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Best Dog Food For Pitbulls Puppies

Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls Puppies | How to feed Your PIT BULL Puppies.

As long as you provide your pitbull with a well-balanced diet, it should receive all of the vitamins and minerals needed for good health. If, however, your dog is showing signs of lethargy, dry skin or other health problems, a liquid supplement may need to be added to the food.

This should only be done when necessary and is best undertaken in consultation with a veterinarian.

Making sure your pitbull receives a well-balanced diet that is high in protein is the best thing you can do for its long-term happiness and health.

Pitbull Feeding Chart: How Much To Feed Your Pitbull Puppy

Are you the proud parent of a new Pitbull puppy but not sure what to feed her? Or maybe you are taking in an older Bully and curious about her nutritional needs? Learn all about what to feed Pitbulls in this comprehensive Pitbull feeding chart.

The Pitbull, also called the American Pitbull Terrier, Bull Terrier, or Bully, is a popular dog breed. They often get a bad reputation due to a history of being used as fighting dogs. Pitbulls are quite good companion dogs when trained and socialized properly. Pitbulls are overall a generally healthy canine breed. On average, they live about 12 to 14 years. Several different breeds of Bully dogs fall under the name Pitbull. These include the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pitbull Terrier, and the American Bully.

There is more to feeding a Pitbull than buying dog food. Proper nutrition throughout the Pitbull lifespan plays a crucial role in how healthy they are and how long they will live. How much should you feed your puppy? What nutrients? What food is the right food? How long will she need to eat puppy chow? Do you know what to feed your Pitbull throughout her life? Our guide has answers to common Pitbull feeding questions and more.


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Best Dog Food For Pitbulls To Gain Muscle: Bully Max High

Next, if youre looking for food great for improving your pit bulls muscle strength, Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food is a solid choice. As you can tell by the name, this food doesnt mess around when it comes to muscle health.

Whats unique about this food is that the base formula for it is only made up of meat. When you feed your dog one cup, it will take in 535 calories, compared to the average dog food, where a cup would contain around 320 calories per cup. What does this mean? That you can feed your dog roughly 50% less food, but it will receive a power-packed meal of 30% protein and 20% fat. It will help manage your Pitbulls weight, maintain its muscles, and help its overall growth.

Pit bulls of all ages can enjoy this kibble. Its a fantastic choice for growing puppies to ensure theyre healthy and have plenty of muscle to live a happy and healthy life. This food does this with the help of chicken meal and fat.

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The 9 Best Foods For Pit Bull Puppies Of 2022

If you’ve just taken home a gorgeous pit bull, you may be debating whether to purchase breed-specific food. Even though all dog foods must meet the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials , some dog breeds do better with food that is made just for them.

These special formulas are made to help with some of the breed’s problems, like urolithiasis, obesity, and joint health.

All commercially available dog meals that have been approved by the AAFCO meet the minimal nutritional needs of dogs at the relevant life stages. More important than choosing a breed-specific diet is making sure the dog is healthy and getting enough energy.

Although the pit bull is not an actual breed, the word refers to a breed or group of canines that may include American Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, and American Staffordshire Terriers.

But these breeds are called pit bulls because they share traits, like being very active like terriers and having a strong body like bulldogs.

Therefore, puppies should be fed a diet rich in protein and calories to increase energy levels and the development of muscles, joints, and bones. Based on the opinions of real pet owners, BestForPets recommends the best foods for pit bull puppies.

Ingredients That Promote Healthy Weight Gain In Pitbulls

These Are Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight and ...

Healthy weight gain is essential in Pitbulls as they grow up and the best part is that you can rely on a few key ingredients to deliver results. It is, however, important to make sure your dog eats as per their required calorie consumption because too much of it can cause unhealthy weight gain and obesity.


Pitbulls require more protein than many other dog breeds thanks to their athletic built up. But just choosing a food thats rich in protein is not enough. It is equally important to ensure that the protein is derived from the best resources to promote healthy weight gain. Look for a food option that derives its protein from whole meat sources including beef, chicken, salmon, venison, turkey, bison, and more. A minimum of 30% protein is great for a pibbles diet.


The next key ingredient for a Pitbulls diet is fat content. To achieve and maintain healthy weight gain, your Pitbull requires at least 17% fat in his diet thats derived from the best sources. Sources like pork fat, chicken fat, soybean oil, fish oil, and vegetable oil are good sources of fat content.


Your energetic pebble can thrive on good quality carbs in their dietary formulation. A blend that includes sweet potatoes or potatoes is great, as long as your dog is not allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients. Its best to serve a small amount to know if your dog has any allergies before you introduce a new diet. Keep the carb content low to moderate.

