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Best Dog Food For Bad Breath

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dh Dental Health Formula

5 HEALTHY KONG RECIPES! ð?¶ Fixing allergies, anxiety & bad breath in my dogs ðª

This veterinarian-prescribed diet by Purina is formulated to help clean teeth while your dog chews. Purina also has a similar variety for smaller dogs with small teeth and mouths.

Purina adds in several fiber-enriched ingredients, like brewers rice, ground yellow corn, and ground wheat. These ingredients keep this food highly digestible, with the addition of chicken, a highly digestible protein.

With plenty of vitamins and added antioxidants, this formula is excellent for supporting your dogs immune system and combating tartar and plaque buildup.

What Causes Dog Bad Breath

In the medical world of dogs, bad breath is officially known as halitosis. But before you even consider which nutrition is best for your dogs bad breath, its important to understand whats causing it. Because there are a number of medical conditions that could be behind your puppys stinky breath, we want to take a deeper look to make sure something doesnt need medical attention before changing foods.

If your puppy has any health problems, we always recommend that you see your vet immediately. They will be better equipped to diagnose any serious problems that may require further analysis. There are several factors that can cause bad breath in dogs and if your beloved dog is suffering, it is likely one of the following reasons:

Discover Delicious Food Your Dog Deserves

The good news when it comes to gum disease, or if your dog has bad breath, is that it is possible to reduce the risks of permanent damage. Carrying out periodic examinations, both at home and by a qualified vet, and making sure that your dogs teeth are regularly cleaned both cuts the chances right down and is a way to ensure your dogs mouth stays healthy is prevention.

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Best Dog Treats For Bad Breath

Bad dog breath is no fun for anyone involved. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can also be a sign of underlying health problems. If youre looking for a way to keep your dogs breath smelling sweet, you may want to consider investing in some dog treats specifically designed for this purpose.

In this article, well take a look at six of the best dog treats for bad breath. Well also provide some pros and cons for each option to help you make the best decision for your furry friend.

Our pick

Orijen Small Breed Grain

Beating Halitosis: The Best Dog Food for Bad Breath
  • First 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Turkey Giblets , Quail, Whole Blue Whiting
  • Guaranteed Analysis: 38% Crude Protein, 18% Crude Fat, 4% Crude Fiber, 12% Moisture
  • Caloric Content: 473 kcal/cup
  • Key Feature: High-calorie and high-protein dry dog food with antioxidants and probiotics

Little dogs need concentrated nutrition that will provide them with energy all day without eating a bunch of kibble. Orijens Small Breed Grain-Free formula fits that bill.

It starts with raw free-run turkey, chicken, and quail. Plus, Orijen uses a whole-prey approach so they include the livers, hearts, gizzards, and bones of their animal proteins.

These high-protein options also provide taurine for heart health and B vitamins for energy.

Instead of grains, pinto beans, whole green lentils, and whole navy beans provide complex carbohydrates. They also contain prebiotics for digestive health since stomach issues can cause bad breath too.

Orijen also packs plenty of probiotics in the food with over 20 million live cultures dusted on the formula after cooking. This means that the good bacteria is fresh and ready to keep your dogs digestive system healthy and happy.

This recipe is grain-free and gluten-free. Its also free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Small breed owners love the small but curved kibble and say it helps keep their dogs breath fresh.

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Wet Dog Food Vs Dry Dog Food

Dog owners never stop debating whether they should be purchasing wet or dry food for the benefits but which is better for dog breath?

While wet food is good for dogs with fussy tastebuds, dry kibble is definitely better for rectifying bad breath.

This is because the wet food manufacturers often enhance the food smell to get your dog to eat it. It is also more likely to get stuck within your dogs teeth and cause an unpleasant smell the longer it stays there.

Whats more, dry food works as a kind of toothbrush for your dog and helps to remove plaque and tartar. That crunch when your dog is chewing their food helps to scrape off bacteria that can be contributing to their bad breath.

This can prevent diseases from forming in the mouth which can also cause bad breath. So, dry food is the best option to avoid your dog having bad breath.

However, wet food contains moisture that helps your dog to get enough water in their diet. Without this, your dog could be more at risk for kidney infections.

While we are focusing on dry food today, the best diets for dogs are ones that have a mixture of wet and dry food.

An Upset Digestive System

Next on the list we have gastrointestinal disorders linked to an imbalanced gut microbiome. When suffering from the leaky gut syndrome, your dog’s microbiome is no longer strong enough to repel foreign pathogens. As a result, harmful bacteria will be free to permeate the intestines and invade the rest of the body through the lymphatic system. Some of these bacteria will exit the canine body through the oral cavity, rendering the breath odorous on the way.

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Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain

  • No prescription needed.

Real Lamb is the first ingredient on the list, making it one of Taste of the Wilds most popular formulas. This is great not only for his protein needs, but also for your pups Glucosamine and Chondroitin needs. These nutrients contribute to stronger teeth and bones. It has extra added vitamins and minerals for your dogs antioxidant needs. These ingredients will help to support canine immune systems and promote a healthy oxidative state.

