglycemia. If your Yorkie is on the smaller side, she has a higher chance of developing hypoglycemia, which means her blood sugar can drop if she goes too long without eating. Lots of smaller dogs have this issue, but Yorkies are especially prone, since they can also be picky eaters, and skipping a meal can make their sugar crash.

    Here are a couple things you can do to avoid this. First fee,d your dog something she enjoys, so she’s happy to eat when you feed her. Spread out her meals, so she’s eating regularly throughout the day. Finally, supplement her meals with just a few healthy treats.

    Best Food For Yorkie Puppies

    7 Best Dog Treats for Yorkies

    The best food for Yorkie puppy dogs is very different to the best adult food. Puppies need a different balance of nutrients to adult dogs, and often require more calories. The best puppy food for Yorkies provides this during their most intense period of growth.

    Yorkie puppies can weigh from 3 to 8 pounds. So they are a tiny dog! Smaller dogs are at higher risk of low blood sugar, especially as puppies. So, as well as the best food for Yorkie puppy dogs, it is also recommended by many breeders to keep a supplement on hand. Deciding what to feed a Yorkie puppy can be tough. So, lets take a closer look at the best puppy food for Yorkies.

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    Ingredients To Look For

    Getting the right ingredients is important whether you are getting food for small dogs or food for large dogs, and that includes food for stages of life such as puppy food and senior dog food. If you are looking for the healthiest food for Yorkies, then you want to be aware of the specific ingredients that should be present in your dog food. For example, protein should be the primary ingredient in your dogs food. A healthy dog should be getting around 18 percent of their food from protein and it should be 22 to 23 percent if they are still growing. Crude protein should be the first ingredient on any dog food that you get.

    The second thing you want to look for is fat. Most people are not even aware of the fact that dogs require fat in order to stay healthy a fact that humans also should keep in mind for themselves and so do not look for the right fat content on their dog food. However, the truth is that healthy fats are terrific for your Yorkie and are vital to absorbing some vitamins. That gives your Yorkie fuel to burn wall playing and running through the house, it helps keep their coats shiny and their skin smooth and moisturized. You also want to be aware of carbohydrates. Your dog needs high quality carbohydrates because most of the fiber that they get is going to be included in those carbs. Some good sources of carbohydrates include peas, sweet potatoes and flaxseed.

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