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Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Formula Dog Food


Diamond Naturals All Life Stages is one of 13 recipes included in our review of Diamond Naturals dog food.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: All life stages
  • Best For:Adult pitbulls and all puppies

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages derives most of its animal protein from chicken and chicken meal. Label analysis reveals the recipe contains 29% protein, 18% fat and 45% estimated carbs with a fat-to-protein ratio of 62%.

Why We Like This Brand
Contains kale, oranges and other antioxidants for healthy arteries
Affordable, budget-friendly recipe for exceptional value
Nutritionally complete grain-inclusive recipe

Protein And Muscle Growth

One of the big factors to look at in any dog food for pit bulls is whether or not it promotes muscle growth. Its important to remember that for a dog like a pit bull, extra protein isnt all about making the dog big and bulky. Instead, muscle growth helps your dog to maintain his or her mobility over time. As such, you definitely should look for a food that has a natural meat protein as the primary ingredient.

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Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls: Our 2022 Bully Feeding Guide

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • One of the most misunderstood dog breeds, the Pitbull is thought to be aggressive and dangerous. Though they may not be the most dog- or cat-friendly of breeds, Pitbulls absolutely adore people, and they are some of the most highly affectionate family-friendly dogs out there.

    35% Off at

    • Rich in animal protein
    • Digestible grain-free carbohydrates
    • Single source of novel protein
    • Digestible grain-free

    The name Pitbull actually refers to the American Pitbull Terrier, a breed that was developed from crossing various bull and terrier breeds. Though originally used for blood sports like bull baiting and dog fighting, the modern Pitbull loves nothing more than to spend time with the people he loves.

    In this article, well take a closer look at the Pitbull breed and what makes these dogs unique. Well talk about special dietary requirements and provide tips for what to look for when shopping for a good Pitbull dog food. Well also provide you with our top 10 picks.

    How Do I Get My 9 Week Old Puppy To Stop Biting

    5 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

    Tips On How To Stop Puppy Biting

  • Make your puppy think he is hurting you when he bites by letting out a puppy yelp!
  • Redirect your puppys biting by slowly removing your hand from his mouth and replace with one of his dog toys.
  • Give your puppy a command.
  • Exercise your pups mind and body.
  • Try using Bitter Apple Spray.
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    How Do I Stop My Puppy From Frenzy And Biting Me

    An ice cube or a chew may be a good option, as well. Alternatively, if your puppy is biting because he has too much energy, engage him in a game of fetch or tug. These games are structured play activities that allow your pup to get rid of that energy and will come in handy for the rest of your pups life.

    Can You Free Feed A Pitbull Puppy

    The practice of making food available to the dog all the time is called free feeding. Some owners ensure that the bowl is never empty while others give the puppys full ration of food at the start of the day.

    Some keep adding food when it looks low, and the dog can eat at any time he chooses. Owners do this because of convenience, and some believe that constant feeding prevents dogs from food guarding.

    Free feeding is not recommended because of the following reasons:

    • Your dog will eat all day which causes weight gain
    • They can eat after exercise which is not good for their health
    • They will develop poor eating habits.

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    Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice

    Eukanuba makes many different flavors of dry dog food for young puppies, but the Eukanuba Lamb and Rice formula is one of the most popular. Lamb is the first ingredient in this food, which can be fed to puppies until they reach 54 lbs.

    This food provides your puppies with all the energy they need from carbohydrates, fat, and of course, protein. It has very small kibbles that are easy for your Pitbull puppy to digest.

    Best Dog Foods For Senior Pitbulls

    5 Best Pit Bull Puppy Food (&  Adult Food): 2017 Rating

    Your senior Pitbull is like any senior dog and will start to slow down over time. So, its important to get food that matches their energy levels so they dont get overweight. While Pits will have more energy in their senior years than a mastiff, the mastiffs senior age foods are pretty similar in nutrients. Senior formulas will generally have lower calorie counts and be higher in fiber. This is to promote gut health, and also give your pup some regularity to their bathroom frequency. The foods below are our .

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    Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Grain

    • Made with real bison and venison meat
    • Includes superfoods meant to help your dogs skin and coat
    • Filled with probiotics that help to ease digestion
    • No artificial ingredients, including dyes or artificial preservatives

    The protein source in your dogs food matters more than you might think. Most cheaper dog foods use cheaper proteins, which do a good job of keeping your dog full but that might not do such a great job of keeping your dog healthy. If you are looking at your pit bulls long-term health, you may want to take a moment to think about getting a dog food that has a more wholesome type of protein as its primary ingredient. One great choice for those who are a little more discerning about the protein sources in their dogs food is this blend from Taste of the Wild.