Sweet potato, peas, apples, carrots and dried beet pulp are a few of the fiber ingredients in this recipe. Each ingredient will help to erode that plaque buildup in his mouth as he crunches the kibble. They also contribute to a healthy digestive system. While this food isnt specifically made for bad breath, it helps alleviate it by not being made of ingredients that may cause it.

We love that this recipe is a high fiber diet recipe. It helps to break down a buildup of plaque and tartar. This is a great choice for those younger breeds who dont have periodontal diseases yet, but who need a good start for their oral health. This is one of our favorite dog foods for bad breath, due to the fact its a relatively normal formula and is budget-friendly too.

What Is Bad Breath In Dogs

DIY Breath Mints For Dogs | Dog Treat Recipe For Bad Breath

The simplest way to avoid dog bad breath becoming a problem is to feed a well-balanced diet and keep a good oral hygiene routine. If a dog is eating well and appears to have clean, healthy teeth and gums but still the dog has bad breath, they should go to the vet. There may be oral health issues that the owner cannot spot, such as cavities below the gum line or gum infection.

Untreated gum disease can, if not dealt with, let bacteria into the bloodstream and then the organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. There they may set up infections that can interfere with organ function, potentially causing serious issues like heart disease.

Some diseases have bad breath as a symptom, such as diabetes or kidney disease. All of these illnesses require veterinary treatment. If you realise my dog has bad breath and can see no obvious cause, as the first step a vet should rule out illness.

Here we look at how to tell what might cause your dog to have bad breath and ideas on how to get rid of dog bad breath.

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Isnt Bad Breath Normal For Dogs

Lets be honestnone of us smell like a meadow all the time. We love our dogs no matter what and sloppy dog kisses are well worth a little doggy smell. However, dog breath should typically be only a mild, normal mouth/saliva smell. An underlying pungent smell could be nothing more than particularly smelly food, but if it doesnt pass, its not something you should igno

Tips For Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

When its time to brush your dogs teeth, Dr. Martel suggests you do it while your pups mouth is closed.Gently hold your pets snout and insert the brush between the lips to brush top and bottom teeth along the gum lines. Smaller dogs have more crowding in their mouth and are often genetically predisposed to periodontal disease, so diligence is even more important,” Dr. Martel said.Keeping up with your pups dental care can be a pain, but its definitely worth it. Making sure your dogs mouth is clean and fresh will not only help you keep him healthy but itll make those dog kisses even better!

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Stop Your Dogs Stinky Breath With Natural Foods

Nothing uplifts our moods than our dogs kissing us to make us feel better. However, when the kiss comes with a stinky puff of doggy breath, it becomes harder to enjoy. Dental diseases affect the majority of adult dogs, and these diseases can really contribute to your pups halitosis.

Regular teeth brushing and chewing dental treats are good first steps for improving dogs dental health and breath. That said, some pet owners forget that diet also plays a role in oral health. Discuss your dogs diet with your veterinarian if youre noticing unpleasant odors coming from your poochs mouth. If your dog has chronic smelly breath, it might be time to let them chew on these natural foods to keep the stink at bay.

In What Ways Does Diet Influence Breath

Best Dog Foods For Bad Breath: Ratings, Reviews &  Top Picks

Certain foods combine with a dogs natural body chemistry for an unpleasant breath smell, or they could have picked up an odor from something they nudged their nose and mouth into during explorations outside. Chronic bad breath can also be caused by food that doesnt address your dogs digestive health. Once you and your veterinarian find the right food, it can also provide the solution.

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Why Trust The Spruce Pets

Our team of pet-loving writers, editors, and experts suggest and test products, relying on many years of expertise in training, fostering, veterinary, and pet ownership. We keep safety, usefulness, and durability in mind when selecting our pet items of choice. A dog lover since his earliest years, Brooklyn-based writer and editor Winston Cook-Wilson has thoroughly researched the factors which contribute to dogs poor dental health through discussions with veterinarians who specialize in dentistry. He has also studied the Veterinary Oral Health Councils guidelines to make sure that this list is a well-sourced and ethical set of recommendations.

Best Budget: Tropiclean Dental Health Solution For Dogs


  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds

  • Odor sometimes puts off dogs

TropiCleans slate of dog dental health products is in that rare sweet spot of affordability and veterinarian-recommended. Their Fresh Breath Dental Health product is not only our favorite budget option but our vote for the best water additive. If youre looking for a breath-freshening option for a puppy who is too small to handle chews and harder treats, this is a no-brainer. All you need to do is add a tablespoon to the little ones water bowl, and you are on the road to a guaranteed 12 hours of fresher breath.

TropiClean also offers options catered toward a variety of puppy health issues, including their Hip & Joint, Digestive, and Skin Care additives.