    This dog food is made with both bison and venison, two ingredients that arent usually seen in most dog foods on store shelves. What this means for your dog is that he or she is going to get good, lean proteins that are less likely to have gone through an intensive farming process and thus tend to bring with them more natural benefits. This is a great choice for growing dogs, but its even better for those dogs who are getting a little older and need some extra help to avoid losing muscle mass as they start to reach their twilight years.

    Best Food For Pitbulls: Buying Guide & Faqs

    Feeding a Pit Bull terrier pretty much follows the same guideline as in any other breed of dog. The amount of food you give it depends typically on its size, age, metabolism, activity level, and even build. That being said, you really cannot expect your pitbull to have exactly the same amount of food and frequency of feeding as the pitbull of your neighbor or your friend. They are like us, too. Each dog is inherently different from another pooch of the same breed and from other breeds.

    The activity level of dogs is, without a doubt, a very important determinant in how much foodstuff you have to give it. Also important is the quality of the feed that youre providing it. You may be giving a lot of food every time but your pit bull simply isnt getting the right amounts of nutrients, leading to more frequent feedings or significantly greater amounts of foodstuff per feeding. There are a variety of factors that we simply have to consider in our approach to giving our pit bull terriers the best food for them.

    As such, we have prepared this comprehensive pitbull dog food buying guide to help you decide for your mutt the kind of food it needs to receive including how much and how frequent the feeding should be. Hopefully, towards the end of this article, you would have gained enough knowledge to provide your beloved pit bull the kind of nutrition it truly deserves.

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    Best For Senior Pit Bulls: Halo Holistic Beef Recipe For Senior Dogs

    Credit: Halo Pets

    Halo Holistic Beef Recipe for Senior Dogs ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the nutrition of elderly Pitties. Here is what makes it fantastic:

    • Beef meat and liver are the main ingredients. This recipe does not contain any rendered meat meal, like chicken or fish meal.
    • It abounds in wholesome veggies, such as peas and carrots, that are light on an aged doggos tummy. In addition to being easily digestible, it also provides essential antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and vital minerals that an aging dog needs.
    • It has plenty of fiber-rich ingredients that facilitate the digestion of our seasoned pooches
    • A wet formula is easier for senior dogs gnashers, and it is more aromatic and appetizing, which is essential for older dogs that have weak appetites
    • It provides pups with comprehensively balanced nutrition, including DHA for boosted brain function as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints.

    What we love about this recipe is the sustainably-farmed, pasture-raised beef and beef liver. Also mentioned above are a wholesome variety of non-GMO vegetables that are digestible. This dog food is highly digestible and has a meaty flavor that is designed to help preserve lean muscles.

    If you need further convincing, make sure you check out our Halo dog food review. In case you think a different formula would suit your grandpa-dog better, take a peek at the best senior dog food in our book.

    Guaranteed Analysis


    Purina Moist And Meaty Wet Dog Food In Steak Flavor

    Best Dog Food Ever To Feed your Puppy. CREATE BIG DOGS!

    Allow your pitbull to enjoy both dry and wet dog food benefits with Purina Moist and Meaty Wet Dog Food in Steak Flavor.

    This savory goodness is formulated for adult dogs specific needs. It comes from real meat that comes with a hearty taste that dogs will love.

    The bacon and egg or cheddar cheese accents of this food bring extra yum to its taste.

    The real chicken and beef ingredients of this food are a great source of protein giving it a meatier flavor.

    This supports the muscle strength of your pet. Its calorie content is majority carbs, followed by protein and fat.

    You may give it to your pup as either an occasional treat or normal food.

    Specific Features:

    • Contains high fructose corn syrup
    • Abundant in soy which can be harmful to some pitbulls
    • Low in its moisture content
    • It may not be a good option for dogs predisposed to obesity or diabetes

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    Health Dietary Changes In Pit Bulls

    These are some key ingredients you need to keep in mind if you ever notice your pit bull struggling with certain health conditions caused by allergens.

    A fresh food homemade diet accompanied with the following suggestions can help regulate these conditions. Lets take a look!

    Add Zinc and Vitamin A levels

    Data Source:

    Pro Tip: Due to their sensitivity towards contact and food allergies, pit bulls are prone to develop skin and coat conditions. To minimize and prevent such aliments, adding a couple of squirts of fish oil to their meals can provide relief and nourishment to keep their skin and coats in the best condition.

    Pit bulls are susceptible to weight-related health problems such as joint issues , maintaining a healthy weight is critical. Overweight pit bulls may have an increased risk of diabetes or arthritis.

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