Flavor: NoneShape: Water additiveApplication Type: DrinkingRecommended Frequency: Every time you refill your dogs water bowl

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Are Certain Dog Breeds More Prone To Bad Breath

According to polls of dog owners, it seems that dogs with the worst breath, and those who frequently have to go to the veterinarian for dental problems, tend to be smaller breeds with lots of fur around their facial areas. This problem may result from smaller teeth have smaller spaces between them and smaller pockets in the gum areas for bacteria to hide and multiply. Furrier faces may also unwittingly collect more food particles that may go unnoticed/uncleaned.

Iams Proactive Health Dog Food Best Overall

Homemade Dog Treats for Bad Breath Recipe

Iams 10181499 Proactive Health Dog Food is a dry dog food packed with nutrients to support your dogs health and wellbeing. The dry kibble helps maintain healthy gums and teeth, which is great for dogs that suffer from gum sensitivity. It can reduce plaque buildup as the kibble gently cleans the teeth, which helps get rid of and prevent bad breath.

This dry dog food is made with a grain-free, allergen-friendly recipe that is gentle for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Its made with essential vitamins and minerals to support and nourish the skin and coat, leaving your dogs fur soft and shiny.

Iams is also on the less expensive side compared to other brands, especially for a grain-free dog. However, it does contain chicken by-product, which is a low-quality source of protein. Otherwise, we found Iams 10181499 Proactive Health Dog Food to be the best overall dog food for bad breath.

Hills 9281 Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dog Food is a dry dog kibble designed to improve your dogs oral health. It scrubs the teeth clean to help lift surface stains, leaving your dogs mouth cleaner and brighter. It also helps prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque, which can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Besides these two problems, we recommend trying Hills 9281 Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dog Food if youre looking for the best dog kibble for bad breath for the money.

  • Extra crunchy kibble cleans teeth
  • Fortified for a complete diet

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Greenies Regular Natural Dog Dental Care Chews Are Our Top Pick

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Yoav Hornung / Unsplash

The best step you can take to combat your dog’s foul breath is regular teeth cleanings. Severe halitosis in dogs can be indicative of serious health problems, so schedule a veterinary appointment to check for periodontal disease if it’s becoming a struggle to stomach kissing your pooch.

A lot of people just believe that dogs just have bad breath, Dr. Stephanie Livermore, a veterinarian specializing in dog dentistry at New York Citys Pearly Bites clinic, explains. They dont have great breath, but if an owner is smelling a really foul odor that is starting to get more foul, there is a really good chance that there is disease below the gum line.

But if your dog’s dental health checks out, then dog breath fresheners can present an effective way to take the edge off their doggy breath. The best dog breath fresheners don’t just cover bad breath but also have positive dental health benefits. Our top pick dog breath freshener combats plaque and tartar, the most common culprits when it comes to periodontal disease.

Here are the best dog breath fresheners.

Stinky Breath Alarm Due To Dog Food

Your dog’s diet can also cause bad breath. Canned or wet food can form a layer on the dog’s teeth or collect in the gaps between the teeth. Sooner or later, this layer starts to rot, and things get yucky! In this case, a change of food can solve the problem: Speaking of changing food, food intolerances can also cause your dog’s mouth to smell. In such cases, you can experiment to see if the smell disappears if you change the dog’s diet to hypoallergenic dog food or grain-free dog food, for example.However, you should always have your dog’s intolerances or allergies checked by a vet so that the food can be adjusted accordingly.There are also low-quality dog foods containing ingredients that can cause bad breath or dog foods with added rumen or fish. Anyone who has ever prepared rumen knows what this means for the poor human nose…

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Hills Prescription Diet T/d Dental Health

Hills 4005 Prescription Diet T/D Dental Health dog food is similar to the Royal Canin dental food. The unique kibble shape is designed to help clean between your dogs teeth, eliminating any food or plaque buildup. The recipe contains bacteria-fighting ingredients that cause halitosis, which is what makes your dogs breath smell awful.

Unfortunately, Hills is also loaded with filler ingredients and by-products, so it may not work for dogs with food allergies or dogs on limited ingredient diets. The unique kibble is hard and dry, so it may be hard to chew for smaller dogs. The flavor seems to be lacking with this dog food, too, with some dogs not liking the taste. Its also a high-end, expensive diet that requires a veterinarian prescription, so its not a good choice if you are trying to save money.

If you have run out of other options, Hills Science Diet T/D may work as a last resort.

Purina DH Dental Health Canine Dog Food is a dry dog food used to prevent bad breath and other dental issues. The main feature of it is the unique kibble texture for extra cleaning power, which cleans around the teeth and gum lines. Its made with essential nutrients for a complete diet, so your dog wont need additional kibble when feeding this. The problem lies in the flavor, with most dogs not really enjoying it. The kibble is hard to chew, too, with some dogs trying to swallow the kibble whole.

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